Breath of the Wild: In-depth Flying Machine Tutorial

Breath of the Wild: In-depth Flying Machine Tutorial

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Hello! Excuse the potato of a microphone.
Welcome to Link’s flying machine pilot training, where I will be going over how to effectively
fly minecarts thrown on top of one another. I will show you how to setup, takeoff, accelerate,
and turn with ease. You’ve likely seen the use of this flying machine before, and if your attempts at it looked like this: Then I can help. Before we get into flying, let’s go over what you will need to be ready for the skies. There are quite a few elemental forces that
can be a pain and outright end your flight prematurely. Notably, it is freezing cold
almost all over the map if you go high enough, which you will likely be doing. In order for
Link to be safe in all possible scenarios, he would need: 2 Cold Resistance,
2 Flame Guard, 1 Lightning Proof, and in the rarer cases of travelling through Gerudo Desert during the day time, 2 Heat Resistance. We can’t have all of that at once of course,
so I developed my ideal pilots outfit: Flame Breaker Boots for +1 Flame Guard.
Warm Doublet for +1 Cold Resistance. Thunder Helm for being Lightning Proof.
And a Flame weapon for another +1 Cold Resistance. Alternatively you could use a lit torch on
your back for a good 2 Cold Resistance if you are taking off from Death Mountain, however
it will go out if you ever unsheathe it, or if you happen to find yourself in the rain. You may not have the means to protect yourself
from everything, limiting you from going to certain areas, heights, or flying in certain
weathers. Or you might find yourself changing outfits, eating a bunch of food to combat
damage taken, or drinking different elixirs often depending on the situation. That’s OK,
as long as you’re prepared. Now that you’re prepared for the skies, let’s
find a ride. There are 10 Mine Carts in all of Hyrule,
2 found in Hyrule Castle, and the rest all on Death Mountain. Since you’ll be needing
two of them, let’s go over the convenient routes to construct a flying machine. Hyrule Castle’s route is long and inconvenient,
however if you insist on making the flying machine there, start by heading to the Saas
Ko’sah Shrine if you have it unlocked. From there, you’ll take this long and annoying
route. The rest of the carts aren’t as tedious to
bring together. For these two, head to Daqa Koh Shrine, and
follow the road west. For this group, head to Shora Hah Shrine and
ride the rails down to the first stop. And for the last two groups, head to Shae
Mo’sah Shrine right next to Goron city, and either take the minecart on top of the hill
and head a little north, or take the minecart on the hill and ride
it down the railway. Now that you have two minecarts, let’s go over how
to properly set up the flying machine. You can’t just slap one mine cart onto the
other, and expect a stable flight; there’s a specific method for putting the minecarts
together to ensure a stable takeoff and flight. When putting together a flying machine, you
will want one minecart to be on a generally flat and stable ground. Take the other minecart,
and face it perpendicular to the grounded one. When placing the mincart on top of the
other, you will want to set it down on the wall of the back ridge until the bottom minecart
faces upwards, ending up at around a 45º angle, and the top minecart being flat. This setup makes for a surprisingly stable flying machine. Before a flight, make sure you have “Aim With
Motion Controls” in the game options set to Off, otherwise it can lead to some unintentional
and dramatic movements if you move your controller. Additionally as a good practice, set HUD mode
to Normal, and set yourself a map marker for where you intend to be flying to. It’s helpful to know exactly the angle you must fly in to get there. Now are we ready to start flying around gracefully? No. No we are not. Bear with me, please. When attempting with no further knowledge,
you’ll still find yourself with a dysfunctional machine. The knowledge we’re missing is that
Link’s position on the minecart matters a whole bunch. Generally we will want to keep
Link centered on the minecart. However you will want to move Link around a bit during
certain actions or potential malfunctions of the flying machine, and here’s how it works: Moving the flying machine around with the
right analog stick will either adjust Link’s position on the aircraft, or tilt the top
minecart up or downwards, resulting in the flying machine deconstructing itself. What
we need to do is adjust Link’s position during the flight to negate these changes. When lifting the machine upwards, the top
minecart will want to tilt upwards. To compensate for that tilt, you should have Link position
himself more to the front; use his weight to counteract the force if you will. When lowering the machine, the top minecart
will try to tilt downwards. Positioning Link more to the back will counteract this. When moving the machine right, Link will begin
to slide to the left. In order to keep balance and control, you should constantly nudge Link
to the right, back to the center. When turning left, Link will slide to the
right, and therefor you should nudge him slightly left back into the center. Accelerating by holding up on the directional-pad
will push Link back a bit, so you should nudge him foreward back to the center when this
happens. Conversely, deaccelerating by letting go of up on the directional-pad will push Link foreward, so likewise you should recenter him by nudging
him back. Even if a malfunction develops that is no
fault of your own, knowing this can allow you to save your flying machine from falling
apart midflight by putting Link in all the right places to counteract the dramatic movement. To be able to both accelerate and change direction,
you may want to grip your controllers like-so, and try to be minimal when turning the minecart
and nudging Link. The last thing to note is recovery. You should find it easy to start the flying machine back up if you lose and drop it over some land.
Though you might think it is lost for good when dropped over some water, lava, or mud.
Don’t give up just yet when that happens. It is possible to save the minecarts as long
as they haven’t sunk too deep for Magnesis to be able to reach them. And that’s it! With some practice, you should be an ace of
the skies in Breath of the Wild, and fly anywhere you like! Except over Korok Forest… don’t do that. Thanks for watching. The reason I made this tutorial is not only because there wasn’t any other good ones I knew of explaining this in-depth, but also because you Wii U players will need to know how to fly to do what’s in store for the next video. It’ll be a bit more interesting. I think anyway…

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  1. Instead of bringing the mine cart all the way around Hyrule castle, couldn't you just ride one to the other?

  2. Do you think I can save it next to my house and keep it there or do you think it will just respawn back?

  3. I loved this video! sadly I couldn't ever get this to work for me on death mountain because the minecarts would start going left or right for no apparent reason, or something else, but it was still a very entertaining watch!

  4. I just took one of the metal boxes outside the south mine inside a minecart and that worked pretty well

  5. I was going to scroll down to comment about how the low quality audio works really well with this vid, but it appears to be unnecessary.
    Oh well, gonna say it anyway.

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    Gamers: make flying machines with using physics and basic knowledge of science.

    Teachers: wait, that's illegal!

  7. I'm probably never gonna fly in this game. But it stinks to find a guide for anything where you follow the instructions and it still doesn't work because the guide doesn't account for every little thing that can go wrong. This isn't one of those guides; you cover pretty much every possible thing in great detail with visual examples. Major kudos and awesome job! (Should go without saying but much like and sub).

  8. I was laughing entire video. This is so goofy but so brilliant and functional. Incredible. I wanna try it too!

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    Also, Good thing Nintendo can't have a software update for the actual cartridge.

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    Thumbs up and a subscribe from me for all the work you put into this video sheesh…

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    Link: Ok just gimme one sec im building a flying machine

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  13. Honestly, I've tried this so many times, and each time, I've failed miraculously, maybe for an hour or two I've tried the other day and also today as well. I've tried everything multiple times. Not saying its your fault or anything, just saying I suck at this. Nice video though!

  14. Can confirm this works. Went to UK supermarket, now flying over New Zealand in two trolleys. Thanks bro! saved me a fortune on airfares.

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    Link: [flies by castle] HI GUYS!
    Calamity Ganon: Well….that answers ONE question….but it RAISES so many others.

  17. getting the hang of this thing feels like the wright brothers experimenting with glider designs, wing cross-sections, and maximizing aircraft control, and i'm SO HERE for it

    aerospace engineer link WHEN

  18. lmao
    i have the thunder helm
    full cold resistance clothes set
    goron city's flame guard armor
    and a full heat resistance clothes set
    am i invincible or what

  19. somebody should sponsor a breath of the wild FLying Machine timed race through all the zones and be timed and the winner with the best time wins 5000 dollars

  20. – A lot of the times the bottom kart tilts forward when im trying to set it up

    – When I do set it up the kart spins out of controls as soon as I take off. Ive tried everything. What am I doing wrong?

  21. There should be a kind of minecart specifically augmented for this purpose.
    * The top cart has a special Sheikah Slate mounted in the front that's built rather like a DS. The top screen is permanently stuck on Magnesis for steering and acceleration, while the bottom screen is for actual Sheikah Slate-ing.

    * There are two Sheikah Slates mounted on the sides that drop bombs over the edges in case of emergency, such as flying over the home of a Moldugas.

    * The one in the back spawns a bomb in the receptacle of the bottom one, allowing for a sort of "nitro boost" (the carts won't fall apart because there is some sort of device that magically tethers them together, and still allows for Magnesis to be used)

    * Additionally, some models of the cart would have an Ancient Helm-like helmet in it that would provide a barrier from elemental hazards like the Thunder Helm does, allowing for passengers and pilots to fly without fear of dying of hypothermia or being fried by lightning.

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