Bhastrika pranayama/ technique and benefits


Hello So in this video, I will tell you how to practice the Bhastrika Breathing, and then I will tell you what are the benefits of practicing the bhastrika breathing. so, first of all, see how to practice. so in bhastrika you inhale while making a sound and You lift your whole upper body and then when exhalation you drop down the whole upper body. So, let’s see So this is bhastrika breathing. It’s a very powerful breathing and it has got amazing benefits which we will discuss. so the upper body including the chest, the shoulders, and the upper back. are lifted up as you inhale and then they drop down as you exhale, and this all is done while you breathe through the nose keeping the mouth closed and making the hissing sound through your nose. So the upper body is lifting and dropping the lungs are expanding and contracting. This is the bhastrika breathing. the name bhastrika comes from like how a blacksmith blows his bellow, the bellow bag, and increases the fire and this is exactly how the lungs are expanding, contracting and they are making that hissing sound and generating more and more heat inside the body which is used for detoxification of the whole body right at the cellular and the tissue level. the body is detoxifying. and with this fast breathing there is a rapid exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen taking place and more and more oxygen is available to the blood, to the brain and to all the cells and tissues of the body. and the carbon dioxide which is in excess is released out fast and as you release more and more carbon dioxide, the energy levels will go up and your body will start becoming more and more alkaline. And this will also help you to fight the cancer cells because cancer cells grow faster in the acidic environments. So in this bhastrika breathing, you are supposed to keep your back straight and head straight. So don’t bend your back like this. This is the wrong way you keep your back straight head straight. And also you breathe through your nose keeping the mouth closed and you are sitting in the cross leg position while performing this bhastrika breathing and always be empty stomach when you perform this breathing. and Also remember that since this breathing generates a lot of heat So it is supposed to be done in the cool temperature cool environment Which means early morning or in the evening time if you sit outside in the open. And if you sit inside in the AC room, then it’s fine as you have cool temperature. because this generates lot of heat, which is used to detoxify the whole system and energize your nervous system. So this breathing bhastrika can be done in slow medium and fast speeds. so initially the begginers should do with the slow speed and then as they build up strength they can increase the speed and the force So, let’s see the slow one So this is approximately two seconds you inhale and lift up the upper body and one second you exhale and drop down This is the slow speed and the medium speed is one second up one second down And the past one is that in half second you go up and then you go down. And then more fast is even more still faster So as you practice more and more you get more strength. and you’ll be able to increase your speed and you’ll be able to increase your force and you’ll be able to increase more and more sounds, making sound while doing the breathing. so it becomes more and more better as you practice. and that depends on your practice and depends on your strength of your lungs how fast and with how much force you practice. so ideally in practice initially for two minutes that’s good enough and then slowly you increase little by little up to five minutes and up to five minutes that would be a good practice and only few practitioners who are very Advanced would be able to go even beyond the five minutes of practice. So this way you practice this breathing initially do 10 times up and down. And then stop, take rest and after few seconds again do another round of 10 Up and down, and then close your eyes and rest for a while, relax for a while. Then I can start another round. But as you practice then from 10, you can move 15 and 20 cycles of up and down. And the more you practice you’ll be able to do non-stop two minutes up and down in bhastrika breathing. So this is how you practice the breathing and those people who have heart issues ,blood pressure issues epilepsy issues, ulcer in the abdomen, or the pregnant ladies, These people should practice basillica very very slow with minimum force and speeds, like see. So you see minimum force, minimum sound, minimum speed very gently you practice. If you have all these cases. So this is how we practice bhastrika. Let’s see the amazing benefits from this, as you practice bhastrika there’s an exchange, fast exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide and this would help oxygenate your blood your brain your cells and tissues, and The quality energy level of the body will go up, you feel fresh You feel energized and enthusiastic all the time you improve your focus your concentration And your alertness as you practice bhastrika and the whole body gets detoxified with the heat of bhastrika. toxins burn and Also the lungs become super strong. It’s very important to make the lungs strong the muscles of the lungs will stretch and become strong and your lung capacity will Increase and your digestive system will become stronger. the digestive fire will increase, appetite will increase and you will be able to assimilate your nutrition much better in the body in the cells and tissues. The heart becomes stronger with the practice of bhastrika. the skin will glow, your face will glow, your aura will improve and increase and also, it’s good for the people who are paralysis issues, Thyroid issues, sinus and asthama issues and Also who have migraine issues. So all these people will usually benefit immensely benefit from the practice of bhastrika and also the energy of Kundalini which is residing in the perineum in the base of the spine in the perineum area will start awakening and rising up as you practice more and more bhastrika breathing , bhastrika also will remove unwanted thoughts from your mind and it will bring up your Energy level, bring you out from depression and negative thoughts and give you positivity and give you enthusiasm and make your mind stable and still. and peaceful. and Those who are looking forward to lose weight, bhastrika will help you and since it increases the metabolism then your fat burns faster and Excess fat will burn and you will start losing weight with the practice of bhastrika. so it has many physical, mental and spiritual Benefits and your body mind and soul will completely rejuvenate with the practice of

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