Breath Management for Voice | Singer’s Breath | #DrDan 🎤

Breath Management for Voice | Singer’s Breath | #DrDan 🎤

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12 thoughts on “Breath Management for Voice | Singer’s Breath | #DrDan 🎤”

  1. I have run into quite a few problems because of improper breathe management, especially the use of too much air.  Do you have any pointers on how to reduce the amount of air used?

  2. You're articulation is awesome. You give me another way of describing things to the participants in my external music practicals for my Dip Ed in Music. thank you.

  3. please help, when i try to breathe from my diaphragm i get this tight feeling in my chest. i dont know how it is really done in a proper manner.

  4. How do I suspend my exhalation with abs and obliques? I don't understand it, how do I "engage" them? I need to know specifically what to do

  5. I like to think of proper breath management as such: for each pitch and amount of CT/TA dominance, there's a balance we must create between how much air we exhale and how fast that air is moving. It would seem that always singing with as little amount of air but as fast moving as possible let's our voice project as far as possible (also how opera singers can sing ridiculously loud using as they say "a thimble full of air"

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