Breath Of The Wild: Link and Sidon

Breath Of The Wild: Link and Sidon

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Hey! You’re so hot! You’re welcome. He’s no Sidon though. God no! What I wouldn’t do for a few minutes alone with that guy… Excuse me what did you say? Oh… um… WHO THE FUCK IS SIDON?! SIDON! Say! Hey there, young one… Up top! Above you. I’m Sidon, the Zora Prince. And what is
your name? I love you. Come with me. Sidon, I’ve decided I’m gonna stay here
with you here in Hyrule. I know, sugar. God dammit Ganon, you can’t let me have this moment?! Everything isn’t about you, Link. I’m here for him. What? No! You want Zelda! She’s all yours, you can keep her. Great! Real heroic, Link. I *wanted* Zelda. But this man has a shark for a head. And look how big he is! I WILL NOT LET YOU TAKE HIM FROM ME! You don’t have a choice, boy! This usually take long? Yeah, I’ve spent most of my life watching these idiots fight. Wooow, hello! Wassup? Hey, where’d they go? Oh Sidon… do you have a blow hole? No, baby. That’s Dolphins. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I know, sugar.

100 thoughts on “Breath Of The Wild: Link and Sidon”

  1. Nintendo: had you ever had a crush on a fish before?
    Me: no? Why…
    Nintendo: cause your going to in Zelda Breath Of The Wild shows Miphia and Sidon
    Me(later): they only needed Sidon to appeal to both genders tbh

  2. Didn’t understand the hype around this guy for the longest time, but then…

    “Up here!, hello.. I am prince Sidon” super catchy song and arm flex
    Oooooooooohh, yeah fuck Zelda. Lol

  3. when i imagine link talking in game i just like to think he is just screaming in their face like
    -how did you get that?
    -Zuat Yhaa
    -How did i not know that…

  4. Its not a love triangle with zelda and mipha anymore its more like a love hexagon with paya zelda sidon mipha and some others

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