Between the Games – Gavin’s Fresh Breath

Between the Games – Gavin’s Fresh Breath

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(Intro) Michael: Whats that?
Geoff: Some sort of knife Michael: All of that- he’s throwing in bucket can go right into the trash Geoff: This might be the most used piece of equipment M: Well yeah, that’s why its fucking still here I’ve had to save that table several times from being thrown away Jack: Straightened it M: Its not straight, its up G: Its fine, it’ll even out J: It kind of curves M: There perfect. Don’t touch it- Ohhh M: Yeah, you just threw a bunch G: Here we go this, everything we’re gonna need M: Hang on- Does anyone need tissue paper? Does anyone’s wives need tissue paper? Geoff: No Oh, you know what we can do? We’ll do this So your shirts clean Perfect. Alright Michael: That is perfect Gav (quietly): Does anyone’s wives need tissue paper? (laughs) M: What? They say that. They love it, I don’t know a single man who fucking saves tissue paper Haven’t meet ’em Michael: I’ve meet a whole lot of women- Gavin: Not me Michael: -who fucking love it Michael: Does that make it offensive?
Ryan: We doing something else? What are we doin’? Geoff: We’re doing both
Michael: We’re doing something else first Ryan: Okay Michael: Might want to take this away from here Ryan: and I’m looking at the assembled items here and I’m a little lost- -Where this is going Trevor: Theory is, Ryan, theory is… Jack: That there- Michael: Just start there, and you can kinda figure it out Jack: There you go
Ryan: okay, okay (Overlapping chatter) Michael: I’m quite- I’m not understanding this. Is he gonna tape this down? Jack: I think so
Geoff: Yeah Michael: Like oh shit- like the beginning of, fucking- it’s like the beginning of Wolfenstein, like oh no I’m not gonna hit the toothpaste. Geoff: Ahhh, don’t spoil it, don’t spoil it. I haven’t seen it Michael: Yeah, there’s a lot of toothpaste Alright, let’s, now you’re being ridiculous. That’s got such a bigger surface. Ryan: Yeah, but you want you want a narrow surface Michael: Nah you want like as much tube as possible Ryan: No no no no. The smaller the surface area, the more force is applied Michael: Yeah, but this might like rip the thing. R: I mean it might, that’s the risk you run R: When you combine the most amount of force
M: But when you’re doing this M: But it’s like we’re talking about most amount of force or most amount of toothpaste. It’s two separate conversations Let’s not coin flips this conversation. Both are active Geoff: We ready to go? M: I think it’ll go Geoff: How far- you think it’ll go? How far back should Gavin- M: I think it’ll shoot
Geoff: How far back should Gavin? Geoff: Here’s the thing. Here’s the thing. Gavin let me get you ready for this. Okay, so we’ve been we had a bit of an intervention with you You’ve got British teeth. British mouth It’s getting stinky
M: Brit mouth Geoff: We wanna- We know you don’t like doing anything that’s boring Gav: That’s true (Incoherent Geoff)
Gav: Who wants to brush their teeth with a brush? Geoff: Right. We wanna make it a little more extreme
M: Lindsey nice pose L: Thank you. Cats are mourning it as I watch Geoff: Alright, fine R: Here’s a though-
Geoff: I’m never going to say no R: Hold up, here’s a thought. Should we take this outside? M: Why? Why? What is this?
G: Jack did it! M: What is this under here? What the hell are you doing?
G: Jack did it! R: Get that out of here M: Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ
G: Its not me Gav: Was it a fart bag? M: It’s a fart bag. I looked away for one second and theres a fart bag under the fucking… Geoff: Yeah, we’re going to go that way Gav: Prediction, it’s going to come out the back (Chatter between group) R: Okay, you’re going to have to take a knee
(Agreement) Gav: Are you just going to fire the cap off at my face? Geoff: No, we’ll pop the cap So the problem is we only have one toothbrush- toothpaste R: Yeah, you’ll probably get two off
Geoff: Alright (Michael talks to Trevor) Geoff: Yeah, its true
J: We can go next with beer Geoff: Uh, I need you to open your mouth because we’re going for your mouth. Are you sure that’s not too high? M: It seems high.
Geoff: Can you get your shorts shorter, so you can… ? : Yeah, now you can get it M: There you go, now- okay, (Overlapping chatter)
J: You could do it sexier Gav: So you think this is good height? Geoff: I think that’s good. I think that might be good You might be a little far away, but…
Gav: NORMAL DAY AT WORK! J: Ryan, thought? (Michael and Jack discuss outcomes) Geoff: Here we go. On your mark, get set… …cleanliness (BAM) J (disappointed): Ohhh. You missed! Michael: Yeah
(Laughter) Geoff: All right, I’ll try again.
R: Even it out, even it out. Hang on M: Yeah, it’s true. Get the- push the bottom. Push the goob up. R: Keep it up all right.
Geoff: I’ll go from the bottom Gav: You’re seeping Geoff: Alright, here we go [HEADPHONE WARNING!] (BANG) J: Over! M: It went- It went under and over
Trevor: Oh my god, I’m fucking deaf! Geoff: It was loud (Gav laughs, Trevor winces in pain) Geoff: Gavin, maybe stand up a little bit
(Jack and Ryan mumble) T: Hold on, hold on (Background chatter) R: Just to warn you, there maybe backsplash involved
M: Its true M: And if there is I got it R: There are now two exits (Quiet muttering and laughing) (Louder chatter) Geoff: You’re gonna have to move Trevor
M: Make sure you get Gavin G: Alright, ready? This is good too, because then I get a good- I get a good… (Background chatter)
Geoff: On your mark, get set… (Assorted reactions) M: Ohh shit! You got him Gav: I felt it (Laughter and talking) M: That was uhh…perfect
Geoff: That was a little low Gav: Good job, we got the bib M: Might as well use the tube Geoff: Yeah, we got the tube. All right, this is good. We’re gonna get those teeth clean right here. (Groans of pain, laughter, chatter) Geoff: So close, so close Oh there was the height and everything was perfect.
J: You overshot Geoff: Okay, we good? R: I don’t know if you’ve got enough. Good luck Geoff: I got- I got- I got enough for one more set of beans
R: Okay Geoff: Alright, reeeeady BRUSH! (Reactions) M: That was perfect. That was amazing Geoff: Let me see, let me see Geoff: Fresh Breath! [Mission accomplished!] Gav: Much better Geoff: Fresh breath you’re clean Geoff: Oh, its amazing
Gav: Its on my neck and penis! J: Just look at this trail of tears (Geoff’s hysterical laughter) M: Excellent work Geoff M: Excellent work
Geoff: I love being away from the office and coming back You guys are ready to film I’m so glad I got that final shot in slo-mo (laughter) M: I was just pointing at the tube the whole time Ryan: Just clean it up J: That’s a good look for you right there, Gavin M: I cant tell if you’re hitting it or lifting it up Geoff: That should be a screen shot. We should just release that on Twitter right now. That’s that shot. Of Gavin. Absolutely

100 thoughts on “Between the Games – Gavin’s Fresh Breath”

  1. They continue to prove me wrong by finding the dumbest, yet awesomest versions of everyday things. Love you guy; keep doin what your doin!

  2. Ryan triggered me when he said a smaller surface area equals more force. Smaller surface area equals more pressure, not force. Love you Ryan lol

  3. Wait so was that ear ringing just an effect they put into the video? Or was that actually sound that was so loud it overwhelmed the mic on the camera?

  4. You're right about the pressure there Ryan, but this isn't about hitting it hard. It's about forcing toothpaste out of the tube and for that you need to limit the space it has the option to go. So the mallet's larger surface area is the better option

  5. Seeing as Jack likes to whine and call things racist. I'd like to point out he referenced the random globs of toothpaste as being a trail of tears. This can be taken to be highly offensive and borderline racist. Ban that bigot racist!

  6. 2:22 "Lets not coin flip this conversation", I wonder how often that is used to shorten an argument around the RT/AH offices

  7. I always thought it was a fact that women have a more probability to have tissue paper with them because they used it to wipe themselves after a trip to the public restroom. It's rare to find toilet paper in our public restrooms, so it's best to bring TP with you. I always raise a lot of question marks when I ask other girls if they have some, then they said no. Like.. do they shake it and let the remaining drops on the underwear? But that means your underwear will smell of piss by the end of the day.

    Yeah tmi

  8. So, anyone volunteering to venture into the depths of PornHub and see if the last shot is on there?

  9. I love how in all of these between the games, they always discuss the science of these horribly obnoxious things. Its hilarious.

  10. I take tissue paper from children's birthday parties. So I get to stand right next to my best friend's kid and get handed all the tissue paper. I take it home for a toy for my cats because it's nontoxic and they don't eat it but they love it.

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