Breath of the Wild: Shirtless Hero – PART 1 – Game Grumps

Breath of the Wild: Shirtless Hero – PART 1 – Game Grumps

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[Arin] Hey I’m Grump!
[Danny] I’m Not So Grump! [Together] And we’re the Game Grumps! [Arin] OH FUCK!
[Danny] Oh, goddamn it. Fuck.
[Arin] Hap! Oh, my penis! [Danny] Wel… *laughs*
[Arin] My penis!~ [Danny] Welcome to Helga: Death of the Mild [Danny] Uh… The story of a woman named Helga
and how she dies eating mild sauce at Taco Bell [Arin] Alright, you’re lying [Danny] Well uh- Fucking- Is that not what this game
is about? ‘Cuz if not, I’m walking the fuck outta here [Arin] Well… So yes, um, I got- I got a… [Arin] I got a jam for ya, brotha [Arin] I got a real good jam
[Danny] Really? [Arin] Yeah
[Danny] Is the jam hot? [Arin] ♫ Listen to my rap ♫
♫ It sounds like crap ♫ [Arin] ♫ But that’s okay ♫
♫ If it sounds a little lame ♫ [Danny] Wow
[Arin] ♫ Listen to it quick ♫
♫ ‘Cuz it sounds like shit ♫ [Danny] You know what?
I didn’t expect that jam to be SO tasty
[Arin] Thank you [Danny] It’s almost like the mild sauce that Helga
fuckin’- well, whatever. [Arin] Helga so tah-sty?
[Danny] Wel- Wel- Welcome! [Danny] Welcome to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [Arin] Yeah! This is- It’s the new Zelda game
[Danny] Yeah [Danny] This is the day where Arin and I looked
at each other and we were like [Danny] ‘Hey, every Let’s Player in the world is gonna be
doing this do we really want to do it too?’ [Danny] And we were like… ‘Fuck yeah’ [Arin] Yeah… Well I mean it’s- it’s like the number one
asked question when we were on tour [Danny] It’s true [Arin] Uh… ‘Are- Are you guys gonna’-
[Danny] Wait, wait. It already started! [Arin] Yeah, I know
[Danny] Wait, read the things [Arin] Oh, Okay. I think there’s a voice-over in this. [Danny] Holy shit
[Arin] Yeah [Arin] All the characters…speak
[Danny] *gasp* [Arin] They speak-aroonie. The San Fernando treat. [Danny] Oh my god. That’s really exciting.
[Arin] Yeah [Arin] This sure is a lot of uh… white screenage there-
Oh, there we go! [A: Guide] O-Open your eyes… [Arin] Did you like that?
[Danny] Yeah [Arin] That’s good acting, right? [A: Guide] Open your eyes [Danny] Oh wait, wait
[Arin] Yeah, see? There is a voice-over
[Danny] Okay, yeah [Danny] Could you turn it up a little bit?
[Arin] I mean, m- [Danny] *gasp*
[Arin] So demanding, dude [Danny] Oh, she’s so pretty [Arin] That’s Link!
[Danny] Oh, uh… [Both laughing]
[Danny nervously clearing his throat] [Arin] That’s Mr. Boy, Link
[Danny] Yeah, you’re right [Arin] He’s naked
[Danny] He’s still- [Danny] He’s still a pretty dude
[Arin] Yeah, well… [Danny] He’s got those boxer briefs
[Arin] I agree [Arin] They’ve toned down the lippage a little bit [Danny] The lippage?
[Arin] Yeah. In Skyward Sword, he’s got like lips for days. [Danny] Big pillow lips?
[Arin] Yeah [Danny] Alright, cool
[Arin] Fuckin’ sweet DSL [Danny] Wow [Danny] Got the ponytail going… the long sideburns…
[Arin] Oh yeah, he’s cool [Danny] I could pull that look off
[Arin] I cou- *laughs* [Arin] I mean, I couldn’t
[Danny] Yeah- You shou- [Arin] I couldn’t with the elf ears
I’d look like a big- I’d look like a doof [Danny] Believe- Believe in yourself, Arin [Arin] You gotta be a really, real like
pretty boy to pull off the elf ears look [Danny] Yeah, you’re probably right [Arin] You can’t be like- Unless lik-
O-Or like super manly, right? Like… [Arin] Like Lord of the Rings style [Danny] I feel like we’re off topic. This is-
The important thing is that Link’s in a sauna [Danny] I’m really chilling out right now
[Arin] *laughs* Just hanging out at the spa [Arin] Ah, mele~
Great way to start off this Zelda game [Arin] Just…
[Danny] Yeah [Arin] Get a little relaxation
[Danny] Yeah [Arin] Alright… There’s- There’s- [Arin] So this is all like mysterious and shit, right?
So I’ve been told, right? This game… [Danny] Yeah, you’re not supposed to know
what he was just doing [Danny] In that Minority Report tub
[Arin] Oh, no. Full- Full mys- mystery [Danny] My iPhone. Sick case, bro. [Arin] No, it’s the- it’s the Switch
[Danny] Ah [Arin *British accent*] Okay, thanks [Arin *Brit*] I didn’t know we were in England
[Danny *Brit*] -England [Danny] Cryogenically frozen in England? [Arin] Oh yeah
[Danny] Whoa [Arin] He’s like
[A: Link *Brit*] When’s tea? [Danny laughs] [A: Link *Brit*] Mm… Delicious
[A: Link] Hap! Whoa [Arin] He starts playing fucking 1-2-Switch on it
[Danny] Yeah *laughs* [Arin] “Sheikah Slate.”
“A mysterious tablet with a glowing center.” [Arin] “There’s something familiar about it.” [Arin] *fake laugh* You get it?
Because it’s the fucking Nintendo Switch [Danny] Got it, boo~ [Both laughing] [Arin] Yep, I got it too [Arin] Alright, let’s get the fuck outta here
[Danny] Nice [Arin] Look at how fucking jacked I am. Like I’m pretty-
[Danny] Yeah [Danny] How old is he?
[Arin] I got- I got back muscles. Like, look. [Danny] Link- Link’s older now, right? [Danny] It seems that way
[Arin] Well, I mean, every Link is different [Danny] Okay
[Arin] Except for… Ocarina and Majora [Arin] And like maybe… I don’t know [Arin] Dude, I got an old shirt [Arin] Alright, I gotta-
[Danny] I think Zelda 1 and 2 had the same Link [Arin] Did it?
[Danny] Yeah, I think so
[Arin] Maybe [Arin] Check it out! I got a shirt now
[Danny] Aw, sweet old shirt, bro [Arin] Um… Honestly… [Arin] There we go. That’s much better.
[Danny laughing] [D: Link] Ah, finally I can breathe! Right, ladies? [Arin] Awesome, well-worn trous-
Why would I want trousers? [Arin] When I can run around in…
[Danny] Yeah. Like you can just roll around [Arin] …My sweet jammie-jams
[Danny] All NUDE [Arin] Uh, okay [Danny] Look at that! Floatin’…
[Arin] Jeez- You got it, baby [Arin] *laughs* Yeah [Arin] Stilettos (?)
[Danny] I thought of (Danni) Carlos too [D: Guide] Just, um- [D: Guide] Hold the Sheikah Slate-
Um, you’re an idiot and- [D: Link] Um, okay. Thank you. [Arin] Nice [Arin] It’s filled with magic and mystery
[Danny] Yeah [Arin] *laughing* Authenticating…?
[Danny *robot voice*] Hacking computer [Arin *robot*] Downloading. Buffering.
[Danny laughing] [Arin *robot*] The internet’s connection has died [Arin] And here I am, out in the magical world [Arin] They just throw you right in
[Danny] Wow [Arin] The first Zelda-
[Danny] Awesome
[Arin] Aside from the first one, that really did this [Danny] You should put on some clothes, man
[Arin] Nah, it’s nice and sunny out [Arin] I wanna feel the warm-
[Danny] Look at you, you got the deep V [Arin] Yeah
[Danny] Hell yeah [Arin] I wanna feel the- the-
[Danny] Keep swimming, Link [Arin] The wind on my chest… [Arin] The air on my face [Arin] Dude, I- I literally just was born [Arin] So maybe chill out with the fucking… [Arin] Heck no babble- Whatever the hell’s going on [Danny] Like you’ve been awake for two seconds… [D: Guide] Relax Link, you’ll want to chill out
after your long slumber [D: Guide] SAVE THE WORLD!!!
[Arin laughing] [Arin] “If your Stamina Wheel runs-”
Okay- I can- Okay, so I can climb and shit [Arin] That’s one of the things I can do now
[Danny] Oh, sweet [Arin] Yeah. I can dash which is
an old Skyward Sword thing.
[Danny] Ooo, beautiful [Arin] I’ve been told maybe the stamina
isn’t as bad in this. We’ll see. [Arin] I will be the judge-
[Danny] Aw yeah! It’s a new Zelda game, man! [Danny] This is awesome!
[Arin] Yeah [Arin] I’m- I’m on a naked adventure, man
[Danny] WHOO! [Arin] Look at how nude I am
[Both laughing] [D: Guide] Link, stand on the cliff… majestically
[A: Guide] There’s nothing quite better- [Arin] So I can go to all these places [Arin] It- It’s just open now [Danny] Oh really?! [Arin] Yeah. The- The… The first Zelda since
the first one that’s just fucking open [Danny] It’s like they saw your uh… your Sequelitis
and were like ‘We’ll fucking show him’ [Arin] I mean…. [Arin] Yes *laughs* That would be cool
[Danny] Yeah [Arin] If they were like ‘Fuck this guy’
[Danny laughing] [A: Old Man] Uh- Oh shit!
[Both laughing] [D: Old Man] I’ll get away…
[A: Old Man] I don’t- I don’t like naked men [A: Old Man] I certainly don’t [Danny] The Great Plateau~
[Arin] Oh, I’ve gotta grab this stick [Arin] Use it as a weapon [Arin] Brah, brah. Check this out. [Arin] Hyah! Hyah! Hyah Hyah! [Danny] Excellent
[Arin] Yeah [Arin] So this game’s all about like, uh… [Danny] Beating the shit out of the people with sticks? [Arin] Well you just like find shit.
It’s not like ‘Now you have this sword’ [Arin] It’s like, you can use a stick
Or there’s like an axe that you can find [Arin] Or like this or that, or like… [Arin] It’s a little more… [Arin] *laughs* Uh… [Arin] I- I know people are tired of this analogy but
it’s a little more Dark Souls-esque [Danny] Yea- Nah, I mean…
[Arin] ‘Cuz it’s- it’s true [Danny] That’s kinda what it is [Arin] Uh, but you know [Danny *stoner*] Collect those Hylian Shrooms, brah!
[Arin] Thanks, brah [Arin] I guess I head…
[Danny] And then head over to Fish concert [Arin] But I want- *laughs*
[Danny] Really jam out [Arin] I wanna go to the REAL big fish concert [Both laughing] [Arin] I’m not into those normal sized fish
[Danny] Yeah [Arin] I want- I want to hear the…
[Danny] I want- [Arin] ♫ Ben- Ben- Benana! ♫ [Danny] ♫ Burdurdur Durdurdur ♫ [Arin] Bigger, big fish
[Danny] Yeah, I want fish so large that they… [Danny] They start the place on fire
[Arin] Watch this… Hold on [Arin] Oh no! My Tree Branch is badly damaged!
[Danny] Nooo! [Arin] HOW COULD THAT BE!?
[Danny laughs] [Arin] I’ve only used it once!
[Danny] I’ve only c-whacked it a few times [Arin] Hold on. If I- I can climb this…
and then I can take the apples [Arin] AH HA HA- Look at that!! HA HA ha ha ha [Danny] Kinda makes you feel it didn’t really need
the three question marks [Arin] Fucking Giving Tree-Ass Motherfucker
[D: Old Man] Aren’t you… a bit chilly? [Arin] Oh, he was commenting on my nakedness
[Danny] Oh yeah [A: Old Man] Rather unusual to see-
[A: Link] Who are you? [Arin] “Bye” *laughs* [A: Old Man] I’ll spare you my life story [A: Old Man] But anyway, I was born in a small town
[Danny laughing] [A: Old Man] Just an old fool who-
[D: Old Man] It was back in the Spring of ’35… [A: Old Man] I hope you’ll permit me a question…
If I may be so bold…are you not chilly? [A: Link] Where are we?
[Danny] He’s like ‘I’m chillin’ like a villain’ [A: Old Man] Answering a question… Fair enough [A: Old Man] As I cannot imagine our meeting to be
a simple coincidence… I shall tell you [A: Old Man] This is the Great Plateau [A: Old Man] According to legend, this is the
birthplace of the entire kingdom of Hyrule [Arin] Oh yeah? [D: Old Man] And I’m WAY fucking bigger than you
[Arin] *laughing* Yeah [D: Old Man] So don’t try any shit, ya nude bastard
[Arin laughing] [A: Old Man] Look. Over there…
[D: Old Man] Over there [A: Old Man] It’s a place you can buy some clothes
[Danny] Yeah, I was just gonna say ‘It’s a Forever 21’ [Both laughing] [A: Old Man] That temple there… Long ago,
it was the site of many sacred ceremonies [A: Old Man] Ever since the decline of the kingdom
100 years ago, it has sat abandoned, in a state of decay [A: Old Man] Now a bunch of homeless people
live in there and do crack
[D: Old Man] Go there and… Fix it up for me [A: Old Man] Yet another forgotten entity
A mere ghost of its former self… [A: Old Man] I shall be here for some time
Please let me know if I may be of service [Danny] Yeah
[Arin] Um… [Arin] Yeah, could you not bother me anymore?
[Danny] What kind of service? [Danny] I’m the guy who sits by the fire
and makes comments about your nudity [Arin] *laughs* Yeah
It really uh… [A: Old Man] Well then, just help
yourself to that torch there
[Danny] Yeah, right? [Both laughing]
[Danny] Well then… [Arin laughs] [D: Old Man] Anything else of my
NOTHING you want to steal? [A: Link] To set things on fire! [A: Old Man] That is rather…unnerving [A: Old Man] Please be cautious with that
around any dry grass that might catch fire [A: Old Man] You know, there’s
plenty of monsters in this area [A: Old Man] That torch would make
a good weapon, if need be [A: Old Man] That was one of your choices
and you blew it [A: Old Man] Totally blew it [A: Old Man] However, do not just swing it
around without purpose [A: Old Man] You must face your opponents
and lock your sights on them [Danny] Excellent [A: Old Man] Mmm, men are really-
[Danny] This is a very cool way to uh… [Danny] Teach you the game
[A: Old Man] Lock sights- Mmm, lock sights on you [Arin] What’s this? [A: Old Man *sarcasm*] Oh yeah,
just take that apple I baked!
[Danny] Yeah, yeah [A: Old Man] I BEG YOUR PARDON! [A: Old Man] I do believe that is MY baked apple!
You can’t just go about taking whatever you please! [A: Old Man] Oho ho! Forgive me–
I could not resist pulling your leg [D: Old Man] I’ll take your leg!
[Arin laughing] [A: Old Man] Please help yourself
An apple and an open flame make for a succulent treat [Arin] You just like take his fucking fireplace [Danny] Yeah
[Arin] And he’s like [A: Old Man] Alright, well maybe at this point
[D: Old Man] I don’t- I mean, that’s cool… [D: Old Man] I built- I built that fire
[A: Old Man] Yeah, no big deal [Arin] Uh, I’m gonna equip the torch [Arin] And then I’m gonna light the fuck out of it
[Danny] Really? [Danny] Won’t it burn out?
[Arin] Check it, Check it! [Danny] Ooo! [Arin] Look at me, look at me! I’m gonna light this one [Arin] Hyah!
[Danny] Yeah! [Arin] Look at that [D: Old Man] Okay, just burn that wood
Okay, my axe too… [D: Old man] Cool… Cool… [A: Old man] God, you’re just a
straight up thief aren’t you? [D: Old Man] Cool, cool, cool [A: Old Man] You couldn’t steal some clothes?
[Danny] Yeah [Arin] Get some fucking apples, bro [D: Old Man] Oh… [D: Old Man] All the apples from my favorite tree
[Arin laughing] [D: Old man *sarcasm*] Good, good, good
[A: Old Man *sarcasm*] Things are going great for me! [Both laughing] [A: Old Man] Oh boy
[Danny] How do you crawl up to those branches? [Arin] I don’t want to
[Danny] Okay [Arin] I’m not interested
[Danny] Well that settles that [Arin] Let’s go- What the fuck?!
[D: Guide] Link [A: Guide] Link… [A: Guide] Put some fucking clothes on [Arin] Ah man [Arin] Alright. For the show, I’m gonna leave this shit on
but at home, I’m gonna turn all that shit off [Danny] Okay
[Arin] ‘Cuz… [Arin] It’s an open world game.
I don’t want to fucking… [Arin] You know what I mean?
[Danny] Follow the Sheikah Slate, baby [Arin] Uh, okay. So it wants me to go that way. [Arin] You know, I don’t WANT to…
I’d rather look over here [Danny] Stop you whining and just- Fucking goddammit
[Arin] Well, I mean look at that [Arin] Like that- that guy like immediately, was like
‘Check out this place’ and it’s like ‘Alright’ [Arin] And he didn’t set a waypoint or anything
so it’s like fuck, well, I kinda want to go there [Danny] Is that where the slate’s telling you to go? [Arin] What- No
[Danny] Oh [Arin] But I’m gonna go here [Arin] Temple of Time, bro
[Danny] Ooh… Let’s do it [Danny] See if I care [Danny] We’re- We’re doing like an hour long
episode to get this party started anyway [Arin] Oh yeah
[Danny] Like… [Arin] *laughing* So why not waste it exploring
[Danny] It- It’s like [Danny] Yeah, pointless meandering
[Arin] Side tracking [Arin] Uh, here we go
[Danny] Oh shit [Danny] Your first enemy! [Arin] It’s a Bokoblin… noblin
[Danny] Aww [D: Bokoblin] Ow, ah! Fuck! [A: Bokoblin] Ow! Is that a torch? [Arin] Hell yeah
[Danny] You go back to the Old Man like [D: Old Man] Did you meet my friend, the Bokoblin?
[Danny chuckling] [Arin] Um… [Arin] I’m gonna fucking equip that.
Oh, wait. [Danny] Equip the axe, dude
[Arin] But this one’s stronger [Danny] Oh really?
[Arin] Yep [A: Link] Hyaaah!
[Danny] Awh, man [Arin] Got ‘im!
[Danny] Wow [Arin] I got his horn, dude
[Danny] Really beat the shit out of him [Arin] “It isn’t edible, but it can be tossed into a stew
with some critters to make an elixir” [Danny] Hmm [Arin] That’s nice! Who’s telling me that?
[Danny] I don’t know [Arin] Uuuh, oh nice. Look, there’s shit in here! [Arin] I can pick- Oh [Danny laughing]
[Arin] Alright, let me just pick this one up
[D: Old Man] Did you find my pots? [Both laughing] [A: Old Man] You didn’t break them, did ya? [A: Old Man] You got a face on like you broke them
[D: Old Man] They’re basically Fabergé eggs so… [D: Old Man] One of a kind. Super…
[Arin] Wait. Why’s this- [Arin] Oh that’s not R, that’s ‘the’ R [Danny] Ooh ho
[Arin] This one’s R [Danny] Okay
[Arin] There we go [Arin] Look, I can throw fucking pots around
[Danny] It’s- [Arin] *GASP* [Arin] I’M SO EXCITED, I’M GONNA THROW THIS POT! [Danny] Yeah! [Danny] ♫ Doo ♫ (Legend of Zelda main theme song) [Arin] What’d I get?
[Danny] ♫ Doodudududu-doo ♫ [Arin] Oh shit!
[Danny] ♫ Doodudududu-doo ♫ [Arin] I got a Traveler’s Bow
[Danny] ♫ Doo ♫ [Danny] ♫ Dududoo-dududoo-dududoo ♫ [Danny] ♫ Dudu doo-doo… Doo doo doodududoo ♫
[Arin] ♫ This game… Is really, pretty cool ♫ [Arin] ♫ So far I really dig it ♫
[Danny] ♫ Doo doo dududoo ♫ [Arin] ♫ It makes me happy ♫
[Danny] ♫ Dudoodoo dudoo dudoo ♫ [Arin] ♫ To play this game ♫
[Danny] ♫ Doo doo dudoo ♫ [Arin] ♫ It is cool and fun ♫
[Danny] ♫ Doo dudoo dudoo ♫ [Arin] ♫ Everyone is cool ♫
[Danny] ♫ Doo dudoo dudoo ♫ [Arin] ♫ Like you, Dan ♫ Dan’s cool
[Danny] ♫Doo doo dudududoo dudududoo dudududoo♫ [Danny] Oh, thank you
[Both laughing] [Arin] Wow, look at this statue over here [Danny] Yeah, the- Oohhh… [A: Statue] Mm, mm… I am the pi-
[D: Statue] I am the watcher of the sacred pots [Arin] Oh, press A to pray [Arin] “The Goddess Statue smiles upon you…” [Arin] O-kay [Arin] Wha-uh…. Okay. I’m not praying.
I’m just kinda standing there, looking at it.
[Danny] Yeah [Danny] Wow, this is some dicketry
[Arin] Yeah [Danny] Hold on, the fan just went on
and I gotta go turn it off
[Arin] Alright [Danny] Awh dicks!!
Well, you don’t- you don’t have to pause it [Danny] You can just keep going for like 30 seconds
I’ll be right back *Voice fading from mic* [Arin] Oh, okay
[Danny *Away from mic*] Peace out! [Danny *Away from mic*] Talk to the lovelies!
[Arin] Uh, um… [Arin] Uh, Hello! Welcome to
The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past [Arin] That’s not what this is [Arin] Um… [Arin] I got a… [Arin] I got a bow… *laughs* I got a… [Arin] Awh, this is much harder [Danny *Away from mic*] It won’t fucking happen again! [Arin] What happened?
[Chris *Away from mic*] Alright, sorry. Fuck. Look, uh… [Chris *Away from mic*] Just turn the fan off.
We didn’t realize that… [Danny *back at mic*] We were recording [Arin] What a big, dumb idiot
[Danny] We were recording a super, important
first Zelda episode [Arin] What a big, dumb fucking idiot
[Danny] Yeah! [Danny] He’s dead to me! [Danny] But don’t worry, I went easy on him [Danny] I kicked the shit- *laughs*
[Arin] *laughs* Whoa, dude! [Danny] I threw him out the window
[Arin] He’s a helpless baby boy [Danny] He is. He’s very sweet.
[Arin] Don’t kick the shit out of him [Danny] Hey- *gasp* [Danny] I love the things he sa-
He’s always so self-deprecating. He’s like… [D: Chris] Danny, could you teach me how to- [Danny] Wait.. Eugh [D: Chris] Danny, I could teach you how to be grumpy [Both laughing] [Arin] It’d be like you teach him to be like-
like a dumpy idiot. Like really. [Danny] God, it’s like ‘Chris… stop…’ [Danny] Although we do have, um… [Arin *perky voice*] Ooo! Hylian Trousers!
[Danny] The pizza test, for Chris [Arin] Oh yeah
[Danny] Have we- Have we told him about that? [Arin] No
[Danny] No, we- Well… [Danny] We’ll tell him about it ‘cuz this
would be a hell of a way to find out [Danny] We always think,
if Chris is gonna, um… do something [Danny] We’re always like ‘Well… Is it pizza?’ [Danny] ‘Cuz if he- If he cares about- [Danny] If he cares about it, it’s probably pizza
[Arin] Oh yeah [Danny] And if it’s not pizza, he doesn’t
[Arin] Fucker loves pizza [Danny] So like- When he was like
‘Ah shit, I’ve gotta do my taxes but I really don’t want to’ [Danny] And I was like ‘Well, are your taxes pizza?’
[Arin laughing] [Danny] And he was like ‘No’
And I was like ‘There’s your problem!’ [Arin] Yeah, that’s the problem [Arin] Maybe make them pizza
[Danny] Yeah. Try that. [Arin] Whoa! My fucking club’s on fire, dude
[Danny] Dude, your fucking- [Danny] I’ve got a job with Chris in mind
[Arin] WHOO! [Danny] And I’m gonna beat the shit out of him!
[Arin laughing] [Arin] NOM NOM NOM!!! [Arin] Aw, Dan, look at that. Delicious Steak.
[Danny] Well you took it [Arin] Yeah
[Danny] Damn [Arin] Well I killed them and then I took their shit
[Danny] Yeah [Arin] Uh oh, I’ve- I’ve run out of stuff.
I gotta equip something else. [Danny *robust voice*] Hit them with the steak [Danny] Would you put on some clothes, please
[Arin] Why? [Danny] You’ve got some nice clothes now
[Arin] But I’m naked [Danny] It’s better for armor, isn’t it? [Arin] Who cares? [Danny] I don’t know, Arin [Arin] I’m naked as fuck!
[Danny] Yeah [Danny] Later, when you get killed in one shot by a guy [Danny] You’re gonna be like
‘This game’s fucking bullshit!’ [Arin] I’m really hoping that… They’re- The- [Arin] They- They still harp on the fact that
you’re naked through the whole game [Danny] Oh, I’m sure they will [Arin] ‘Cuz like I think- I think it’s hilarious that he’s like
‘Aren’t you a little cold?’ [Danny] Question. What is… that?
[Arin] Aren’t you a little nosy? [Danny] Whoa [Arin] Ooo
[Danny] Whoa, damn! [Arin] Oh yeah
[Danny] Yeah [Danny] Yeah, you might want to put
some fucking clothes on
[Arin] Eh, whatever. It’s all good. [Danny] Uh- Alright
[Arin] Cool [Danny] No, it’s fine
[Arin] I need a shield [Danny] *laughing* I need- I need a shield [Danny *sarcasm*] If only there were some kind of…
[Arin] To protect my body [Danny *sarcasm*] Some kind of wearable shield
[Arin laughing] [Danny] Damn
[Arin] Oh god, there’s- there’s more [Danny] Yeah, that’s actually… [Arin] Here, watch this [Arin] And I’m gonna… hyaAAHH! [Arin] Wait, I was gonna- I was gonna- I was tryin’ to…
I was tryin’ to do like a… that move [Arin] No no no! Oh shit! Oh SHIT! NOOO!
HE GOT ME!!! [Dany *sarcasm*] Noooo… I can’t believe it
[Arin] He got me! How could he have killed me?! [Danny *sarcasm*] Yeah, this is ridic- I can’t imagine [Arin] I had my skin
[Danny laughing] [Arin] That’s all the armor I need [Danny] He somehow pierced
my impenetrable, fleshy surface [Danny] Alright, well
[Arin] Did I hit continue? Okay, cool [Danny] Bu-
[Arin] Alright
[Danny] Tips and Tricks [Danny] Wear. Fucking. Clothes.
[Arin laughing] [Danny] …Stupid… [Arin] But I like being nekkid!
[Danny] Yeah [Arin] It’s fun
[Danny] I have to ask myself [Danny] Are clothes pizza?
[Arin laughing] [Arin *sensuous*] The answer… is yes
[Danny laughing] [Danny *sensuous*] I do not care about anything else
[Arin *sensuous*] I do… I do not care [Arin] HYAH! Ha ha! Ha! [Arin] Oh, it’s badly damaged- Oh no… that’s a shame
[Danny] Awwhhh [Arin] See! If I wore clothes, they’d just break on me
[Danny] Yeah [Danny] That’s- That’s probably what would happen
[Arin] Yeah, exactly [Danny] Steal their steak [Arin] So… Don’t- Don’t tease me
when I’m doing the right thing [Danny] You’re probably right [Arin] Yes, I got it. Alright, I’m gonna-
I’m gonna light it on fire [Danny] Mmm
[Arin] And then I’m gonna use it as a weapon [Arin] Against these motherfuckers [Danny] God will be on your side
[Arin] This tastes… [Danny] Have you ever heard of God
referred to as Sky Daddy? [Arin] No, that was your thing
[Danny] Oh yeah, we- we started doing that in, um… [Danny] In- In Vancouver.
But I don’t think- I don’t- [Danny] The ‘Couve! [Danny] By the way
[Arin] The ‘Couve! [Danny] Shout-out to fucking Vancouver (Canada) [Danny] We went there and fell in love with that city [Arin] Ah, so nice
[Danny] What an awesome town [Arin] So beautiful
[Danny] Yeah [Arin] Oh dude, I’m starting forest fires!
[Danny] Oh fuck! Aw, dance. Aw, shit. [Danny] Um… [Danny] Yeah, so we love the ‘Couve and- and… [Arin] Love the ‘Couve
[Danny] Well, Vernon- [Arin] Love us some ‘Couve!
[Danny] We started referring to God as Sky Daddy, um… [Danny] I-I can’t remember if it was us
that came up with it or if someone told us
[Arin] Oh god, oh god [Danny] But, um… It started raining and, uh… [Danny] I saw Vernon- who actually was
a religious man in- in his younger life [Danny] Look to the sky and quietly say [Danny] ‘Give me your cummies, Sky Daddy’
[Both laughing] [Danny] *laughing* It’s like… ‘Wow’ [Danny] ‘This has been a fascinating… thing to witness’ [Arin] Uuuh… [Arin] Give me your cummies, motherfucker!
[Danny] Yeah [Arin] GIVE ME YOUR CUMMIES!
[Dan] Nice! [Arin] Dude, I knocked him- Whoa! A Traveler’s Sword?
[Danny] Nice [Arin] That sounds way- AW, A SHIELD! [Danny] Excellent
[Arin] I’m gonna- I’m gonna eq- [Arin] I got the Boko Shield!
[Danny] Is- Is that shield made out of actual Boko? [Arin] Yes [Danny] Sweet
[Arin] 100% Boko [Danny] Yeah, I looked like it was
like potato chips fused together [Danny] I don’t know how- how good it really is
[Arin laughing] [Arin] Like the French Fry Bun? [Arin] Oh, I don’t know if you know about that
[Danny] Oh… God. Yeah, that was what they- [Danny] Okay. So, for anyone who didn’t see. Arin… uh… [Danny laughs] [Danny] If anyone wanted to know if
persistence pays off when, uh… [Danny] After being spurned by a lover [Danny] Look no further than Arin’s, uh… [Danny] Three-year begging courtship with Wendy’s
[Arin laughing] [Danny] Where they were finally like ‘Yeah, come on
down to the test kitchen and… and- and try some stuff’ [Danny] Uh… And you-
One of the things you ate was, uh… [Danny] An experimental… uh, Wendy’s bun
made of, uh, fused French fries [Arin] Aw man… And ketchup! [Danny] How was it?
[Arin] Oh, it was so good [Danny] Really?
[Arin] Dude, it was delicious [Arin] I mean, Wendy’s is- is… No joke, the best fast food
restaurant of all time and I will fight you [Arin] I don’t care
[Danny] You- You are- [Arin] You can be like
‘Ooo, Internet! We’re doing Five Guys’- [Arin] Which, by the way, isn’t fast food
It’s just food served fast [Danny] I just- I just don’t like fast food
Like it’s not- It’s not anything against like- [Arin] Oh, I’m not talking about you
[Danny] Ooh! Oh [Arin] I’m talking about people who have their [Arin] ‘N-N-No. But the best one is A&W’ [Arin] It’s like… Who the fuck wants A&W? [Danny] A&W? Like the Root Beer?
[Arin] Yeah [Danny] Or the ~cream soda~?
[Arin] Yeah [Danny] I didn’t know they had a-
I didn’t know they made food [Arin] Yeah, they make a- They have a fast food joint [Danny *high-pitch*] Whaat?!
[Arin] They make burgers and… [Danny] Are there-
[Arin] And cheese fries
[Danny] Are they in California? [Danny] I feel like I’ve never seen one in my life
[Arin] Um… Yeah, there’s some in California [Danny] Shit. Well, that’s news to me [Arin] Uh, there’s one like on the way to… [Arin] I don’t fucking know [Danny] Hey. Just so you know, everybody. Uh… [Danny] You can watch all the Let’s Players
in the world play this game today [Danny] They won’t be saying shit like [Danny] ‘Give me your cummies, Sky Daddy’
[Arin laughing] [Danny] And, uh, talking at length about
A&W Cream Soda/Fast Food Restaurants [Arin] Lo- Locations of A&W in California
[Danny] Yeah [Danny] You better believe that’s u-nique to Grumps
[Arin] Watch this. Hyah! [Arin] Oh, I didn’t- Awwhh, I missed
[Danny] Oh- Oh God! Oh! [Arin] Oh, that’s a shame
[Danny laughs] [Arin] Hold on. Let me- Let me try to get him
[D: Bokoblin] Shit, I’m fucked! [Danny] Whoa
[Arin] Hey, what’s up? [Danny] Damn!
[Arin] *laughs* That sucks [Danny] Daaamn
[Arin] Sorry, bro [Danny] You unleashed a melee attack
[Arin] I got their fuckin’ treasures though [Danny] Look at that skull, Goonies never say die
[Arin] Hngh! [Arin *nerd voice*] Look at my skullection
[Danny laughing] [Arin *nerd voice*] (unclear) [Arin] Oh yeah, oh yeah. Give me that fucking… [Arin] Give me that treasure, yo
[Danny] What a gorgeous game [Arin] Uh… Thank you for saying so [Arin] I spend a lot of time on it
[Danny] It is beautiful, isn’t it? Like… [Arin] Dude, I got another Traveler’s sword [Danny] Look at the little dusty things floating…
like in the wind [Arin] But they- They- They did a- I gotta say, man…
You know, I- Wha-Oh [Arin] I guess I should look before I leap, huh?
[Danny] *laughing* Yeah, how about that? [Arin] Uh… I gotta-
[Danny] Oh Okay [Arin] I gotta say, man, like uh…
Oh, I gotta find some hearts [Arin] Oh, no- I can just- I can eat! I forgot about that [Danny] Oh, it doesn’t actually kill you. Just puts you at… [Danny] The lowest possible health right there
[Arin] Yeah [Arin] Um… [Arin] Is that all that- Really?
It just gives me half a heart? [Danny] Well, I mean-
[Arin] Meh [Danny] They’re just fucking on trees. They’re like- [Arin] Well whatever, man! They’re apples! [Arin] They’re- They’re nourishing and delicious! [Arin] What does that say about-
To children- about apples? [Arin] They’re like ‘Ehh, apples aren’t that great’ [Danny] I-I think it says that if you jump off a cliff… [Danny] And shatter your body
[Arin] Dude, no [Danny] Maybe two apples aren’t really
gonna get the job done [Arin laughing] [Danny] ‘Cause that’s a fair lesson actually
[Arin] Alright, fine. I get- Your perspective makes sense. [Arin] Alright, fine. I’ll take it. [Danny] Ooo, can we give a shoutout to, uh
What was the comic book store? [Arin] Uuuuhhh…
[Danny] It- With Levi and Carl [Arin] I don’t remember
It was like Golden- I don’t know
(Golden Age Collectibles) [Danny] Yeah, it was a comic store that we visited [Danny] At the ‘Couve [Danny] Uh
[Arin] At the ‘Couve~ [Danny] And uh… They were so good to us and… [Danny] I- I- I read all kinds of new comics! [Danny] Deadly Class, Paper Girls.
[Arin] Mmm [Danny] Shit is awesome
[Arin] Yeah [Danny] Um, strongly recommend either of those
[Arin] Like the- the Miles Morales Spider-Man [Danny] Oooo
[Arin] Uuuhh… [Arin] Finished up, um… Astonishing X-Men [Arin] I really liked the Ultimate Spider-Man. So good. [Danny] Was it good?
[Arin] Yeah [Danny] I don’t read superhero stuff. Though I-
[Arin] I- I- I’m- [Danny] I’m sure it’s awesome
[Arin] I’m trying to find ones that I like [Arin] And I’ve hated them all
[Danny chuckling] [Arin] And I’ve liked this one
[Danny] Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! [Arin] Ultimate Spider-Man with
Miles Morales is really good [Danny] Cool, I’ll go check it out
[Arin] Um… [Arin] He’s the black Spider-Man [Danny] *gasp* What?
[Arin] Yeah [Arin] He’s- He’s awesome [Arin] He’s like my favorite Spider-Man.
He’s just so likable. [Danny] That’s killer
[Arin] Yeah [Arin] I- Like I read Ultimate Spider-Man and it’s okay
[Danny] So it’s actually- [Arin] But this one’s cool
[Danny] WHOA! Wait, this is actually… [Danny] Sorry, Black Spider-Man
You’re gonna have to wait a second [Arin chuckling] [Arin] I think- I think-
[Danny] Big things are happening [Arin] That’s a giant dick penetrating the world of Hyrule
[Danny] Yeah [Arin] Oh, they’re all coming out [Danny] Oh ho ho!
[Arin] We’re all getting fucked [Danny] You like that Sky DADDY!! [Arin] Yo, look at my WORLD DICK! [Danny laughing] [Arin] Yo, that’s an Australia boner [Danny] Wow… That’s really cool
[Arin] Probably gonna shoot lasers and shit [Danny] For reals!?
[Arin] I don’t fucking know
[Danny] Oh… [Arin] I have no idea
[Danny] Don’t get my hopes up- [Danny] Don’t excite me with… fucking laser
possibilities if you’re not sure [Arin] With laser Earth dicks? [Danny] This kinda reminds me a little bit of
something in Sonic Boom. Doesn’t it? [Danny] Weren’t there those- those platforms in the sky?
[Arin slowly cracking up with laughter] [Danny] With something in the middle
that you had to like push [Arin] Let it be known, that this game is fully derivative [Arin] Of Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic Boom
[Danny] Yeah. Yeah! [Danny] I mean, if anything, this game has a long way
to go to prove it can get to that level [Arin laughing] [Arin] If I can’t pause the game, unpause the game,
and then jump again in the air [Arin] And then pause the game and unpause the game
[Danny] Yeah [Arin] And jump in the air, again… [Arin] Then I don’t know what the fuck
[Danny] I’m- I’m gonna quit [Danny] Ooo! Is this the- Is this the full map of Hyrule? [Danny] Or is there other spots where-
[Arin] Uhh…This is the regional map [Danny] Ooo
[Arin] So, this is the map with- [Arin] Each tower, I think is attached to one section [Danny] Wow, that’s a huge map
[Arin] Yeah, this is a big one [Arin] Bigger-
[Danny] Big ol’ world [Arin] It’s the biggest one yet [Arin] It’s what they say [Danny] Really?
[Arin] Yeah [Arin] Who knows if it’s dense enough to-
to be big, but we’ll see. [A: Guide] Remember… [A: Guide] Put some fucking clothes on
[Danny] *laughs* Yeah [D: Guide] Try to remember… [D: Guide] First, pants… Then, shoooes…
[Arin chuckling] [A: Guide] Zip up the crotch… [Danny] You’ve been asleep for a hundred years?! [Arin] Oh shit [A: Guide] Your name was Carl… [Danny] Oh fuck [A: Guide] Nobody calls you that anymore…
[Danny] This is dark [Arin] Oh, jeez! Is that happening right now? [Danny] I think- I think it’s a flash of like…
what could happen [Arin] Are you sure? [Danny] Oh yeah…
[Arin] Are you sure it’s not happening right now? [Danny] I don’t know!
[Arin] And I’m like ‘Whoa, dude!’ [Arin] Yeah, I think it’s happening right now
[D: Guide] Now then… [D: Guide] Turn away… Pretend this isn’t happening
[Arin] *laughing* Yeah [A: Guide] Now then, wipe your butt… [A: Guide] Probably shit your pants pretty easil- [A: Guide] Well, your shorts
[Danny] Okay [A: Guide] You would’ve shit your pants if you had pants [A: Guide] So maybe it was a good idea!
[Danny laughs] [A: Guide] To- To- To keep the clothes off [Danny] Thinking ahead
[Arin] Yeah [Danny] With anything
[Arin] Now you can wipe your ass and… [Arin] Put some new- [Danny] Follow the Shei-KAH Slate
[Arin] You got it [Danny] Shei-kahh [Arin] Where is it now? The X? The X-
That seems like a bad- [Arin] It’s like, X marks the spot, right?
But that makes it seem like it’s wrong [Danny] What do you mean? [Danny] Oh! ‘Cuz like X’s are like-
Have a negative connotation [Arin] Exactly
[Danny] I see [Danny] So, what- What should it be? [Arin] Should I just…
[Danny] Like a little dick? [Arin] Like a little dot or something. I don’t know. [Danny] A little heart; A little Valentine
[Arin] Little- Little Valentine [Danny] The smiley face Valentine
[Arin] Yes, smiggity-smile [Danny] Oh, look at this. This is-
This feels ‘Shadow of the Colossus’-y [Arin] Yeah, man
[Danny] Probably not an adjective, but- [Arin] This game’s just full- full derivative, huh? [Danny] No! It’s just- It reminds me of things I like [Arin] This blue shit reminds me of… [Arin] Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus [Danny] What the fuck is that? [Arin laughing]
[A: Old Man] HEY! WHAT’S UP? [D: Old Man] Sorry, just catching some sweet Sky Daddy
[Arin laughing] [A: Old Man] It would seem we have
quite the enigma here. Ha-ha. [A: Old Man] This tower and others like it
erupted across the land, one after another [Danny] Oh, that’s the old man
[Arin] Yeah [A: Old Man] It is almost as though…
a long-dormant power has awoken quite suddenly [D: Old Man] Please, call me Old Man
[Danny] That’s the Legend of ‘Me Old Man’ [A: Old Man] If you do not mind me asking [A: Old Man] Did anything… odd occur
while you were atop that tower? [Arin] Uh, Yeah. The tower fucking sprouted up from the- [Arin] Oh, no. I heard a voice.
[Danny] Yeah [A: Old Man] WELL NOW! A voice, you say? [D: Old Man] Was she- Did she sound hot?
[Arin] *laughs* Yeah [A: Old Man] And did you happen to recognize
this mysterious voice? [A: Link] No
[A: Old Man] Ah, I see. Okay.
Well, that is unfortunate [D: Old Man] Yeah, no… No hot chick for you
[A: Old Man] Yeah [A: Old Man] Guess you’re not very good at
recognizing voice actors or anything like that [Arin] Oh, I can move the camera and shit
[Danny] Neat [A: Old Man] I assume you caught sight of that
atrocity enshrouding the castle
[Danny] It’s a lot like Skyrim [Both laughing] [Danny] I’m just gonna make that my thing now [Arin] Whoa, rocks on the ground. That’s like Tetris
when they fall on the ground and it looks like the rocks [A: Old Man] That is Calamity Ganon [A: Old Man] One hundred years ago, that
vile entity brought the kingdom of Hyrule to ruin [Arin] Aw, that’s a shame [A: Old Man] It appeared suddenly and
destroyed everything in its path [A: Old Man] So many innocent lives were lost in its wake
[D: Old Man] Thanks for reminding me [A: Old Man] For a century, the very symbol of
our kingdom, Hyrule Castle, has managed to
contain that evil. But just barely. [A: Old Man] There it festers, building its strength
for the moment it will unleash its blight
upon the land once again [A: Old Man] It would appear that
moment is fast approaching… [A: Old Man] It’s approaching RIGHT NOW!
[Both laughing] [A: Old Man] GET DOWN!!
[Both laughing] [A: Old Man] I must ask you, courageous one… [A: Old Man] Do you intend to
make your way to the castle? [A: Link] You think I’m courageous? *shy laugh* Wow… [A: Old Man] I do [Danny] He’s like ‘Excuse me!’ *slurps*
and he just like wipes his chin [Danny] And like his whole beard is just like fucking gravy
[Arin laughing] [Danny] ‘Oh, sorry, I-‘
[Arin] Like whipped cream [Danny] ‘I was eating mashed potatoes earlier and I…’
[Arin laughing] [Danny] ‘I got a little lost in- in the experience’
[Arin] *laughing and slurping sounds* [A: Old Man] I had a feeling you would say that
’cause that was the only option [Danny laughs] [A: Old Man] Here, on the isolated plateau [A: Old Man] We are surrounded on all sides
by steep cliffs, with no way down [A: Old Man] Let me give you this item to help you down [D: Old Man] No death could be more certain [D: Old Man] Unless you had some a-pples with you
[Arin laughing] [A: Old Man] One or two will do the trick!
[Danny laughing] [A: Old Man] Of course, if you had a paraglider like mine,
that would be quite another story [A: Old Man] SEE YA!
[D: Link] Hand it over!
[Both laughing] [A: Link] Paraglide-
[A: Old Man] Oho! Piqued your interest, have I? [A: Old Man] Yes, I didn’t come soaring down here
on my own feathery wings, you know! [A: Old Man] Worry not– I will happily agree
to give you my paraglider [A: Old Man] But not for nothing!! [D: Old Man] Now what could I possibly want with a-
[Arin laughing] [D: Old Man] With a barely clothed… child- man
[A: Old Man] -supple, young man [Danny] *laughs* Yeah
[Arin laughing] [D: Old Man] With your milky
hamstrings and creamy thighs
[A: Old Man] Mmm [A: Old Man] Well there’s nobody around here [A: Old Man] Let’s see now… [A: Old Man] How about I trade for a bit of treasure
that slumbers nearby? [D: Old Man] I’m talking about your penis [Both laughing] [A: Old Man] It will soon awake
[Danny] *laughs* Yeah [Both laughing] [Arin] “Your adventures will be detailed here” Ah, great
[D: Old Man] I’ll show you MY Adventure Log [Both laughing] [A: Old Man] Come. Let me show you something.
[Danny] Oh god [Arin] What should happen-
This would be reverse order, right? [Danny] The Old Man is HUGE [Arin] Oh yeah, he’s a giant old man
[Danny] I don’t remember him being that huge [Danny] When he was like ‘It’s dangerous to go alone!’ [Arin] No, that’s a different old man
[Danny] Oh okay [Arin] This guy doesn’t have like the wizard’s sleeve- [Arin] What the fuck is going on here? [Danny] Oh, this is a different Link
[Arin] Oh, look at all these arrows! [Arin] ♫ I got some fucking arrows ♫
[Danny] But the Ganon is the same, right? [Arin] Uh…
[Danny] He’s always like… [Arin] No
[Danny] No, Ganon’s not immortal? [Arin] No…
[Danny] Okay, cool
[Arin] I don’t know [Arin] He- Fucking, I don’t know
[Danny] I don’t know either
[Arin] The plot in Zelda’s dumb [Danny] Wow…
[Arin] Nobody cares
[Danny] Come right out and say it [Arin] Well, there’s people that care but I don’t care [Danny] Of course people care!
[Arin] Yeah [Arin] Well, it’s just ’cause th-
[Danny] There’s like this 500-page book
based on the history of Zelda [Arin] Well, it doesn’t matter until they started like-
They were like ‘Oh, well’ [Arin] In Wind Waker, they were like
‘Well, guess what? They’re all Link’ [Arin] And it’s like ‘What? That’s- Okay…’ [Arin] And then it’s like ‘Well, what’s Link?’ [Arin] And it’s like ‘Well, I mean…
We just made that up now, so…’ [Danny] Is Link, Link?
[Arin] Link- Link is Link to the Link- [Arin] Wait-Wait-Wait-Wait. What did I say I have to do? [Arin] I had to get a treasure [Danny] Yeah, he said ‘Come follow me’ I thought
[Arin] Oh [Danny] But he didn- Then he didn’t move [Arin] He’s right there
[Danny] *gasp* [A: Old Man] Oh ho ho!
[D: Link] Old Man, paraglide down! [Arin] Hey, what’s up?
[D: Old Man] Aren’t you a bit chilly? [A: Old Man] Do you see that structure there?
The one shining with a strange light? [Arin] Uh, there’s a couple
[Danny] Yeah, maybe get out of the way [Arin] Look at that one [A: Old Man] It began glowing at the exact same moment
those towers rose up from the ground [D: Old Man] Rise up, dawg [A: Old Man] It’s like- *laughs* [A: Old Man] It’s like nipples getting extra red
and sensitive when the boner happens [A: Old Man] Anyway, I- I would think such a place
might house some sort of treasure, wouldn’t you? [A: Old Man] Treasure for the paraglider.
A fair exchange, I believe. [Danny] Cool [Arin] Pile- Pile of dog shit
[Danny] Give me the paraglider [Danny] I’ll go there right now
[Arin] *laughing* Yeah [Arin] *laughing* And just sail away
[Both laughing] [Danny] Wheeee!
[A: Old Man] I believe I’ve been doped (duped) [Arin] Uh… Okay. I just go this way, I guess. [D: Old Man] I’ll catch him with my paragli- Oh, damn it [Both laughing]
[A: Old Man] It’s not fast enough [Arin] Just going to the fucking glowy shit
I don’t care, I don’t give a shit [Arin] I’m Zelda- I mean, I’m Link!
I’m not- I’m not Zelda. I’m Link. [Arin *whisper*] What if I was Zelda?
[Danny laughs] [Danny] I mean, some-
[Arin *whisper*] What if that was the twist! [Danny] We’d be playing Wand of Gamelon [Arin] Uh, yeah-
[Danny] I’m still not fully over the fact that Sheik is Zelda [Arin] Oh, yeah. There you go. [Danny] I-I’m- I’m still slowly recovering
from that realization [Arin] Sorry, bro
[Danny] No, it’s okay. It was amazing [Arin] Good stuff [Arin] Oh, man (Oman)
[Together] Aww Shrine (Au Shrine) [Both laughing] [Arin] Sweet, dude [Arin] “Sheikah Slate confirmed” [Arin] Sweet iPhone, bro
[Danny] Yeah [Danny *kid voice*] Thanks, it’s the 7
[Arin chuckling] [Danny *kid*] Golly!
[Arin *manly voice*] I’ve got the 7s [Danny *kid*] That’s not even out yet!
[Arin *kid*] Yeah! [Danny *kid*] Quit showing off [Both *Robot*] Access granted [Danny] Boy, this is the weirdest like ancient
computer system that I’ve ever seen [Arin] Yeah… Well, it’s a hundred years in the future [Danny] Ohh
[Arin] Yeah, you see? [Arin] 100 years ago, Ganon swept the-
the nation, or whatever [Danny] Yeah [Arin] I love ancient technology. That shit’s cool.
[Danny] Yeah [Danny] *gasp*
[Arin] It’s not all clean. It’s all organic…and glowy [Danny] Yeah, goo- the glowy is
the most important thing to me [Danny] There’s no-
[Arin] You gotta get the glowy
[Danny] You gotta get the glowy, bro [Arin] It’s always gotta be glowy blue, too.
Any other color is just not future enough. [Danny] Could not agree more [Arin] Also, can I just say [Arin] I’m playing- I’m playing uh…
using the joy-cons but not with the connector [Arin] I just have both joy-cons in both hands
[Danny] Is that good? [Arin] And I’m just kinda- Just lounging
[Danny] Yeah, you’re chilling [A: Oman Au] To you who sets foot in this shrine…
[A&D: Oman Au] I am ‘Oh, man. Aww’ [Danny laughing] [Danny] The Magnesis Trial [Arin] Um… [Arin] You got it [Arin] Oh shit [Arin] Fuckin’ Sheikah Slate, bitch! [Arin] ♫ Give me that shit ♫
♫ Give me that shit ♫ [D: Link] Awh, thumbprint identification required? [A: Link] You just burned my iPhone, dude!
[Danny] Yeah *laughs* [Arin] Distilling rune? [Arin] Oh God [Arin] *Blows a raspberry*
[Danny] Mm, let’s just drip this [Danny] hot, nasty technology into here
[Arin] Yeah *Drip noise* [A: Link] Awh, it smells like cat pee!
[Danny laughing] [D: Link] Why?!
[A: Link] Ah! It got all over me!
[Danny laughing] [A: Link] God! Man, I’m gonna smell like cat pee all day! [D: Link] Cat pee does not come out
[A: Link] Ah, jeez [Arin] That’s right. I got magnesis, bro.
[Danny] Ooo, way to go [Arin] “Grab on to metallic objects
using the magn- magne-” [Danny] “-Magnetic energy that pours forth from the-” [Arin] I’m just gonna go ahead and…
[Danny] Figure that out later? [Arin] No, I got it
[Danny] Oh, okay [Arin] I gotta use it right away
[Danny] Cool [Arin] “Use the selected rune” [Arin] So I got the rune now [Arin] So check this. Watch this, watch this.
[Danny] Okay [Arin] This is cool, right? Watch this. [Arin] Now I’ve got my rune [Arin] Oh, I gotta turn motion controls off [Arin] And… woooOOOooo
[Danny] Maaaaann…. That’s awesome! [Arin] Yeah, man! I can do- Fuckin’-
I can move bricks around and shit [Danny] Aw, it gave- it even gave you like [Danny] ♫ Doodede doodede doo~ ♫
[Arin] Yeah [Arin] Well, it’s also using the music from uh… [Arin] Link’s Awakening [Danny] Like thi-
[Arin] Like a- Like a very subtle… [Arin] So, in Link’s Awakening… um, the GameBoy one
[Danny] Mhm [Arin] You’d walk into a room- If you had the compass, [Arin] When you’d walk into a room, it’d make a little
♫ do do DO DO PEP ♫ [Arin] Sound when there was like
a key you could find in there [Danny] Oh
[Arin] Um, hold on a sec. I just… [Arin] Uh…
[Danny] Whoa [Arin] And they- They worked it into this song [Danny] That’s really cool [Danny] How long have they been
working on this game? [Arin] Um, I don’t know [Danny] When was Skyward Sword? [Arin] Skyward Sword was… I don’t know either.
They were working on that game for like five years. [Danny] No shit
[Arin] Yeah [Danny] ‘Cuz I wanna say, I feel like that was
like 2012 or something like that [Arin] Yeah… [Danny] So, they- They have been at this for a long time [Arin] I don’t even know if they knew like the Switch was-
What the Switch was… [Danny] Right
[Arin] When they started development on this [D: Machine *quiet*] Urgh
[Arin] They uh… It’s on the Wii U, as well [Danny] Ooo, look, found some stuff [Arin] Which I think was a horrible idea
[Danny] An Ancient Screw [Danny] Outstanding *Arin laughs*
You- You think- You think… Wii U is horrible? [Arin] Uuuuhh… No-no-no, I- [Arin] I think it was a horrible idea
to release this on the Wii U [Danny] Ooh
[Arin] ‘Cuz it’s sort of like… [Arin] This is the reason to get the Switch [Danny] Yes
[Arin] And uh… [Danny] Oh, they did- They did release it on Wii U?
[Arin] Yeah… Well, they- Yeah [Arin] Um… So… [Arin] It’s like why… Why would I get a Wii- A Switch now,
if I can just… play it on the Wii U [Danny] Is the quality of this much better?
[Arin] I’m sure there’s… differences [Danny] Yeah
[Arin] Twilight Princess was like better on the Wii [Arin] How do I turn it over?
[Danny] *Hymn chant* [Arin] What? How’s this- Oh, look at that [Arin] Um… And…
[Danny] Can you turn it? [Danny] Whoooaa [Arin] That’s some physics shit right there
[Danny] Yeah, it certainly is [Arin] What else do we got?
Ooo, I’m gonna get that [Arin] I’m gonna- Oh, shit [Danny *cheeky copying*] I’m gonna get it
I’m gonna gy-et it [Arin] I want that. I want this. [Danny *cheeky*] I wan’ it *laughs*
[Arin] I want it [Arin] Give it!
[Danny *cheeky*] It’s pink, I’m gon’ make it yellow [Danny *cheeky*] And brings it to me-
[Arin] Give it! Giiive it! Giiiive iiit! [Danny *copies tone*] Staaaa-cy
[Arin] Wheeeeeeee!
[Danny] Staaaa-cy [Arin blows a raspberry] [Arin] What the fuck? [Both laughing] [Arin] *laughs* It hurt my foot [D: Link] Ah, shit
[Arin] A Traveler’s Bow! [Danny] Oh nice!
[Arin] That’s right [Arin] I thought I already had that though… [Arin] Maybe I didn’t
[Danny] “A small bow used for protection” [Danny] Or killing
[Arin] Or- Or destroying people’s lives
[Danny] Yeah, I mean… [Danny] Dude, my choice what I- what I want to do [Arin] Ooh, I can…
[Danny] With projectile weapons [Arin] I can open this [Arin] Hells yeah, look at that!
[Danny] Nicely done [Arin] No- Don’t- Don’t-
[Danny] Heuuug- Oh, Okay [Arin] *Phew* Boy, that was close [Arin] What’s up, girl?
[D: Oman Au] Uh, hey!
[Arin] Oh God! [D: Oman Au] Ehhh, you’re too close, ugh [Arin] You okay in there?
[Danny] Hey babe [Arin] You cold? [D: Link] Can I touch your eye drip? [D: Link] Ew
[Arin laughs] [A: Link] Uggghh! Now my hand smells like cat pee!
[Danny] Whoooaaa! [Danny] Cat pee everywhere [A: Oman Au *Wise voice*] You have proven to possess- [A: Oman Au *Shrill*] You have proven
to possess the resolve of a true hero [A: Oman Au] I am-
[Danny] OH, MAN, AW [Danny] You HAVE to say it like that [A: Oman Au] I am ‘Oh, man, awww!’
The creator of this trial [Danny] Looks like a gremlin [A: Oman Au] I am a humble monk,
blessed with the sight of Goddess Hylia [A: Oman Au] And dedicated to helping
those who seek to defeat Ganon [Danny] ♫ I’m a humble monk ♫
♫ And a humbling monk ♫ -Wait, no [Danny] ♫ And a mumbling hunk ♫
That’s what I meant to say [A: Oman Au] With your arrival, my duty is fulfilled [A: Oman Au] My name- [A: Oman Au] In the name of Goddess Hylia,
allow me to bestow this gift upon you… [Arin] I just got shit, man
[Danny] Yeah [Arin] You’re just throwing shit at me, left and right [A: Oman Au] Please accept this Spirit Orb
[Arin] Oh, it doesn’t mean anything [Arin] It’s not a cool item I can use
[Danny] Oh, okay [Arin] Maybe it is, I don’t know [A: Oman Au] *intense vomit sound*
[Arin laughs] [A: Oman Au] Don’t touch it. Don’t touch it!
[Danny] Yea- [A: Oman Au] Oh no! Now you’ve got gonorrhea
[D: Link] Ohh God! That smells worse than cat pee [Arin laughing] [Danny] *sniffs* Ugh, I feel it in
my heart how bad that smells
[Arin] Jesus [Arin] “A symbol of courage given to those
who have overcome the challenge of a shrine” [Danny] Oh
[Arin] Oh, so it’s just a fucking… [Arin] …bragging right
[Danny] It’s a ‘You did it!’ [A: Oman Au] May the Goddess smile upon you
Wheee~dabadie~daba [Danny] Thank you
[A: Oman Au] Goodbye! [Danny] Whe- Whe- When you said
the first things, were you like [Danny] ‘I don’t think I gave that character
an annoying, grating voice enough’ *laughs* [Arin] Mm
[Danny] Like, it has to be more… [Arin *overly shrill and annoying*] Hellooo!
My name’s Oh, man, awww!
[Danny laughing] [A: Oman Au] Oman-Au-Oman-Au-Oman-Au-Oman-Au [A: Oman Au] I’m ‘onna suck your dick [Danny] I like this loading screen
I don’t know what it is about it [Arin] It’s just very simple
[Danny] Yeah, it’s like… [Danny] I don’t know. It doesn’t- It doesn’t make you
feel stupid for sitting there and waiting for it to load
(Old man in background: Oho!) [Arin] Oh, it’s my boi? Where’s my boi at? [Danny laughs]
[D: Old Man] WHAT’S UP- …BITCH! [Danny] I almost dropped the N-bomb. I am so sorry.
[Arin laughing] [Danny] I- Wow… I don’t even know where it came from!
[Arin dying from laughter] [Danny] Ugh!
[Arin laughing] [Danny] God, that was scary [Arin] Mhm
[Danny] Okay [Arin] Uh, you would’ve smashed on the ground.
I would’ve liked that. [Danny] My career would’ve smashed
on the ground if I said that [Arin laughs]
[A: Link] Paraglider, please? [Both laughing] [A: Old Man] I encourage you to slow down
for a moment, my courageous friend [A: Old Man] The appearance of those towers
and the awakening of this shrine… [A: Old Man] Pretty arousing, right? [D: Old Man] It’s all connected to that
HOT pair of nuts you got there [Arin laughing] [A: Link] Paraglider, please?
[Both laughing] [A: Old Man] It has been quite some time
since I have seen that Sheikah Slate… [A: Old Man] And- Mmh! What a Sheikah Slate it is [D: Link] All- All this time you spend talking is [D: Link] Time you could spend giving me that paraglider
[Arin] Mhmm, that’d be great [A: Old Man] The great power of their wisdom
saved the kingdom time and time again [A: Old Man] But their ancient technology
disappeared long ago… Or so it is said [A: Old Man] It is interesting, however, to think- [D: Link] Uuuuggghh!!
[Both laughing] [D: Old Man] It reminds of this passage
from the ancient scroll- [D: Link] UUUUUGGGHH [A: Link] I could be paragliding right now
[Danny] Ye- Yeah, I could actually… Yeah! [D: Link] I could be on the- the fucking
Zelda equivalent of a jet ski [Arin laughing] [D: Link] But, still I’m talking to you…
With my hair drifting carelessly in the wind [A: Old Man] …How something like that has
survived all this time, hidden away in a shrine [Danny] There is always a light breeze [Arin] Oh yeah
[Danny] Running across this place [Danny *sensuous*] Is that the ‘Breath of the Wild’? [Danny *whispering*] Oh my God…
Breath of the wild [A: Old Man] These shrines are tucked away
in numerous places all across the land [A: Old Man] On this plateau alone,
I believe there are still three more [A: Old Man] Bring me the treasure from each of
those shrines… and I will give you my paraglider [Arin] Awhh…
[Danny] Yeah [A: Old Man] I said “treasure”, but I never said
there would be only one treasure [Arin] Oh, fuck you
[D: Old Man] Ha ha ha- *slurps* Ooh, mashed potatoes [Both laughing] [Arin] Yeah, it sounds like what-
[Both laughing] [Arin] It’s- You finally get it, you’re like
‘I got all the treasures!’ [Arin] And he’s like
‘Here are a pair of gliders… Ha ha ha ha ha ha’ [A: Old Man] I never said it was the paraglider that I use [Arin] He’s like
[A: Link] You son of a bitch… [Danny] He gives you two little balsa wood gliders
[Arin laughs] [A: Old Man] Whether it’s one treasure or four… [A: Old Man] What’s the difference for
a young go-getter like yourself
[D: Old Man] Do you like the sexy Aaliyah look? [D: Old Man] The one eye covered up thing I’m doing [D: Old Man] It’s hot [A: Old Man] Since I’m feeling generous, I will also
teach you a trick for finding shrines [A: Old Man] Look off in the distance and
if it looks like a shrine, go towards it [A: Old Man] BE GONE!
[D: Old Man] You’re welcome! [A: Old Man] It’s always- It’s always best to survey
the area by looking around from a high point [A: Old Man] Let’s see here… [A: Old Man *mumble*] How about you make
your way to the top of that tower again? [Arin] I don’t know
[D: Link] Are you joking? [A&D: Old Man] Oho ho!
[A: Old Man] I am afraid not [A: Old Man] But do not worry! I have another
little trick to share with you for you- for your effort [A: Old Man] Get on your knees
[Danny laughs] [A: Old Man] Take a look at
the map on your Sheikah Slate [Danny] God, what a waste-
[A: Old Man *spacey*] Look at all the names [A: Old Man] Hopper Pond…
[D: Old Man] See those blue ic- *laughs* [D: Old Man] River of the Dead,
You’re gonna LOVE that one [Both laughing] [A: Old Man] Could you- *laughs*
Could you pick something up from the back alleys of [A: Old Man] Eastern Abbey for me, please?
[D: Old Man] Can you get me a- [D: Old Man] Oh, my favorite TV show [A: Old Man] You can travel instantly to any
of those places with the Shiekah Slate [Danny] Oh! That’s cool [A: Old Man] Or so I heard quite some time ago… [A: Old Man *carefree*] I do not know if it actually works [D: Old Man] …As such [Arin breathes in forcefully]
[Arin *whisper*] I don’t want to go-
[Danny] I say, try it [Arin] What?
[Danny] Try traveling there instantly [Arin] Ah, I don’t want to fucking do that
[Danny] TRY IT! [Arin] How do I do it? [Arin] Oh, there we go
[Danny] We might need it later [Arin] Alright, uuuhh… [Arin] Let’s go to Eastern Abbey
[Danny] No no no, where the- Where- Yeah [Arin] The Shrine of Resurrection? [Danny] Yeah, I think so
[Arin] Is that where he wants me to go? [Arin] Oh, he wants me to go to the Plateau Tower to… [Arin] See it from the top [Danny] He-
[Arin] WHAT THE FUCK? [Danny] Oh, awesome
[Arin] What the fuck?! [D: Link] Oh, now I’m cat pee [Arin] He’s like
[A: Old Man] WHAT THE- WOW, MY GOD [Danny] Yeah
[D: Old Man] Shit… [A: Old Man] I’M SO SORRY [D: Old Man] No one told me
it would be ‘that way’ as such [Arin laughing] [A: Old Man] It is written…
[D: Old Man] Well [D: Old Man] I killed him [Danny laughing] [D: Old Man] Bring me another Link!
[Arin] *laughs* Yeah [A: Old Man] At least I don’t have to
give up my sweet paraglider
[Danny] Yeah [D: Old Man] What took you so long, bitch?
[Arin laughing] [Both laughing] [A: Old Man] It’s been 30 years
[Danny] Oh man [A: Old Man] I’m surprised it took you so long
to catch up with an old man like me! [A: Link] How did you…
[A: Old Man] Oho ho! Leave an old man his secrets [A: Old Man] Now then… [A: Old Man] I wanted you to join me up here
so you could use this- [Arin] I- I thought it said vaginal [Arin] For some reason, like I read the top line…
[Danny] Yeah, you could use this as
a vaginal point to search for shrines [A: Old Man] Hmm, Did you- *burps* Did you know
about the scope on your Sheikah Slate? [D: Old Man] You don’t get to be my age
without learning a few secrets [D: Old Man] Like teleporta- I- I- Uh
[Both laugh] [A: Old Man] Look through it, and you can stick a pin
anywhere you’d like to mark on the map [Danny] Aah
[Arin] Ah ha haa [Arin] “View distant things and mark them with pins” [A: Old Man] The pins on your map serve as
reference points for your travels [A: Link] How do YOU know? [D: Old Man] It’s like Pinterest
[Arin laughs] [D: Old Man] The- That… That website for girls [D: Old Man] It’s only for girls
[A: Old Man] Just like Four Square [D: Old Man] Do you use- Do you use it? [D: Old Man] Then you’re a big ol’ girl
[Both laughing] [Danny] Like he’s got really shitty, like
backwards-thinking, old man tendencies [Arin] *laughs* Yeah
[Danny laughs] [A: Old Man] Fine, go ahead and think you’re a girl
[D: Old Man] Nice spray tan by the way [Arin] Oh shit, look at that
I’m gonna pin it [Arin] Pin it to win it
[Danny] Yeah [Arin] Look at that!
[Danny] ♫ PIN dededa ♫ [Arin] I wanna go THERE
[Danny] Whoa [Arin] I’m- I’m placing pins like…
[Danny] Yeah, you really want to go there [Arin] Nobody’s business
[Danny] Yeah [Arin] “Edit pins” [Arin] Uuh… I’m gonna edit those pins [D: Old Man] There’s too many goddamn pins! [A: Old Man] YOU GOT SO MANY PINS [D: Old Man] Fuckin’… [Arin] “Delete pin”
[D: Old Man] You used all your pins on one thing! [Arin] Delete pin… Delete pin
[D: Old Man] THE HELL’S WRONG WITH YOU? [A: Old Man] There you go. You only need one pin to win. [Arin] Alright, uhh…
[D: Old Man] Nice pinning, asshair [Arin] So… Am I trying to go to these- [Arin] Oh, I was trying to go to the orange things
[Danny] Right [Arin] Ok, then where…
[Danny] You can tell because YOU’VE turned orange [Arin] Um… I need to go there… [Arin] C’mon, fuckin’ motion controls [Arin] Alright, so there we go… [Arin] Uuuuhh, what else do we got?
Goin’ to that place, that’s a cool place [Arin] I’ll go there
[Danny] That looks pretty neat [Arin *mumbled copying*] That’s pretty neat.
That’s pretty neeat. [Danny *mumbled*] That’s pretty ne-ne
[Arin *mumbled*] Wow, everything’s nee-eat [Arin *mumbled*] Pretty neat [Danny] And uh… I think that’s it
[Arin *kid mumble*] So pretty [Danny] Where’ve we- *laughs*
[Danny *deep*] So pretty [Arin] Thought it was three, right? [Arin] He wanted three
[Danny] Think so? [Arin] Three out of four [Arin] Well I can’t go there. That’s way too far. [Arin] Plus one… *GASP* [Danny] You can fast travel, SON [Arin] Alright, and I’m gonna delete that one [Arin] Edit pin [Arin] Got- Yeah, I don’t want to go there. Fuck that. [Danny] Oh, the River of the Dead is far as fuck
[Arin] OH, JESUS [Arin] Oh- Oh no
[Danny] Oh ny-ooo [Arin] Oh no, this is a-
[Danny] Oh no
[Arin] This is a grand problem here [Danny] Get rid of the yellow one [Arin] I don’t wanna get rid of the yellow one
[Danny] If- If traveling this far- far is your problem [Arin] Um… Well, I’ll just do it then
[Danny] Yeah, just do it then [Arin] Just fucking get it over with [Arin] Alright
[Danny *quiet*] God, this is such a… [Arin *emotional*] Alright [Danny and Arin laughing] [D: Old Man] Stop that bitchin’ in the kitchen
[Danny laughing] [A: Old Man] Aren’t you a bit- [Both laughing] [Danny] Like, I think I’ve spent
enough time with this old man [Both laughing] [Danny] WHOOPS! Oh God [Arin] Before you start getting
horrible habits from this fucker [Danny] Yeah [Danny laughing] [A: Old Man] Make sure you don’t cross any paths
with Chinese people on the road [Danny] It’s like ‘Oh, come on…’
[Arin] God! Old Man… [Danny] Beh- Oh, I totally used, uh…
[Arin] That’s just disrespectful [Danny] I totally used your thing
from the Christmas game. Like… [Danny] My- My friend, Adrienne,
was getting hit on by this, uh, like… [Danny] 80-year-old man [Danny] And she was like ‘What do you-‘
Like she sent me a picture of it [Danny] And she was like ‘What do you
think his opening line was?’ [Danny] And I tol- I was like…
I bet it was something along the lines of [Danny *Old voice*] I don’t understand why the Chinese
can’t just use forks and spoons like the rest of us
[Arin laughing] [Danny *Old voice*] You look good tonight
[Arin laughing] [Both laughing] [Danny] Whoa! Look at that!
[Arin still laughing] [Arin *Old voice*] Why do they gotta make everything
difficult with sticks and shit? [Danny] Aw, I think you blew up the thing- Yeah
[Arin] Oh, that’s not good [Arin] Uh, Chuchu Jelly!
[Danny] Ooohh, those are Chuchus [Arin] “It’s unusable in this state”
but it smells like cat pee [Danny] *laughs* Yeah
[Arin laughing] [Danny] So you got that going for ya [Arin] Oh my god, Dan, this whole world
smells like fucking cat pee [Arin] You never really think about that, do you?
[Danny] No [Arin] Like what does Hyrule smell like?
It probably smells like cat pee [Danny] The Old Man’s like
[D: Old Man] I… My- Burned out my nostrils years ago [D: Old Man] To just deal with living here [D: Old Man] Now, I think it’s just you and me
[Arin laughing] [D: Old Man] And a bunch of Chuchus [Arin] Wait, where did it go? [Arin] Oh, it’s still up there [Arin] Wait, is it? [Arin] Wasn’t it like right here?
[Danny] No- No, it… [Danny] It looked close because… [Danny] Uh, it was far in the distance
but you’re- you’re far [Arin] Oh, shit [Arin] Where the fuck is it? [Danny] You’ve got a long way to go, son
[Arin] What the fuck? [Arin] What’ve I- How did I dick this? [Danny] Can you travel there instantaneously?
[Arin] No, no. Only places you’ve been. [Danny] Oohh
[Arin] Yeah, that’s how it works [Danny] Did you notice it put a little X where you died? [Arin] Wha- Oh, is that what that is?
[Danny] Yeah, I think so [Danny] ‘Cause it said RIP when you went over it
[Arin] Ooohhh [Arin] Well, time to make a new one [Danny] Speaking of RIP [Danny] Let me- Let me pour one out real fast for uh… [Danny] Bill Paxton, one of my favorite actors [Arin] Oh yeah, man
[Danny] Who died this morning
[Arin] What a shame [Danny] The only man… [Danny] To be killed in movies by
the Alien, the Predator, AND the Terminator [Danny] Like… That- That’s a fucking…
career that will never be topped [Arin] Wait, when was he killed in The Terminator?
[Danny] The- The very beginning [Danny] Like, the beginning of Terminator 1, he’s like o-
[Arin] Oh, he was one of the punks?! [Danny] Yeah, he’s one of the punks!
[Arin does the blond punk’s laugh] [Danny] He’s got like the blue hair and the spiky- [Danny] Whoops!
[Arin] Oops! [Danny] Oh, okay. You’re alright. [Arin] Yeah, no fall damage
[Danny] Yeah [Arin] Oh, shit, I didn’t know that
[Danny] Yeah, isn’t- Isn’t that something? [Danny] He was- He died in Predator 2…also [Danny] For anyone who’s like ‘He wasn’t in Predator’
[Arin] Oh, the Gary Busey one? [Danny] Yes. I prefer to think of it as
the Danny Glover one, but yes [Arin laughing]
[Danny] Gary Busey was also there [Both laughing] [Arin] No, it’s definitely the Gary Busey one
[Danny] Oh man [Arin] Because it’s the lesser one [Arin] If it were the better one
then it would be the Danny Glover one [Danny] Oh, I got you, I got you
[Arin] Yeah [Danny] Danny Glover just running around like
‘Gettin’ too old for this shit’ [Danny] I love him [Arin] Uh-oh!
[Danny] Whoa! [Danny] WhoOOoaa
[Arin] Oh, shit’s just happening [Danny] Friendly? [Arin] I fucking LOVE this
[Danny] I don’t know. This sounds not friendly. [Danny] Put that shield up, son
[Arin] Oh, Oh- Oh shit! [Arin] Um
[Danny] It’s lasering in on you [Arin] Whoooa!
[Danny] Whooa ho ho! [Arin] Yo…
[Danny] It’s one of those [Arin] Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! [Arin] WHOOOAA! JESUS!
[Danny] Oooh yeah [Danny] Haha! Okay… [Danny] …You’re dead [Arin] Alright, well…
[Danny] Damn! [Arin] I’ll- I’ll take it, I guess [Danny] HOO! [Arin] “Continue from last save”
You got it [Danny] Where was the last save? [Arin] It autosaves everywhere
Whenever you do something major [Danny] Oh, okay
[Arin] Yeah [Arin] WELL, SHIT!
[Danny] Yeah, that was… [Danny] That was some hot nonsense
[Arin] I got straight up-fucked [Danny] Looked that way, didn’t it?
[Arin] Yep [Arin] So… Um…
[Danny] Hey, nice up-fuck [Arin] You think my shitty bokoblin shield
protected against it? [Danny] No [Danny] In fact, it looked like it burned
and flew apart like paper [Arin] That’s cool [Arin] I’m just gonna go ahead and avoid that [Arin] Not gonna deal with it [Danny] You should put some clothes on
[Arin] Why would I do that? [Danny] Because you keep getting killed with one shot [Arin] Uh-oh [Danny] Alright *laughs*
Oh, here we go again [Arin] I’m- I’m pretty sure this thing
just kills you in one shot regardless [Danny] I- How would you know that?
You’ve never put clothes on [Arin] Because, look at how strong it is! [Danny] You’re like the kid who won’t take
a shower in Wet Hot American Summer [Arin] Goddammit!
[Danny] Yep! [Arin] WELL, IT’S REALLY STRONG!!
[Danny] Arin [Arin] IT’S A FUCKING LIKE ANCIENT LASER!! [Danny] Take a shower [Both laughing] [Arin] I won’t take a shower
[Danny laughing] [Arin] I wanna fucking be naked [Danny] Oh my god… [Arin] I wanna feel the breath of the wild on my body [Danny] Yeah, the breath of the wild is burning you alive [Arin laughing] [Danny] It’s wild [Arin] Is that what this is all about? [Arin] It’s like technology versus nature [Arin] Is that the whole thing?
[Danny] Could be [Arin] I think that’s what this is all about [Arin] I gotta sneak around these motherfuckers
[Danny] Yeah [Arin] I think that’s- I think that’s the key [Danny] Whoa, Keese
[Arin] What up, bats [Arin] Oh yeah, dude
[Danny] Dude, you said ‘That’s the keys’ [Danny] As soon- As soon as the Keese showed up [Arin] Look at that
[Danny] Aww [Danny] You silly bitch
[Arin] Yeah [Arin] Thank you
[Danny laughs] [Arin] I’m not gonna fucking find- Man! Awh!
[Danny] ♫ Doodedoodedoo ♫ [Danny] You- You got a hit on it, um…the other time
[Arin] Yeah, but it’s tough [Arin] Uh-oh, there’s one right here
Oh god! There’s one right here! [Danny] ‘Keese!’ [Arin] Uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh!
[Danny] What is that purple wavelength? [Arin] Uuuhh… [Arin] Silent hill? I don’t know
[Danny] I don’t know either [Danny] We should look that up
[Arin] I don’t feel like it [Arin] The games not even out yet!
How would I look it up? [Danny] I don’t know [Danny] You’ve got a fuel gauge… *laughs* This is weird [Danny] Oh, that’s your temperature
Okay, Fahrenheit, I guess [Arin] La Baij~ [Danny] Ya, Baij
[Arin *Jamican*] Ya Baij, mon [Arin *Jam*] Come on
[Danny *Jam*] Ya Bij (Bitch) [Arin] Whoa, dude [Arin] Fuckin’ skeleton-bokobos
[Danny] Whoa [Arin] Uh-oh uh-oh
[Danny] Not dead yet [Arin] Yeah! Get ‘im, son [Arin] Look at all this shit they dropped.
I can use his hand! [Danny] Oh, sweet
[Arin] I CAN USE HIS HAND!! [Danny] And his fang
[Arin] I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna do it! [Arin] I can’t carry any more melee weapons? [Arin] But I want more hands
[Danny] Yeah *laughs* [Danny] I wanna collect the hey-nds! [Arin] Oh, look! It’s a really good weapon too
[Danny] You can’t- Yeah, dude [Danny] You can carry more shit
if you had fucking pockets [Arin] Haha! Look it! *laughing*
[Danny] Euu… [Arin laughing]
[Danny] That’s gross. Why is it still grabby? [Arin] Uh- Oh, I gotta grab some more
‘cuz that’s way stronger [Arin] Uh- Fuck some- Fuck this shit
[Danny] Yuech! [Arin] Drop this… Drop that… [Arin] I want some fucking hands, dude [Arin] Got a Traveler’s Sword?! Man…
[Danny] This is nice [Arin] Everything’s coming up daisies, man
[Danny] Yeah [Danny] Except for the traveler who clearly DIED
while traveling with that [Arin] Maybe that’s my fate [Arin] I’m to die and then leave my shit around [Arin] And then it’s just like ‘Traveler’s Skeleton Hand’
[Danny] ‘Mm, excellent’ [Arin] It’s trying to grab my booty, dude! Look at it
[Both laugh] [Arin] He’s like ‘I wanna get a piece of that’
[Danny] Like- [A: SkellyHand] Thick thighs save lives [Both laughing] [D: SkellyHand] If I’m gonna be dead,
you better believe I’m going for some ass [Arin laughing] [A: SkellyHand] I’m gonna get some ass ass-ction [Danny] Skate fast, Eat ass
That’s the Zelda way [Both laughing] [Arin] Oh man [Arin] I like doing shows with you [Danny] M- Oh, that’s nice!
[Arin laughing] [Danny] Sort of locked in at this point
[Arin] That’s true [Danny] So I’m glad you feel that way
[Arin] Yeah [Arin] No, it took me- Took me almost 4 years, you know
[Danny] Yeah yeah [Danny] It’s been a while
[Arin] At this- At this point, I’m like ‘Oh yeah, I’ll do it’ [Arin] Do I get shit in every temple? [D: Ja Baij] To you who sets foot in this shrine…
I am YA BIJ [D: Ja Baij] In the name of the Goddess Hylia,
I offer this trial [A: Ja Baij *Jamaican*] I offer this trial [A&D: Ja Baij *Jam*] IT’S THE BOMB TRIAL! [Danny *Jam*] Oo! Ooo!
[Arin *Jam*] IT’S THE BOMB! [Danny *Jam*] Ya bitch!
[Arin *Jam*] This the part where we bomb it! [Danny laughing] [Arin] “Sheikah Slate authenticated.
Distilling rune…” [Arin] How about a little drop of cat piss?
[Danny] Yeah [Danny] You’re gonna love it
[Arin laughs] [Danny] Hnnnggh- [Danny] *sigh of relief*
[Arin] *fart noise* [Arin] *sigh* Just got the cat piss smell off [Danny] Yeah. Wow, that’s everywhere now [Danny] Thank you
[Arin] Jesus [Arin] What’s that- Whoa… [Arin] Bomb and Remote Bomb [Arin] Holy shit [Arin] Gave me two things at once
This game doesn’t fuck around [Danny] Yeah, no. This game-
This game’s pretty cool about like… [Danny] Getting you engaged very quickly
[Arin] Yeah, pretty generous about- [Arin] All this kind of shit that I get
Like wha… [Danny] What’s the blue thing in the corner? [Danny] Hu-uh!
[Arin] And throw [Danny] BEHOLD! [Arin] Check that shit
[Danny] That do anything for ya? [Arin] Oh! Oh-
[Danny] It’s a beach ball [Arin] Oh, it did
[Danny] Nope! It’s a bomb [Danny] Excellent [Arin] He’s got a long grabby hand [Arin laughing gleefully]
[Danny laughs] [D: SkellyHand] I’ll just tic-tac on the floor [Arin laughing gleefully] [Arin] If I had really long, like wizard’s sleeves [Arin] It would look like I just have a super long arm
[Danny] Yes it would [Danny] But that would require clothes
which we are… [Danny] …clear on, that you are not down with [Arin] I hate clothes
[Danny] Whoa! [Arin] They’re remote bombs [Danny] That’s awesome [Danny] So you determine when they explode?
[Arin] Yeah [Danny] Very cool
[Arin] That’s me [Arin] Traveler’s Claymore! [Arin] Holy fuck, dude!
[Danny] Look at you [Arin] That’s awesom- Oh no. Uh uh! Uh uh! [Danny] Nu-uh!
[Arin] I’m dropping something to get- Fuck the torch [Danny] No, you might need the torch
[Arin] Well, I can use the Bokobo Club [Danny] Oh okay [Arin] Don’t need no fucking torch
[Danny] Alright [Arin] That old man can have his torch back [Arin] He can crawl in here and grab it
[Danny laughing] [Arin] From my cold, dead skeleton hand
[Danny laughing] [Danny laughing] [Arin] Whoo! [Danny] Nice [Arin] Where do I go next? [Arin] Up the ladder and through the woods [Arin] To Grandmother’s house we go
[Danny] Let’s do it [Arin] Uuumm, oh [Arin] Oh, I see [Arin] Throw this… [Arin] O-kay
[Danny] Oops *laughs* [Arin] Oh, cool
[Danny] Oh, it worked! [Arin] That still worked [Arin] Come here, my friend [Arin] Whoop! [Arin] Oh, you can jump in this game by the way
[Danny] Yeah, I noticed [Arin] That’s- That’s a new thing [Danny] You couldn’t jump in other Zeldas? [Danny] Yeah, I guess not
[Arin] No, it auto-jumped when you were on a ledge [Danny] Oh
[Arin] Yeah [Arin] But now you can just do it whenever you want [Danny] I love it
[Arin] Yay, I’m a jumpy- I’m a jumpy motherfucker [Danny] I guess they figured,
Well, you can jump in Smash [Danny] Might- Might as well give him… [Arin] He can jump in Zelda *laughs* [Danny] Yeah, that’s true [Arin] Well, he could jump uhh- in the GameBoy Zelda
if you got Roc’s feather [Danny] Oh, that’s riiiight
[Arin] He did like a jump flippy thing [Arin] Oh, look at this
[Danny] I haven’t played it but I remember seeing that [Danny] It’s a little bomb funnel?
[Arin] Yeah, I guess so [Arin] Did I roll it? Oh-
[Danny] Look at it go [Arin] And then it like… sorta loads it
[Danny] Stee-rike! [Arin] Loads it in
[Danny] Exploded [Arin] And… [Danny] Oh, very cool [Arin punctuated laughing] [Arin laughing maniacally] [Danny] There’s a song we write 5 minutes ago
[Arin] Heugh… [Danny] It’s called Master-Exploder
[Arin laughing] [Arin] I. Fucking. Love this. [Danny] This- This is great, right? Yeah?
[Arin] I’m totally- I’m totally enjoying [Danny] Yeah!
[Arin] Myself [Danny] You’re- You’re- You like a Zelda game again
[Arin] Yeah, I know [Arin] I know, right?
[Danny] Hurray [Arin] And it’s not a 2D Zelda game
[Danny] No [Arin] I can finally say… [Arin] Oh look at that… What’s going on here? [Arin] I can finally say I like a 3D Zelda [Danny] Oh, I’m happy for you
[Arin] I’m… I’m- I’m happy for myself [Danny] It’s only been 20 years
[Arin] I know *laughs* [Arin] First one came out, Ocarina of Time, what- Yeah [Danny] ’96… ’97? (1998)
[Arin] I don’t know [Arin] And then, what? [Arin] Wait wait-wait-wait
[Danny] Oh- Oh- Oh God [Arin] Come on [Arin] If I can… [Arin] Fuckin’- Just…put this right there [Arin] Oh, no, it doesn’t… [Arin] Doesn’t want me to-
Doesn’t want me to dick around [Danny] Ah shit
[Arin] With other stuff [Arin] Alright alright. I get it. [Arin] Wait, so… How does this one work? [Arin] Oh, it doesn’t roll [Arin] It just stays where you throw it
[Danny] Ooh! Oh okay [Arin] That’s cool
[Danny] That’s very cool! [Arin] U- Whoa! Alright
[Danny] Whoops! Well, alright [Danny] Apparently you’re not impervious to bombs [Arin] Mmm- My bad
[Danny] *laughs* Oohh [Arin] What the fuck does this-
What is this going on here? [Danny] What do you mean?
[Arin] With this thing [Arin] Is that a bomb? [Danny] Maybe it’s implying that you should
go in there and launch yourself [Danny] Could that be?
[Arin] Uuuhh… [Arin] Oh
[Danny] Try it! [Arin] Oh, no. There’s a- There’s a… [Arin] …ladder I can just go up
[Danny] Well alright then [Arin] Look at me [Arin] I’m flush [Arin] I’m flush with embarrassment [Arin] The hair is-
[Danny] I have to say, I like this silent… [Danny] Red thing a lot more than the
‘doo-doo doo-doo’ [Arin] Oh yeah
[Danny *relieved*] Ohh [Danny] So much nicer
[Arin] What’s up, baby? [Arin *deep*] Touch me *laughs*
[D: Ja Baij] I am Ya, Bitch [A: Ja Baij *elderly*] Your resourcefulness in-
[Arin] Oh [A: Ja Baij *shrill*] Your resourcefulness in overcoming
this trial speaks to the promise of a hero… [A: Ja Baij] *laughs*
[Danny] That is… your least popular voice [A: Ja Baij] In the-
[Arin] Oh yeah?
[Danny] Yeah [Danny] People HATE the Grubba voice
[Arin laughing] [Arin] And it’s so funny ’cause all those episodes
were recorded way in advance [Arin] Yeah
[Danny] So like, umm… [Danny] People were like
‘Oh God. I- I hope this doesn’t stay forever’ [Danny] And I’m like, Oh-hohoho!
[Arin laughing] [Danny] You’ve got at least 17 more episodes
of that action, babies [Arin] They only hate it ‘cuz you hate it [Danny] No, I think- I think they hate it ‘cuz they hate it
[Both laugh] [A: Ja Baij] May the Goddess smile upon you [Arin] I think it’s like the funniest voice ever [Danny] Do you like it?
[Arin] Yeah [Danny] Well then I like it too
[Arin] It makes me laugh [Danny] If it makes you happy, then I’m glad- [Arin] Why would I do it if it was just annoying? [Danny] I di-
[Arin] I’m not an asshole [Danny] I don’t know! I’m so used to that with Brian [Arin laughing]
[Danny] Like it’s just… [Danny] That’s what gives him pleasure [Arin] Fine, I’ll come up with another voice
[Danny] …annoying the shit of people [Arin] I don’t want to annoy people… [Arin] …with my hilarious voice
[Danny laughing] [Danny] I don’t want to hilar- [Danny] -annoy people with
my hilarious skills and talents
[Arin] Yeah [Arin] Oh, shit. Well, I accidentally…
[Danny] It’s getting- [Danny] It’s getting to be night time
[Arin] Yeah… [Arin] Well yeah, there’s like real time that goes by [Danny] Holy crap
[Arin] Yeah [Arin] Um… I- I missed that treasure chest
so I’m gonna go back down [Danny] Nice job
[Arin] I’m pretty sure that’s why uh… [Arin] It was showing me that I could launch myself [Danny] Ooohh
[Arin] Just launch myself right across [Arin] Mhm
[D: Ja Baij] Here’s the Spirit Orb for not doing anything [Arin laughs]
[D: Ja Baij] Good job [Arin] No, I fuc- used the bombs and…broke things
It’s cool [Danny] Oh, now you’ve got to use the bombs
to break the thing again [Arin] Boom! [Arin] Damn it
[Danny] Good. Fucking. Job. [Arin] I’m sorry!
[Danny laughing] [Danny] It’s just the same thing you did last time
[Danny laughing] [Arin] Well it’s hard [Danny] *laughing* It’s not hard [Danny] *laughing* Just don’t run at the explosion
[Arin laughing] [Both laughing] [Arin] You- You say it like it’s SO easy
[Danny] Yeah, yeah [Arin] But when I’m trying to get shit done…
[Danny] Yeah [Arin] Like- Like a goddamn uh… [Danny] Skillful- skillful Jesus [Arin] No *laughs* A skillful Jesus?
[Danny] Yeah, you never heard of skillful Jesus? [Arin] No, I was thinking more along the lines of
Larry the Cable Guy [Danny] Oh, yeah. Well-
[Arin] ‘Get ‘er done’
[Danny] Same- [Arin] *laughs* Same thing?
[Danny] Yeah [Danny] Jesus is- Jesus and Larry the Cable Guy…
[Arin] Skillful Jesus is Larry the Cable Guy [Danny] Are pretty close
[Arin] Yeah [Danny] Yeah, you gotta get-
you gotta launch yourself, bro [Arin] Hope it doesn’t take any damage [Danny] We’ll find out [D: Link] Huh!
[Arin] Wahoo! [Arin blows a raspberry]
[Danny] Nice [Arin] Alright, baby [Arin] Open it up! Amber? [Arin] “It’s been valued as a component in decorations
and crafting since ancient times” [Danny] It’s got a caramelesque sheen
[Arin] Mmm [Arin] Put it in your mouth, baby
[Danny] Mmm [Danny] Ta-
[Arin] Put it in you mouth [Danny] Oh, and that in there, they- they really did, like [Danny] It’s almost like they listened to you, you know.
They got rid of like the, [Danny] *musical tone of ‘dududu’ getting faster*
treasure [Arin] Ummm… Yeah, I guess so. They haven’t… [Arin] They haven’t added a big chest yet [Arin] I feel like these are small chests,
which they did adjust [Arin] So you just kick it, and open it, and you get it
[Danny] Oh okay [Arin] Um… But yeah, we’ll see if there’s like a big chest [Arin] Because, I guess you could call the Sheikah Slate
like a- like a treasure chest [Danny] Oh, I see
[Arin] And that’s like 4 times as long
[Danny] Yeah, that’s true [Danny] But I feel like that’s gonna be rare [Danny] ‘Cuz each time you’re getting something
like brand new that like… [Danny] You’ll just have that for the rest of the game.
You know what I mean? [Arin] But that’s what a big chest is [Danny *quietly*] Next time on Game Grumps
[Both laughing] [Arin] Yeah, I gotta pee so…
[Danny] Yeah, it’s been an hour [Danny] I forgot how long an hour really is
like when we’re doing this [Arin] Yeah
[Danny] I mean… Oh man [Danny] I have to pee and cry
[Arin laughs] [Arin] Well-
[Danny] Well, hey [Danny] It’s- We have begun a Zelda adventure
[Arin] Next time on Game Grumps [Arin] Wahoo!
[Danny] Um, get ready for, uh, your normally scheduled… [Danny] Uh, episode’s…uh, length tomorrow
[Arin] Okay [Danny] Um, and uh… Yay [Danny] You like this game,
I like this game, [Danny] I figured, ‘Fine, let’s do it’ [Arin *whisper*] Let’s just do it [Arin] ♫ When you~ ♫
♫ When you~ ♫ [Arin] ♫ When you~ ♫
[Danny] Play this

100 thoughts on “Breath of the Wild: Shirtless Hero – PART 1 – Game Grumps”

  1. About to enter my third time watching this series, and this episode always brings back nostalgic vibes as I remember purposely not watching this until I beat the game myself. I will never feel that same feeling again from the first time I walked out of the shrine of resurrection, realizing that for the first time in 6 years, it was finally time to jump into a new Zelda

  2. Looking through the comments I just have to ask, is no one upset he didn't learn how to quick equip weapons? It is literally one of the first things the game teaches you.

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    Time well spent.

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  8. Sometimes I still go back to this game, but instead of actually playing any story content, I just kinda run around and do stuff.

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  15. 23:03 You can actually infinitely jump, but without the pausing AND you take no fall damage. Just use the infinite jump glitch. It's on YouTube, just look it up.

  16. 35:00 – This is how you are supposed to get the box. How I tried to do it was by stacking boxes and a door to make a ramp up to the ledge beside the box. After finally getting up there I quickly realized the door was not large enough to bridge the gap, and I definitely couldn't fly there. It took about 20 minutes, but I eventually figured out the correct solution.

  17. I work and go to school full time, so it took me until now to finish Breath of the Wild. I waited 2 years to watch this playthrough. 😀

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