Breath of the Wild: Jake Butt – PART 51 – Game Grumps

Breath of the Wild: Jake Butt – PART 51 – Game Grumps

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♪Hey, I’m Grump♪ ♪I’m Not-So-Grump♪ ♪and we’re the Game Grumps♪ Egoraptor: Hey, welcome back– Danny: Hey! Welcome back to Game Grumps. Egoraptor: I wanted– You wanna– what was a little piece of trivia that you just– Danny: Oh no, the NFL draft is happening right now and– Egoraptor: Mm-hm Danny: the Broncos just drafted someone named Jake Butt Spelled b-u-t-t And you know what? *passes gas* I’m happy for them. I’m happy for him. Egoraptor: Yeah, what a great name. How could you not be happy? Danny: “Excuse me… Mr. Butt” *laughs* “May I have your autograph?” By the way, this is not clever… like– Egoraptor: Do you think– Danny: I wonder if he’s… had people find his name humorous before. Egoraptor: No way What about his– like his wife? You know? Like– Danny: “And are you the lovely Mrs. Butt? Egoraptor: And she’s like “No, I kept my last name… No reason.” Danny: Yeah Egoraptor: “Just, you know, don’t like the patriarchy” Danny: “So you can refer to me by my maiden name, Shannon Asspuss.” Egoraptor: *laughs* She has a worse name! Both: *laughs* Egoraptor: And she’s like “Please give me ‘Butt’!” Danny: Yeah Thank God. But then, like, it ends up being hyphenated, so it’s Asspuss-Butt. Egoraptor: *laughs* Danny: *laughs* Egoraptor: Oof Danny: That’s a– that’s a rough– that’s a rough draw…as they say Egoraptor: Yeah, I know… I– it’s– don’t uh— Danny: How progressive. *laughs* Egoraptor: How prog of them. Danny: Yeah. How Prog-Rock. Egoraptor: So this is a fucking labyrinth….uh… it’s bullshit. Danny: The members of Spock’s Beard would be pleased Egoraptor: Spock’s Beard? Danny: It’s the first Prog-Rock band I could think of. Egoraptor: …Not Rush? Danny: Well, definitely Rush, but I feel like I go to the Rush well too often. Egoraptor: Yeah Danny: Shit, there’s a fucking ton of prog– Rush, yes, early Genesis, Pink Floyd (debatably) Egoraptor: Coheed– Danny: Gentle Giant– What was that? Egoraptor: Coheed. Danny: Coheed and Cambria fuck yes Egoraptor: mm-hm Danny: Uh…debatably Mars Volta it’s– and of course– Egoraptor: Debatably Mars Volta? Fuckin’…… Danny: Definitely– Egoraptor: They’re as prog-y as they get. Danny: Yeah, you’re probably right. And uh…and of course…Spock’s Beard. Egoraptor: Spock’s Beard. Danny: It’s just one of the weirdest band names and it always stuck with me. Egoraptor: So… Danny: They are good. Egoraptor: Well yeah, presumably, with a name like that you have to be good. Danny: *laughs* Egoraptor: Or else no one will take you seriously. Danny: Haken’s pretty Prog. Egoraptor: Haken? Danny: Haken. Yeah, they’re the ones I jam out to my car in all the time. Egoraptor: I need to– You know what I should do? I should– Wait, really? Danny: Yeah. Egoraptor: W-wait uh. Have you ever played them for me? Danny: Yes. Um… fuck, I have no voice for singing right now. Egoraptor: Oh, it’s okay. Danny: It’s like…♪”Spare me your♪ ♪obsolete♪ ♪empathy♪ ♪your– Wait.. how did the lyrics go? Fuck. Egoraptor: I don’t f– I don’t know. ♪”The voice of♪ ♪sympathy means♪ ♪nothing to me.”♪ No? never? Egoraptor: Mm-mm. Danny: Oh, it’s so good! Egoraptor: Then again, like, there was some song that you were singing to me the other day where I was like– Ooh Meteor Rod–where I was like uh “I don’t know that fuckin’ song” and then like– Oh it was uh Birthday Massacre. I didn’t actually know the song. Danny: Oh, yeah! Egoraptor: It was– It was– ♪”Two hearts beat as one beats the other while the♪ ♪other one looks away”♪ Danny: Goddamnit. let me sing it for reals so fucking people don’t think that’s how it goes. Egoraptor: That’s how it goes though! Both: *laughing* Danny: Yeah, oh… uh…shit, now I can’t remember– ♪”Two Hearts beat and one beats the other while the other just looks away”♪ Egoraptor: Basically what I just said. Danny: It– pretty much I guess. You’re right. But you were– you immediately started laughing, because, I guess, like, without the context of the song, it just sounds like I’m a rambling psycopath. Egoraptor: Yeah *laughs* ♪”And the other heart is the other one”♪ Danny: *laughs* Egoraptor: ♪”‘Cause the other heart is another heart and a heart that the other one is another heart”♪ Danny: *laughs* Dude, what kind of Russian doll scenario have I walked in on? Oh my God. Egoraptor: But then I turned it on and I was like “Oh yeah, that totally makes sense– if you had sung that song and been like “This is a– this is a fucking Birthday Massacre song” which is what happened. Danny: Yes Egoraptor: I’d be like “Yeah” which is what happened. Daniel: Birthday Massacre, the song is called “Two Hearts” it’s fucking great. Like all their songs are great. I love that band. Egoraptor: D– they’re the weirdest– they’re th– they’re– they’re such an anomaly band to me because they have such an extremely distinct style. Danny: Yeah Egoraptor: Like, the moment you hear like, a fucking one-second clip from a Birthday Massacre song, you’re like “Oh, this is the Birthday Massacre” [yeah], but like I could listen to all their albums on repeat all day and like not get tired of it. [yeah] Danny: Yeah, it’s it’s there’s this very special band like there they’d Their focus is a like very defined on like one type of thing, but they just do that one thing like better than anyone else and Actually, no that’s not true. There’s there’s a couple things, but like it’s it’s more They’re not the type of band that’s going to like switch genres on you. You know like randomly um but like I fucking like that like it just you know if If you want to hear a birthday massacre song there’s no other band that will really like do the trick you know [yeah] Egoraptor: I’m Gonna Danny: They’re coming around again. Ego: Yeah, I’m excited
Danny: you want to go of course I do fuck yes Ego: Ok cool playing at the rock ski right? Danny: I think so. We should get tickets now that we set it out loud [Yeah], cuz it’ll get sold out real fast oops yeah right now Egoraptor: I’m gonna. I’m gonna start leaving a trail of breadcrumbs. Danny: I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m Don’t really know what I’m doing right now. I’m fucking my my brain is floating because I’m so tired Egoraptor: So I’m marking every place that I’ve already been and there’s nothing there. [Oh] So that I don’t get like turned around and I’m like. Oh shit. Where is this? Danny: Yeah, That’s very smart Egoraptor: Okay, so this place, because I have a ton of these Lizalfos horns. I don’t fucking use them Danny: Yeah, who just thought that a maze would be whining and confusing. Did you think of this yourself this trail of breadcrumbs just Egoraptor: Yeah, just now I was like there has gotta be a way to mark this shit Danny: look at you. You fucking clever girl Egoraptor: Ooh, yeah I could Danny: Oh, you can’t destroy these? Ego: I can but um it depends where the thing is. Danny: the eye? Ego: yeah I’m Gonna go ahead and mark this Yeah, yeah the eye exactly you’re right Yeah, look at this boom drop it down. There’s a little pro tip for you [Mm-hmm] Little fucking little fucking game grumps pro tip yeah an Egoraptor Pro tip Danny: god, it’s been a long time since we had a Egoraptor pro tip Ego: yeah man, press the horn down to the place that you want to go barbaro. but then there’s this shit, and I’m like where oh, what do I even mark at this point? [Yeah] I was just uh just one long [Yeah] fuckin windee ass and then I don’t know if I’m like Did I just go in a circle? I don’t oh Fuck yep I did! I sure did! Hey look at that. It worked! Danny: wait a minute Ego: okay, so I’ll just mark over here Danny: four lefts is a square. Ego: This is quick This is a big fucking circle right here. So there we go Danny: way to go Boom dude I’m smart oh shit Danny: You might even say that one smart fellow, he felt smart. Egoraptor: Wait, I’m Gonna Go back here. Just just to check because I think there was a branch Danny (fast): One smart fellow he felt smart, One smart fellow he felt smart, one smart fellow he felt smart that’s as fast as I can do it Egoraptor: One fart *both laugh* [Wow] that’s about as fast as I could do it. Danny: Yeah, it was pretty fantastic. Ego: Oh look at that! I fuckin okay. I found more that I need need [alright]. This is mine. Oh, oh is an enemy Danny: What? Egoraptor: yeah. Danny: How did you know? Ego: cause it wasn’t able to be magnesis’ s-ed-ed Danny: wow. [Yeah] that little floppy bastard Ego: he is a fuckin floppy piece of shit. Dan: Take his balloon. Ego: He’s a floppy piece of shit I’ll tell you what now. Danny: would he have, umm Ego: Oh is this wind? is it wind based? oh shit! Dan: Yeah? Oh yeah look at that Ego: hold on a second I don’t have anything that can, does the Meteor Rod?.. No, oh does it? no If I had a torch [uh-huh] I guess I’ll just watch the wind as it goes The wind like shows me where to go, okay. This is a dead end Maybe not. Danny: God damnit wind you lied to me Ego: yeah, seriously? Is there some kind of fuckin… god damn fuckin.. Labyrinth motherfucking shit damn, yo Danny: A Ding-Dang do Egoraptor: Diddily diddily Ding-Dang do and now I think I’m back to the where the circle was I hate labyrinths [yeah] I hate them. Dan: except for the movie Labyrinth. Which is fucking delightful Ego: I’ve never seen it Dan: really? Ego: never ever Dan: God. That’s right up your alley Ego: Yeah well.. Dan: How about Suzy? She’s seen it right? Ego: I don’t know. Dan: that’s shocking to me Ego: I honestly don’t know. Oh there he is hey, what’s up buddy? Dan: Hi! Ego: You wanna hang out? Dan: Do you like arrows? Ego: Wow, I just really fucked him. Dan: Yeah. Yeah, he does not like arrows. Ego: Maybe its this way now? Maybe this way? I’m on the other side of it. fuck. Well. That’s the entrance. Dan: Gosh dang it Ego: Man, I got this I’m getting all this shit from here. [Yeah] I’m down [so much shit] apparently there’s an enemy on the other side *both, very surprised* whoa!!! Dan: I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those before. Ego: Thanks, bro. [Yeah] I invested my time and I got some stuff [yeah] Dan: I walked over some stairs and got $300. Ego: I invest some time and now I can’t think of a rhyme Danny: Remember, when we played Wall Street Kid? Ego: Uh, yeah. great game *Danny laughs* Ego: What was that game again? Dan: It was literally like us sitting at a computer desk, like, it was for Nintendo [Yeah] You don’t remember this and trying to like buy stocks or something to save a company? [Oh, yeah] And we did not we did not save the company. Ego: no no, not at all. Yeah. I remember that Dan: Okay Oh so you got to get up through there. Ego: Yeah, I gotta get on that like upper part that Oh, fuck did I do that? Dan: um I don’t know why that just popped into my head Probably because my brain is purging memories to make room for all the fucking garbage I’ve done to myself over the past month Egoraptor: Oh, yeah sure Yeah, plus like ah man fucking memorizing lines dude Danny: It’s not weird how like you get better at it though? Ego: Yeah, it’s a muscle Man again totally a muscle, and I wonder if it’s like help because I have a shit memory man Danny: Do you? Egoraptor: like just a horrible memory and I Wonder if it like made me better. Danny: Mine’s gotten better now that I stopped smoking weed Egoraptor: Yeah, I hear thats, that’s a pretty big factor Danny: Yeah, like I had so many embarrassing times during my weed smoking days where I would like I I would like leave my house lock the door go to my car Not being able to remember, did I lock the door? and then go check it and then like be like shit I forgot something in my house, and then I go get that and then I walk out again I go to my car and be like, fuck did I lock the door? and it like it Take like 15 minutes to leave my house, so so shameful. Ego: There’s the entrance Danny: Oh, you I’m sorry is my fucking amazing tale of not being able to remember my keys boring you? *laughs* Egoraptor:You know Dan? *Danny laughs* Danny: Sorry whoa, whoa! Look at this place! Can you get up to the tippy-top? Ego: Oh, i don’t think so, maybe? Danny: And just run along the.. Ego: what the ff? Danny: You don’t want that Knight’s Bow? It’s pretty sweet. Ego: Yeah, but I thought that was my answer, but its apparently not Danny: Well there have to be four more like that on each side right? Ego: Well I,.. I don’t know. Dan: I’m just guessing based on how.. Ego: that’s awfully presumptuous Danny: Yeah, I suppose you’re right, but it just it seems like this the center of this place is a giant square you know? Ego: I wonder if I could make it all the way to the top just from by doing that Danny: give it a shot Egoraptor: There’s no, it doesn’t seem like there’s any spot That’s like really elevated, because that was the, I only did it there because it was elevated a little bit You know and so it got me up to Just the top fuck man oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, nope *Both laugh* I got all excited Danny: damn You should have been dropping horns, bitch. Ego: Yeah, I know man. I dropped my strat already dude [Immediately] alright. I think I’m back to horn country [okay] They’re gone! [Oh, no] They’re gone my things went away! Oh, no Danny: Danny Pro tip number one: Raptor Pro tip number Seven is a Sham Egoraptor: fuck I Definitely dropped horns, and now they’re gone. [that’s a shame] It really is it’s it’s… I mean there’s a situation here nope. [Whoa] goddamn it! Danny: I used to have nightmares like this,.. Ego: where you just be trapped in labyrinths? Danny: Just where I was at the bottom of a bunch of walls looking like forever upwards and like the sky was way too far to get up to [ughh] Yeah, yeah. Ego: I had nightmares about like being trapped in like an all-white like Thx kind of situation [oh that’s fun] Yeah, and there just be like really futuristic doors, and they would go nowhere Danny: Oh, God. Yeah, so something about doors that go nowhere and like feeling like you’re being fucked with Not cool, but yeah I used to, that was when I was in college and going through like really stressful times That I used have dreams like that and then then they went away as I Slowly lapsed into a warm comforting blanket of drug use [yeah] [I’m so proud of you] Oh the sweet dreamless sleep of drugs! Ego: Oh the places you’ll go *Danny laughs* by Dr.Seuss Dan: I should not be talking like this Ego: oh, damn fucking like this can’t be interesting. Oh I’m back! God damn it! Fuck this! Danny: Yeah. This is a real, This is a real ass-kicker part of the game Ego: Yeah, so let me just make sure that that is what it’s, because it seemed,.. Yeah, there’s like a platform up there Danny: Of course that’s where you want to get to Can you get any clues by like peering in? Ego: Yeah, I was trying to. As far as I can tell it. There’s this [Right] and there’s like a like an elevated path to get in there but I don’t know how to get there because Everything back there was just a fucking maze clearly. Danny: Well we will tell you sexy bitches what, how about we next time on Game Grumps this and then when we come back, We’ll have a nice um Egoraptor: How about the fuckin entrance? Danny: Okay great Well, we’ve certainly come full circle. We did our best though. Ego: Well now that I’m at the entrance I feel like I could just fucking Google a solution. [yeah] cuz that shit man and Lord knows this isn’t fucking interesting. Danny: That’s okay. I’m gonna We’re gonna call this episode. I’m gonna run to the kitchen I still have no pants on so hopefully no one else will walk into our office Ego: I hope everybody’s in the office and they all point and laugh Danny: They won’t point laugh, they’ll point and gasp at its Glory Egoraptor: The brand of underwear that you’re using? [yeah] I know point and laugh at how small your penis is. Danny: Yeah, whoa? oh, well. Yeah Stella, are awesome umm Assistant who helps us around the office will be like wow That’s a small penis [You know] I’ll be like, “yeah.” Can it even be sexual harassment with a penis this small? *Both laugh* She’ll be like, “nope” *both laugh again* She’s cool. She can hang *both laugh again* Ego: That’s very true. [Alright] What if somebody was shaming you for having a large penis? would that be.. Danny: I don’t know would you do such a thing? Egoraptor: how would you feel about that? They’d be like, “Haha, it’s so huge.” Danny: I don’t know dude. There’s people with larger dicks out there than me. Like the dudes on Holy shit, those are some fucking monster schlongs Ego: Blacked as in fucked by a black dude? Danny: Yeah White, white girls getting uh having, having sexual encounters with with black men Egoraptor: Cool. Well uh, I know where I’m going while you are in the kitchen. Danny: Yeah Wait a minute. You said you were gonna look up the way to get this out of this maze.. Ego: yes, next time on Game Grumps Danny: And white Threesome, can’t get enough of BBC That stands for big black cock. *Danny laughs for the millionth time at another dick joke* Ego: What was this labyrinth called? It was on the screen like five times! And I just can’t remember the name. Apparently my memory isn’t that great after all. Danny: good times Egoraptor: I gotta like walk away a little bit So that you step in,.. fucking rocks dude! God I can’t fucking slide down the slope when there’s all these goddamn pebbles that appear out of nowhere You seein this? they just fade in and out Fucking pebbles everywhere so now I can probably do it *Danny laughs* Danny: So now everything’s cool. Ego: pebbles are gone But now I got a run back up, and then what the fuck is this place called? What is it called? Danny: A dragon! Ego: What dragon? Oh yeah, hey, what’s up? [Whoa] Isn’t he cool? [Whoa he’s beautiful!] Yeah, He’s pretty rad, right? Danny: I’m so glad we didn’t end the episode because we were talking about dicks Egoraptor: And now theres a giant flying dick. So enjoy it. Danny: Look at that thing! Can we go near that? Ego: Yeah, sure. I don’t think he does anything. We’ve already experienced him. I like floated on his heat remember? Danny: That’s the same dragon? Ego: Yeah, [oh my God] he’s like the fire one. Danny: he’s Fucking rad yeah, Ego: God damn it, It won’t tell me what the fucking name of the ruins are again I guess I’ll just have to look it up! Next time on Game Grumps, I will be able to go through and do it and fuck Breath of the Wild labyrinth-th-th-ths Lomei, that’s what it’s called. Danny: I probably fuck a BBC. Egoraptor: He toss my salad like his name romaine You take me out for lo mein Danny: Okay Bye everyone. Egoraptor: See yeah *old TV shutting off sound* Never eat. No, it’s not northeast Danny: You’re on that dumb shit. Ego: Where’s West? Northeast. Southwest Northwest *Danny Laughs in the background* Fucking damn it Jesus

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  1. yo I’m mad dumb, Dan was talking about Labyrinth and I was thinking of Pan’s Labyrinth, the del Toro movie 🙃

  2. I get that this is an old episode but dammit Arin! Use the fucking map!
    You always talk about how something is stupid or bullshit yet you refuse to use the resources that the devs give you. This labyrinth take literally 5 minutes to complete.

  3. Huh, Arin actually went through the maze. Every time I came across a maze I just noped on up the entrance walls and went over everything, then jumped down when I saw the shrine at the end XD

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  5. So I go to listen to "Two Hearts". And halfway through I say to an empty room "This is fucking dope." Like I'm back in the 90's or some shit.

  6. Grumps near endgame:*Finds a gold rupee* woah holy shit that's a lot of money

    Me on my way to hateno village: yawn I only have 4347 rupees I'm so broke

  7. Hello person scrolling through the comments. I have two questions for you. Why are you scrolling through comments?

    Question two is why am I commenting

  8. I'm guessing the dream about being at the bottom of a massive walled-in area with the sky high above was his mind's way of representing that he felt like he couldn't get anywhere in life. Certainly sounds like the sort of stressor a college student might have.

  9. 11:03 This is why I'll never smoke weed. I have days like that anyway. I don't want to know how borked my memory would become on weed.

  10. Hearing Dan and Arin talk about The Birthday Massacre, one of my favorite bands, was so unexpected and it made my night

  11. Pro Tip: At the entrance of the maze follow only one wall. If you keep following that wall you'll eventually go around the whole maze.

  12. Is it wind based? Do I have anything that can show the wind? Whatever shall I do with these long flowing locks blowing in the breeze

  13. I have thought of this like 1,000 times but how awful do you think the sad jack-ass's life is that had made a maze,like wouldn't you get confused by your own shit lol

  14. I was looking up this episode for a completely different reason, but somehow I never caught that Danny made a fucking Haken reference.

  15. I'm watching this episode 2 years later and I drafted Jake Butt into my Fantasy Football team purely for his name. I'm so glad his name isn't going underappreciated.

  16. Holy shit you know birthday massacre?! My sisters friend (long time ago) was dating one of the band members. Dont know where they stand now tho. Thats how i was first inteoduced to it.

  17. My best friend has cousin's with the last name Butt- their grandmother couldn't wait to get married right out of highschool and get rid of that awful name. She married a guy with the last name Hiney. I wish I was making that up, I really do 😂😂😂

  18. The bit about Shannon Asspuss reminded me of this vox pop from "A Bit of Fry and Laurie"–
    Woman: "Well, I was christened "Gay," you see, which was a perfectly normal name in the 1940's, but today, well, it has certain connotations, doesn't it? So I went down to the clerk's office and I had it changed to 'Rampantly Homosexual'."

  19. So pro tip for mazes and labyrinths: always stick to the right (meaning the opposite of left, not "correct") wall and you will always find your way through. I have relied on this method and it is 100% fool-proof and works every time.

  20. My biology teacher in high school was Mrs. Butts and no one made fun of her for it, even though no one liked her. It was weird; it was like, such a low hanging fruit nobody went for it

  21. 14:05
    Now I want a copy of Oh, the Places You'll Go, but the picture on the cover is just Dan, passed out on the ground.

  22. Just a tidbit. A labyrinth has only one path. As this has a branching path, it's a maze

  23. Tip for when you get lost in mazes, stick to one side of the maze and you’ll find the way out eventually

  24. Does Arin recall that there's such a thing as a map in this game? The minimap really comes in handy doing the labyrinth. Also he could've checked the name of it using the map ^_^'

  25. Aw man. The labyrinths were one of my all-time favorite parts of this game! It was so interesting to me; but I also had the mini-map open. Idk. Disappointed Arin hated this part by why would I be surprised that he hates problem solving.

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  27. I actually graduated with Jake Butt, it's seriously strange to hear the grumps say the name of someone I once knew.

  28. Dan's a Spock's Beard and Haken (which he PRONOUNCES CORRECTLY!) fan? How have I missed this.

    Avidan, marry me.

  29. 1. danny has never sung with a voice that isn't beautiful
    2. You win this round Hanson, i admit the breadcrumbs thing was genius

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  33. Me, drunk while watching the entire episode, yelling at the screen: "UP!!! GO UP!!!! FOR FUCKS SAKE ARIN, GO CLIMB THAT FUCKING WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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