Breath of the Wild – Creating a Champion – Hero’s Edition [Unboxing]

Breath of the Wild – Creating a Champion – Hero’s Edition [Unboxing]

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What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
we’re all the Austin Jon plays here and today we’re gonna be taking a look at
the brand new Legend of Zelda breath of the wild creating a champion Heroes
Edition but first a quick plug this is the brand-new Austin Jon play chic irune
merch we got sweatshirts t-shirts everything else it’s all four of the
original sheikah items and a loss and John plays logo it’s super dope be sure
to get yours linked right down below at teespring it’s a limited edition until
the holiday season is over so make sure you get it now so Legend of Zelda breath with Wild came
out almost two years ago pretty much year and a half right now golly this is
heavy all right Wow as soon as you open it up right in your
face that beautiful breath of the wild blue oh nope this is a box this is the
outside of the box you have Archer link on the side we have the actual book
creating a champion additional little piece here this little guy slides out on
the back we have a summary of everything included let’s open it up oh nice it’s
just an insert it’s not actually printed on the back the back is just plain blue
and a UPC tag Thanks let’s go ahead and first take a look at the book in here
wow this is this is a sexy cover oh the very first page says open your eyes ah
that’s so beautiful the chapters are all listed just like the loading screens so
this is the chapter on illustrations we get all the beautiful concept art of the
game and all the the mock-up drawings all oh this thing is beautiful I can’t
wait til someone scans this and puts it online so I could have the high-res
images on my computer because I don’t have an industrial scanner like that the
classic link with the Hylian hood and the champion’s tunic and the snow
and then swimming oh these are just gorgeous pictures alright I’m gonna take
some ah I’m gonna take some time and nerd over this and a little bit this is
a giant book how many pages are in this book 424 pages great I got something to
read on Thanksgiving what else is in here here we have a little thing that
came out we have the traveler shield printed on here let’s go ahead and open
up this flap is this a map it feels like canvas Wow
okay that is a map of Hyrule that is the map
of the world on a beat it’s sort of like a like a felt print sort of like a felt
print on there oh god this is gorgeous I need to hang
this on something like a wall probably a wall first we got to let that unfold I
just laid it out on my table in the other room so it will unfold and when I
laid it out it felt like I was just laying out a map ah that is so dope what
is this guy by the way I found this when I was looking through my teachers notes
I was thinking you should be the one to keep it Cass and it’s a photo of link
and all the champions it’s actually a photo this is a print on photo paper and
it just sits in here in in this photo holder oh my god that feels that feels
right now oh I love this so much I’m gonna cherish this forever Oh I’m gonna I’m gonna make it a little bit
taller but right there right there that’s where it’s gonna be it’s blocking
all the old guys that’s fine I don’t care
cuz like we lived that we saw that we had that item in the game now I have it
in real life there are a few more things this bottom area comes down pops down
and says may the goddess smile upon you and inside of here we have one spirit
orb let’s get a real closeup of that thang there we go one spirit orb that is
so dope you have the Hylian crest inside of
there love it oh god how am I gonna display this it’s so round oh I know
water bottle cap until I get like an official holder
that’s gonna be that this little I love it oh this is so beautiful this is like
really really gorgeous like the quality on this this isn’t this isn’t your
father’s strategy guide but yeah there we have it guys that is the Legend of
Zelda breath of wild creating a champion Heroes Edition not just the book the
heroes edition it’s absolutely gorgeous I’m gonna cherish it forever I’m
starting to think I need to make like a breath of the wild sort of shrine
instead of just every Zelda game I got some room to work with all right guys I
want to thank everybody who came and checked out this video reminder we got
merch down below get your chic arune sweatshirts it’s cold outside we also
got the t-shirts in they are dope I’m also gonna leave a link to purchase this
down below so if that’s something you want to do you could totally go for it
it is an affiliate link I get a small kickback of it and be greatly
appreciated that’s gonna be wrapping up this video till next time Austin John

95 thoughts on “Breath of the Wild – Creating a Champion – Hero’s Edition [Unboxing]”

  1. Omg, that is so cool 😁… I love it! Man I need to get one, ugh I want one… lol… Thanks for the awesome video… Keep the fantastic work…

    PS Love the logo on your sweater 😁…

  2. Hey I love your set up and wow I can’t believe I haven’t seen this channel earlier! Amazing Zelda stuff I’m loving everything.

  3. Now they need to do something like this for Xenoblade 2, Mario Odyssey and Octopath Traveler. That would be incredible.

  4. Theory: So you know how we have one spirit orb left… what if that's a gift for us and then you receive the last spirit orb in real life… what do you think?


  6. Would've been cool if the spirit orb was like an amiibo and got you enough orbs for at least one more upgrade

  7. Man I love it and it was fun seeing you nerd out with excitement like that because I’m sure most of us where all in to the game like that because it’s just that GOOD!!!! ….keep up the great work man 👍👍

  8. I pre-ordered that, but that is not what I got. Mine was the brown swirly box. It opened in the front by two halves. My map was the side that had Calamity Ganon with the Guardians. Also, I got 4 small balls of the Champion's machines instead of the spirit one. It is very nice, just not the blue one I expected.

  9. The mercy is horrible due u put it logo in the corner as if no one would notice. If it gonna put it make it visible and don't hide it in the design.

  10. Unrelated the book, but your get up behind you is insane! Where did you get your OG nintendo controller mounts from??

  11. Just ordered this on Barnes and Noble a week ago (still waiting for it to be shipped) and can't wait to see it for myself 😊

  12. so if you buy 4 limited editions and you have 4 spirit orbs you can get an extra life in real life? But we have to find where to turn them in though….

  13. Really I have to thank you 😀 I saw this treasure the first time in your video 3 weeks ago and after that I ordered too. I really love this baby 🤭🤗

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