Breath control. Hold your breath for longer. Hypoxic training

Breath control. Hold your breath for longer. Hypoxic training

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If you want to hold your breath for longer
while swimming, there is no other way but to practice it in the pool while you’re
swimming. Before we begin, i want to warn you about the dangers of this practice. Shallow
water black outs is an underwater “faint” due to a lack of oxygen to the brain brought
on by holding your breathe for long periods of time. Without immediate rescue, the swimmer
quickly drowns. Shallow Water Blackout occurs WITHOUT ANY WARNING of its onset. In fact,
because of the hypoxia and detached mental state one can feel euphoric and empowered
to continue breath-holding. If you want to learn more, check out the link in the description.
They recommend the following tips to prevent SWB. Never hyperventilate.
Never ignore the urge to breathe Never swim alone.
Never play breath-holding games Personally I have done swimming sessions that
have pushed the limits of my body in regards to holding my breath. At that point you start
losing control of your body and you purposefully ignore the urge to breathe. This video is
not intended to encourage do that. You should try the next exercises not ignoring the urge
to breathe and always with a trained lifeguard present. This is a fun exercise. We did 4 X 50s, the
first one we did with 4 breathes total in the 50. The next one 3, then 2 and the last
one with 1. Depending on your ability, you can do this 4,3,2,1 or with more breathes
like say 7,6,5,4. The key here is to time your breaths strategically. For example on
this 50 my brother does 3 breathes. Since he just took a breath before leaving he goes
almost to the flags at the other end to take his first breath. Before the turn you will
naturally feel the urge to breathe. So it is good to have fresh air before doing it.
Now, he has two breathes left for the last 25. He takes them relatively early knowing
that he will breathe right after he touches the wall. For the 50 with only two breaths it’s a
little bit more challenging. Notice the long streamline. It is easy speed without wasting
oxygen in the blood for moving your muscles. Again the first breath before the turn. Now
there is only one breath for the next 25. I took it in the middle because I felt the
urge to breathe and I knew that as soon as I finish I would breathe again. My brother does the last 50 with only one
breath. Again he has a lot of oxygen stored at first because he was breathing normally
right before, so he goes the whole 25 without breathing. After the turn he could take the
breath whenever he wants. He chooses to go up to the middle because he was probably feeling
good. it is also good to take only one breath in the 50 free during competition to not waste time breathing at
full speed. The next exercise is 4 x 25s. I took two breathes
for each 25. The interesting part though is to control your breathing during the rest.
I rested for only 3 breaths. After the third breath I went on to do the next 25 with only
two breathes. If you are not there yet. You can try a variation of this with more breaths.
Something like 4 breaths for each 25 and 5 or 6 breaths while resting. These exercises
will train you to feel more comfortable with the urge to breathe. While this is good for
training it can also be dangerous for your health. Shallow water blackout is most common
among physically fit swimmers, spear fishermen and free divers. Let me know in the comments bellow if there
are anything else you would like me to explain or make a tutorial about. See you next time!
be careful and swim fast!

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  1. Ya I am so at risk of shallow water black outs, I usually try consistently with every push off of wall 20meters underwater Dolphin kick then 5meters of what ever stroke, then turn at wall then same 20meyers,,,,,, body gets tired a lot,,,,,,

  2. I’m just now learning how to swim properly and your videos are a HUGE help! Thanks man! Keep up the vids

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  4. Hello Sir
    You're Really A Very Very Pro Swimmer! That's Really Awesome.😀
    Can I Ask You A Favor?
    Can You Make The Tutorial How To Be A Pro Swimmer Or Something Like That?! It'll Be Very Helpfull For Me Thank You Very Much😊

  5. As a beginner, this seems insane. I've been practicing my swimming technique by sprinting each 25m and taking a break. This improves my speed, however I'm always breathing constantly.

    Would hypoxing breathing technique compromise speed for better breathing habits? Can I improve on both?

  6. hello. thank you so much

    i would like to see a toturial about how to swim at sea. how to swim against the waves. if theres a wind even though tgere is no waves. the water can crash a little in the head and its difficult to swim like that.

    also i would like to see video about the best way to get clean after swimming in a swimming in a swimming pool. what soap to use, and what is the best way to get the chlorine off

    and if its important to use a sponge

  7. It starts as a hobby and often becomes a career.sports and games are equally benefitting career options,if taken seriously , increasingly, students are making MARK in the arena of sports locally and globally,in process they learn the nitty _ gritty of planning as well as their role

  8. Hello, first of all I think you are doing a great job,second one i'm a swimming coach and the only thing that I don't understand it's freestyle kicking. I tried to explain but the results are 30% good 70% bad , I don't know to explain the freestyle kicking,can you help me? and put a video?

  9. Hello, first of all I think you are doing a great job,second one i'm a swimming coach and the only thing that I don't understand it's freestyle kicking. I tried to explain but the results are 30% good 70% bad , I don't know to explain the freestyle kicking,can you help me? and put a video?

  10. Yeah, i have experienced that,
    I don't know (maybe afraid) how to exhale completely, so when turning to inhale oxygen, i don't take the enough requirements for my body. In the first turn, it was OK, but I felt I'm about to faint in the second one due to lack of oxygen. Even when i reached the wall, it was difficult at first to breathe. I'm still searching how to over take this difficulty.

  11. Hey there, I'm Freddy can y'all do one on how to start swimming in deeper depths of the pool , what to practice

  12. Hi, i have a doubt, why shouldl we never hyperventilate? Isn´t that supposed to help us against hypoxia? Great video by the way!

  13. Hey someome help me please wjen i swim 50 dolphin or 100 or 200 any thing i have something like i cant take my breathe i blow out the air im yhe wager but j caht take breath it hapens more tjan one time abojt 3 time i suddnely stopped obut 4-5 CM AWAY FROM MY GOAL also i am a pro swimmer dont think that this proplem becouse i am bad in swimming so i want to know why this happens tome

  14. It looks holding breath for until one minute is safe. Red regulations on shallow water blackout somewhere in Web.

  15. Do you exhale whilst swimming?
    And if I don’t exhale all the water goes in my nose and after my swimming I start sneezing like crazy. Could u help?

  16. There is a lot of danger to this
    Why the heart?
    Im serious with this. People i know have died
    In my country by law you have to come up after 10m

  17. I can breath while swimming, when i take my mouth out of the water it takes 5 seconds for all the water to spill out of my face so I can’t breathe

  18. I just did my first 50M freestyle on one breath today at the age of 56. The trick is to remain streamlined and relaxed all the way.

  19. I just watched this video and I just learned how to do it and I keep on practicing, thanks for this video and it was very helpful.

  20. thanks for this.
    i swim once a week with the lifeguard station i volunteer at.
    and we usually have to swim a 25M pool underwater at least once in the training session.
    the problem is the fact that we usually do this near the end which is when im usually fairly tired and get closer to hyperventilation.
    which means i usually dont make it all the way (we have to swim at the bottom of the pool)
    so tonight ill try some breathing techniques.
    lets hope they make me able to go just a bit further than usual 🙂

  21. Your channel is EXCELLENT I watch No other instruction This particular video just may have saved My life

  22. This youtube channel is amazing! This week I learnt basic drills for my freestyle and it really works but sometimes I can not control breathing. I will improve my breathing. Thank you!

  23. I have never swum since 2004, this October I started to learn to swim. It looks impossible to me to breathe only once for 50 m……..

  24. Hey I'd really love to be able to explain to me about stretching to monofin ,what stretching I need to do .? And I really love your videos and find them very helpful ,
    Thank you:)

  25. Dude by the way your gliding you can be a mermaid too just add the breathing techniques and BAAM REAL LIFE MERMAID MY DUDES

  26. 1:00 oof I did the 4th one a while back. I legit felt like I was gonna drown

    And now I’m about to get on a swim team. LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES KIDS

  27. What breath pattern is used in freestyle and butterfly for 50m 100 to 1500 m in race and also in training

  28. when I was 19 years old I bet with a friend to cross a whole Olympic pool ( 50 meters ) under the water and I did it and even go more by 10 to 12 meters and I won the bet which means that I crossed almost 62 meters under the water without a single breath !! I was really a good swimmer ….. now I am 48 and I don't think I can cross more than 30 to 40 meters under the water without a breath

  29. I have a question, when you take breath, do you just hold it in and swim or let it out slowly when you swim or what? Can you make a video on building endurance or swimming better at backstroke and fly

  30. I had an asthma problem when i was younger however i dont experience much problem doing daily activities. However even after taming my breath i cant hold my breath for more than 30s. It did go up from 25s to 30s however after 30s i lose my mind. Do you suggest i consult a doctor?

  31. i always play breathe holding games. When I feel like i need air i go up.
    For example.

    me with my friend
    my friend asks if we can play a game to see who can hold our breathe the longest
    I agree
    I breath heavily until i feel like fainting
    i go underwater
    i hold my breath
    i close my eyes
    i think happy thoughts
    my friend still underwater
    i think about a song that i like
    my friend goes up for air
    once i feel like i don't have any air left i also go up for air
    (and that's how i don't lose air.)

  32. Observo as técnicas, mas gostaria q colocasse a legenda em português . Eu amo a língua inglesa, acho linda mas… não entendo😭😭😭

  33. Are the 4 x 25s also considered "dangerous for the health"? (or is this in regards to the 1 breathe per 50?)

  34. I did notice years ago, that I could swim underwater as far as some younger stronger swimmers because they were sprinting and I was going at distance/maximum glide type of stroke. I had to do 3 breaths/25 yard length on full sprints. I burn a lot of oxygen when I swim, and it was towards the end of the work out.

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