Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist – childrens book read aloud by Kara Pop

Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist – childrens book read aloud by Kara Pop

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The Berenstain Bears visit the dentist by
Stan and Jan Berenstain. One morning, Sister Bear woke up in the same
old bed, in the same old pajamas, and yawned the same old yawn. But something was different.
“I have a looth tooth,” she told Brother Bear. “Well, push it back and forth with your tongue,
and maybe it’ll come out,” yawned Brother, as he turned over to go to sleep. “Then what?’
asked Sister. Brother had told her all about the tooth fairy, and she wanted to hear it
again. “Then put it under your pillow, and the tooth fairy will take it away and leave
a new coin in its place…” “But,” Brother added, “be sure to tell Mama about it first!” Later, at breakfast, when Mama was reminding
Brother that he had a dentist’s appointment after school, she noticed that Sister was
eating funny. “She has a loose tooth,” Brother explained. “When it comth out,” said Sister,
wiggling it with her tongue, “I’m going to put it under my pillow for the tooth fairy.”
“If she doesn’t wiggle it out, she can come to the dentist with us and he can yank it
out!” Brother grinned. “Never mind that kind of talk,” said Mama.
“Dr. Bearson doesn’t yank. He’s very gentle and very careful.”
“I’ll get it out myself Thmartie!” Sister shouted, as Brother hopped onto the big yellow
school bus. But Sister was still wiggling her loose tooth
with her tongue when she and Mama met Brother after school and went to the dentist.
“Ith thtill thtuck,” she said, showing Dr. Bearson her loose tooth. “Well,” said the
dentist, “I’ll have a look at it after I examine Brother’s teeth. You can stand on this stool
and watch – if that’s all right with Brother.” “Sure,” said Brother, as he climbed into the
special cub’s seat in the big dentist’s chair. “She can watch me and see how it’s done.”
Brother had been to the dentist before,and he couldn’t help showing off just a little.
Sister watched as Dr. Bearson checked each one of Brother’s teeth with a special little
tool. “How do you see the backs?” she asked. “With this little mirror,” said the dentist.
“Here, Have a look.” “Wow!” said Sister, looking into Brother Bear’s mouth. “It looks like
a cave. A cave with a tongue!” While Dr. Bearson checked Brother Bear’s teeth,
Sister looked at the other tools on his work tray – there were…
little picks, a scraper…a tamper, and… ULP! – a yanker!
She had become so interested that she had forgotten all about her loose tooth! She went
to work wiggling again. She wiggled hard. But it was still stuck.
There were some other interesting dentist’s things: a water squirter for rinsing… an
air squirter for drying… and a little drill on the end of a big hinged arm for cleaning
out a cavity. And Brother had a cavity! “It’s just a tiny one,” said Dr. Bearson, “in the
last of your baby molars. But it’s best to fill it to keep it from getting bigger.”
“Ummm,” said Brother, bravely. I’m glad it’s not me, thought Sister – still
wiggling. After Dr. Bearson cleaned out the cavity,
he rinsed it with the water squirter and dried it with the air squirter. Then he mixed up
some filling cement… and filled it. He gently tamped the filling down and scraped it smooth.
A final rinse, and Brother jumped down – as good as new.
“Your turn!” he said. Bravely, Sister climbed up into the cub’s
seat – still wiggling, but that loose tooth just didn’t seem to want to come out.
“Hmmm,” said the dentist, looking at the tooth. “Ulp!” said Sister, waiting for him to reach
for those big yankers. But while she waited, Dr. Bearson gripped the tooth with a piece
of gauze, gave a tug, and… OUT IT CAME!
Sister looked at the tooth. It was very tiny. Dr. Bearson gave it to her to keep. Now it
was her turn to hop down as good as new. “Don’t I get a lollipop or something for being
good?” she asked Brother. “You get a balloon,” he said. “Lollipops aren’t
good for your teeth.” The next morning, Sister plunged her hand
under her pillow and found a shiny new dime where the tooth had been. “The tooth fairy
came!” she told Brother. “I told you she would,” he yawned.
Then she ran into the next room to show Mama her shiny new dime.

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  1. Lovely story – and so nicely read too! Thankyou! Will you be doing any more of the Berenstain Bears books, as these are favourites for my two kids? If so, the Berenstain Bears Get Their Kicks would be fantastic! Thanks again!!

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  4. Great!!! My 2 year old loved it too. I have also started my channel dedicated to book reading as my daughter loves it. Please drop by my channel too. Thanks.

  5. I remember when my mother would always read these books to me and The Cat in the Hat before I go to bed it's nice that I could go on here and we lit my childhood memories thank you

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