Beta64 – Breath of the Wild [NO SPOILERS]

Beta64 – Breath of the Wild [NO SPOILERS]

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  1. 27:23 i really REALLY what to know what those were, i im infinity curious,
    i cant stand know that i'll never know.

  2. bro, myself, and a lot of playthourghs ive seen has had everyone go the the zora first,

  3. You forgot the secret of the developer that died, where you find ghost animals, including horses. There you will find a man that should be looking like that developer that died. But that sad😞 😭. But the game still got awesome

  4. Beta64: That random red ‘X’? It's not important. I might have forgotten some things.


  5. While this video old now. And I think I’ve already comment. I wish they kept some things. I wish devs had played wind waker day /twilight princes HD. They need kept magic in game. Alway feel Zelda games without magic missing something. Also wish they explore Wolf link/beast link more. That might been interesting. Stuck in wolf form. Forced to slowly get ppl trust you and realizes your more then just a beast. With goal of Master sword unlock curse again?

    I would have loved to see the Zelda HD demo that looked like came off Twilight princess ( HD version of spider fight 2014?) and as tech geek/computer guy. I can pretty much Tell you that dev version spider fight was NOT running Wii u, as we know Wii U was pretty weak hardware and switch isn’t that much better. That was prob running high end pc at the time with high end GPU ( SLI Titan x Maxwell prob at the time )

    While I enjoy breath of the wild. It’s was missing a lot stuff from Twlight princess/wind waker. There quite few enemies like plant and few others. I loved open world but they completely screw up story. And to say you can do large open worlds and still have good story is Bullshit. ( skyrim / Witcher 3/ GTA5 as example. And RD2 as well now 2018/19) Wish they kept magic too in game. And cooking needs improvement. Hate weapons breaking every 3-4 swings. By that logic, if everything was that brittle, there would been No war, no side for good/bad would get very far if weapons all break that easily. Yes made sense on paper when dev were trying get player always picking up new weapons. But it made Master sword completely useless. Also BOTW ran like shit when first came out to switch. Rush port imo and Wii U lack of ram. Only 2 GB main memory.

    I really hope BOTW 2 is better. While have over 300+ hrs BOTW. I didn’t finish last boss fight because how dull/repetitive game become. Once have best horse. Found best gear/explore most the lands. Weapons breaking every 5 swings and c+ of story when pervious Zelda games still had decent story. Don’t get me wrong. Enjoy it but also feel that they missed a lot by not playing their past games more. They tired copy skyrim but not fully understand why a “ modded” skyrim what made it so great, but buggy too. I feel they played skyrim for like 1 hr (with out mods) then when tried copy it while developing BOTW.

    I wish they re-imagine Zelda, link to the past but similar to BOTW/open world but keeping many skills/dungeons/story/skills/unlock and progress while adding some new feature like cooking/horse/open world rpg with good story. I hated the small mini Dungeons. If they had few big ones and couple small ones. It wouldn’t been so bad.

    Twllight princess was still my fav though limited by its hardware, hope BOTW2 isn’t just copy of same world with just left over stuff/dlc that got scrapped because issue/time or couldn’t get work properly/held back cuz Wii u. Consider Tegra x1 for switch is already 4 yr old Soc. Yes I know not always about performance. But decent hardware does help.

    Before ppl start flaming and/or trolling me. Been gaming since intel 8088/86 CPUs were out and Atari 2600. I was also beta tester/moderator/small time server admin, for small steam indie dev team before step down do to health issue. ( and there tech pc guy) so I do have some knowledge in what’s involved in game development/beta tester and running server. As dev team I was helping worked on UE4 🙂

  6. 21:18 yes you forgot that you died there wich is why it is marked with a red X. You can see this in the final version as well

  7. Beta's shaders and lighting, seems a bit better then the original. But I can't tell fully with a screenshot or low end video about the beta, it looks more blue tint but it mainly looks good with the sunset/sunrise. Although the original is pretty nice, it could of looked better but that's just my thought on it so far. I do like the way it looks now, just wish I had more eye candy I guess xD I'm so picky.

  8. Most of these aren't "changes." The dialogue wasn't fully edited for instance in the older builds, and they massaged it. That's just a normal part of development. They use FPO (for placement only) assets to build around before subbing in the final content.

  9. 17:36 I think the control button prompt wasnt on there cause the controls were already being displayed on the Wii U gamepad. It probably not displayed there since there was no need for the prompt to be there. If the switch was already released by the time the e3 2016 was around or he was using a different controller I'm sure it would be there at the time.

  10. Funny how both the motorcycle and the playtesting feature were incorporated as the Master Cycle (DLC2) and the Hero's Path mode (DLC1)

  11. I think youtube is broken I remember subscribing to you a few months ago but for some reason it unsubscribed me… well I get to subscribe twice

  12. Damn. Im glad i bought this game brandnew and not secondhand. They put so much work on this. And as a developer as myself (though not in video game making), its really hard to make adjustments during development and everything is in tight schedule need to make. So I understand all their effort just make it.

    I hope seeing more games and improvements just like this. Love it.

  13. I’m so glad they decided to delay the release. Right now, my two favorite games of all time are BoTW and RDR2

  14. ok im sorry, but i have the "open your eyes, open your eyes. wake up link" as my alarm so whenever i hear it it's so weird, especially on a yt vid lol.

  15. I so wish I can go back in time in 2017 and experience the excitement of putting the game in on the Switch. The amount of chills of seeing the opening cutscene of Hyrule in the beginning is some thing I'll never have again

  16. A motorcycle? They would never put one in a Zelda game, not even on a DLC, not even if it is a season pass

  17. The 2D version of BOTW they already said 0 plans on selling it. Its not how they intended for it to be played is their reasoning

  18. That nintendo America guy should be kicked out. Or commit seppuku because he failed nintendo many a time.

  19. Over 2 years and countless times playing this game…I still can't believe how incredible awesome this game is.
    I waited almost 6 years for this game, since I was sure a new Zelda will be coming out after Skyward Sword. In 2012 I bought a Wii U just for this game, before it was even announced. And after that I consumed every bit of information and even the most ridiculous rumours. And when it was finally was revealed, I broke out in tears of joy. Back then, I felt like the 2014 teaser was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It may sound stupid, but I'm somehow emotionally conntected. After that I never was this excited for a game.

  20. This video could have been way shorter than it was. A lot of these changes are so minor they aren't worth mentioning.

  21. Looks like the e3 version was may more detailed and the lighting way better. I fucking hate it when they do that. Gameplay should be straight gameplay, not an enhanced version of what they're asking you to buy.

  22. 2 Things:

    1: Now that they announced BOTW 2 (or the sequel, since it doesn't have a proper title), this video gives us a heads-up: When Nintendo eventually gives us a release date, just add 5 years to it and you'll know the real one.

    2: As someone else said, I wish I could experience BOTW for the first time. I think that's my only strong grip about it (there are others, but besides the story, minor details mostly), that most of the wonder that comes from playing it can only be on the first playthrough or by forgetting about the game for a long while then coming back. Even then, this is more of a personal preference, I know people that gladly restart their game (and love the story).

  23. I beat the game a year ago and a sequel now so i mastered botw so the sequel shouldn't be that much harder

  24. 13 minutes talking about the boring development, like 15 minutes talking about different icons, menus, and text formatting, and like 5 talking about actual interesting things😂😂 yup, sounds like beta64 to me

  25. I really like that they are willing to experiment. I just hope the next Zelda will be more… narrative driven. Breath of the Wild was pretty shallow in that department and I am not blaming them… the game is huge and took probably more workours to create than most 60€ games… but it ended up kinda empty because the bigger the world is, the more work each level of lore depth takes to implement. Leaving most things vague (or oddly narratively unexploreable) was the right choice for this product, but I don't want to see a repeat of that. I'd rather have a smaller or a more linear world again.

  26. I'm a actually glad that they took a lot of time to create this game which I would say that it would be like reality or VR.

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