Bad Breath : How to Get Rid of Bad Breath with Home Remedies – VitaLife Show Episode 124


Welcome to the Vitalife
show. I’m doctor Janine Bowring naturopathic doctor and the formulator for Vitatree
Nutritionals which is a very different supplement company now today’s topic is all about how to
get rid of bad breath home remedies things that
you can do at home they’re very easy inexpensive but will alleviate this problem and you
know if it’s a more serious problem and sometimes they actually need to
supplement which we will get to. So first and
foremost watch the food that you’re eating
sometimes if you have a fruit sensitivity or you’re eating you know a lot of the wrong foods. Foods that have a lot of synthetic and processed sugars can actually feed the bad bacteria in your mouth and can cause a lot of the root problem of having
bad breath so watch the foods that you’re eating of
course if it’s something that you’re sensitive to doesn’t really sit well in
your stomach don’t think you digest it well that’s probably something that you
should avoid it’s a way that your body is telling you to avoid that food because again what your
not digesting well also the bacteria in the mouth and in
the digestive tract often will have difficulty in breaking down and this can you know have a gassing off effect and
you we may have that chronic bad breath. One of the things you can use in
your pantry is parsley. Now parsley is a long time used herb that helps to alleviate bad
breath there is a certain chemical component that actually is released when you chew the
parsley to eliminate odours in the mouth so this is a
wonderful thing that you can do and it’s of course completely natural so
just chewing a little bit of natural parsley right after a meal can be very helpful
as I talked about the bad bacteria that can build up in
the mouth make sure that you have proper dental routine so
whether that is you know you’re brushing and flossing daily is so important have a regular
checkups with your dentist to make sure that you know any buildup of tartar and plaque that has formed that
you are getting rid of that and doing so in
the most healthy way possible to make sure that
your regular dental routine your maintenance routine
on daily basis especially that flossing between the teeth is really important to
get at all of those bad nasty bacteria that have built up and probiotics now probiotics there are not
all created equally probiotics are the good guys. These are the good friendly
flora that we all need to have in our
digestive tract but especially in the mouth area and when I say not all
probiotics are created equal you really want to make sure that you
have the right strain of probiotic the best studied is Lactobacillus acidophilus
and Bifidobacterium bifidum make sure that is designed for the human
digestive tract so the human strain probiotic which is so important and thats exactly what
we’ve created here in our probiotics here at VitaTree is the right strain of probiotic design
for the human digestive tract so if the chronic bad breath is your
issue again it’s an indication that something
is going on deeper inside the digestive tract and the
mouth as well you need to have enough friendly guys the good guys the
probiotics so check that out and and what I do you
recommend for my patients that have this bad breath issue to alleviate it completely it to
actually open up are VitaTree Probiotics. Open
up the capsule and open it right into the mouth and
swishing around the mouth before you swallow it but then you have the added benefit of it working locally in the mouth but then also once
it swallowed into the digestive tract helps to turn around this you know battle
that’s going on between good and bad bacteria alleviating that bad breath problem
permanently for good and again getting at the root
cause as to why it there in the first place so be sure to subscribe to the channel
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you have the ability to live a healthy life the VitaLife.

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