Breath of Fire – Pranayama Series

Breath of Fire – Pranayama Series

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Hello everyone and welcome to Yoga with Adriene.
I’m Adriene. Just kidding guys. It’s me and Happy Halloween. Today we’re going to learn
a breath practice called Kapalbhati. This is an amazing breath practice that’s so yummy
for you. It’s cool because Kapal in Sanskrit means skull, and Bhati means shine or lumen.
So people often refer to this breath as skull shine. Amazing, right. Or skull luster. But
some of us good old fashioned yogis just call it the plain old breath of fire. So hop on
the mat and let’s begin. All right. So to begin our Pranayama practice
today, we’re going to some to a nice comfortable seat. I’m suggesting a nice cross-legged position
or a little Siddhasana but you can also practice this in a chair or on the couch or in bed
or on a… was trying to do a Dr. Seuss thing. Okay. For Kapalbhati breath, come to a nice
comfortable seat. We’re going to sit up nice and tall and we’re going to break it down
here a little bit. So we’re going to begin by just bringing the hands to the lower belly.
So this is a fast-paced rhythm breath, but we’re going to begin by just checking in with
the nature of our breath. So if you’re new to Pranayama practice or
new to yoga, or sometimes it’s just a great reminder, in yoga, we really encourage a breath
that moves down as you inhale, fills the belly with air, and then travels up and out as you
exhale. So I’m trying to keep it nice and simple here. But it can be a little complicated
if you’re used to breathing in, sucking air up and in. If you smoke or you’re a smoker,
you know what I’m talking about, it’s that sucking up and in, and this is very common,
whether you smoke or not. But we should all quit smoking. Quit smoking. Let’s all do it
together. Another conversation there. No toxic thoughts. But that’s a great example. You’re sucking
in and lifting up. Try to open your mind to dropping that breath down into the lower belly.
So we’re going to bring the hands to lower belly, and imagine the diaphragm or the lower
belly dropping and breathing into that area of the body. And then as you exhale, the belly
and the navel comes in and we go ahead and visualize the breath coming in and out the
nose or mouth. So if you’re just like, what the what? Sometimes you just need to practice
and experience it to get the hang of it. So we take a deep breath in, and then we let
it go any which way. On your next inhale, imagine the breath traveling down, down, down
to the lower belly. Lower belly expands and on the exhale, we draw the navel in and we
imagine that breath coming in and out through the nose or mouth. So a couple times on your
own. Inhale, breath travels down as we sip it in, belly expands, exhale, navel draws
in. We push all the air out. Inhale in and exhale out. One more time. Inhale. Imagine
filling that lower belly with air. Breath drops down. Exhale, navel draws in. Breath
travels in and out the mouth. So in my public classes, I always try to get
people to see the breath. Close your eyes and see that visualization of the breath traveling
down on the inhale. It does this sweet little Olympic somersault and then it comes up and
out on the exhale. So the reason I bring this up as we learn Kapalbhati breath is that’s
kind of the yogic way that we breath, and kind of learning to engage the breath with
the body, that way is a really important part of, I think, the yoga practice and Kundalini
practice as well. So this is a Kundalini breath where we actually
flip that. Some people call it a paradoxical breath, but instead of the inhale being active,
the exhale is. True to other Pranayama videos we’ve done, this can also be a little bit
hard to explain. So I’ll do my best and then we’ll just practice together and see what
happens. So for Kapalbhati, we need to step nice and tall. We’ll bring the hands to the
lower belly again. Take a sip of air in through the nose and exhale, draw the belly in. Inhale
in. Exhale out. Inhale in. Out through the lips. Inhale in. Belly expands. Exhale out.
So we’re starting to get the hang of it here. Now we’re going to begin to speed it up, which
is what this particular technique requires. We move in a fast paced rhythm, and eventually
we’ll be able to grow this Pranayama practice so that we can do this for longer periods
of time. This is a powerful technique. Very therapeutic, but you might notice a little
lightheadedness or a little dizziness as you start to kind of dig in. So that’s normal.
When you start to feel that way, you might take a rest, even if I haven’t cued it. As
always, listen to your body and let your breath really speak to you. Okay. So sit up nice and tall. We’re going
to speed it up this time. So the inhale is passive this time. The exhale is active. And
we are seeking this sort of pumping breath. This nice pumping rhythm. Okay. Sit up nice
and tall. Hands come to belly. Let’s go ahead and roll the shoulders forward up and back
and release my bad jokes. Okay. We inhale in deeply. Exhale completely, and we begin
Kapalbhati. Take a deep breath in and exhale. Let the
practice go. All right. Notice how you feel after your first round, and we’ll take a moment
to go a little deeper. Okay. So hands on the belly allow us to really target just this
navel chakra area. If you’re new to the practice, chances are it’s kind of hard to center the
energy on this area of the body. You might notice your shoulders moving up or the rest
of your body. In time, see if you can isolate this part of the body. Really great for the
organs here and so good for the nervous system, and it takes practice. So if you feel like
you’re going at first, it’s completely normal and it takes practice. Another thing is, you might have noticed,
for me I took a couple of breaths in and out, in through the nose and out through the mouth
just to get started, but you want to transition into in and out through the nose for this
breath. Super yummy. All right. So let’s practice again. Inhale, rolling the shoulders forward,
up, and exhale, drawing them down and back. Find a soft focus here. Just maybe pass the
nose here or you can close your eyes and roll your gaze up to the third eye. We’re all at
different levels here, so find something that works for you. I think definitely softening
the gaze, even if you’re looking at the video, just kind of softening the eyelids helps focus. Here we go. Deep breath in to start. Long,
complete exhale out. And we begin. Keep going. Keep your rhythm. Find your rhythm. And release.
Take a deep breath in and exhale. Close your eyes here. Don’t look at the video. Just take
a moment here. Maybe flip the palms up to notice how you feel. Get that yoga high going.
All right. Last time. If you’re feeling like, whoo, skully lumen, Adriene, then just take
a moment here in meditation pose to observe, or you can pause the video now and take just
a moment to chill. Chill pill here. Otherwise, we’re going to crawl into one more round together. Okay. Here we go. Inhale, looping the shoulders
forward, up, and on the exhale drawing them down and back. This time, if you’re returning
to this video, you might try bringing the palms together at the heart Anjali Mudra,
or if you’re still new to the practice, I often still practice with hands on the belly.
You might try a different Mudra here. Make it your own. Have a little fun. Okay. Here
we go. Whenever you’re ready, we’ll begin. And release.
Once again, take the quiet moment here to notice how you feel. I definitely feel it
from the crown of my head, all the way through the soles of my feet. Then we’ll slowly bat
the eyelashes open and let it go. All right, my friends. That was Kapalbhati breath, or
breath of fire. I encourage you to return to this practice once or twice a week. This
is one of those things where with practice, it really begins to become like second nature.
Also, if you had a weird experience and you felt like you were doing this the whole time,
totally normal. This is one of those Pranayamas where you kind of have to get out of your
own way, and if you think about it too much, it’s kind of impossible. So practice, practice,
practice, my friends. Lots of yummy benefits I’m going to list on the blog from this Pranayama
practice. Really great for the immune system. Really balancing of the nervous system. Really
great if you’re trying to quit something, quit a bad habit or you’re addicted to something.
This is a great tool that you can supplement into your journey there too as well. So more
on that on the website. As always, leave questions, comments below. Have a happy and safe Halloween.
Find lots of treats and a few tricks too. Okay. Take care everyone. I’m going to put
this guy on because guess what? We’re twinsies. Look at this. Look at this meta yoga shit.
Namaste everyone.

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  1. nice one. however if you follow famous yoga guru Ramdev , he says not to do it too fast but one exhalation per second . however doing fast is good for weight loss though . another thing is to imagine that with each exhalation i am letting go off all my worries , negativities and diseases from my body is getting thrown out. if you do it with that concious imagination it will be even powerful.

  2. So I felt as though my inhale was stronger than the exhale and then I had to consciously exhale big t start from a small diaphragm. Is this the idea to stay with a small amount of air in the belly? Thanks

  3. Great video nicely explained.

    Health is Wealth… Humble request to everyone, please make a habit to spare at least 30 mins everyday to do Yoga/Exercise. You don't need to spend bucks on gym/equipment/ clothing / etc. for yoga. you can simply do in your night ware/pajamas as well. It's all about habit and anything that is done for couple of weeks is adapted by our body
    as habit.
    The breathing exercise will help improving your immune system, blood circulation besides many other benefits and one most important is control on mind/thoughts making you more focused, determined, concentrated with feel good factor and positive vibes.

    Follow series from Adriene who nicely explains different yoga asnas and techniques. At last you all are most welcomed in India for professional Yoga/Meditation learning. You can visit either Rishikesh or Haridwar in Uttrakhand state, or Kerla, Karnatka states in India having very good ashrams aka schools.

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  11. Wow! Good one. I'm familiar with this practice but you made it feel new. I even found some buoyant in the 2nd round. Namaste!

  12. Kapalbhati
    You never inhale or exhale from your mouth in most of the pranayams since it dries up your salivary gland and may affect your thyroid as well.
    Secondly this ain't 'the breath of fire". Breath of fire is ujjai pranayam.
    You really seem to be sincere but you need to dig deeper!
    Keep up the good work!

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    "this meta yoga shit!"
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    What's the relation – if there's any – of this Breath of Fire with Tummo or Bratika pranayama?

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  27. I think BOF is different from Kapalabhati. The main difference is in the length and nature of the inhale. In BOF they are the same length. In Kapalabhati the exhale is longer and the inhale is passive; essentially it happens on its own.

  28. Thank you for this tutorial, Adriene! I am a long time yoga practitioner and have never gotten the hang of breath of fire. I cannot do it as fast and always run out of air. I will keep practicing though!

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