Bastiaan gets baked – Weed (THC) | Drugslab

Bastiaan gets baked – Weed (THC) | Drugslab

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Hi, I’m Bastiaan.
-And I’m Rens. And welcome in our Drugslab. Gee. I can’t handle this. I just smoked some pot
can you tell or not? You had to go without us for a week,
but today we’ll try a new drug for you. If you’re curious about a drug
or have an experience you want to share… leave a message in the comments.
Fire Pyro… Official Mick
and many others are curious about… Weed. Weed is on List 2 of the opium Act,
which means it’s a soft drug. It’s made of chopped up female flowers,
seeds and buds from the hemp plant. It has a green-greyish colour and
the most popular weed is White Widow. It has a high THC content
and is very strong. We also have White Widow. The most active substances of weed
are THC and CBD. The combination of those two
makes you either high or stoned. The exact effect of weed
is hard to predict. But what it does is influence
the signalling agents in your head… and that in turn affects your appetite,
your memory and your emotions. The psychological effects are that you
become cheerful, relaxed and sociable. Your perception
and appetite get reinforced… colours and music become more intense
and your short-term memory declines. Yes, it actually makes you a little stupid. Who is going to experience these effects?
-Yes, spin it. Yes.
-I think it will be very funny. You can consume weed in various ways.
You can smoke it in a joint or a pipe. You can also bake a space-cake and eat it,
or you can make tea with it. I’ve done this, and I’m curious to see
what happens when I smoke pure weed. I think it’ll make me totally wacky,
but I’d like to try it one time. Yes, because this is used
to smoke weed pure. Without tobacco or anything else.
So it’ll be interesting to smoke it like this. You’ll only be smoking weed. And it’s a beautiful pipe, of course. My grandma had glass paraphernalia
like this in the cupboard. I’m wearing my belt.
-Great. My heart rate is around 72 now.
I expect it to go up. Dry mouth, red eyes,
maybe a bit of a headache. Those are some of the physical effects
of smoking weed. Once you’re under the influence
we’ll do some tests. Let’s see how your coordination is now.
So do your thing. Oh, shit. Not bad, you hit it three times.
I wonder how you’ll do later on. We’re also going to test your memory.
Here are some grocery items. Take it all in, and later on I’ll ask you
to remember what you saw. Alright. Dutch weed contains about 15-18% THC. One gram of weed is enough
to roll three to six joints. You can’t die from weed,
but it can make you panic or feel sick. Excessive use leads to tolerance, so you’ll
need increasingly more for the same effect. First it was thought you could only
become psychologically dependent… but you can also get
physical withdrawal symptoms. If you smoke a lot of weed for a long time
and then cut down… you’ll get withdrawal symptoms
such as trembling, anxiety attacks… nightmares and you’ll start perspiring. Gee.
-Wow. We’re going to crumble the weed
and put it in the pipe. You feel the effect after a few minutes
and the effects last 2-4 hours. Many people think smoking weed
is less harmful than smoking tobacco. But weed contains four to five times
as much tar as tobacco. And just as with tobacco,
carbon monoxide is released. Everything is inside, I think.
-Yes, it’s nicely packed. Then I’ll light it. Wow, goddam.
-What’s it like? Gross. It tastes just like it smells. It makes me calm, but I’m still hectic.
-That may be due to your ADHD. Combining weed with other drugs
or alcohol is not recommended… as it may lead to dangerous
and unpredictable situations. Okay, I’m going to take one more hit. Many people think it has more effect
if you hold the smoke in your lungs… but that’s not true,
and it’s actually more harmful. The THC gets taken up into your
bloodstream in about half a second. Wow. Are you more high or stoned?
Stoned means you feel very sluggish… and high means you feel light in your head
and are a bit more active. I think I’m more high. I can really tell that you’re stoned.
Look for yourself. My eyes are fucking red.
Really intensely. Smoking weed is supposed
to make you creative. Here I have a booklet with answers only.
You have to come up with the questions. So I’ll pick an answer. ‘Save your energy.’
What could be the question? Isn’t that a question already? No, this is the answer.
You have to come up with a question. What do you save?
I don’t know. What do you save? Save your energy. I can’t handle this.
Stop, I can’t take it. What is this? Yes.
-Wait, let me dry my tears. Jesus. It sounded like a recommendation:
Savour energy. Savour the best in life. Many rappers and musicians say
weed makes them more creative. It makes it easier to write lyrics
or make music. You’re going to write a rap. I’ll play
a beat, and you’ll create something. One, two, three, four. I’m Bastiaan, I’m here with Rens
and it’s intense My head is working so slowly. I just smoked some pot
can you tell or not? I wanted to remember the first one,
and then I went on to the second one… and when I knew what I wanted to talk
about, I’d forgotten the first one. So it’s not working…
-Your short-term memory… Is very bad.
-Has really declined. And your long-term memory?
-I don’t know. Shall we go back to the groceries?
-Alright. Go ahead.
-Apple, banana, cactus… drinking bottle, apricot jam, cherry jam… That was it, right?
-No. How many things were there?
-You’re still missing two. Oh, right. What is it, cottage cheese?
-Yes. Oh yeah, and juice.
-Perfect. So your long-term memory is fine.
-Yes. Does seeing this stimulate your appetite?
-Yes. Would you be able to eat a lot now?
-Yes. Enjoy.
-Thanks. THC binds to the receptors
that normally cause you to get hungry. Because they’re activated, you think
you’re hungry and get the munchies. Suck, suck. Gee. Wait at least 10 minutes
before you take any more. And then I’m talking about smoking. When you eat it,
it works very differently. In that case watch our other video
where we test space-cake. Cannabis has been used for centuries
to make rope and also to make textiles. And as medicine. It still gets prescribed
to people who have chronic pain. It doesn’t cure people,
but it reduces the pain… and improves the quality of life.
-Sorry. You’re already screwing up,
but let’s look at your coordination again. Before, you had three buzzes. One, two…
-Shit. No, I can’t do this.
-Three, four… How silly. Wait, maybe I can make it. Never mind.
-This was Drugslab for this week. If you’re curious about a drug, let us know.
And check the do’s and don’ts video. And we’ll see you next week. I slept very long, like ten hours. I just
woke up, showered and had breakfast. I feel a bit sluggish and down,
probably because of the weed yesterday. I’ll see you again next time. Bye.

100 thoughts on “Bastiaan gets baked – Weed (THC) | Drugslab”

  1. Het is bewezen dat je van cannabis olie in veel gevallen beter word dit wil de medische industrie alleen niet stimuleren aangezien dit middel zo goedkoop is dat ze er niks aan verdienen. 😉

  2. Kunnen jullie thee zetten van wiet? En kunnen jullie een video maken waarin jullie tips geven voor het gebruiken van drugs? Zoals hoe je wiet rookt etc

  3. everytime i smoke weed, when i stand up after sitting down for a while my vision goes white, i’m literally almost close to fainting then when I sit down again my head feels a lot of pressure

  4. De populairste wiet is white widdow, deze wiet is erg sterk…. yea right dan hebben hun nooit goede wiet gerookt 😂 ww smaakt naar buitenwiet

  5. They don’t really get the whole “high vs stoned” concept. Being stoned is the aftereffect of being high. Being “high” doesn’t mean you’re active whatsoever. The differences are in the strains. It depends whether you’re smoking Sativa or Indica. Indica will make you more sluggish, tired and relaxed whereas Sativa can boost you to do more activities.

  6. Are these people regular drug users or something or are they really doing this just to “test it”

  7. Vind jullie videos altijd heel leuk alleen had wel verwacht dat jullie het iets beter zouden uitleggen waarom het nou slecht voor je is. Want als je met een vape wiet rookt komt het geen aanraking met vuur en krijg je dus niet die slechte stoffen binnen.

  8. These guys seem like amateurs when it comes to weed smoking because it looks like that one guy who smoked a lot has a low tolerance.

  9. I used to smoke weed, can’t now because of my job. But when I did, I fucking loved it and can’t wait to start again. It never gave me the munchies but it did make food taste a lot more intense. A candy bar was too much to handle, it was too sweet but salads tasted the best, so for me smoking weed would benefit me because I’d eat more salads and it helped with my depression.

  10. Kan je wiet ook combineren met gwn paracetemol? Want soms heb ik hoofdpijn en neem een paracetemol in en wil ik toch blowen

  11. I once smoked white widow, the joints contained 3,1 gram lmao. I shared it with someone tho but that was some good shit

  12. When you smoke it remove your thumb so the smoke can travel faster into your mouth when you inhale. (After you light it of course)

  13. after takeing a bong hit im rolling a 1g joint…after I finish that another bong follow it 😀 actually smoking with pipe or joint can be bad for the lung and throat because the tar is going straight to the lungs but if you use a bong with water that should make the smoke more clean

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