Breath of the Wild: Cooking Up A Storm – PART 2 – Game Grumps

Breath of the Wild: Cooking Up A Storm – PART 2 – Game Grumps

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Hey I’m grump I’m not so grump and we’re the Game Grumps alright welcome back! *Dan singing* steppin’ out *clapping* duh duh duh duh you’ve never heard Steppin’ Out by Joe Jackson? -is that a song? -duh duh duh duh yeah you’ve never heard Steppin’ Out by Joe Jackson? no… hUUHHHH… HUH NUH NUH NUH NUUHH NUh *more singing* I keep forgetting that i need to eat shit in order to- -it’s a good song -get a heart -yeah you can eat shit -…eat shit all you want i dont- alright I’m- I’m gonna put some clothes on -DO IT -yeah -thank you; that thing has three put your clothes on awww yay now it’s Link! yeah well i mean he’s like now I feel like I’m following Link around as opposed to a nude child -look at that little midriff goin’ on yeaaaahh -that’s not what that is, that’s a belt no it’s not! that’s midriff dude -are you kidding, hes wearing a belly shirt? are you sure about that? yeah look at it, its the same color as his arms, dude! -aw you might be right is that just a- -look it’s coming up on his back too -is that just like a really small shirt? -yeah! -oh plus he’s got like sweet abs, so -yeah, gotta show thems off -alright so these fuckers I wanna try to beat one of them i just- ohh, i can probably do it- you know hide- -yeah, take a swing and hide -ohh oh shit yeah look at that! yeaahh! fuck you bitch oh no my bokoblin arm! -there’s another one pick a fresh one -I’m fuckin’ ’em up, dude whoa it’s got no head LOOK OUT -uh oh uh oh -uh oh uh oh it’s just hoppin’ in my Tahoe -son of a bitch damn -wow, this is some fuckin’ sweet combat -yeah, it’s pretty extreme, right? -yeah -if i hit him right in the eye aw dude that works! -ding! oh that stunned him! -oh he’s all upset -yeah dude if you -oh -if you hit him in the eye- -he can’t see -he’s like permantently fucked -aw jeez -ope nevermind -oh aw fuck i gotta equip another sword this is fuckin’ extreme dude -yeah no goddamn joke huAGH -oh shit -wh- a- uh, uh, uh- -come over here to my bomb over here, over here BOOM -yeahh, nice -yeah, fuck it up! -niice -alright, alright, so right in the eye, huh? -UH! got ’em! -ding! nah, now go up and whale on him -yeah, eat it oh shit -oh this is awkward -uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh -oh god -runrunrunrunrunrunrun RUN *laughing* *bat screams* *laughing* what? -what the fuck was that? *mimicking bat* AH! *laughing* -outstanding -oh yeah look at that -this is really cool -I’m doin’ fuckin’ damage! um, alright, well, I’m gonna like wear out all my weapons.. uh, ok here we go -in the fuckin eye! boom! come here yeessss.. we.. are -God, how many hits do these things take? -I don’t know if you’re actually doing damage -I am -you are? -oh God oh God oh God -you sure? -when I attack him with the-the thing? -yeah -you think it’s only when i shoot him with the arrow? -well maybe you just have to hit him in the eye -oh maybe you’re right well I’m out of arrows -yeah jeez you sure are yeah I don’t know- aw jeez- I don;t know how to kill this thing -yeah, I think it’s just in the eye -and we can’t, uh -I think I’m just too weak -maybe -I think I just need to run -and we can’t look up a fuckin’ walkthrough or any help ’cause this game doesn’t exist yet -yeah -we’re playing this a couple days before it comes out -that’s fine- fine by me i don’t need a fuckin- -ohhh, you gotta d- you gotta be up here, that’s what it is -what? -that’s how you get around it, you go from column to column -well I mean I could just -Shadow of the Columnlossus -that’s not a- not a- that’s not a game, I think you’re just making shit up -nope, it’s the game where you have to fight 12 giant columns -it’s like the Sega game Columns -was that a game? -yeah, it was supposed to be like “the Tetris Killer”, but it wasn’t -I love it -yeah, I think it came bundled with a lot of Sega Genesises Sega Genesi? -Genesi, I believe, yeah -that just sounds like a horrible thing that would happen to a group of people genesi -yeah that’s actually when just one single race of people all plays the original Sonic the Hedgehog together -alright motherfuckers -niiice -aww, sucks for you and I’m gonna take your apple *laughing* the ultimate insult to injury noo! not my apples! -I was gonna bake that! -oh sweet bees OH NO BEES BEES NOT THE BEES -oh they’re after you -aw jesus -they are not feelin’ your steez -aw bee-sus *laughing* -whoa, did they kill the guy? -yeah dude, cause they’re bees -oh shit -now they’re goin’ back home -quickly, blow it up -oh did i break my- yeah i did ooh look at that sword, fuck yeah this claimwork kicks ass look at all this shit, I’m like picking up all of this nice stuff -yeah, it’s awesome, try to blow that beehive up from a distance -what? I don’t have any arrows though- oh well I have one arrow -there you go! -they’re pissed they’re pissed, they’re coming after me! -yeah- aw yeah, they’re super mad -wait watch this -wh uh uh uh oh whh….. BOOM -good job *laughing hard, Arin sighing* and the bees survived *laughing* -they’re bomb-resilient bees, dude -like wow, they really…. tough to kill those exoskeletons -well uh, it’s true they have their skeletons on the outside -well that was probably your most impressive death -they don’t have endoskeletons -trying to lure… bees over your fuckin explosives -how is it that nobody can say bees without saying bEEs *laughing* like there’s just something- something hilarious about bEEs -yeah, well -i did- i did have plenty of disgust in my voice -fuckin bEES -alright, i am going to the red, one, that’s the closer one -well i guess the red X is just the last place you died -yes -okay, i thought that map was going to become filled with red X’s -uh, oh my God that would be hilarious like Super Meat Boy style -yeah exactly -oh no my woodcutter’s ax- wait does that mean I can- *gasp* *whisper* chop down trees wait I wonder if my claymore can do that look at this! -whooaah! -look at this! and i got this fuckin’ korok leaf! -that’s really cool! -“can create a gust of wind string enough to blow away light objects” -huh -look at that some kinda fuckin’ useful shit or something? *voice getting higher* look at what that- I got bundles of sticks! -*incoherent* fuckin’ wood! -that’s very Minecrafty -it was all like perfectly wrapped up in twine -twas a bundle -what is this? what’s going on here? are those mushrooms? give me the mushroom I don’t have arrows give me the mushroom -yah -there we go -nice -a rushroom! *mumbling* cook it before eating it to temporarily increase your movement speed… -it’s a mushroom that rocks hard 70’s style -got pidgens and shit? -yeah! can you shoot them? -uhh.. i don’t have any arrows man i gotta find some fuckin arrows -just curious -i gotta get this green shroom- stamella shroom! -yea ah i remember stamella shroom; my first love where are you today, stamella? -broke my heart into a thousand pieces -ooh a pot lid -oh I think I can make food here! *weird voice* pass time by the fire… nevermind, I dont wanna pass time alright uhh yes if I throw shit in my- in the pot I can uhh -yea, try just throwin’ stuff in there -how do I- oh I probably have to like- -cook it before eating to temporarily what was it? -I think i probably have to like learn how to cook first -ooh spicy pepper- *italian voice* that’s a spicy a pepper! -Vernon would be pleased -read *old man voice* dear diary, i met this supple young boy… -*old man voice* he better not steal my last two peppers -the only pleasure that brings me comfort is cooking and today, I outdid myself! truly, I created the perfect dish. I call it.. spicy meat and seafood fry -GOD I’m lonely! -this recipe not only restores health, but it also keeps me warm, and it’s Rachel Ray’s favorite dish=I ate it myself think I’ll make some more *voice shaking* for one.. *reading* -God I must read more! I must know! -aw man okay so he- if i make this recipe for him he will reward me with a doublet -doublet? -yeah I guess I can do- ooh hell yeah uhh it’s a thing like that I cook food with and.. food -sweet -so.. I can’t cook shit here? -why not? -I guess I just don’t know how yet -oh, it’s not an option? what if you try just like.. using the item near it -umm yeah, just kinda- well let me see -hold? -if I hold- aw there we go! -yeah! -okay cool um- alright alright alright uhh spicy- so meat and spicy pepper so.. let’s see if I can create this.. it’s not holding I can create this delicious dish! oh there’s a steak- aww, man it’s already made I got peppers though -yeah you need raw meat son -I dont have raw meat where do I get raw meat from? -this is a nightmare -uhh.. elemental stimulation- well let’s make some spicy pepper ayy hold and I’ll make a spicy apple how about that -okay -I’ll cook it up -is that a real thing? -yeah spicy apple! look at ’em dance around! -yeah! -a spicy simmered fruit! -delicious! -grants low level cold resistance! how fuckin’ cool is that?! -I love it I’m into it -I’m makin’ all kinds of dishes! -we’re cookin’ bitch! -what about uh uhhhhh- it can be tossed into a stew to make an elixir! -oh my God -I don’t have stew uhhh well let’s see -you have a screw -I got rushroom, that’s good -uh- whoa, I don’t want to use that… a campfire… well how ’bout a stamella and another spicy pepper! throw that in the fuckin’ pot! -dance for me, bitches -delicious meat! of vegetable fruit and mushroom mix! the dish contrasts the sweetness of fruit with the savoriness of mushrooms! -and the- I- maybe it doesn’t do anything for you though -but I mean -aw fuckin’ look at all these shrooms and shit! -cause the other one it was like “resistance to cold and health back!” and this one was like “it’s good” *laughing* -tastes delicious -tastes fine -it’s edible edible at least -God, they like introduced like real like- Minecraft uhh type of- like um types of situations into this -tryin’ to chop down a tree -this game is all things to all people -like you can just fuckin discover shit ahh its so great oh fancy that so we meet again what are you doing chopping down a fuckin tree what does it look like -what are you doing? oh clearing out your house -that’s quite an art so I see you found my ax.. give it back -real cool thanks for bringing it to me -uhh okay i guess I’ll help him not catch- cut down this tree sure you got it pal chop this fuckin’ tree- yeah bitch, drop it right on him -like “OH SHIT” like “AW FUCKIN’- WHAT THE HELL DUDE” -oh and another leaf fell -you want me to cut more of these trees? sure i gotcha I gotcha right now -you walked right away from me -FUCK you bitch -crazy man -acorns! add one for nutty seasoning! -squirrels adore this nut! *laughing* -that’s not the only nut they enjoy heh heh heh -hah hah i have sex with squirrels -that’s fucked up -is that not clear? -I love squirrels alright do you want- do you want the wood or *reading* I see you did my work for me. wonderful! you’re never getting this paraglider. -joke’s on you asshole -welp alright thanks for the wood see ya? i guess? I’m trying to get to the thing- oh it’s all the way over there ohhhh this motherfucker -what is it? -he- I gotta make like a wood bridge check this shit out watch this watch this you’re not watching -I’m watching -bam- oh shit so it falls away from you -yeah dude you didn’t turn your hips the way you wanted it to fall -dammit I know I’m sorry alright -but the leaf fell so you can grab that -so it falls away from you -it’s right there and you’re ignoring it -yeaahh! -ohhh! -see that shit? -yeah’whoa hoa hoa -that’s fuckin cool -yes very cool -I love this- this is how I’m gonna get meat right here -whOA okay -aw jeez I’m gonna get meat by getting my ass whipped by this warthog -wait wait wait wait can I not target onto it? -and I turn around to this fucker -boy that warthog is gone -oh no he’s coming back he’s coming back I think he’s just full of aggression -yes -doesn’t really care who or what -he’s about to be full of ax -very short lived -oh yeah yo can I- yo bokoblin can I AX you a question? aw shit -you’re like Ross like just with the terrible lines like I mean this is goin’ fuckin’ way back but to our like very first Hotline Miami playthrough like my favorite moment of that was uh there’s a guy watching TV and Ross has a shotgun and he’s on the other side of the door and he kicks open the door and he’s like “hey are you watching- um- TELEVISION?” and he shoots him in the head i was like “good job Ross” *laughing* -it’s like uh- have you ever seen Commando? -Commando? -it’s an Arnold movie -yes -he uh it’s like all puns -oh yeah it’s terrible -like the whole movie is just like like he’s on a plane and he knocks out the guy next to him and he puts like sunglasses on him to make it like he’s sleeping -oh yeah! -and then the flight attendant comes by and she’s like ?can i help you with anything?” and he’s like “don’t bother my friend he’s dead tired” -“he’s dead tired” *laughing* that’s so dumb -it’s like dude- duude -yeah but that was the 80’s though, that shit defined it hey you know what? next time on Game Grumps we’ll kill this warthog -what? I think he left -oh well them -oh okay or maybe we’ll walk into some of our own explosions *deep sigh from Arin* -I’m still getting the hang of like the range from the explosion -yeah clearly -so alright well go ahead and make fun of me -ooh fire arrows -the fuck? -see ya! -whoa dude -*singing* nowwww the mist across the window hides the lines but nothing hides the color of the lights that shine electricity so fine look and dry your eyes

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  1. just a reminder for anyone who likes to write captions for videos: make sure you put A: or D: in front of the caption for who is speaking! if you had the volume muted, you wouldn't be able to tell who was saying what. The More You Know

  2. Arin sounds like Jerry Seinfeld while he’s cooking.

    “Spicy simmered fruit George! It’s unbelievable!”


  4. The thing that shoot lasers at you some of them fly some of them a crawl and some of them stuck in the ground and they're cold gouldians

  5. I just realized that the slate thing is link’s pocket o.o it can probably create twine to tie wood together since it can produce bombs this is such a clever plot device! You can’t say how can link carry all that shiz with tiny pockets since the slate can deconstruct things and reconstruct them but it has limited storage which makes sense too if it can only carry certain amount of biological and non biological material unless it is upgraded! That makes so much sense

  6. Yeah, not worth it to kill the guardian there. Couldve just kept using bombs though, honestly.

  7. idc if no one reads this cause the whole series is done, but man, they better watch out because this isnt their traditional zelda game

  8. what gots me questioning. is he threw in spicy peppers and a mushroom and got fruit? and mushroom thing

  9. Arin Has infinite bombs "Im gonna shoot that eye with my arrows and break my weapons on that stone" Hanson

  10. Watch 5 different series that has nothing to to with sonic or SEGA yet they seem to always find that time to shit on them

  11. Arin: Imma kill a Guardian

    Me: …Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……

  12. How the fuck are playing this before it got released. This is just fucking YouTube. They dont deserve advance copies

  13. I like how when Link gets blown up he cartwheels 30 feet through the air like an extra from Saving Private Ryan.

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