Breath of the Wild Sequel Getting the “Majora’s Mask Treatment”

Breath of the Wild Sequel Getting the “Majora’s Mask Treatment”

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What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
world Austin John plays here and today we’re gonna be talking about The Legend
of Zelda breath of the wild its sequel and at getting the majora’s mask
treatment with the brand-new breath of the wild sequel trailer that we got
there’s a lot to unravel in that little 50 second clip however off screen some
news outlets have had the opportunity to speak with aia Numa the director and
producer of the zelda series about the cryptic trailer that nintendo laid on us
at the end of the e3 direct something important to point out is that this is a
reveal trailer and when you compare this to the likes of what we’ve received with
animal crossing or Metroid Prime for at previous directs this one is Hardy and
most likely from an in-game cutscene and I’m no game developer but I’m pretty
sure in-game cutscenes come far after the stages of story map overall ideas
gear weapons NPCs and a hefty amount more with that mindset we’re led to
believe that this game is a good amount into development Nintendo could have
ended e3 with the banjo reveal but no they dropped that on us afterwards they
wanted to win e3 and by golly I think they did with all that in mind people
could presume that the game will be coming out holiday 2020 which not only
makes sense but it’s pretty gosh dang believable that would bring us to a
release that’s just four years shy between breath to the wild and this
sequel that’s much better than the five to six years that we’ve had to wait for
more recent entries in the zelda series in fact that’s much more in line with
the development time that we saw between ocarina time and majora’s mask which is
about 18 months of development it also should be noted that majora’s mask was
there and they still brought out Wind Waker in that maybe four to five issue
year period which is pretty impressive and was such a short development time
and a vast majority of assets from ocarina time being reused into Majora’s
Mask it’s really a surprise that the game was successful as it was but by
taking the game in a completely different direction it was able to stand
alone as a game and not be directly compared to Ocarina time
and in somewhat lack of a free roam exploration that we found in Majora’s
Mask Plus the most rewarding side quests we’ve ever had in a video game I’m
looking at new couples masks which brings us to today as soon as people saw
the reveal with its reused assets from breath of the wild and so shortly after
many wondered if it would be the Majora’s Mask of breath of the wild
during an interview at the Nintendo booth with IGN director and producer of
the Zelda series Eiji Aonuma confirmed that the sequel will not in fact be
related to Majora’s Mask despite its very very darker tone his quote is the
new breath of the wild or the sequel to it it’s not necessarily going to be
related to Majora’s Mask or inspired by it what we showed you is currently a
little darker that last line resonated with me what we showed you currently is
a little darker there’s no question that it’s darker and theme from pretty much
anything we saw on breath of the wild even the completely pitch black areas
weren’t spooky dark they were just dark dark what we’ve seen currently is this
trailer and a boost an eerie reverse voiced soundtrack that some of notice
has snippets from the Zelda one game over screen check this out the trailer
is exclusively shot in subterranean locations filled with that faint glow of
luminous and a reanimated mummified remains have presumably Ganondorf more
on that later when comparing that to the beautiful open world view that we
received from breath of the wild it’s a stark contrast however this is just 150
second clip when breath of the wild was first showing off between late 2016 and
early 2017 we saw a lot of map a lot of area to cover and then we found out that
that was just the great plateau which was less than 5% of the entire game so
looking back at the differences of Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask we’ll
breadth of the while that its new sequel have the same variation
what we grew to love about the shake-up of the core Zelda gameplay perhaps we’ll
see the return of traditional dungeons and from what we’ve seen in the trailer
maybe that is one of the dungeons that we’re gonna be finding in the new game I
doubt that we’ll have the return of traditional items such as the hook shot
or boomerang well we already have boomerangs they’re just not as important
and I really hope we don’t have heart containers and all the random places
that you have to bomb that you get no notification that they’re there instead
I really do like the shrine concept for that but instead we should look forward
toward the variations of breadth of the wild that we can hope to see mainly more
fleshed out story personally I just hope that we get the same open world that we
love in breadth of the wild I want a lot of shrines that I could complete in any
order that I like I want a huge daunting map filled to the brim with things to
explore and discover I want to go through the map and every minute have my
sheikah sensor tell me about a shrine or I see something in the distance that
intrigues me and I want to go see what it is and no matter where it is across
water up a mountain across a valley I can go there that’s what I want that’s
what we want and the rewarding side quest better story traditional dungeons
are still everything optional that we had in other Zelda games some of you may
have seen my analysis on the breath of the wild sequel trailer and I want to
point out that I went into it with a very breath of the wild mindset I played
through breath wild five times twice hundred percent of it and I’m currently
playing through it again for another video coming soon so it’s easy to say
that I have more hours in breath to the wild than every other Zelda game put
together times two there were some things that I missed mostly about Gerudo
lore my biggest interaction with the Gerudo was an ocarina time on the n64
which used a symbol with a moon and a star which was removed from other
iterations of The Legend of Zelda series due to its ties of Islamic culture and
his resemblance of it that symbol has been changed to this now Gerudo symbol I
won’t say the new Gerudo symbol just what it is now and it’s actually been
this way since Majora’s Mask although I don’t remember seeing it in majora’s
mask and more importantly I’ve overlooked this symbol as being iconic
to the Gerudo but it’s honor Bosa and how to know how I could have missed
that it’s literally on the amiibo in my room next to me all the time and she’s
the thickest do you think I would see that when looking back at the trailer
and their predominant use of the Gerudo language and the green spell coming off
the hand in the middle of the room the man wielding a trident which is an
iconic weapon of the Gerudo the wall painting that’s looking more and more
like Ganondorf when I look at it and the mummy with its enlarged cuspids or
canines that appear on Ganondorf in the wind waker HD the stab wound being where
Ganondorf was impaled with the sword of the six ages is where the hand is
holding back ganondorf’s malice and of course the Gerudo jewelry you know when
you have a mind set on something being one way and your brain starts to
perceive everything that could be a supporting fact that’s what happened to
me I figured Ganon is dead because I literally killed him in breath of the
wild countless times so it must be some other bad guy and my brain went to
demise because similar-looking in stature and also a badass I saw this
trailers being a direct sequel of breath of the wall taking place immediately
after it in the timeline and while I still do that doesn’t mean that Ganon is
dead oh god he is never dead he is literally bound to never die and always
be a pain in links but and if you like to hear a theory about how dark beast
Ganon and the blights are apparitions by this redead Ganondorf I suggest you
check out Zeltiq Strahler analysis it’s really great like I really do recommend
you take a look at it I have it linked on the end screen I think that this body
buried and sealed deep below iral castle is the real Ganondorf and calamity Ganon
and subsequently darkbeast Ganon are just apparitions manifestations of his
power and I really do want to go back and play the older zelda games
especially with you guys on my channel here however because of the algorithm
and the way youtube is formatted it’ll actually hurt my channel more than help
it not to mention how unpopular live streams are on youtube gaming
maybe one day I’ll say screw it and just stream it and ignore the consequences
but for now I’ll be doing a bit more research on other Zelda games lore with
my breath of the wild videos and of course I’ll be having full coverage on
all upcoming Zelda videos in addition to my Pokemon content hidden spot rule
comes out tomorrow and I’m really excited for it they very interested in
the game leave a comment down below and hopefully if there’s enough support I’ll
cover it here on the channel and if you’re excited for breath with wall – be
sure to hit the like button if we new to the channel be sure to subscribe to turn
on notifications until next time Austin Jonny

72 thoughts on “Breath of the Wild Sequel Getting the “Majora’s Mask Treatment””

  1. the only part about this game that has me interested is that its dark like MM. i dont really care for botw at all.

  2. Okay so we know that Gannon with the full Triforce is powerful… but what if Gannon has the full Triforce AND Majora’s mask?

  3. At first I was going to make fun of you for dressing like the typical white male 20 to 30 year old hipster. But then I noticed the wonderful ornate Zelda patterns on your wide-brimmed cap oh, I also noticed that your beard was too long and as if that wasn't enough I noticed that you were wearing the same sriracha's t-shirt that I wear instead of flannel. Bravo sir Bravo!

  4. Link: kills Ganon
    Canon comes back
    Zelda: Dammit Link…
    Link: Well eeeexxxxxxcccccuuuuuuuuuussssssseeeeeeeee me princess

  5. I found out when the monks disappear they show the same green stuff as when Ganon Duarf was surrounded by the green writing

  6. I just enjoy experimenting with the items, exploring dungeons, solving puzzles and beating the hell out of enemies. UwU

  7. Plot twist: the overwhelming amount of malice, which has only previously been seen in items or during monster deaths, is a sign of the return of Demise. The malice is coming out of Ganondorf, whom is the embodiment of Demise. Demise is likely the source of all malice. Coincidence?

  8. It was so convenient that when i got BOTW this year (i know im two years late also my first zelda game) this trailer dropped.

  9. I like how in botw, we didnt get Gannondorf. We just got a weird spider version and ganon. I’m kinda of excited to see ganondorf again and how they design him. It’ll be interesting

  10. No I’m not waiting till holiday 2020 they already have the map for the game the only thing they need to do is remove the malice and Ganon stuff and the map is done with some new locations the only thing they have to do is make weapons and cutscenes music done and more stuff
    And also I hope this game is 60 dollars/euro’s and if it is 70 dollars/euro’s i hope after time it will cost less because SMASH STILL IS THE SAME PRICE AFTER NINE MONTHS OR SOMETHING

  11. I don’t think the creator of Zelda likes Islam, he put a prayer in Oot where you fight the fire dragon and that room can represent hell and then if there is the Islam sign on Ganon then it truly shows he hates is because Gannon is the DEMON king or lord.

  12. Soooooooooooo excited for BOTW2 I can't wait for it to drop. Anyway, I haven't played many Zelda games except BOTW, has there ever been a bad Zelda game?

  13. Link: I’ve finally killed Ganon!
    Ganon: Yeah you did
    Link: We’ve been tricked, we’ve been backstabbed, and we’ve been quite possibly, bamboozled

  14. I hope we see a return to traditional items/weapons that are constantly in our inventory. I don't want this game to feel too similar to breath of the wild, otherwise it'll just feel like playing a mod and I really wouldn't want to purchase that. I'm kind of over breaking weapons. It made sense for breath of the wild, but if things are now more in order, I don't think a lot of what happened in breath of the wild and make sense this time around

  15. There is no sheka technology in the new game. Link didn't have his sheka slate and the tower by Hyrule Castle and the main shrine (great platoue) wasn't there in the trailer.

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