Best Bone Graft Material for Dental Implants | Dr. Parsa Zadeh

Best Bone Graft Material for Dental Implants | Dr. Parsa Zadeh

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xenograft means cow bone or horse bone horse bone it’s called sequestrian bone or bovine bone for cow if you use the cow bone the body cannot remodel that so it’ll stay there forever oh my god well they’re not that have worn bio-oss or Xena Xeno or I mean xenograft means the bone from another species now what’s available to us right now is bovine which is cow and sequestrian which is horse so which one do you I use bio-oss which is bovine see in the beginning when they came and suggested recommended the bio-oss for as a bone graft material the disadvantage of it was mentioned as being still in there even if after a year when you revisit the area yeah that was a disadvantage but now we learn okay that we can use as an advantage now if you have only BIOS there then you will have natural bone little bit in between it and full of bile granulation of the granular nature of the BIOS and that’s not necessarily very good bone even though I have implant thats been in pure bio-oss for like 20 years and still working but ideally nowadays is to mix the BIOS with an allograft which is the same species so the allograft the body will remove and put its own bone there but enough xenograft is there that it cannot resort and for the mass not to be lost so you mix them yeah so again over the years we have learned those in the beginning there’s an old bio-oss best for work sure we use it and then we notice six months later we went into stand still there’s no bone a year later that things still there still not good bone so it was not good for pure bone graft but then we used only allograft we notice a beautiful bone in two months three months but then like these instances that you mentioned go there year later the whole thing remodeled but we put it in this space between the implant and the vocal cord code phone of the centrioles you know go back it’ll go down allograft will get totally remodeled there but you could xenograph there so now the best combination is mix half and half and then in instances that you space maintenance is more important with more bio-oss in the instances that you want to go back and put an implant in there then put more allograft because the xenograph is going to be a chunk of xenograft there even oh yeah for a long time I don’t know forever but at least for a year when you go back there it’s still there now what I just told you is very very valuable today it’s a result of a lot of observation that how to play with these bone graphs to get the desired effect

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