Breath of the Wild Sequel Trailer Analysis

Breath of the Wild Sequel Trailer Analysis

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What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
world austin sean plays here and today we’re gonna be taking a look at the
brand new sequel to the legend has held a breath of the wild that we just got
teased in my e3 reaction video some of you guys are very disappointed after me
seeing all of that it just going all right cool after the energy from the
banjo reveal and then just me staring at this trailer i was just trying to
analyze everything way too quickly and because that i was totally caught up in
it but right now we’re gonna be going over
it in very very high detail and going over everything that we could possibly
see in this trailer and the opening scenes we start to see all of these
weird teal green squiggles start to emanate and as they’re going forward
they start to make sort of symbols and these symbols that we’re seeing here it
becomes a symbol and then almost just as quickly it disintegrates so we have it
becoming a symbol and then a falling apart
same thing here i don’t know if this is the Chicot language or if this is
something completely different entirely on to the next scene where we see a very
panned out image of everything going on here we see these large spikes that are
all pointing in toward the center of the room and these large spikes are somewhat
reminiscent of the large pillars that we see surrounding hyrule castle in Legend
of Zelda breadth of the wild except these are all pointing in and then at
the very top we have these brick structures coming down and what would
appear to be just regular ground or earth possibly a type of stone leading
to this small orb shape right here now not exactly how it is but the overall
feel of this kind of reminds me at the top of what we see of towers in the
Legend of Zelda breath of the wild whenever you climb to the top of a tower
you have all these different directions pointing in and then it distills the
information of the local area and then it drips down even though this is
clearly not a tower or anything that looks like it would interact with a rune
it’s still some has that feel to it between that the
inscriptions on the pillars and then also all the green and teal going on
this has a very sheikah tribe sort of feel to it seeing as how there is a hand
holding back the Beast at the very bottom or what looks like a hand there’s
all of this spells spewing out of it this would leave me to believe that this
has something to do with the sheikah or an ancient tribe reminiscent of the
sheikah placing a spell on this creature down here at the same time how we see
what appears to be malice at the bottom surrounding the creature and then later
on in the trailer we see the creature wake up this could lead us to believe
that this spell shouldn’t be actually coming out that it should remain
completely within this little one hand thing and not coming out at all and that
the spell wore off or something is going on that’s causing this creature to
release this malice and break free of its current state also the music that’s
played here it is definitely something played backwards you could just hear
whenever those little peaks of sound go up that means that there was a full
sound and now it’s reversed after reviewing it very thoroughly in Reverse
I wasn’t able really to come up with anything including taking the actual
notes and trying to figure out if they were trying to play a certain song that
we’ve heard before again I didn’t really get anything on that moving forward we can see a lot of wall
drawings of what appears to be a knight holding a spear riding an armored horse
and then back here we can see a lot of armored archers in the background as
well this type of drawing really seems to coincide with what we’ve seen in the
sheikah drawings of the maps and the wall inscriptions during embas cutscene
where she tells link about the calamity that happened in the past it has this
same sort of overall feeling to it in fact a lot of the drawings on the
warrior who’s on the horse how you see those shapes on his back this looks a
lot like how the sheikah have various designs drawn on their body whether it
be the actual sheikah symbol or just other random symbols going around all of
the drawings that we see on the divine beast they’re sort of pattern that’s how
it’s drawn on them instead of just you know a solid color in addition to the
borders around would strongly indicate that these drawings were drawn by the
sheikah so it is link and zelda in a cave full of sheikah drawings next scene
we get an above view of exactly what’s going on here in the middle with all of
the inscriptions all around I’m just gonna refer to this as a spell upon
closer inspection of this spell that’s coming off of the center of this scene
here and comparing it to a translation of the sheikah language there’s I don’t
see a lot of correlation now this could be a variation of sheikah this could be
a different language altogether from what I see it does not look like this is
a chicest spell keep in mind the seeker tens of or hundreds of thousands of
years old their languages could have changed a little bit in that time look
at the English language that’s changed a lot great we finally get a scene of link
and zelda in this underground area first thing that we notice is that they are
walking across a very large wall that has a lot of inscriptions on it and
between this triangle symbol here and the spirals
this is clearly made by the sheikah we’re also treated to some luminary
stones a large sort of elephant bowl thing with horns who seems to carry a
lot of wood and Zelda linked wearing the Hylian hood it seems to be the same
design as the original Hylian hood and breath of the wild we have Zelda on top
e here in the champion shirt with the Hylian cumberbund that’s what I’m gonna
call it deal with it as well as her regular pants that we’ve seen from the
cutscenes all three seem to be holding torches the same torches from breath of
the wild we got a little mouse over here there was no Mouse’s and breath to the
wild they’re adding stuff in the game confirmed okay here we have a much
better close-up of what’s going on here we could clearly see link with the
Hylian hood he does have the Master Sword that’s an important thing to note
here as well as Zelda here with her own hood in a style that we have not seen
before also her hair could be in a ponytail
underneath here or she could have chopped some of it off we don’t know yet
it doesn’t occur to me right now but I don’t think that there’s something that
has these in particular type of pads on it with all of these straps going around
so we could be seeing a brand new piece of gear but between Link’s ponytail his
earrings this is clearly the same link not to mention the champions tunic that
we’ve had in breath of the wild going into the background a little bit we
could see the mysterious figure here and we see the hand on top of him with these
large gold rings around it the last thing to note is that the mysterious
figure is standing on top of this malice that is slowly moving in the background
in this clip we see significant the more luminous stone which leads us to believe
that once again that they are underground we see the large bull ox
elephant thing it’s not the same thing from the the bowl that’s all over the
hobro region it might be zelda stop to grab some water we have some beautiful
lighting and particle effects going on on screen we see the mouse again and the
malleus slowly coming up the stairs and then devouring the mouse ñam ñam ñam ñam
ñam ñam in this faraway scene we see link zelda and our buffalo friend on top
of this bridge they don’t seem to be doing anything
they just seem to kind of be standing there observing or doing something
quietly to themselves we see significantly more luminous stone in the
entire image maybe just to lighten it up instead of it being so dark in there or
this is where aluminum stone comes from these big stalagmites all throughout
here her retreated to a beautiful close-up of zelda with super serious
look on her face as well as Linc who is currently blocked by this stick when
comparing it to the very last end scene of breath of the wild we see that yeah
this is this is her outfit the same one she was wearing at the very end of the
game even down to the little the little clip in her hair right there being fully
visible again her hair is shorter maybe she took her extensions out I don’t know
she has this genuine look of surprise right here like the two just stumbled
upon this while I don’t have any more to say about this in particular scene that
we’ve already seen some elements of several times now retreated to this long
flowing hair off of the zombie I didn’t know zombies still had hair in addition
to a lot of possibly jewelry another angle of the same thing more of these
gold bands around its wrists and around its foot as well here we get a nice
close-up of this hand coming down with this really funky look and bracelet on
and it seems to be grabbing into the chest of our mysterious figure we have
an action scene of this going around it’s weird it almost seems like he has
accented incisors like a vampire does and this head crown this jewel right
here is something really interesting to take note of oh hang on what was that
for a very brief second we see linked with the same glowing green around him
this is the same green that we’ve been seeing in the trailer for all of the
what I’m calling the spell circulating around the hand but as you see this
comes and then it controls his hand or engulfs his hand in the same green light
link then Rises his hand up but if you see the expression on his face it look
it almost looks like he’s in agony during this he’s grabbing onto this
and that’s been affected by the spell trying to I don’t know if there’s a
spell going into him maybe he may be in pain and holding that hand in pain we
then see that all of the spell is removed from around the mysterious
figures above area and we see the malice really shoot upward very aggressively we
see a scene of link helping Zelda climb up something I think that’s just random
b-roll as well as the shrine that they are entering so this shrine or well more
appropriately large underground structure looking at the way that these
pillars are laid out not so much the inscriptions on them however the overall
feel of it does remind me a little bit of the three mazes that you encounter in
breadth of the wild the large three mazes that of course were made by the
ancient tribe who resided in the Ferren region and they worshipped that large
dragon shape and then at the entrance we have the sword of these two large hands
or paws that are carved into the structure we also see something golden
triangle here but we really can’t make it out so in this next scene we see what
we could presume link being lower and this mysterious hand being higher up it
grabs on to link his hand then goes limp and then it seems to drag him against
his own free will that slight dragging motion pulled him well this makes it
very clear who this is this is demise 100% this is demise granted this also
kind of looks like Ganondorf from Twilight Princess with the gold jewel on
his head the red hair that’s apparent everywhere as well as the additional
decoration that’s around him so a couple ideas as to what’s currently going on
here is this demise and demise is malice has been held back but this hand has
solely been sucking away demises power and powering up beast Ganon is this
ganondorf’s physical form who has been trapped down here and laid in malice and
then this hand once again was up and trying to pull out his malice and energy
this could also be Ganondorf trapped down
with his malice trying to expand but this hand holding it back
this large hand silhouette that we see coming from the wall this seems more
like a flashback than anything else because this appears to be much more of
a flushed out model not exactly representing what’s going on down here
this could be the scene in which physical form of Ganondorf was defeated
and then sealed away by this hand this could have all been done by the sheikah
moving forward we see link and zelda there seems to be some sort of
disruption in the structure and zelda seems to fall a little bit not too far
don’t worry she’s okay we see her holding a torch and inspecting this hand
super long fingernails need to cut those fingernails dog she turns around in
terror and in this scene we have a lot of this red in the air very similar to
the moments before the Blood Moon happens which as we know the Blood Moon
is a release of Ganon’s malice and power resurrecting all of the enemies in
breadth of the wild could that power and resurrection have something to do with
this mysterious figure who his eyes become illuminated that’s that’s the
whole trailer that’s pretty much what it’s about the eyes come to life again
expelling the same red that we’ve seen in fact this is the first we’ve seen of
it which would make me feel like this scene happens right before the scene
just like this his eyes turned bright red and then then become animated these
eyes actually look a lot like the small eyes that are holding back Ganon’s
malice in breath of the wild you know the ones that you have to shoot to
progress their areas and then we get to see breath of the wild
obviously not overtaken by Ganon so this would immediately make us think that
this happens postgame in breath of the wild and a direct sequel to breath of
the wild with Zelda being freed link being able to travel and help out Zelda
and not going on side quests we don’t see the malice taking over Hyrule Castle
and then there’s not much else going on here other than that Hyrule Castle
itself is rising up out of the ground kind of the same way that the gray
plateau is risen up a little bit which makes me feel like there’s something
underneath maybe in the same way that underneath
the gray plateau we have the divine beast that we saw in the champions DLC
and then the trailer ends with just a little bit more of the flowing green
texts and shapes then we see that the sequel to breath of the wild is now in
development and that’s literally it so the biggest question is who is this
man is it demise is it the physical form of Ganondorf I don’t know and why does
his teeth look like that of a vampires can we see a scene of demise with his
mouth open is that a thing oh right here boys and girls we get to see demises
accented incisors the eye I really hope these are incisors I don’t know much
about teeth but as you can see that tooth there’s a heck of a lot longer
than those teeth just like we see on this boy over here definitely in this
scene right here those are those are some pointy boys the same way that they
are on demise and just for argument’s sake I wanted to pull up this scene
right here from toilet princess with Ganondorf who clearly has straight teeth
now they were able to model how the how deep his teeth are so I’m sure they
could model if one of these was an incisor now I know that it’s a little
ridiculous going off just the shape of his incisors being more vampiric and if
it’s good enough for forensics to identify deceased bodies by using dental
records then it’s good enough for a Zelda tuber I really do strongly feel
like this is demise and the whole narrative of this is demises malice was
being held back underneath Hyrule Castle which has these walls underneath it
going over this bridge leading us to this temple where this room is where all
this magic stuff for some reason that’s holding back demise and then all that
magic for some reason expels the bindings of demise and then enters link
or maybe rejoins with link and then demise wakes up and he wants to destroy
everything that’s it that’s it that’s everything there we go boys and girls
full analysis of the breadth of the wild sequel first looked trailer
my money is on demise and until I get further evidence going otherwise that’s
who I’m going to bet on I want to know what do you think leave a comment down
below if you think that it is demise be sure to hit the like button or if you
think it’s Ganondorf then instead hit the like button if you’re new to the
channel be sure to subscribe turn on notifications until next time Austin
John out

100 thoughts on “Breath of the Wild Sequel Trailer Analysis”

  1. The dude is ganon look at the gem on the middle of his head and he is wearing a lot of jewelry which indicates he is a geruto also when his neck pops that's him popping his neck back in to place because his neck got snapped in twilight princess. and the hand is holding on to the wound is the sword stabbed in to ganon also at the end of twilight princess and the writing is geruto

  2. Boi. Gannondorf destroyed hyrule castle and build his own in oot. So i guess its happening again :p.

    Red hair
    Gerudo jewels
    Pointy Nose

    Me: John give me your money its gannondorf

  3. You should watch NBC's BotW 2 videos, also most of everything in this location is more reminiscent of the Zoni tribe, not the Sheikah tribe. Still you have some interesting thoughts.

  4. Woah
    I just realised that the green magic particles are the same shade as the "magic" from Satori mountain where you can find the Lord of the mountain. Mind. Blown.

  5. When we got a side view of the "zombie" thing, there was a gerudo symbol thing that you can see in Ocarina of time

  6. Great video! Now looking at it the reddish brown hair might be the fire on demise head put out or not lit.

  7. The zombie is ganandorf and those red particles are the blood moon and resurrecting ganandorf also and u can see a guruedo symbol and the zombie

  8. The leather shoulder pad and long sleeve bits coming from under the Champion tunic are elements from the Hylian tunic in BOTW

  9. MAYBE we’ll get to play as Zelda as well? So like.. Character switch? Idk. I just see her wearing the hooded cape with a “feminine style” to it which implies any clothes that Link can wear, there will be a “female style” to when Zelda would wear it. Idk. It’s just my speculation on what /I/ think will be in the Breath Of The Wild sequel.

  10. I'm guessing that thing as the end of the trailer that turned its head to Zelda it's
    eyes when he was that I'm guessing that he came back to life as a redead

  11. In botw it mentioned that Gannon abandoned his physical form to become calamity Gannon so it could be his abandoned body his earring and cape have the same insignia that Gannon is associated with

  12. That skeleton is got to be Gannon’s physical form after death being like resurrected from him under ground grave
    Because like if you look at his forehead and all of the jewels and bands hanging off of him then you look at a picture of Gannon you can see that there the exact shape size and jewelry in general then if you look at his hair it’s red like Gannon’s! Then if you look at the teeth there’s fangs Gannon has fangs the eyes strongly like you said resemble the eyes in which you need to shoot to get rid of malice. Then like the look on Zeldas face when she sees him is like the look of terror but like at the same time familiarity

  13. What if it's demise and that location Could be the sealed temple and the resting place of ganondorf's body

  14. Conclusion: This is the Mipha X Link fandom going to war with the Zelda X Link fandom. The music is also a remix of Zelda’s Lullaby, I think.

  15. I think it might be Gannon because if you look there are many gerudo symbols around him bit maybe it is demise and demise whas a gerudo Male born before ganon but I feel like skyward sword would have pointed that out but maybe it was intentional of Nintendo not to mention it

  16. I’ve been replaying the original BOTW game and in part after the fight in Vah Naboris and it get on top of the mountain and the spirit of Urbosa looks of in the distance towards the castle where Gannon is and she starts talking, listen closely, you’ll hear her say that Gannon once took a form of a gerudo, so I’m thinking gannondorf don’t believe me go back and play it again and see, you’ll thank me later

  17. My theory ab the sequel of Breath of the Wild: All the dead champions have their own divine beast, special weapon, and ability right? Well if you have DLC, Link has his own divine beast, (The Master Cycle Zero) and his own special weapon (The Master Sword). What if that strange magic that absorbs into his hand becomes HIS champion ability? Furthermore, all the champions have their own version of the champions tunic, including Zelda herself, who designed them. She also has the power of the Triforce and the Bow of Light. Anyone else see the strange Sheika Tech pillars around Hyrule Castle turn blue in the secret ending? Didn't you just beat Dark beast Ganon and Calamity Ganon? What if Zelda has her own divine beast, and its Hyrule Castle???? The Sheika did have a lot of mysteries, revealed, and still hidden to this day.

  18. Austin John if that is Demise do you think the hand that is keeping the seal is skyward sword Link's hand??!

  19. Austin john plays
    1. That corpse you see is ganondorf
    2. The luminous stones might be there to light up the place, but if you read there description in botw then you will find out that luminous stones could probably be lit up because of spirits that could be in them.
    3. No offense to you your videos are great but I didn't really like the description you gave

  20. I have a theory (well two)

    One is that the war-like tribe from the Faron region had had the wall paintings and discovered the underground place and was killed by the mysterious being (idk why I think that it’s just a stupid thought I had)

    And two, the Guredo Script saying “Seal Gannon” is the power in the master sword and might I add multiple characters said that “the power that seals the darkness is the green stuff. Which I’m guessing is the power in the sword. Also the malice can take over a creature (example is Nayru) is that the hand is the power inside the sword or some sort of magic draining or stabilizing the malice.

    And ya that’s my stupid theory sorry for it being kinda long

  21. Dude if you look close you can see the symbol of the gerudo on multiple peices of jewelry on this corpse which solidifies the facts that it's gannondorf

  22. Isn’t the language the Gerudo language and the the corpse dude is Ganondorf idk just my theory on what the language is

  23. The teal thing says seal ganon the zombie is a monk or ganon most likely ganon cause the spell says seal ganon

  24. Ok, so from what i can guess, it seems like the story of the game so far is that Link and Zelda go under Hyrule castle. There they find the wall paintings about Ganondorf and how he tried to overtake the kingdom?

    A hand seems to be sealing Ganon but instead, it seems now that the seal is moving away from Ganon and the malice is leaking out. Now it is safe to assume, that once Ganon awakens, the malice rises and makes the castle rise as well.

    This causes that earthquake scene we saw. Link almost falls but the green hand saves Link and fuses with him.

    What im glad about however is that Link seems to be more prepared this time. He has upgraded champion armor and the master sword.

    Hopefully this means the game will be much different. Since its a re-exploration of the Hyrule in BOTW, having shrines and towers and divine beasts and guardians wouldnt make sense considering Ganon possessed those. That means this game is going to be very different from part 1 not to mention the new hand power Link has. Plus, Zelda isnt kidnapped. That could mean 2 player co-op/AI/online

  25. So in the trailer we see presumable ganondorf in a mummy state. Maybe the mindless Calamity Ganon is dead but the mind and actual body has survived. We also see a weird green-blue energy hand with spell/spirit coming out. But while replaying the game I heard the king say ''The signs of a resurrection of Calamity Ganon are clear. And the power to oppose it lies dormant beneath the ground.'' Lies dormant beneath the ground. Could this green-blue power hand be that power. I was wondering if you could look into this with all your resources. I think their might actually be something here.

  26. The music reversed sounds like:
    “Poor Hyrule for Link has found the body” (repeated)
    And the last one sounds like:
    Poor Hyrule for Link is gone
    Probably wrong but just what i hear

  27. If you revers it you may hear poor hyrule ot zelda link had found the body and some times please help us its creepy and you will mostly hear link has found the body in reverse

  28. I think the backwards music is something from Oot
    I forgot the name but my friends sing it backwards all i remember is “healing” in the name

  29. I think Ganondorf beacause right where the spell is holding the wound is the same exact spot as gandorfs weak spot in twilight princess

  30. Hey just a crazy conspiracy.. but have you noticed the triforce doesnt have anything to do with the game…maybe now with Gannondorf they can Bring the 3 parts of the triforce back up.. cause in breath of the wild I dont remember it.. let me know if I'm juts crazy but I thought I'd leave this here for you to investigate for me …lol detective pikachu style lol jk

  31. The whole backwards thing, a lot of people hear "poor hyrule, for link found the body"
    "Poor hyrule, for link is gone,"
    There's a bunch more but a lot has to do with finding a body. Pretty creepy

  32. I normally don’t post comments but I feel like I should say this because I haven’t seen this in the comments but when he plays the music backwards there is a part that sounds like some of the frost mansion music from twilight princess. Take of that what you will maybe I’m wrong or it’s just a coincidence but I really do hear it if you also heard it can you let me know because if not then I’m going insane.

  33. If I'm remembering correctly the malice we see in the trailer doesent look like the density or whatever we see in BotW 1. And btw demise Decintegrated at the end of skyward sword. You think he would know since he is a fan of zelda

  34. I have a theory:

    If anyone remembers the blood moon maybe ganondorf was brought back like how the other monsters come back

    Also the monster was wearing gerudo jewelry

  35. hey austin, i found something that might be important, it translates the reverse sounds. It was originally from a former nintendo tree house member who wrote text for games:

  36. If you reverse it, you can kinda hear:
    "poor hyrule, for link has found the body"
    and on the last chant you hear:
    "poor hyrule, for link is gone.

    In conclusion, Game Theory was right. Link is dead.

  37. Heart me out for just a sec.
    We know in order to become the Calamity, Ganon gave up on reincarnation. Anyone who finished Skyward Sword knows Link is cursed to always be the Hero that has to fight Ganon for eternity, and now Ganon's given up on reincarnation. What if Demise is pissed that Ganon is gone for good, rendering his curse useless. What if Demise makes a comeback in order to revive Ganon? What if this game is the finale of one of the timelines?

  38. I think the clips are reversed like the music.

    Also, Ganondorf levitated Hyrule castle in Ocarina of Time and he was not destroyed in that game, but sealed by the 7 Sages in the spirit realm. Maybe this is a sequel to both BOTW and OOT?

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