Breath of the Wild – Creating a Champion – Champions’ Edition [Unboxing]

Breath of the Wild – Creating a Champion – Champions’ Edition [Unboxing]

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What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
world Austin John plays here and today we’re going to be unboxing the Legend of
Zelda breath of the wild creating a Champions champions edition so for
anyone who didn’t see I already got the heroes edition of this and I absolutely
love it there’s an unboxing that’s gonna be linked in the top corner soon as the
video is over but today there is a second version of this and it’s
different it’s very different and it’s exclusive to Game Stop I didn’t know
about it still made by the great people over at Dark Horse who did such a
fantastic job with the other one by the way shout out to you guys for the
retweet thank you it’s also worth mentioning that this one is larger
heavier and a little bit more expensive and ship so securely so this is from
game stuff after shipping handling and tax it’s 175 u.s. American dollars ahh
sound of cardboard on cardboard alright so oh boy oh god it’s huge and
it’s very heavy so on the front is the image of beast Ganon being attacked by
the champion and Zelda this is part of the original canvas during impass story
you know one of the one of the few cutscenes that if you played the game
you would know about and if you watch people posted on youtube you didn’t see
that part otherwise the video would be demonetised
this entire thing is like this beautiful black I want to say faux leather I’m not
gonna read that cuz that’s spoilers on the back we have a beautiful foil Zelda
logo and then you could probably see it in the reflection of the light all the
engravings that’s that’s in great that’s it like an embossment on the entire
thing let’s go ahead and open up the front oh ok more felt you know I’m a
sucker for felt and we have a pull tab here to take it out so this is a fun
little pamphlet I’m gonna open that up in a second let’s take a look at the
book creating a champion this is a very
similar book except it has a little bit more going on on the front than the
original by the original I mean the hero’s edition which is a blue sort of
felt feeling to it this one is black we have gold trim on the sides very posh again it starts with opener eyes illustrations I think this is the same
exact book this is the exact same book as the hero’s edition except it has gold
print for the pages on the sides and the cover is different but it is the exact
same book not matted it looks like a different book I’m happy let’s open up
this pamphlet see what this is all about and wonder if this is another matte it
looks like another map okay so this is this this is a full-size map of the
story of what happened what does it want 10,000 years ago when the calamity ganon
rain terror upon Hyrule and the four ancient beasts the divine beasts were
summoned by the champions to defeat him love it it is just slightly smaller than
the map from the heroes edition was we have what looks like a trap door oh okay it’s a picture of Zelda link and all the
champions in attack form it’s not nearly as as heartwarming as the photo with all
them but I love it and yes this is an actual photo inside of a photo frame so
if you want to remove it you could and then in here we still have one more
thing it’s another pamphlet sort of thing and inside of here oh we have
individual artwork cards of Zelda Link daruka MIFA ravioli and her Bosa
she’s the thickest on the back of all them we have their divine beasts Zelda
has the silent princess link has the legend has held the breath of the wild
logo that’s pretty dope and then we have one more thing in here looks like it oh
my god it is four of the orbs of the divine beasts let’s zoom in and get one
look on the orb oh so one all four are in here for the camel the elephant the
lizard and the bird they’re amazing pretty sure this is the
exact same size as the spirit orb from the heroes edition yep I’m gonna need to
display these super awesomely I don’t know where or how but I’m going to all 5
of these I could probably get like a golf ball display I’m gonna look for
that a 5 golf ball display or maybe a 4 and a 1 I don’t know that is there
anything else in here or is that it pretty sure that’s it although this
thing is built super solid white props to them this thing is insane this is by
far some of the coolest merch I have ever seen for a video game both this one
and the heroes edition so boss the only thing I’m personally upset about is like
I have trouble putting it inside of here simply because it’s too tall so looks
like I gotta build something else to display these now but I’m okay with that
so guys that’s gonna be wrapping up The Legend of Zelda breath of the wild
creating a champion champions edition this is the this is exclusive to Game
Stop it’s a sequel of the heroes Edition which you can get on Amazon these are
like very similar size to Chinese stress balls is that what I’m thinking of
there’s I have like little bells inside of there and you go like this to relieve
stress ha there we go I’m not as good with the left hand but yeah guys thank
you so much for checking out this video if you enjoyed it be sure to leave a
like down below if you new to the channel be sure to subscribe turn on
notifications until next time Austin John out

100 thoughts on “Breath of the Wild – Creating a Champion – Champions’ Edition [Unboxing]”

  1. agh, i didnt know they released a champions edition this one is so much cooler, i already bought the heros edition though so im not gonna blow the monet but i am a little dissapointed oh well. anyways does anyone know where i can get just those 4 orbs of the divine beasts because the spirit orb is so pretty and i want the other 4 to go with it

  2. Glad that I bought the Hero's Edition. The map and the photo are by far better than the extras here. The spheres are nice though. However, I'm happy with the spirit orb.

  3. I bought the hero’s edition straight after watching your unboxing.
    I still prefer it, I think it looks cooler,
    I’m just mad about the champion orbs 😂

  4. How is Gamestop hurting so badly and they sell $200 Knick knacks? I be upset if I went into the store and listing was unboxed and open yet still selling it as new.

  5. I’ve been looking for that damn empas tapestry story since the game you would think since that such an important part of the game that it would be like a really available poster but the only times I can find it or on phone cases which is really upsetting so now I have to buy a $175 thing just to get a poster which is really upsetting

  6. your tattoo looks like the SWITCHLIFE GAMING youtube channel logo. also DO NOT let this make you regret your tattoo. You're kind of stuck with it.

  7. Hey. Thanks for your video! Would you recommend buying this one instead of just the official guide? What are the differences? Thanks!

  8. Just picked up last one in my area for 112$. They had bag sale where if put w/e in bag u got 25% off so took 31$ off 🙂

  9. 4:33 ravioli

    small pasta envelopes containing minced meat, fish, cheese, or vegetables, usually served with a sauce.

  10. Damn, I invested money in the Hero's edition, but this black edition looks awesome…I'm seriously considering getting my hands on this Champion's Edition.

  11. Im glad the Hero's Edition is the cheaper of the two, cuz I just bought it and I feel it's better and more meaningful

    BTW, I'm gonna see about making up a display for my orb, let me know if you want something similar

  12. see all the video interested to the arts included and suddenly you see the orbs I WANT IT!

    Only I had a deja vu about Power Rangers: Wild force after seen the orbs?

  13. fell bad because i'm discovering this video until now. Display the orbs around the Master Sword. What's the diameter of those?

  14. I have the Hero's Edition, and I actually prefer it, but I would kill to get the Champion's edition as well T_T
    Unfortunately it's sold out, and the prices now are exorbitant.

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