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in this video our friends Dave and Julie
share their personal story of their daughters scary breath-holding spells
and they share some recommendations on how to prepare and what to do so if you
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story hi everybody I’m Dave does my wife Julie we have a two-year-old daughter
Johanna and she’s beautiful healthy and a lot of fun talking all the time but I
just want to share with you a scary experience that we had and how we’ve
learned to kind of deal with it when we discovered that Johanna has breath
holding spells completely involuntary when she’s upset or she gets hurt not
all the time but she has occasionally where she she holds her breath until the
point where she she passes out again this is completely involuntary and this
is obviously very scary for a parent to deal with so we want to share with you a
little bit about our experiences with this I let my wife Julie share with you
the first time we realized that she had this and and what’s happened since our
dar Johanna like you said um is an amazing healthy girl was born no
problems I noticed so when she cried when she was younger we would notice
times that she did kind of almost her breath would catch times and she would
get a shot or something and we just thought it was a normal baby reaction
when they would start to cry didn’t last overly long we would always kind just
blow in her face a little bit and it would she’d start breathing again so
nothing to be concerned about we thought it was just how she cried and how other
parents had mentioned if their kid was in pain that silent scream and then the
loud that would come after but it all kind of changed she was around 15 months
old it was December 16th 2016 we had just a week or so prior been to a well
visit at our doctor she checked out fine she did get a couple of vaccines they
had told us she might run a slight fever it was an active virus vaccine
so they said she might run a slight fever in the next seven to ten days she
should be fine she’s not contagious or anything it’s just how it works that
morning she woke up was fine playing and she seemed okay but she felt really warm
I took her temperature it was around 104 and she had run high fevers before that
just seemed to be her pattern so I gave her some Tylenol but she was playing not
lethargic everything was fine a couple hours later she didn’t feel as warm so
we went out Christmas shopping I went with my sister and my mom she ate lunch
fine she even drink some juice everything was normal we decided to go
into a store and I let her out of the cart to look at a couple of little child
chairs just like her cousin was doing and decided it was time to put her back
into the cart and she got slightly upset barely had started crying just like a
typical you know 15 to 18 month toddler would not want to quit playing and so
suddenly though her breath stopped and I kind was did the whole like blow in her
face a little bit this time was really different though she started to turn
like a bluish purple color her eyes started to kind of roll her body went
rigid in the cart and at that point my mom said I think she’s having a seizure
and we it was very scary I never experienced this before we said don’t
move her we went to try and find some help she was still rigid not breathing
kind of bluish purple by then you know I just thought something is completely
wrong so someone came over by the time they came over maybe it lasted less than
a minute for a parent it feels about like two hours but less than a minute
and suddenly she just slumped over and my immediate thought was oh no she’s
gone like I thought she’s not breathing there’s really something’s happened and
then suddenly she goes and took a big breath and it’s the best sound I’ve ever
heard in my life and someone had called 911 that she was having a seizure and so
we the person who came over to help was and an EMT who was just out shopping
with his family but worked as a EMT and he said oh it was probably if she had a
fever this morning it was probably a type of seizure that comes with fevers
fevers and so we said okay so by then the ambulance had gotten there and they
said let’s go ahead and get her checked out so we went she was very kind of
tired afterwards just kind of sat on my lap during the ambulance ride and then
we got her checked out they checked her heart rhythm and things in the emergency
room and everything checked out fine they checked her blood sugar levels
everything was fine and then told us to follow up with our pediatrician but it
was the first time we’d ever heard we had thought it was a seizure and the
emergency room doctor said well it sounds like it might have been a complex
breath-holding spell I said excuse me he said do you hold your breath
I said not unless it’s on purpose like under water and he said normally it’s
genetic and didn’t really give us any other information after that and so
we’re like what are these I don’t even I’ve never even heard of this and he
kind of passed it off like oh these are so common and I had never heard of them
and my husband had never heard of them and my in-laws and my mom no one had
heard of them so we did some research on it and we said well it really could be
either/or they can actually mimic at times a seizure so we followed up with
our pediatrician she felt like we should see a neurologist the neurologist said
did an EEG said there’s no activity that would show that she had a seizure and
also felt like she’d had a complex involuntary breath-holding spell and we
found out later just through our own kind of research what exactly that
entails and how best to handle them and also then through the doctor’s office to
I recommend if you think your child is either I’m having one of these you say
oh I’ve noticed my child cries it’s actually on if a child sometimes they
say it’s defying it they’ll say oh I’m gonna hold my breath and it’s on the
inhale this is on the exhale so it’s completely involuntary and there’s no
real rhyme or reason they say a lot of times they say maybe someone
and the family has had it genetics we don’t know of anyone in our family that
has ever had it but I would encourage you don’t just pass it off definitely
get your child checked later on when she started having a few more last summer
they became a little bit more frequent over a two-week period of time during
the summer we were having quite a few and they recommend us to a cardiologist
to check her heart rhythm so just make sure you do your due diligence as a
parent because it is scary and maybe it is something because they can’t mimic a
seizure but there’s some frustrations they might want to share as far as
parenting with these breath holding spells you can imagine how scary this
was my first experience I was by myself and so shortly after it happened with my
wife I was in the car and it buckled up and I accidentally pinched her a little
bit with the seat buckle I know nice father but uh she started crying
and then she had this involuntary breath-holding and she I just saw her
her eyes roll back and slump over and I completely freaked out I grabbed rider
seed I started yelling and and she was just kind of limping my arms and I was
actually my parents house was nearby I ran to my parents house and but just the
right time I got there she was she was okay she caught her breath again and you
know everything was okay and you know this wasn’t a new that this had happened
before so you know we figure she just had another case of that and then like
my wife I mentioned it it happens a little bit more periodically
but the good news is she’s almost three now and it’s been a while since it’s
happened they told us that uh she will grow out of this so that’s a that is
good and so we’re hoping that we’ve gotten past that but some things that we
just kind of learned along the way is a you know make sure that if she does have
this to be around though you don’t want it to fall down and hurt herself falling
down so we just kind of hold her and and lay her down gently a little bit keep
her cool a little bit there’s nothing unfortunately you could really do to
stop it it’s just to kind of just wait and and she will catch
or he will catch their breath again so it’s very scary when it’s happening but
you know she’s fine otherwise and we’re surprised to find out that this is
fairly some common we’d have never heard of it before I don’t know anyone who has
had it before but maybe new parents out there just something to look for or if
you’ve had experiences like this definitely like my wife said get
everything checked out and just know how to handle when the situation happens we
found that she was a little more prone to have this happen when she is warm and
uh and kind of excited maybes been running around a lot so the joy just
really makes sure we monitor her during those times and make sure she’s okay
a lot of things that like trigger a typical toddler or baby to get more
cranky or upset tired hungry sometimes if they’ve been injured sometimes
they’re just different things that can happen although you feel bad for your
child sort of frustrating as a parent even going to the doctor when you
mention it they tell you it’s common from what we’ve been told it’s five to
eight percent in children comment and which to me I was expecting like Oh 50%
of kids is common but actually when they say how many millions the five to eight
percent are then I guess it is more common but there there are some things I
learned though too as far as just being prepared I keep snacks in the bag you
know I do different things I try and keep she likes a blanket I’m one of her
favorite blankets I try and keep that with this so it’s comforting to her when
she has had it happen they say also if you can lay them flat and put their feet
up sometimes that helps the blood flow to get things going but if it lasts
longer than a minute it’s definitely unusual that they should go longer or
we’ve been able to read through social media parents other parents who have
children with this that their parents have there are parents out there who
their child has them multiple times a day every single day and they have very
severe cases and so definitely something to keep on your doctor about and keep
checking just in case anything has changed one thing I learned though when
we our trip to the emergency room
unfortunately it was also that I didn’t really have all of our medical
information when they were asking me things I was so rattled I forgot she was
allergic to an antibiotic they’re asking you about allergies and I thought I can
barely tell you my first name let alone anything else I just had my child not
breathing and I took an ambulance ride I’ve never been in an ambulance before
and so something I picked up and kind of learned then is that I picked up one a
little photo album that kind of looks like a purse I’m to kind of keep that
information the medical information written somewhere not necessarily where
you keep it in your bag because if your bag for some reason got stolen or left
somewhere you don’t want all that personal information out there but you
know somewhere where if my mom needed to pick it up at our house it’s I always
keep it in the same spot all the time in the house available and if I need to go
to a specialist or something I can just grab this little packet it’s just it
looks like a purse you could use something else but inside it’s actually
a photo album I think it’s supposed to be like a grandma brag book or something
where they can keep in their purse but and I put 4×6 note cards I don’t want to
show the cards because it does have our information on it but it has 4×6 index
cards I have lists of the doctors um that she
sees their facts number their phone numbers their address where all that
information that someone might want or you might want to add a doctor’s
appointment I then also keep some of my husband’s information as far as if they
need it to fill out for our insurance my information should we not like be with
her if I have to leave her overnight with a grandparent or something I always
stick this in her overnight bag I also list in there I have allergies
and I have a little rough history of what she’s had she had reflux when she
was little you know things like that the specialist she has seen and kind of keep
that updated and like I said I keep it in the same spot in house to where if we
ever had something if we get a doctor’s appointment I can grab it if I they need
me to list any of those numbers I have it with me so it definitely kind of got
me to thinking like well if something happened like I said she was at
babysitter’s or at an overnight with the grandparents or something
should anything happen you don’t want anything to happen but should it happen
you’re kind of prepared and they’re not going from I don’t know and so you know
we’re thankful our daughter is healthy and fine and that it’s something that
like Dave said she will grow out of but if there’s other parents out there
who’ve experienced the same thing and we definitely sympathize with you and hope
that you know like I said that your pediatrician can give you some answers
yeah and one last step I would say is to make sure if you taking your child to a
caretaker that they know about this we we take our daughter to church and that
the nursery make sure all the nursery workers know so that that you know this
is obviously very scary if this happens they want to know what to do and what to
expect and you know if we bring our attorney of our families we let them
know and how to handle the situation so definitely as with any medical addition
make sure anybody that you’re just taking care of her knows about it so we
hope that you don’t have this problem but if you do know how to what to look
for and how to handle it so if you’re interested in watching another video
just like this one try one of these from parent pacifier thank you for watching
and we’ll see you in the next one really something’s happened and then suddenly
she goes and took a big breath and it’s the best sound I ever heard in my life

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