AYURVEDIC REMEDIES FOR COMPLETE STOMACH DISORDER II पेट के संपूर्ण विकारों का आयुर्वेदिक इलाज II


Hello Friends… Myself Dr. Bharti Chunnibhai Bhatt In this episode we will talk about Sangrahani. In our previous episode episode we talk about various types of loose motions & their reasons Sangrahani is one of a type of loose motion Today we will tell you something about Sangrahani which you are not aware of You should follow those rules and keep your intestine healthy Now, if overlooked and this thing is going on for 1-2 years that when you are eating anything & rush for loose motions You think, that you will take medicine available at home But, the medicine you take without the medical advice Although that medicine immediate dried the juices of intenstine, however it stops motions Because that layers decrease to release juices That medicine is for drying the juices not to rule out the disease Hence you have to be careful, if you are not taking care of it Then the third stage will come that is called “Sangrahani” Till now whenever you eat something , you go for motion in 2-3 hours entire food was flesh our without generating any juices But how much pain does your intestine face Slowly it start moving to weakness from the strengthen attire. Later on your intestine becomes so weak That if you eat just now and within 1/2 or in 1 hour you have to go for passing the motions Now you should understand that Sangrahani has begun. Sangrahani means food which is not digested That can’t stay in the intestine, as it doesn’t get anything to suck from it. Because its not digested & can’t even digest And the layer which suck the juices, that doesn’t remain very useful. This disease can be so severe, if you are attending a party or at anybody’s place Within 1 hour you might go to wash room for motions This might make your body weak And other outside disease can attack on you Now when your digestive system is upset, means you got suffered from Sangrahani And still you are careless about it then it will lead to constipation You must be thinking, loose motions and constipation ? No, the stale food is stuck to the wall of intestine. Slowly-slowly that layer will become so thick that it will make your stool impossible to pass by You will have to take medicine Then only you will be able to pass motion And if you ate anything, then again going for motions back to back You must be thinking, what is constipation happens ? Your big intestine face major difficulties with constipation Stool doesn’t pass by easily It flesh out the litter from itself by its slow process.. If that process gets decrease Then due to that still litter, it becomes so hard with the body heat That when it pass by your anus it hurts so badly that you even had starches. Then you will become patient & its required to be treated. Now, because of these straches if you overlook them Then you might be a sufferer or Piles. Due to this starch, tissues of mass around your anus And slowly these tissues gets bigger And they stops the ways of your passing motions And with the great difficulty you pass stool or motion Gradually they becomes more bigger Then, when you will pass motions it will comes out And if you will not pay your attention They get rubbed, difficult parts of stool And it starches the tissues of mass And it may possible that your stool would come with blood This happens due to constipation & constipation happens due to regular loose motions And when you don’t treat them well, that leads to Sangrahani Then if you look back, you should be more careful when you start having normal motions. You should be more cautious about loose motions But if you are suffering from Sangrahani For Sangrahani there is no allopathic treatment. Either they will give you injection or any such tablet That it will stop Sangrahani means the stuck flesh. First of all let all the litter comes out So for that there are so many good medicines are available in Ayurveda Now, you should understand. Medicine called Nagarmotha Giloy, Kutaj & Chitrak. You should take any of the available medicine out of all these. Take a spoon of Hingwashtak mixed with water & have it before your meal to make your food digest. Out of all these medicine if you are unable to find any of them or it doesn’t suites you. Then take Kutjarishta which is a syurp If you are suffering from Sangrahani then you should immediate stop oily, greasy & spices. And try to survive on liquids only If you have strength then survive either on butter milk or curd If you will stick to butter milk added salt & ginger for 30 days Then your intestine can again become strong.. Along with you should take the medicines which I have prescribed Kutjarishta You should drink it 3-4 times in a with the gap of 2 -2 hours slowly it will give strength to the intestine Now you must have a question, if you have taken medicine for 1 month then Sangrahani should vanished. Then its impossible Because you kept the motions carefully secured with your intestine for ages. Then it will take some time to clean all In one of our previous episode, I have told you that if you are taking Ayurveda Medicine for any disease Then you should at least complete its course for 3 months, so that disease doesn’t come again to you. Same is applicable in loose motions ,if you are suffering from Sangrahani means repeated loose motions Then have patience for 1 month Eat simple food And drink starch of boiled rice added with black salt Along with it eat fruits And drink butter milk to avoid empty stomach. Being empty stomach is not the solution of any disease. But what to eat and what not If we care about this then any of the disease like loose motions or Sangrahani Or Constipation, Ayurveda medicines are very helpful in all such diseases. Now along with this you have to take magnetic treatment. If a children is suffering from loose motions Then take small magnets ( Plus and Minus) Put if for 1/2 n hour on the kid’s stomach So that all the disorder of his stomach may get out in once. And in every 10 minutes give Lemon Juice, think butter milk or pomegranate juice to the children. Pomegranate is good for kids even in the loose motions too. Adults should drink magnet water 3-4 times in a day And place big magnets on your stomach for two times for 1 -1 hour So that your intestine remains healthy & loose motions may ruled out completely. So, today we will wind here on loose motions. Stay happy, stay healthy & keep in touch with us. Thank you…

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