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Stop now.
I really need to laugh. Wait a sec. Shit. It’s the wrong way around, isn’t it? Hello, I’m Dzifa.
-And I’m Bastiaan. Welcome to…
-Our Drugslab. Twice a month we test various drugs
to see how it affects our body. We do this to break the taboo on drugs. If you’re curious about a drug or
location, let us know in the comments. We might try it next time. Serpent, Frank and Henry had to wait,
but today we’re finally going to try weed. We’re not going to smoke a boring joint,
we’re going to use a Volcano Vaporizer. And that’s not all,
I’m also going to assemble a cabinet. Hopefully.
-We’ll find out later. This is Lemon Haze.
Weed looks like dried out flowers. The colour can vary from
greyish-brown to greenish-brown. It smells a bit like lavender and cloves. Weed comes from the hemp plant,
Cannabis Sativa. There are tiny resin glands on the buds
of the top leaves, if you can see them. They look like hairs and secrete resin. The resin contains THC,
the active ingredient of weed. THC puts you in a trance,
which makes you feel high. The higher the THC content,
the stronger the effect. Cannabis contains other substances
that affect the effects of THC. These are called cannabinoids.
The most important one is CBD. CBD inhibits certain effects of THC. Strains with little CBD have a different
effect than strains with lots of CBD. My zero values are on the board. Have you ever used a Volcano before?
-No, never. I’m very curious though. Do you have experience with cannabis?
-Yes, I smoked it in a pipe on the show. That was different. If you want
to watch that video, click on the link. What was that experience like?
-I felt very funny. I felt different. Very sluggish,
I couldn’t think straight, I felt dumb. That’s all possible,
as cannabis is a mind-altering drug. It affects your senses,
so you experience things differently. It also affects your thought processes
and emotions. It’s often used as a stimulant,
but also medicinally. Medicinal weed is a bit of a misnomer,
because it doesn’t cure anything… but it’s used to alleviate complaints
and for relaxation. People often use a vaporizer to do this. It’s less taxing on the lungs,
because it doesn’t require tobacco. This is one gram of Lemon Haze.
-Bastiaan is an experienced smoker… so we’ve chosen this strain of weed,
because it has a high THC content. Watch our other videos
to learn more about THC and CBD. Bastiaan is going to vape the weed
with this so-called vaporiser. This device heats up the plant… to a temperature
between 157 and 220 degrees. In the process the active ingredients,
in this case THC, are vaporised. The solid substance becomes a gas
you can inhale with this balloon. This releases less hazardous materials
than smoking a joint with tobacco. First you have to grind the weed,
so we can put it in the vaporiser. There are still some large chunks,
aren’t there? There aren’t. Very nice. It’s time to turn on the vaporiser.
We want to preheat it to 180 degrees. Okay. It’s going to heat up now. 180.
-It’s at 180 degrees now. That’s the perfect temperature
to vaporise our strain of weed. The thought of sucking on a balloon
is already making me laugh. I’m going to put the weed into
the vaporiser. Don’t fill it to the rim. We’ve put about 0.8 grams weed
into the vaporiser. It’s at 180 degrees,
so now it’s time to blow up the balloon. Pull the balloon taut. When you fill it with air
it shouldn’t become cloudy. You have to be able to look through it. That’s fast. The air is escaping.
-No, it’s not. It only releases air
when you press on this. Here we go.
-Enjoy. Is it the same as smoking a joint?
-No, you don’t taste any tobacco. What do you taste now? I taste what we smelled before.
It’s not gross. Can you feel it in your lungs?
-No, I don’t. It’s very light. Some time has passed,
but I don’t feel the effects. It’s always easy to tell by your eyes,
but they’re still normal. That’s why we’re going to do
another balloon. Stop now. People who use a vaporiser
experience a more lucid high. The effects kick in more slowly
than smoking a joint with tobacco… or a joint with just weed or hash.
The effects also last longer. Are you starting to feel it?
-Yes. How do you feel?
-High. Do you feel physically relaxed?
-Yes, I think so. I really need to laugh. Wait a sec.
-Go ahead and laugh. The effects of cannabis are divided into
several stages. The first is a light buzz. You’ll feel giggly, slightly relaxed,
and mildly euphoric. When you smoke more,
the buzz becomes a high. I think that’s where you are now.
It enhances all the effects of the buzz. You become giggly, more energetic,
and perhaps a bit more confused. Your eyes are really small now.
Show the viewers. Your heart rate has gone up a little.
-Quite a bit. How do you feel physically?
-Fine. I just have a dry mouth
and I can’t think straight anymore. So I fear the worst for
when I have to assemble that cabinet. A bit confused?
-Indeed. We don’t have a baseline, otherwise
you’d already know how to assemble it. But I’m very curious to see what effect
the cannabis you just vaped has… on assembling this cabinet. It should look like this when it’s done. Does something go around this? No.
I’ll just leave it as it is. It should be assembled like this. I read something about this. This won’t work.
I have to flip it over. You’re fully focused, aren’t you?
-Indeed. Bastiaan is breathing very heavily. Shit. It’s the wrong way around, isn’t it?
-I was wondering when you’d find out. Shit. Why didn’t you say something?
-All those things are on the wrong side. You can’t build a cabinet from this. Like this.
I doubt it makes much difference. That shelf has a few dents now. This is easy. I see it now.
It follows a pattern. Luckily you’re calm and you feel fine,
but if you use too much cannabis… you could get anxious
and end up in a bad trip. Do you have control over your muscles?
-Certainly. Cannabis can also make you feel like
you’ve lost control over your muscles. You can suddenly drop things
or fall over yourself. It also affects your short-term memory,
so you might forget things more easily. Now this isn’t attached.
Oh, I need to put in some pegs. You’re ruining the cabinet.
-It’s fine if you place it against a wall. This is all wrong. You won’t see this anyway,
because something goes on top. Why are you doing this
in such a clumsy way? I don’t even need a hammer for this. I should’ve checked the manual.
I was a bit too hasty. Where am I now? I’m totally confused now. It had to be on top of it. What are you doing?
-I don’t know. Now…
-Fuck this. Help me out a bit.
-It’s all crooked now. Look, here’s a gap, so this thing… What is this bullshit?
How is this possible? Why won’t it go in there?
-That’s because everything is crooked. Dzifa, look at this. I’ve really had enough of this,
but I have to finish it. You can’t put anything in this cabinet.
-Why not? It’ll collapse.
-No way. What are you doing? I knew you were going to mess up,
but I didn’t expect this. It was fine when it stood on its side. Is it because you were high?
-I could focus, but I couldn’t think. You’re just working mindlessly.
When I was done with this… I thought the rest was the same,
so I did everything my own way. Did you notice a difference between
vaping and smoking cannabis? This makes you feel more high.
I feel more lucid. Usually I feel sluggish,
but now I’m lucid. It was funny, because I noticed
that you were very focused at first… but you weren’t thinking ahead.
You only thought about the next step… but not the step after that,
so this is what you get. Can you assemble a cabinet
while you’re high? Can’t be done. I exercised a bit today, very chill.
I just feel a little lightheaded. When you smoke weed,
you can feel a bit hazy the next day. I’m going to relax today. I’ll be fine.
This was Drugslab for this week. Let us know if you’re curious about
a drug or if you know a nice location. Don’t forget to like and subscribe.
I’ll see you again next time.

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