Breath of the Wild but Link talks back

Breath of the Wild but Link talks back

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“Open your eyes.” “Wake up… Link.” “An army of dark creatures and guardians have
taken our kingdom.” “It’s up to you to save Hyrule…” “Wait, wait, wait!…” “Where am I?” “OH! You’re talking…” “I can’t remember anything.” “That’s probably because you had amnesia after
I put you to sleep for a hundred years.” “100 years!!??” “Well, you had some bruises that were kind
of endangering your life.” “Sooo, we had to heal you for a whole century…
the process just took a bit of time.” “What kind of healing process takes 100 years!?” “And why I’m half-naked?” “Did you remove my clothes?” “Well, er, yes. It was… necessary.” “We have new clothes waiting for you in the
other room.” “Really? You must have some really powerful armor for
fighting those dangerous monsters.” “Actually… no. We only have a shirt, some pants and some
shoes.” “Oh… You at least have a weapon, like a sword,
in the other room for me to start with, right?” “Um, when you go outside, you can find a tree
branch or something.” “Didn’t you say there were “dark creatures”
outside!?” “Won’t a tree branch break fast!?” “Er, expect every weapon you wield to break
fast.” “The weapons in Hyrule have become really
fragile in the last 100 years.” “What about shields?” “Those too… And bows.” “What!? How does a bow even take damage!?” “Armor doesn’t break at all though.” “So there’s that.” “That doesn’t make sense at all.” “I have amnesia and you’re JUST gonna send
me out to kill an army of monsters!?” “Where am even I supposed to find weapons
and armor to take them down?” “Don’t worry Link.” “When go outside the door,
you’ll be able find weapons, armor and food all over Hyrule. Right from the start with
no limitations.” “NO limitations!? So I can just go where ever I want when I
get out!?” “Well, almost.” “You’ll need to go to the tower marked on
your Sheikah Slate.” “Oh. That doesn’t sound so ba-” “Then go to the 4 shrines scattered around
the Great Platue to obtain your new abilities.” “That sounds like it could take a long-” “Then go to the Kakariko Village to find out your
main quests.” “Oka-” “Then go to Hateno Village to get more Shiekah
slate abilities and find out how to remember memories from
of your past… Or at least memories mostly about me.” “That sounds like this could all take a whi-” “And don’t forget to find the chubby, tree
monster who will ask you to retrive his maracas so you can increase your inven-” “Wait! Do I have to do ALL of that?” “Well… no. It’s just you’ll need to do all of that in
order to get better at-” “But I don’t HAVE to all of that, right?” “No… but there are 4 Divine Beasts and champions
that need to-” “Don’t worry, I’ll do that after I save you.” “I mean, if you’re not giving me weapons or armor, it can’t be that hard.” WAIT!! NO!! LINK!! IT DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE!!! *Hilarious scream from getting killed* “Oh my Hylia…”

100 thoughts on “Breath of the Wild but Link talks back”

  1. It looks pretty good, but I think it was a bit lazy that we only saw two settings and Link barely had any movement on-screen. They don't have to be the most active things ever, but I would've liked seeing Link opening the chests with the clothes.
    Just a bit of constructive criticism.

  2. Wait
    Link forgot its memory?
    So that means he forgot why he didnt want to talk, right?
    This means this is the actual cannon

  3. I always imagined link just talking to Zelda during his adventure and this made that a reality (sort of)

  4. If breath of the wild was OP at the start link you will get the rupee armour from twilight princess and gets the one hit obliterator

  5. "How does a bow even take damage?!"
    Minecraft logic

    "I have Amnesia and you send me out to fight a bunch of monsters, where am i even gonna find weapons or armour to take them down?!?!"

    Minecraft logic

  6. Zelda's voice is so good and it is better than Zelda's voice in Breath Of The Wild I hope you learned better voice actress from this video Nintendo

  7. If I was Zelda I would have said 'listen link if you manage to save me I'll let you choose what we watch on Netflix for two months after the player finishes the game so get up and put on some gash darn pants because I'm not going to have the embarrassing image of you without pants on in my head for the rest of the game.'

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