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Hey, everybody. This is Gucci Penguin with a Zelda Breath of the Wild video on Noob VS.. Pro strats We’re going to look at four different comparisons and get you to stop looking like a noob, and start acting like a pro Let’s get to it So in case you haven’t figured it out already Zelda Breath of the Wild deviates from many Zelda stereotypes including rupees, the Hyrulean currency. In other zelda games you could cut grass, break pots, and defeat enemies to get rupees Not so in the wild So unless you enjoy being a human lawn mower ,stop looking like a noob and start using this pro strat in Order to make that money the first thing you’re going to need to do is to teleport to Hebra Tower You’ll know that you’re in the right place. If it’s freezing outside, and it looks like you’re on the side of a mountain Go ahead and walk straight off the tower and glide until you see a small little shack. That shack is actually Pondo’s Lodge Whose Pondo you ask? Pondo is the man who’s invented the sport Snowball Bowling He’s so excited about this sport that he’ll wager you 20 rupees That you can’t take a snowball on the top of the hill and roll it down to knock over ten pins If you accept his challenge, you’ll be given the opportunity to take a snowball and place it anywhere on the top of the hill Grab the snowball and walk exactly to this place Drop the snowball and watch Gravity do the rest Congratulations a perfect strike. It should be noted that even if you don’t follow this video exactly, Getting a spare will net you 100 Rupees and even hitting one pin will get you 20 rupees, which was the price to pay for the snowball bowling But if you get a strike, you’ve just earned 300 Rupees Pondo is so surprised that he’ll let you do it over and over and over again Zelda Breath of the Wild features a massive map which can be awesome for exploring and enjoying landscapes, But can also be incredibly time-consuming especially when travelling on foot Thankfully the game offers you the use of traveling by horse, but nothing is more Frustrating than when your horse refuses to go over even the smallest rocky ledges So instead of just abandoning your stuck horse, try this equestrian trick This pro strat is called the pony shuffle, as holding ZL while riding a horse will override the horses better judgment and cause it to do a funky little dance in whatever direction you should choose Use this for difficult spots, and you’ll be down the mountain in no time Breath of the Wild offers exclusive in-game content with use of the amiibo rune on your Sheikah Slate Placing an amiibo on the Joystick will rain down treasure for you The one stipulation is that you can only use a particular amiibo once a day Instead of settling for common loot try this pro trick. Simply make a save before you use an amiibo If you don’t get the treasure that you want, it’s as easy as loading up your last save data The game won’t realise that you just used that same amiibo five seconds ago Keep using this technique until you get the prize that you want Unlike other Zelda games, the weapons that you use will take damage over time and will eventually break Noobs break weapons all day long Pros will observe that the game actually warns you before your weapon is about to break Use this to your advantage because the hit that breaks your weapon deals double damage Thrown weapons do even more damage than regular Melee attacks. Moral of the story: before your weapon breaks throw it an enemy Hopefully you found this video helpful For more Zelda Breath of the Wild Noob [Vs]. Pro tips and more subscribe to our channel. Thanks so much for watching

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  1. The top comment used to be "Whenever somebody says noob it physically hurts me" but it got so many likes that Gucci Penguin had to delete it… Lol

  2. Everyone has the right to play the game as they choose. Botw allows people to play however they like, it’s just that type of game, there isn’t particularly a right way; so just because someone doesn’t play the same way as you, doesn’t make them a 'noob'.

  3. I prefer to kill Talus and then sell the gems to the gerudo lady in Goron City for money.
    I barely use amibos and the other two are fairly straightforward.
    I believe the loading screen in the game tells you about the double damage for therown weapons that break

  4. Doesn’t have the full map nor all the shrines. Also when I first played the snow ball game he gave me a blizzard rod? Also a pro would have all the divine beasts

  5. I hated the title of the video, I clicked anyways. Then he introduced himself as 'Gucci Penguin'. I'm at a loss for words.

  6. You know that the Last hit from a weapon even if you don't throw it deals Double damage ( in my case)

  7. i dont how there is a noob or a pro in botw there are different people who play the game and so they will play it in different game botw is a freeworld game to play however you want to i hate people like u that just ruin games

  8. This dude is tryin to tell people how to be a pro but he hasn’t even upgraded his stamina yet. Everyone knows you upgrade your stamina before hearts.

  9. Just because you use amiibos doesn't make you a pro. And just because you don't use amiibos doesn't mean you're a noob

  10. This video should’ve been just called pro tips. Using amiibos doesn’t mean you’re a noob or pro.

  11. For the earning rupees thing, I go to eventide island after finishing the shrine quest and I do the flying challenge thing that the Rito offers you to do for 20 rupees.

  12. Lmao pondos lodge is noob asf, farming farosh’s dragon parts instead which is 5x quicker 300 rupees every 15 seconds if not less

  13. Useless and this info is in the game, stop discriminating against noobs you Nintendo employee wanna-be.

  14. Is it opposite day? Because every "pro stat" you "THINK" is pro is the exact portrayal of what a NOOB would do in botw

  15. Your not even a pro you haven’t even half completed all the shrines make one of the vids when you actually are a pro

  16. Sry, but Pros don’t do Snow Bowling, it’s Farosh farming for 900 rupees per minute ftw! Or using a dynamic Guardian to glitch unlimited ancient parts.

  17. Why get a few rupee's at the herba tower instead farm gems from Hyrule Castle and 30 each gems right now I got 150+ gems?.

  18. lol the pro is farming 200 or 300 rupees throwing a snowball every 20 seconds, u get way more selling potions that are made with lynel parts.
    idiot uploader.

  19. This video was for first day starter noobs like who needs to go to pondos lodge to get rupees I go to death mountain for the all the ores and Jules

  20. 1. After cutting grass for maybe 10-15 seconds max anyone would realize that you can get wheat, herbs, and bugs. Actually making it pretty useful to a “pro gamer”.
    2. A: Pros” also apparently enjoy sucking out the fun of things by exploiting a get-rich-quick mini game, I understand if you’re desperate but still. Although I was desperate for rupees during my first play-through, it helped me learn how to make rupees the right way for my second. And I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel more accomplishing beating the game only buying the bear essentials.
    2. B: also “pros” apparently can’t figure out that they need to take off their precious hero of the wild armor to wear warm clothes in cold regions, much less eat warm food.
    3.who the hell rides their horse down rocky mountains?
    4. I guess you could do that but that takes waaaay too long when you could just glide down, and I reiterate who the hell rides their horse down rocky mountains?!
    5-6. Your just reading the loading screen tips aren’t you? Seeing as how I read that during a loading screen I think you did. Anyway a true “pro” would know that sometimes letting your weapon break while hitting an enemy can be preferred to throwing a breaking weapon at an enemy, and vice versa. From my personal experience sometimes you won’t be able to throw your weapon accurately depending on how close an enemy is, if it’s on a horse, how fast it is, and how often it attacks (the last two especially in the case of a Lynel). All of which you left out, very un “pro-like” of you.

  21. “Ok guys, today, I’m going to show you all the top-tier pro strats!”
    freaking dies of hypothermia

    Should’ve gotten more hearts.

  22. You earn 300 rupees each from that? Cool. Now use that to go get some cold resistant clothes like somebody with common sense.

  23. I used to use Pondo's Lodge method when I first got the game but it's so much slower than Dragon scale farming and you're more likely to miss and this slows down the rate at which you earn rupees DRAMATICALLY.

  24. I’m a Pro, but I was not aware of the snow bowling for money. I just hunt moose up in the snowy regions. Fetches a good price when you sell gourmet meat to a certain dude.

  25. Exit out of Breath of the Wild, change the date to a day ahead, and enjoy using your amiibo multiple times a day.

  26. please tell me this guy is kidding because this is just ridiculous and is someone going to mention how he literally doesn’t change to warm clothes in tabantha region. i’m literally smh so hard right now.

  27. Guys I actually learned something…………..Gannon is actually Hitler in disguise. (Can there even be “noobs” or “pros” in botw )

  28. I like video it’s good for when your starting but if you want all the fairy fountains it will get expensive so something you can do is farm stone tali’s and sell there drops

  29. I think it's better to do dragon horn farming . There is a small cave near the lake where farosh spawns. Plant a fire there and wait till morning. Literally right after you wake up he spawns. As long as u have a good bow ur all set. No 20 rupee fee and it's pretty hard to miss since ur catching him right when he spawns so instead of swerving side to side a bunch he just goes straight up. And if you don't hit the horn the scales are worth 150. I got 50,000 rupees in an hour. Also if u have enough stamina, an updraft appears around farosh so u can get some slow shots to make sure you hit the horn if you're not confident in your archery skills. And you only need like 1.5 wheels of stamina for that. Just get a golden bow and your all set

  30. 1) Real pros sell stuff to get rupees especialy gemstones… on master mode. (You get a crap ton of gems in mastermode because if all the silver enemies)

    2) who do that ? Foot is faster and even dlc ancient horse gear

    3) real pro don't use amiibos.. not everyone can afford amibos.

    4) real pro chain sneakstrikes, it saves weapons durability…. now my satchel always full.
    Btw the game show you the throw button at the start of the game… game tooltip.

    5) who use tunic of the wild for pro gameplay ? This tunic is cool but bad unless you use master sword.
    Pro use: sheikah/climbing/ancien/barbarian set.

  31. Neat pro tip. Next time though, try suggesting something like.. Getting 10 luminous stones which can he found EVERYWHERE in the game, and trading them in for a daimond from that one Zora at the entrance of Zora's domain. Gives you a daimond for every 10 stones you give him. So, yeah.

  32. A lot of this is either common sense, told to you by NPCs, present in the hints at loading screens, or actually on the controls at the bottom of the screen. These are not things that only pros do.

  33. To get rupees just farm off of those weird shaped rocks sticking out of the mountains with a two handed weapon and you’ll get rocks like Amber or Luninous Stone. You can sell those rocks for an insane amount of rupees.

    Be careful not to sell too much though if you’re looking to use them to enhance clothing. Also, Certain enemies like the Silver Lynels, Bokoblins, And Moblins drop even more rare rocks like Ruby, Sapphire, And Topaz. But that only goes if you’ve played much later in the game. I myself only saw a Silver enemy spawn after freeing my first Divine Beast, Lord Camel. 🐪

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