Best Way to Get Rid of Bad Breath

Best Way to Get Rid of Bad Breath

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What is the best way to get rid of bad breath? Give up on liver and onion sandwiches. I can’t stand liver and onion. Cut back on your Italian cooking. It is not like I’m eating raw onions for fun
here. Brush your teeth twice a day instead of once
a day, and floss at least once a day. I already brush once a day with tooth paste. Too many people avoid flossing, but end up
with gingivitis and bad breath from the germs causing both that you clear out better by
flossing in addition to brushing. Would switching to baking soda tooth paste
help? It won’t protect your teeth better than tooth
paste, but it could help neutralize the odors. After all, it does that in your refrigerator
already. Would breath mints help? It’ll help short term, but it won’t help long
term. If you have bad breath caused by bacteria, the sugar from breath mints actually makes
it worse long term. I’ve heard people say I should brush my tongue. It won’t hurt. But don’t bother with one of
those awful tongue scrapers. I’m glad to know that won’t help. Do make sure you brush the inside surfaces
or lingual side of the teeth? Too many people focus on making sure the smile people see
is shinny and white but don’t remove all the food particles from the inner side. Does gargling make a difference? Only if you have a sore throat. Any other tips? Smoking and chewing tobacco can give you bad
breath in addition to bad teeth. I stay away from those already. If brushing your teeth and other treatments
do not work, talk to your dentist. For some fancy treatment? Maybe not fancy, but a bad cavity between
teeth you cannot see can cause bad breath that won’t go away until it is filled. Then
again, a yeast infection in the mouth can cause bad breath, too.

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