Bob Dylan – One More Cup of Coffee (Audio)

Bob Dylan – One More Cup of Coffee (Audio)

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Your breath is sweet Your eyes are like two
jewels in the sky Your back is straight,
your hair is smooth On the pillow where you lie But I don’t sense affection
No gratitude or love Your loyalty is not to me
But to the stars above One more cup of coffee
for the road One more cup of coffee
‘fore I go To the valley below Your daddy, he’s an outlaw
And a wanderer by trade He’ll teach you how
to pick and choose And how to throw the blade He oversees his kingdom
So no stranger does intrude His voice, it trembles
as he calls out For another plate of food One more cup of coffee
for the road One more cup of coffee
‘fore I go To the valley below Your sister sees the future
Like your mama and yourself You’ve never learned
to read or write There’s no books upon your shelf And your pleasure knows
no limits Your voice is like
a meadowlark But your heart is like an ocean
Mysterious and dark One more cup of coffee
for the road One more cup of coffee
‘fore I go To the valley below

100 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – One More Cup of Coffee (Audio)”

  1. my dad would play this on his guitar, poorly, and get the words wrong, but I felt it 100% just the same.

  2. this is about a girl he wanted for a relationship but she's too wild to settle down ❤
    Happy Birthday Bob. I LOVE you!!!!!

  3. This without doubt my favourite Dylan piece, I reckon that there's a screenplay in this song, a classic outlaw western romance

  4. O kadar aradım ki bu orjinal yorumu. Yıllar önce bulmuş ve kaybetmiştim. Hiç bir yorum bunun gibi değil.harika ötesi❤️

  5. I'm loving my alter ego here but I kinda think you've already hit rock bottom Mr. I-Only-Care-About-Myself-And-Am-Still-Dreaming-Someone-Elses-Reality-While-They-Live-It. Is this supposed to be a negative print? I mean, I know I don't read the bible much, but does that make me illiterate? Or are you cross dressing again?

  6. God (my outlaw Daddy) doesn't tell me much- everything, including the fact it isn't Bob Weir- I had to figure out using observations of the phenomenon and formulating hypothesis that I further tested. For God is the Devil and if it tells you something, I would question it deeply. On every level.

  7. So if someone told you to envision a natural mystic, this would be it? I find it interesting that on most other songs you've written its a direct reflection of my soul, but if you were actually aiming for this mark- you would never hit it.

  8. There are the artists
    And there are the players
    There are the poets
    And the musicians
    And there is Bob Dylan.

    Each of his songs
    Once unleashed into the world
    Has its own life and spirit
    And regardless of the starting-point
    Ends up meaning different things to different people.

  9. This song either from a mind of genius Musician or from a world of Djinn..
    Can't really tell, could be channeled from some where? No one will know..

  10. Grandi chi quelli che hanno messo il pollice in giù, vorrei proprio vederli asprimere la loro arte 😂😂😂, ma poco dio, come cazzo puoi mettere il pollice in giù ad un artista così……un po di pietà per voi grandi artisti sconosciuti🙈🙈🙈

  11. No, not more coffee, Bob. I need a De Lorean. You can provide the thunder and lightning. I know where to find my clock tower.

  12. this song is beautiful forever 😭😭😭👏👏👏👍👍🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 I love 💗 I like 💗

  13. Always loved this song, acknowledgment should also be given to Emmylou Harris, who also sung backing vocals on several other Desire tracks.

  14. One more cup of Coffee before i go to valley below his Daddy is an outlaw he will teach u how to throw the blade Way to go Bobby

  15. I'll say for the last time u show up u don't know who your going to meet i met the Dylan's Bartender where he started his career in Manhattan after Midnight Mass on Our Lord's birth tell me there isn't God and I'll say there isn't a Dylan because with our Maker there would be know Dylan thank u God for putting one humble and alot of integrity and lets not forget his humility man on your Green Earth way to go Bobby

  16. Bob as a flamenco singer! He has done so many different things, one better than the other!!! Thank you, dear Bob, for your courage and your passion!!!

  17. Emmylou Harris complements the Dylan's vocals. playing & writing style throughout the album. Its a fact without her backing & playing Desire would've been a "good album"..with her input its a "really great" piece of work. Emmylou is greatly underated as a session artist "

  18. No one will ever come close to write like  this guy. As a songwriter, he's number one. No other artist will never be able to create such magic.

  19. Steve Earle I’ll bust in your house w my chainsaw and saw your coffee table and the Townes record on it in half. Zimmerman > Zandt

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