Austin Dental Spa, Austin TX |  Best Dentist Austin 512-452-9296

Austin Dental Spa, Austin TX | Best Dentist Austin 512-452-9296

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The general population at large out
there thinks that every dentist is the same. There is a difference in the
environment, in the people that are providing the care, and in the ambience
in the office. So we have upbeat music. We have bright colors in our office. We’re
focused on the patient’s comfort but we’re also focused on providing the very
best dental care of thats possible. When you first get here it’s like walking the
red carpet. I don’t have any more anxiety or anything about having anything done
because Dr. Mark is just the best goodness on the planet. It’s not a
normal dentist office. It’s a fun place to go to surprisingly because in the
past I didn’t really want to go to the dentist. They treat you well. They go the
extra mile in everything that they do. The staff here is outstanding. Its not like a dentist’s office really, it is a spa here. You get a warm neck pillow. You get
a hand massage or a foot massage. Just like oh yeah I’m here to have my teeth
done. I have been to quite a few dentist and it took me a while until I found the right one and when I came here
my experience was so wonderful that I would never go to another dentist. At Austin dental spot we live and die by. Two particular things that there’s
no negotiation on. We want the highest quality of dental care and we want a
world-class customer service every time. A patient walks out of our office,
whether they’ve been coming here for 30 years or it’s their first visit, my goal
is that they walk out of the doors and Wow that’s the best dental appointment
I’ve ever had.

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