Bad Breath of the Wild – Part 7: The Cold

Bad Breath of the Wild – Part 7: The Cold

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Everybody loves Breath of the Wild! But not me. I find the latest entry in the beloved Legend
of Zelda franchise chockful of seriously aggravating design decisions and I aim to whine about
all of them. Welcome, to Bad Breath of the Wild! While chatting up the citizens of Hateno Village,
I learned of treasures, secrets and all manner of interesting things up on the nearby Mt.
Lanayru. I looked to the large, snow-covered mountain
and smiled. This time, I was ready for cold weather exploration. I now had the Warm Doublet to protect me from
frigid temperatures so I could safely roam snowy environments at my leisure. Obtaining the damn thing was a bit of a frustrating,
hoop-jumping mess but no matter. That’s all in the past. I may be the type of person who would spend
dozens of hours producing a multi-part video series bellyaching about all my niggling problems
with an otherwise great game but I’m certainly not one to hold a grudge. So, I whistled for my horse… *sigh* So, I made my way to the mountain on foot. When I reached the base I donned my Climber’s
Bandana which increases my climbing speed from very slow to just plain old slow and
began my assent. Finally, I reached the top. I donned my Warm Doublet and… Link is still shivering. Apparently the Warm Doublet isn’t warm enough. *sigh* Well, I could have eaten a meal that would
further increase my cold resistance but food buffs come with a time limit and I didn’t
want to race across the mountaintop, I wanted to take my time exploring it. Plus, I didn’t happen to have such a food
item with me at the time. I could have equipped a weapon imbued with
the element of fire. That would have kept me warm. At least until it shattered from light use
like every weapon in this game. Plus, I didn’t happen to have such a weapon
with me at the time. I could have dropped a bundle of wood and
a piece of flint, struck it with a sword to create a fire then lit a torch
and carry that around to keep me warm. Except I didn’t want to deal with the numerous
restrictions of a torch such as: you can’t sprint, you can’t climb, you can’t get hit,
and fighting is a pain in the butt because you don’t want to break your torch over an
enemy’s head so you’d have to put it away, pull out another weapon, use that to fight
the enemies, probably have it break before you defeat them all, pull out another weapon,
finish off the remaining enemies, drop another bundle of wood, drop another flint, hit it
with a sword to start a fire, put the sword away, pull out the torch, light it in the
fire and then continue on your merry way. Yeah, wasn’t really feeling that. Plus, I didn’t happen to have a torch with
me at the time. So I muttered several choice curse words,
retreated beneath the snowline and spent an hour or two exploring the base of Mt. Lanayru
to see what was there. And what was there was a bunch of Korok Seeds,
hidden by repeats of the same environmental puzzles that I’d already seen multiple times. Hey folks. On Saturday, Nov. 3rd, I’m playing video games
for 24 hours to raise money for the Rady Children’s Hospital as part of the Extra Life charity
event. Last year, you helped me raise $1200. This year, let’s shoot for $1500. You’ll find a link to my donation page in
the description. What will I be playing? Breath of the Wild.

5 thoughts on “Bad Breath of the Wild – Part 7: The Cold”

  1. I think what the game intends for these situations is that you'll stock up on cold-resistant food (enough that you won't worry about the time limit) until you find a second piece of cold-resistant clothing (which does come with the drawback of using up a precious equipment slot and not letting you climb as fast as you might want, sadly).

    This is particularly obvious with another weather condition, which I'm guessing you've yet to encounter, as if you had, you'd surely be complaining about that instead: Extreme heat. Not just hot, but so hot that the temperature gauge overloads. There are items of clothing that help you survive this, but they're only available by purchasing them in the Goron village deep within the area of extreme heat. In order to get there, you have to survive it first, which means crafting and using potions to help resist it.

    You want to know the real bad breath of the wild here? Once you do get the clothing that lets you survive extreme heat, you might decide to take it to the hot desert. But nope. It'll let you walk into the mouth of a volcano, but it does nothing for the normal desert heat. I can accept that some places are colder than others, and you have to bundle up even more there – that's true to life. But the ultimate in heat-resistant gear not working if the heat isn't hot enough? Yeah…

  2. Why do the weapons break so quickly anyway? Some people like it because it forces you to use a larger variety of weapons, and that's fair enough, but for my tastes they went overboard. Once I had an inventory full of good weapons instead of terrible little bokoblin clubs, I stopped fighting random enemies. I could march right through that enemy camp and steal their treasures, but I'd use up a lot of good weapons that I'd have to replace with their bad ones, and their treasures are usually some kind of ore. I'll just go around. Oh, I found another Major Test of Strength shrine. I'll just leave. A couple of ancient weapons, one elemental weapon from the chest, and the orb isn't worth burning through nearly my entire inventory of weapons.


    It also further exacerbated me that the Master Sword runs off the same terrible Energizer batteries as Alan Wake's flashlight. I went through a lot to get enough heart containers to get it, keeping my stamina lower than I would have liked, and it's still just as fragile as everything else? Bleh! It only has a base power of 30, my incentive to still use other weapons exists in that many of them are more powerful, and some have useful elemental attacks too. But having the Master Sword as a reliable fallback instead of having to rely on terrible bokoblin clubs when all my other stuff breaks would have made a lot of the camps and such I had been skipping worth doing again. Instead it's only useful when Ganon's monsters are about, and you get a buff to 60 power and it never breaks. Oh. I guess I don't need to save my best weapons for bosses now, but it's still annoying that out in the overworld, you raid one or two camps and you go from an inventory of great stuff to an inventory of crap, and it takes a while to find good weapons again.

  3. This may be the final installment of my Bad Breath of the Wild series but it's not the end of my Zelda journey! Starting tomorrow (Nov. 3rd) at noon PST, I will play Breath of the Wild for 24 hours to raise money for Rady Children's Hospital as part of the Extra Life charity event.

    Donate here:

    Make sure you answer the following questions in the donation page's message box:

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    -If we raise $1250, which insect lollipop should I eat? – SCORPION, ANTS, CRICKET, or WORM

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  4. I did not do that quest until right before the final battle. xD That quest is the new water temple. BTW, there is something more awesome than Korok Seeds.

  5. I like breath of the wild but i cant wait too back too the older zelda ways..this cookin food.. and wepons breakin and time limit stuff sucks..i miss the dungeons…

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