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Binaca fresh breath

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bjbjqPqP Kissing is too important to be ruined
by bad breath. But getting rid of bad breath is easier said than done. Gum causes you to
salivate and drool. If I wanted a drink I d go to a faucet not your mouth. Kissing someone
and getting a mouthful of used gum is gross. And finding a place to put used gum in that
moment can lead to more problems. Besides whom wants to kiss someone who looks like
this… Nice horse. Mints are also problematic I want to share a moment, not your mint. Mints
leave you chewing… Instead of doing Strips leave you with that plastic feeling in your
mouth. And they can make you nauseous. There s only one fresh breath product you want in
your mouth, WHILE you are kissing. Pssst, Binaca. ll only get between 5 and 50 go s
with mints, strips or gums. Is that all you can handle? Binaca gives you 150 to 300 breath-freshening
sprays. That s what I m talking about. Mints, strips and gum take forever and make you look
stupid. Binaca s signature Pssst Delivery System is fast and sexy. Instead of crunchy,
sticky or gooey, Binaca gives you a fast blast of delicious minty-air. Like perfume for your
mouth. And it kills bad breath germs! Leave the candy to the kids… While the adults
get on to, umm, more refreshing business. Kissing is too important to be ruined by bad
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32 thoughts on “Binaca fresh breath”

  1. Okay the Orabrush had amazing marketing ability, Pffft This is just getting old now… Unless your like the same company or something

  2. @CrazyIdiot44, but sometimes you never know when that moment will come and you may have not had time to prep your mouth with gum or mints, you are then saved by Binaca 🙂

  3. @ohmahgawdfilms, the free promotion for Binaca went on until we ran out of our limited amount of free samples. This was in no way meant to be false advertising.

  4. I am so relieved that I have finally discovered something that works! And not just for me. For all the individuals who are afflicted by this, because it really can ruin a person’s life. I was able to enhance my breath in just a few hours right after I began utilizing this bad breath treatment “Kanzοzο Zato” (Google it). My spouse is pleased to kiss me again! .

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