Bad Breath of the Wild – Part 6: The Korok Seeds

Bad Breath of the Wild – Part 6: The Korok Seeds

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Everybody loves Breath of the Wild! But not me. I find the latest entry in the beloved Legend
of Zelda franchise chockful of seriously aggravating design decisions and I aim to whine about
all of them. Welcome, to Bad Breath of the Wild! So, I’m wandering around the massive open
world that is Hyrule when I come across a circle of stones. “Well, that’s conspicuous,” thinks I. Upon examination I notice one of the geoglyph’s
stones is missing. So I look around, find a solitary stone nearby,
hoof it over and place it in the gap and poof! A hidden Korok appears. “You found me!” it exclaims and gifts me a
seed I can use to expand my inventory. Useful and adorable all in one package. I approve! So, I keep exploring and eventually I come
across another geoglyph. Oh, I guess a Korok is hidden here too. I’ll just get that stone and put it here and…
yep. Okay. Not as charming the second time but there
are 900 of these little buggers hidden around Hyrule; there’s bound to be some repeated
puzzle types. But then I see another geoglyph. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. I visited Kakariko Village and noticed a row
of five little statues. All but one had an apple in their offering
plate. So, I placed one of my own apples in the empty
offering plate and poof! A Korok appeared! What a lovely and clever puzzle! It warmed my heart and brought a smile to
my face. So I took my apple back, looted the other
four offering plates, mounted my trusty steed and made for the next town. On the way I see… two little statues with
offering plates, one of them empty. Oh, this again. Okay. Yep, hi little Korok. I continue on my way, reach the town and head
down to the beach where I find a cave with… yep, another one of these statue puzzles. You know, the first time I dove into a ring
of lily pads and a Korok appeared, I was delighted. I’d seen something interesting, taken the
time to explore it and was rewarded for my curiosity. But the thrill is gone. Because I know that every ring of lily pads
just hides another Korok. And so it goes with every subsequent time
I come across yet another group of statues. Or another geoglyph. I’ve put about 15 or so hours into the game
and explored only 3 of the 15 major regions of Hyrule and I’ve still managed to stumble
across the same geoglyph puzzle eight times. I applaud Nintendo for filling Hyrule’s copious
empty space with things to do and I don’t expect it to come up with 900 completely unique
environmental puzzles. In fact, I think there should be repeats. Hyrule is huge and it would be a shame if
players never saw some of these incredibly creative, fun, and well-crafted puzzles due
to their scarcity. That said, I think Nintendo could have done
a better job of repeating puzzle types enough to increase the odds that gamers will experience
each kind at least once without over saturating the land with the same scenarios over and
over and over and over and over and over and over… and over. Seriously. You know how many geoglyph puzzles there are
strewn about Hyrule? 71. Hey folks. On Saturday, Nov. 3rd, I’ll be playing video
games for 24 hours to raise money for the Rady Children’s Hospital as part of the Extra
Life charity event. Last year, you helped me raise $1200. This year, let’s shoot for $1500. You’ll find a link to my donation page in
the description. What will I be playing? Breath of the Wild.

5 thoughts on “Bad Breath of the Wild – Part 6: The Korok Seeds”

  1. Hmm, I disagree with this one, but I think it comes down to personal taste for how much is too much in a game like this. And one thing I found with the geoglyph puzzles is that while often they're easy, in many cases the actual puzzle is in simply finding a rock to finish it off. And similarly with the lilipads in some cases, where it's tricky to jump from the right spot, or the stone circles in water, with finding the right way to thrown a rock into them. (The offering puzzles are of course always pretty damn simple.)

  2. 7/90 being the same is a little repetitive but the problem I saw just looking at that is that even with different puzzles, they're still all samey across the board.

  3. korok seeds are the way nintendo rewards you for things like climbing up a mountain or not taking the standard paved path

  4. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Also you didn’t mention the block puzzles (I believe it’s the last type of Korok puzzle). Once you do one puzzle, you look for any other “missing link” pattern so they’re basically all the same. Minus the lily pad because you have to jump in it, but 3/4 is close enough.

  5. The entire point of these puzzles is to make you explore. Found a ring of rocks? Find the missing rock. Sure, in the places closest to the great plateau, it's hidden in plain sight. But can you honestly tell me there is no instance where you spent more than a minute looking for that lonely rock to fill the gap? You never got frustrated because "This should be easy, so why is it so hard?" Same goes for the block puzzle.

    You have to keep in mind that the entire point of the game is to explore Hyrule. A small puzzle sprinkled about the land that encourages you do just that is a problem for you, why, exactly?

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