Best Foods After Dental Implant Surgery | Dr. Parsa Zadeh

Best Foods After Dental Implant Surgery | Dr. Parsa Zadeh

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now when you do a single implant one corner of the mouth the lifestyle of the patient doesn’t change much but then we do for instance a fridge or you do four or five implants you think this patient is going to be on normal diet after that can they be a normal diet so it’s important for us to give them nutritional advice as to what they can take that also is nutritious enough for the healing maintain maintaining good nutrition now what are the factors that are important for wound healing in the mouth vitamin c excellent what vitamin C a factor is important for maintaining calcium yes yes calcium vitamin C these two things cause protein protein calcium vitamin C now typically people go on to the things that are softer like rice mashed potato and do are they nutritious at all no yeah so if someone goes on rice potatoes mashed and rice to the mashed potato and rice diet following oral surgery how long does it take for this lack of nutrition to get reflected in the mouth 14 days yes yes yes it takes about 14 so it becomes more important when you have a slight complication if it’s a straightforward case and in a week time patient has healed no problem but the week time comes back the healing is not proceeding properly we have to resuture anything that’s going to take it beyond 10 days I would say then nutritional advice becomes extremely important when you’re doing a full mouth case for all month they may not be able to eat properly so nutritional advice becomes very important so you tell them yet at least each day I have two fresh oranges squeezed orange juice and things that have calcium protein yogurt yogurt is a very good thing following surgery because it has probiotics also they’re usually taking the antibiotics so you want to put some good bacteria in there so it’s a long yogurt milk fresh vitamin c eggs are very good they’re soft half boiled eggs or scrambled eggs these items don’t require chewing and also does give them enough nutrition ensure is a good thing to ask them to buy to take and most people harm precision protein shake ensure specifically on well but see if they say pill vitamin C feels I have no scientific reasoning for this but vitamin c pills are not as effective as freshly squeezed oranges for some reason they’re probably so many other things in it that you still don’t know so the patients would take the orange juice usually have a better healing than people so im taking a thousand milligrams whatever pills so orange juice is better

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  1. Eating a healthy diet after Implant surgery is an absolute must. Lots of dark green organic veggies, organic fruits like grapes, strawberries, blueberries, organic and better yet Raw dairy – milk, cheese, kefir (loaded with probiotics) and butter/ghee – organic pasture raised, pasture eggs, — raw or soft boiled – don't scramble them because you destroy the protein, organic meats, healthy fats like organic coconut oil, sesame oil, or extra virgin olive oil Lightly stir-fry the veggies, to maintain the vitamins with onions and garlic (add mushrooms). After surgery just put the veggies in a food processor and add a cheese sauce for flavor, eat lots of yogurts that contain live cultures (whole-plain) and fruit and chopped almonds (contain borron – great for the teeth), soft boiled eggs with avocados. Don't bother with synthetic or even plant based vitamins – just a waste of money and acid fruits, like oranges are bad for the teeth, and orange juice has way too much sugar. Lemon water is good but you need a straw, usually straws are prohibited because the use can cause bleeding. Sorry no Ensure, taste horrible and it's processed – uck. And yes, hold the carbs – another uck. Absolutely no processed sugar, processed foods or fast foods. Hold the processed protein shakes because they are hard on the kidney. Make you own smoothies with the above ingredients. BTW just one implant can be very painful and cause lots of swelling – just follow a healthy diet and plan on it for the rest of your life.

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