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*epic music plays Fairy Tale style* NOW WE FIGHT BACK ‘CAUSE WE ARE FREE Awoken Today One Hundred Years You Lay A Calamity Has Since Drowned The Land With Legend From The Dark This Myth Has Been Fortold And Now A Hero Shall Unfold Take The Test Of Strength Because Hyrule Needs Your Everlasting Sword To Slay The Beast Within As You Sing You Took The BREATH RIGHT OF MY HEART! You Take Home And Tear It ALL APART! Now We Fight Back Cause We ARE FREE! TAKING OVER OUR DESTINY! I’m Lost In The DARK! Wishing I Could Rewind To The START! I Can Feel You Here… PART OF ME! Let’s Take Control Of Our Destiny! The Corners Of This Land Held Captive By Demand These Beasts Need To be Tamed You Have The Key NOW CARVE YOUR NAME! In A Forest Far Away Your Weapon Lays And Waits She Calls To You BUT THE GUARDIANS HAVE SOUNDED THE ALARM! your chosen the knight saves the day we have fallen avenge our dismay one by one defeat the decay destroy ganon save hyrule again To Slay The Beast Within As You Sing You Took The BREATH RIGHT OUT OF MY HEART! You Take My Home And Tear It ALL APART! Now We Fight Back Cause We ARE FREE! Taking Over Our Destiny! I’m Lost In The DARK! Wishing I Could Rewind To The START! I Can feel You Here… PART OF ME! IN THE HEAT OF THE WAR WE ARE BROKEN! FOR THE SAKE OF THE KINGDOM YOU’RE CHOSEN! TO PERYL THEM WHERE THEY LAY! NOW!!!!! CLAIM YOUR PRIZE! I’m trapped and fallen down He took my crown The SHINNING LIGHT is gone… The world is in your hands… i’m lost in the Dark! wishing i could rewind to the Start! the calm before the storm WILL DISAPPEAR! YOU TOOK THE BREATH RIGHT OUT OF MY HEART! YOU TAKE MY HOME AND TEAR IT ALL APART! NOW WE FIGHT BACK! CAUSE WE ARE FREE! TAKING OVER OUR DESTINY! I’M LOST IN THE DARK! WISHIND I COULD REWIND TO THE START! I CAN FEEL YOU HERE! PART OF ME! LET’S TAKE CONTROL OF OUR DESTINY! Your Chosen! The Knight Saves The Day! We Have Fallen! Avenge Our Dismay! One By One! Defeat The Decay! Destroy GANON! Save Hyrule Again! Your CHOSEN! The KNIGHT SAVES THE DAY! We Have FALLEN! Avenge Our DISMAY! ONE BY ONE! Defeat The DECAY! SUBSCRIBE TO CALEB HYLES, KYLE ALLEN, CHLOE EVES, OBLIVIANFALLS, FABIANRENSCH WHO HELPED! AND DON’T FORGET THE MAN! DAGAMES!

100 thoughts on “BREATH OF THE WILD SONG (TAKE MY BREATH AWAY) Ft. Caleb Hyles – DAGames”

  1. Such a huge, freaking privilege and honor to be included on this killer track m/ So many amazing things happening on this channel all at once and I am truly grateful to be a part of it, even in a small way 🙂

  2. The song sounds so inpiering, it makes me have more hopes on the Breath of the Wild sequel

  3. I'm gonna TRI and FORCE my friends to try and listen to this!
    Will im sorry for the bad pun.

  4. How does this song have dislikes there should be NO dislikes. I think it's amazing, like, it LITERALLY took my Breath away.

  5. Am I allowed to cry while singing to this song? It's just a really powerful song that it makes me tear up while singing. Thank you for making such an amazing song!

  6. GOD i am so sad that this vid isn't your most viewed this is such a good fucking song! all of your music is but this!! THIS!!! god it is so GOOD

  7. This is hands down the absolute best song from DAGames! Will and Caleb's voices together is just pure magic, I'll never get sick of hearing this gem! 🤘🔥🤩

  8. Sincerely, I didn’t like the song has much has the others you made, because it doesn’t represent the theme of the game that properly. A song I feel really captured the essence of BotW was DLA (Deadly Loneliness Attacks). Now I’m not trying to tell you how to make your songs, but I’m simply saying that this one in particular doesn’t shine so much

  9. this reminds me of sonic forces because of the rampageing Guardians which are ROBOTS and eggman and infinite did what Ganon did but different which was FOIK UP THE WORLD!!!

  10. I don't know if it was on purpose, but I love the way that it says 'Destroy Ganon', which is literally the name of Link's Ultimate Task, which is the Main Quest 'DESTROY GANON'. I just thought that was really cool, whether on purpose or not.

  11. I apologize to whomever I am about to offend, but which parts were Caleb Hyles? I legitimately can't tell.

  12. So ummmmmmm just a suggestion….. can we a more classic rock style zelda song? Really think a sound like Led Zeppelin would fit the games so much

  13. I'm a little late, but it would be super cool to see an accoustic version of this as well. My own opinon tho

  14. amazing beyond compare. only an idiot couldnt like like it. this is true art. masterpiece, just like botw

  15. BOTW, also known as The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, takes place in the "United" timeline, after the events of Hyrule Warriors, which mixes all three timelines to make the United Timeline.

  16. Me imagino a link ganondord y Zelda cantando, mientras Zelda y los demás guardianes con sus descendientes usando los instrumentos

  17. 3:03
    Zelda:”The shining light is gone”
    The shining light on the castle (which is supposed to be Zelda):ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT?!?!

  18. Im not really into metal music…..BUT THIS SONG IS THE BEST!!!!YOU DESERVE AN AWARD FROM NINTENDO FOR THIS!!!!!

  19. Tbh the Zelda part was my favorite part-I love princess Zelda, but before that those GUARDIANS! LEGIT FEAR LMAO. I HATE when I’m running through minding my own business trying to find shrines to get 13 hearts and hince the Master Sword and then I hear that freaking music and see a red target on Link-I’m surprised I haven’t yeeted something-😂🤦🏼‍♀️

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