Barbie doll and why you should move her legs regularly

Barbie doll and why you should move her legs regularly

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Greeting and welcome to a new episode
of Busy B. from Germany my dear fellow collectors. Today I’d like to talk about
the topic I’ve never talked about before. It’s called Barbie doll and why
you should move her legs regularly In the background you see already
some of my dolls and I’m going to show you in a minute
why you should move and my example here is a Barbie from South America has already melted legs. Igot her like the way she is last year. These dolls have incredible tendence so that that
their legs melt to the body. I don’t know why it is so extreme there
but it’s very good visible and that’s what I can show you… You see here the melting
on both sides of the legs. It has only started and somebody moved her after it
was discovered I think and that’s why she is still movable and the worst case
would be that you it’s not the worst case (here) she’s still
movable as you can see the worst case is when you can’t move the legs anymore
when they are stiff so to say and it’s a good idea to move especially the older
dolls like this talking PJ or this TNT Barbie her legs are tightly
attached to the body but this also can lead to problems because when you don’t
move her you have you can get problems later and so that the body and the leg
melt together similar to what you have seen on her. Okay, but this is not
just limited to Mod and Vintage dolls this can also happen to seventies dolls
like the Quick Curl Cara which you see here. Yeah she’s really … she always wants
to move. She also can have the problem this one has no problems but I recommend
to move them on a regular basis but it can also happen to 90s dolls
like Hula Hair Barbie here. It’s not the probability that it it’s going to happen
it’s lower because it’s another material but it could happen
or two dolls like the Tropical Barbie from the 80s
she could also have the problems here. So it’s always important to move your dolls
on a regular basis so that you get no problems with stiff legs. Thanks for
watching. Every Friday comes a new exciting video for you. Don’t forget to
subscribe to my channel and to help this channel grow
you can send me broken Barbie dolls .Thanks!!!

3 thoughts on “Barbie doll and why you should move her legs regularly”

  1. I have a quick curl Cara in the box so I can’t move her legs. I hope the vinyl doesn’t melt. Love your videos!👍😊

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