Breath of the Wild: Taking on the Schooling System – PART 67 – Game Grumps

Breath of the Wild: Taking on the Schooling System – PART 67 – Game Grumps

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Hey, I’m Grump I’m not so Grump And we’re the Game Grumps Arin: Hey, welcome back Dan: Welcome back Arin: I just helped Dan with his adverb-learning off screen Dan: Yeah, yeah Arin: And that… …honestly, blows my mind Dan: What? Arin: That it took you… Arin: …til… Arin: What’re you? 30.. something? Dan: 38 Arin: 38 and you just now really grasped the concept of what an adverb is Dan: Well… Dan: I mean, I’m sure I grasped it when I was a kid and I had to learn it for tests and stuff Dan: But… Dan: I forgot, and then I didn’t care enough to re-not forget Arin: Huh… Dan: Know what I mean? Arin: Yeah, sure Dan: It’s just one of those things where it’s like… Dan: When you leave school Dan: You just, especially if you’re like me, and you had an extreme distaste for school Arin: Well, I think 98 percent of the population has an extreme distaste for school Dan: Oh, man. At least the learning part. I loved everything else about it Arin: That’s actually kinda what I hated about it haha Dan: Everything else? Arin: Everything else, yeah Dan: Well, I mean I just had a really cool group of friends Arin: I liked learning Arin: I loved learning Dan: Spanish, and Adam and- Dan: Like… Dan: A lot of my friends from like my grade school are still like… Dan: My… close buds today Dan: EEHHH fuccck… uhh Dan: What’s going on with Link there? Arin: Ah he’s about to.. burn alive… Dan: Oh, is that what that was? Arin: I think I’m fine now. WOAHHH Dan: *laugh weezing* Arin: *laughing XD*
Dan: I think I’m fine Dan: sssplisshh Arin: I’ll be fine as long as I don’t fall in the lava Dan (sensually) : splashh Arin (cartoony voice) : Fell in the toilet Dan (cartoony voice) : I fell in the toilet… Arin: Uhhh… Arin: What the fuck are we- oh yeah, school Arin: I love learning, man Arin: I just thought that, um… …I-I just, I… …at least the teachers that I had Dan: Mm-hm Arin: Most of them were bad at it Dan: Yeah
Arin: They were bad at teaching Dan: Yeah, for sure Arin: So I wasn’t learning anything… …and I think that the stuff people hate about school is the stuff that’s really unnecessary Arin: Like the homework, and the… Arin: Homework is… …the fuck is homework? Arin: Like who… ugh… Dan: I don’t know, I never did any Arin: You spend, what… …5 or 6 hours at school? Arin: How long do you spend at school? It’s like 6 hours, right? Dan: No, longer than that Arin: Longer than that Dan: 8 A-it’s like, 8 AM to… 3 pm Arin: HOW can you not… …how can you not do all the stuff that you need to do while you’re there? Dan: Yeah Arin: That’s a huuuuge chunk of the day Dan: Yeah Arin: And then you’re saying, “Well, no, that’s not enough…” Dan: Yeah, do more work at home
Arin: You need to do stuff at home, too Dan: Yeah Arin: It’s like… Dan: I got video games to play! Arin: It’s your job! Dan: *chuckles* Arin: I’m off! Dan: Yeah Dan: No, I-I… I kind of agree… …I mean… Dan: I don’t know, it’s been SO long since I was in school Dan: And… I’m sure there’s value to, like… Dan: Things that I didn’t see, you know? Like… …like the discipline of doing homework, and everything like that, but I just… Dan: I just did not care, like… Dan: That’s why that question of like, “What was I doing when I was 17?” Dan: That like, we… …touched upon in an earlier episode of this Dan: It’s like, ‘What the fuck WAS I doing?’ Dan: And the answer truly was like, just enjoying life, you know? Dan: Like I would go on bike rides, I would go to the comic book store, I would… um… …play video games, and chill out with my friends… Dan: But like… …uh… Dan: You know, there was no, like… Dan: Like, major, like… …goal in my life, like career arc, like I’m on now, but… Dan: I was fine with that, you know? Dan: And I just remember like… Dan: That sense of… …like, ‘You HAVE to have…’ Dan: ‘You have to be preparing for something bigger’, like being jammed down my throat, and I was just like… Dan: I don’t know what that means, and like… Dan: The idea of college is just so foreign, and… …un… umm… Dan: Unrealized and unexplained, like I just- Arin: Oh, sure Arin: No dude-
Dan: College was so different than I thought it would be, anyway Arin: That was always my biggest problem and is still my biggest problem to this day, is the… Arin: Kids… Arin: Kids would always ask the question, “When am I ever going to use this?” Dan: Mm-hmm Arin: And it was such a like, scoffed-upon question, you know? Dan: Yeah Arin: It’s like, “Ugh, how dare you ask that?” And it’s like… Arin: That’s THE most important question…
Dan: Yeah Dan: Yeah Arin: …to be asking! And like, how could you- how could you scoff at a question like that? Dan: I don’t know Arin: That is SO applicable to… every- like, when AM I gonna use it? Dan: Yeah, what is the purpose of learning, if not…
Arin: Why am I wasting all this time? Dan: …if not to be able to apply the knowledge that I am acquiring, like… Dan: …Uh, you know, in my life? Dan: But… Dan: I-I understand from the perspective of like… …you know… …you’re… Dan: You’re learning discipline, you’re learning skills, you’re learning like… …ways of exercising your brain… um…. Dan: But, I mean Arin: I don’t believe in that at all Dan: Yeah, I-it just Dan: It felt kinda arbitrary, you know? Dan: It felt like- like, trigonometry, like that was one thing where I… …like… Dan: I could not have checked out harder… Dan: …out of any class, mentally, than I did with trig, and uh… gotta tell ya Dan: My life turned out ok Arin: *chuckles* Dan: And-and you know what? Like I’d be fine with all of that If they also.. taught us things like um… How to balance a checkbook, how to buy a house, you know? Arin: Yes
Dan: Like, we’ve talked about that shit before Arin: How to talk to people
Dan: Ye- uh yeah, *laughs* Dan: How to deal with your emotions, you know? Like…
Arin: Yeah Arin: How to deal with if somebody has a-a mental problem
Dan: Yeah Dan: Like, I’d have no problem with, like, all of these subjects in school that I didn’t connect with, if they weren’t umm… Replacements for stuff that I really needed to learn and felt unprepared for when left… the schooling system But hey, what are you going to do Arin: *inhales* change the schooling system Dan: Yeah, that-that’s easy, that’s pretty easy Arin: Well… Arin: Well, nothing worth- nothing worth doing is easy
Dan: I learned how to J off Dan: Yeah Dan: I learned how to J-O on my own, and that worked out pretty well Arin: *chuckles* Arin: WELL, I mean…
Dan: I was somewhat of an autodidact when it came to… Arin: Well, I mean, that’s just fun Dan: Charging up the ol’ crystal
Arin: *laughs* Arin: Uhh I would, number one, is how to talk to people. I can’t believe that’s not a class Dan: Yeah
Arin: How is that not a class? Arin: *stutters* like… HOW Communicating with other human beings is-is quintessential to life on earth Dan: Yeah And also the most important way to share knowledge, like *laughs* the- You know, and apply everything you’ve learned in school Arin: Like wh-why is Talking to someone a given, like it’s not a given Arin: I didn’t know how to talk to people for the longest time
Dan: Yeah Arin: I didn’t know how to have conversations
Dan: Yeah Arin: My friendships were… highly superficial in many areas of my life Arin: And I didn’t know how to improve them
Dan: Yeah Arin: I mean I do now Dan: Even sex education, like, I mean that’s am important thing Arin: Oh hell yes
Dan: But I mean, it’s taught by like… Dan: You know, *laughs* at least mine was taught by this shriveled up 85 year old octogenarian raisin Dan: That like, hadn’t had sex in forty years
Arin: Whoa, *laughs* Dan: And yeah, I mean,and just like Arin: Octogenarian? What the fuck does that mean? Dan: Like, someone in their 80’s Arin: *laughs*
Dan: In their 8th decade I believe Arin: Oh oh, a generation
Dan: Yeah, yeah Arin: Octogenarian
Dan: Yeah, it’s just like *eugh* Arin: *laughs*
Dan: I’m like this isn’t the person I wanna listen to about sex, like Dan: When was the last time they had it?! It’s probably changed… since the 40’s Arin: *laughs* Arin(In old-timey voice): In the- in the nineteen o’ two’s The last time I made love! Dan (old person voice): When you kids, go out behind the-the malt shop to neck Arin: *laughs* to neck Dan: *laughs* Arin: *laughs more* Dan: When you drive your…euh
Arin (In old-timey voice): It’s a good necking spot! Dan: You kids driving up to Anal Point Arin: ANAL point? Dan: Uhhh… Arin: *laughs* Yeah, it’s like, it’s like way more fucked up than it wa- than it is now Dan: Anal point is from Family Guy Arin: Ohh
Dan: Yeah Arin: Making Family Guy references… on THIS show? Dan: You were just saying- you just showed me a Family Guy reference that you loved! Arin: *laughs* Yeah but it came with like a caveat of like… “I don’t normally like Family Guy but this bit is funny” Dan:Okay Arin: ‘Cause Arby’s is gross Dan: You’re right I guess- I guess I shouldn’t like anything that you don’t like Arin: Noo! Dan: *laughs* Arin: Obviously not! Dan: *laughs* We had an arrangement! Arin: *laughs* Dan: You-you-you take the slot, on my show And be my brain slave! Arin: Oh god yeah Arin: The moment I’m like ‘This is MY show’ I’m gonna fucking- you have permission to stab me in the heart Dan: It was never that way Never that way Arin(In girlish voice): Uh- HEUH Dan(mimicking): EUHH Arin: *Makes fart sound* Dan: Oh you got it! Into the lava… way to go Arin: Uhh…okay So what the fuck now? I got here, great, thanks The fuck was the point of all of this? Just to explore and have fun? Well that sounds great, ’cause I did! The end. Dan: Hooray
Arin: *laughs* Arin: Welcome to my- OOOOO Dan: What? Arin(Effeminately): There’s a chest down here! A treasury treasury chesty chest! Dan(softly): Treasury treasury chest Arin: Ice arrows! Dan: Yayyy Arin: I love them! Yes!! Yes queen Dan: Yes queen spray I’m gonna say that to the guy who uhh Who does the pesticides on my lawn *laughs* Arin: *laughs* YAS QUEEN SPRAY Dan: *laughs* I’ll just be there, on my porch with a glass of ice tea, and some cut- cut off jean shorts Both: *laugh* Arin(Finally in his normal voice): Just make him real uncomfortable Both: *laugh* Arin (effeminately again): WOW, it must be hot out Dan: Oh my god Arin: Want me to make you somethin’? It’s a little chilly drink for your hot bod? Dan: *laughs* Arin: Daamnn Dan: I love it Arin: You’re doing so good right now Arin (normal voice): Oh god that’s a great idea I wanna do that What if it- what if it backfires on you and he’s like (Effeminate voice): YESSS (Normal voice) and you’re like ‘Oh god’ *laughs* Dan: Wow, be like ‘Welp’ Now I gotta go through with this Arin: Yeah, I have mis- I have I have misrepresented myself and- Dan: Gotta commit to the joke Arin: Put ourselves in a-
Dan: By having sex with my pesticides guy Arin: *laughs* I mean I don’t wanna shame him or anything, I don’t wanna make him think I’m making fun of him Dan: Yeah Arin: Soo Here we go! Dan: Time to finally take that dick *laughs* Arin: Okay here’s the- here’s-
Dan: I didn’t know it would come to this! Arin: Here’s- Here’s a question An-an-an oft…an oft debated subject, alright? Dan: Okay Arin: Is it gay… If… Dan: Go on Arin: You blow a dude… JUST TO SEE IF YOU’RE GAY OR NOT Dan: uhhmmm Arin: Like, you’re like, ‘I don’t know if I’m gay… Let me just… I-I… I’ll try it’ And then you don’t like it And then you’re like ‘Not for me, I don’t like it.’ Dan: Well that’s what’s-
Arin: Is that gay? Dan: That’s a weird thing because like… It depends on what like… you mean by ‘Is that gay?’ like… Are you- like Is that a homosexual experience? That you’ve had? Yes. Arin: Yes of course Dan: Definitely Does it make you gay? If you… like, have a homosexual experience but decide it’s not for you? No, I’m pretty sure that makes you not gay Arin: That’s what I’m saying Dan: Yeah Arin: But there’s some people that just think it’s gay and- completely Dan: Like once you cross a gay line?
Arin: Oh yeah Dan: You’re just gay forever? *laughs* Arin: You’re just gay Dan: No, like I mean I don’t know, I never I read somewhere that like…umm god, a long time ago, that like, something like 70% of guys have a homosexual experience at one point in their lives Arin: Really? Dan: Yeah, like- like a very high number And uhh… I- I never did but like I was also like… I was also not repressed You know what I mean? Like Arin: Yeah Dan: So I just like I knew I I knew I could do it, if like If I felt those urges like if that was my thing I could pursue that so there was no reason to like… do it. If that makes any sense Arin: Right Dan: Um… but! I did have… uhh, I did know a girl in college who was like ‘Yeah I could sleep with a girl because I know I’m not gay’ I was like… ‘What? I don’t understand what that means’ But now I get what she meant, ya know? She- she meant like that wouldn’t make her gay because… nothing can make you gay you’re just what you are Arin: Do you mean ‘sleep’ as in sleep in the same bed or? Dan: No, have sex with The phrasing was weird but you know what I mean, like… Arin: I don’t… Dan: Oh, like… She was not afraid that she could be turned gay by like… a gay experience. Arin: Buuuutttt Dan: Because you can’t be Arin: Right… Dan: You’re just born whatever you are Arin: But… Shhmm- The implication is that sh- it doesn’t- she wouldn’t enjoy it? She just would do it? Dan: Oohh, no no… she was like… there was some religious bend to it she was like… Arin(under his breath): Where the fuck does this st…
Dan: It-it was part of like a greater like religious conversation, Dan: It was one of those dumb fucking philosophy-house conversations in college Like… They-uh I don’t remember the details of it but the-the Someone proposed to her like… Umm… Would you be s- are you- are you scared of having sex with another woman because you might be gay And she’s like ‘No, I’m scared of having sex with a woman… I know I’m not gay’ I guess- I guess I was- there shouldn’t of been- ‘because’ shouldn’t have been in that sentence Arin: I see Dan: Yeah Arin: I see Well… yeah… uhh.. I get it Dan: Yeah I-it just I think people are way too uptight Arin: Sure Dan: And (x4) scared of like what they might find out about themselves, but like… fuckin’… Arin: Who cares? Dan: Yeah, who gives a shit? Like, stick your junk where ever you want Arin: Yeah, if you’re a dude and you wanna bang another dude just do it (inspirational) Dan: Yeah, bang another dude, have fun with it Arin: Fuckin’ do it Arin: I mean I know the world’s not perfect and ‘oh there’s more implications than that’ but like I don’t know… Just fucking do it Dan: Eh, yeah Dan: I mean like it’s-
Arin: Break on through to the other side, bro Dan: Yeah, and see if it- see if it’s for you, and if it’s not for you then you’ll be like, ‘Nope’ ‘Not for me’ but then…like… Arin: Just don’t let people shame you for it Dan: Yeah, That- that’s what it is, it’s like don’t… then walk around for the rest of your life being like, ‘I’ve crossed a line!” Arin: ‘I banged a dude!’ Dan: Who fuckin’ cares? Who cares who ya bang? Arin: That’s what I’m saying, man! See that’s my part of the argument! Dan: People spend so much time… freaking out…about where people put their junk Arin: *laughs* Dan: With other consenting junk people Arin: I put my dick in a refrigerator does that make me… Dan: Fridgest?
Arin: Refrigeray? Dan: *laughing* Refrigeray? Arin: Homo…fridge-sexual? Dan: Umm… I don’t know Arin: And I fucking got off on it ’cause it was cold and… Dan: I fucked a cantaloupe once Arin: There ya go! Does that make you canta- cantasexual? Dan: I-I said that one sentence in another umm… Game Grumps episode years ago and never followed up on it Arin: That you fucked a cantaloupe? Dan: Yeah It’s not- I – it’s not even real, it’s just- Arin: Why do you even need to follow up on it Dan: It’s from a movie called ‘The Doom Generation’ I just thought it was a funny thing to say Arin: Oh… Dan: But… I do, umm… I do like throwing stuff out there and just like not following up on it at all Hell yeah, I fucked a cantaloupe Both: *laugh* Arin: I mean, why not? Dan: Who hasn’t? Arin: I’ve always wanted to fuck uhh… a thing of ramen noodles Dan: Oh, a Cup of Noodles? Arin: Yeah Dan: Yeah Arin: Supposedly if you like warm it up… Dan: Yeah
Arin: And get the noodles all soft Dan: I can see that Arin: Then you can just fuck it and it feels real good Dan: That makes sense Arin: But uhh… never tried it Dan: Tell ya what Arin: Yeah? *laughs* Where is this going? Dan: Speaking of homework… Arin: Yeah *laughs* Dan: By the next episode of Zelda… Arin: If I haven’t-
Dan: I will have fucked a cantaloupe, and you will have fucked a cup of ramen noodles Dan: And we’ll come back… and we’ll report on what we found! Arin: A cantaloupe is cold though! Wo-would you like… microwave it? Dan: Well I mean obviously I’d f-
Arin: So It’s like molten lava hot? Dan: Obviously I’d fill it with cottage cheese I mean, come on, dude What am I, a fucking animal? Arin: *laughs* Dan: Anyway, next time on Game Grumps Arin: Gotta be civil here Dan: Yeah So have sex with whoever you wanna have sex with but just- Arin: Including cantaloupes Dan: Yeah Arin: And Cup of Noodles Dan: Yeah, just bag it up for god’s sake, use protection Arin: Oh yeah, there ya go Dan: Yeah And-and make sure it’s a consenting cantaloupe Arin: *laughs* Dan: Because, that is inappropriate otherwise Arin: Consen- that’s a great indie band, dude Dan: Consenting cantaloupe? Arin: *laughs* Dan: That’s like a band Vernon would listen to Arin: *laughs* Arin: Consenting Cantaloupe? Real com- Dan: Gonna get some pretzels Arin: Yeah Dan: For-for eating not for sex

100 thoughts on “Breath of the Wild: Taking on the Schooling System – PART 67 – Game Grumps”

  1. I used to genuinely love school, I had great teachers in elementary school and I’m grateful for them, however I wish I could say that about the rest of my school experience. As soon as I entered middle school it was nonstop pressure (my middle school was 7th and 8th grade) to perform well for college. It also didn’t help that my 6th grade teacher had recommended the school place me in honors classes and I had found out by older students that my middle school has some of the worst honors teachers as they would essentially treat the class as an AP course when they were dealing with fresh-out-of-elementary-school students. I started failing my classes 7th grade because of how much these teachers would bombard us with homework and not take into account the other classes we had.

    It got worse in high school, and I continued to preform badly, not because I didn’t like learning, I just couldn’t keep up with anything. School would start at 8:00am and didn’t end until 3:15pm but with traffic, I wouldn’t get home until 4pm at the earliest. My school had regular check ins with each grade where all the counselors just kind of rounded is up to just tell us we should be thinking about our future and what career we wanted and to choose what colleges we would apply to, they would constantly push students to sign up for clubs and take AP courses and pick up a sport or other extracurricular activity because we need to “look good for a college application.” Every year it would get worse and by the end of junior year I just got sick of it. I dropped all my clubs and plans to join a sport, I didn’t pay to take any of the AP tests (at my school taking the AP course was free but getting tested so you could gain college credits was $90-$95 a piece and the free waiver was such bullshit that me and most of the people I knew couldn’t even qualify for it). Senior year I eventually dropped out mid year because I was just so sick of everything. At my worst, I would come home at almost 7pm, eat, and spend the rest of my night doing the piles upon piles of homework for classes. Almost every time I wouldn’t finish homework until around 1am, and that wasn’t counting the homework packets that I would get and would have to work on the weekends to complete. It got to the point where I would have a headache or migraine every day during/after school and would have a bottle of Advil in my backpack just in case. I had times where I decided to lie down until my headache went away only to accidentally fall asleep and wake up around 8pm freaking out because I had homework to do, those nights I wouldn’t get to sleep until around 3am.

    The stress eventually just made me sick so during junior year I missed a lot of school and all the make up work on top of the homework I had just broke me, I stopped everything. I stopped doing any homework, I would do it in class but if it didn’t get done then I shrugged it off and turned it in anyway. I quit all my clubs, and dropped my 2 ap classes for normals ones during senior year. I would take naps after school and just relax, and if my teachers ever assigned homework on the weekends I would just never do it. I just felt so much happier and I would stop having headaches every day or being sick so much. Mid senior year I just said fuck it and dropped out. Took a year break then finished the last little bit of school I had left and enrolled for college.

    It’s long, I know, but it felt nice to let it all out. I had a lot of good teachers and a nice counselor, but the amount of pressure and the bar they set for you when you’re still a teen figuring out what you even like is just..really bad. My favorite memories from school were from classes I had picked myself, classes I was genuinely interested in, and in those classes I performed phenomenally. AP Psychology was the only AP class I signed up for out of interest rather than the “if I don’t take ap I’ll never get into a good college and will disappoint my parents” mentality that I had. It didn’t help that my school didn’t even really teach us that community college was an option, I didn’t even really realize there was a difference between college and Universities until I had finally had a talk with my parents how I was feeling about school. They didn’t even realize I had picked going to university out of ignorance than of my own free will. I’m just glad they were very supportive of my decision and let me have a well deserved break as well as helped me make a better plan for higher education.

  2. You guys really fucked up my high this episode. The importance of an education is intangible. You kinda sound like bratty little punks who’s asses need to be beat. I almost dislike your vibe but you’re funny and I laugh at some of your stuff.

  3. I asked my 4th grade teacher when we would ever use multiplication of larger groups (ex- 420×69 and the process to get there). Her retort was, “when are you going to be less obnoxious?” Well. Ok. If Melissa had asked the same thing, she’d have laughed and slowed down the lesson.

    I do use this when I crochet, so fuck me, I guess.

  4. best video yet because of conversations you guys had about the schooling systems and about being confident with your sexuality

  5. If wikihow can teach me valuable life skills in 10 minutes better than the teams of people paid enough to make a living who get 7 hours a day for 13 years of my life, theres a fucking problem.

  6. There’s a poster in my math class that says “think you don’t need math? Think again if you want to be a…” and lists all the jobs you need a degree for like no I don’t need to know this I need a piece of paper saying I know this

  7. thoroughly disliked high-school. because of it, chose to be stoned every day of it. went to college and loved it with every fiber of my being. never experienced a love for learning in such a degree before. the professors were wonderful, the atmosphere was mature, the learning went beyond the course material into the real world, and it actually engaged me. college invigorated me to follow ambitions and create change where I think it needs to be. but what fucking sucks is not everyone can afford college to have that experience, and there's also the fact that not everyone will enjoy college the way I did, because college is not for everyone. some people don't do well in a four year university. to anyone reading, just do your best to enjoy learning on your own, whether it be in your own time or if you choose to seek "higher" education. seek out topics that engage you and make you excited or reflective.

  8. I just finished high school and I feel like I know nothing. I’m trying to figure out college and I’m so stressed out and confused with what I want.

  9. The only way I made it though school was I had to convince myself it was all a game and I had to play though the objectives in order to pass to the next level. When I started doing that school got super easy. I didn't learn shit. But I learned to play the game. I just really wished my teachers in middle and highschool would have cared enough to tell me I was dyslexic, would have saved a lot of time in college.

  10. man … is that really what having a penis is like? You just think about putting it in a cup of noodles? Is it just that easy? Godamn

  11. I was watching this and scrolling through Instagram and saw a picture of a cantaloupe at the same moment that Dan said cantaloupe

  12. The teachers take forever to teach a topic, so when there’s maybe five minutes left they would give the assignment. And the assignment is almost always huge, for example math, they take 40-45 minutes to teach the lesson and give an assignment from the textbook. And it’s usually two pages and 30 problems and it’s every day.

  13. You guys know what I’m the most angry about concerning this episode? YouTube is constantly suggesting to watch the episode 2 episodes after the one I’ve just watched. Like what the heckin??? I’m having to go to my history every time just to find the next one in numerical order. Whyyyy is it not the literal next one ??!

  14. The grumps gave a horrible message in this episode. DO NOT fuck whoever until mirage and DO NOT have gay sex cause that's been mentioned in Genesis 16 as being wrong. Doing these things is a surefire way to end up in hell. I understand people reading this comment may not believe in God or whatever, but just know that I warned you.

  15. In my school we have classes like personal finance, wellness (which is a class on mindfulness and emotional regulation and communication), contemporary world (a class about learning how to navigate news and learning about all the things happening in the world without bias), and lifetime (a gym class of actually useful gym activities like yoga and dance and self defense). We learn a lot about how to do things and the question of “when can we use this in real life” is always answered with honesty and accuracy. But then again, my school is in a rich town so the teachers get paid very well and they get funding for all these great programs. I love school honestly. It’s improved greatly since Arin and Dan’s time of schooling. (I’ve even had graphic novel class and animation class.)

  16. its 7 to 3, so 9 hours. if you cant teach what you need to teach us in 9 HOURS, then youre doing too much

  17. You know the person who created standardized testing described as “Cruel punishment” and that it “should never be implemented into actual education”? I believe that’s what he said. Please fact check. Greetings from 2019.

  18. People screw food all the time.
    I wouldn't, but that's because my genitals are internal, and external bacteria is dangerous to internal organs. But some people with vaginas and bums dont care lol

  19. The conversation about homework really got me there. I’m studying to become a teacher for English and German language and I find homework absolutely unnecessary. It just ruins the fun and students don’t learn if they are forced to do work outside of the place associated with learning. Also teachers should not forget that the students have other homework as well that may take a long time and they have a private life that they want to enjoy as well and not just two times a week. We do not need to thrill our children too early. They should have fun with learning thus they will learn much faster and much more efficient in my opinion.

  20. I've been watching this all day wall doing homework and lost my shit laughing when Erin said " what the fuck even is homework" I wanted to be like bitch its hard shit especially in IB English

  21. I'm in high school right now all my teachers are awesome we rarely have homework and it's just way more relaxed.

  22. Yeah I get judge by my father for being gay, which hasn't even stopped me. I've been gay for seven years now. March of next year marts my ninth year! If someone hates on you for being not like them, well listen to Game Grumps and tell them to shove it.

  23. Fun thing about schools in sweden is that there are optional classes called "individual choices" you can take on for example sociology and psychology, which actually does include classes on how to talk to people, among a plethra of other things related to people. I have a couple friends in class who chose to add those to their schedules and you do all kinds of shit related to how people think and talk and socialize, and get taught how to deduct these subtle signs and base a conversation off of it. We're also around the age where that kind of knowledge is useful (16-19 years old-ish depending on our birthday). It's fucking dope
    I can't speak from my own experience since I chose programming/web developing as my individual choice, I would write more in-depth about it if I knew what it was like in psychology class, haha.

  24. “The moment I say this is my show, you have permission to stab me in the heart.” Damn Arin, I don’t think he was joking when he said that.

  25. See, this is the reason why i love game grumps, the philosophy is so down to Earth. "Who cares who you bang?"

  26. Little known fact: Dan destroys the environment with pesticides to make the front of his house looks neat when no one really cares if it’s messy

  27. I was in grade 5/6 and we had school, homework, then the homework binder as a test sample, so we had to do the extra homework with our parents, and the teachers would get mad if we didn't do both home works

  28. Homework was (and still is) the bane of my existence. My parents and their friends never understood why I would spend 3-4 hours every day doing homework, they would just be like "Oh, I did most of mine in class" but I remember in High School people trying to do that and teachers would say "homework is called HOMEwork for a reason, you do it at home, put it away." Even in college there are some professors that expect 6-8 hours/week of work OUTSIDE of class, per class. Taking a full 15-18 credit schedule really makes that time add up…

  29. It's so weird to me how people talk about sexuality. Like if you fall onto a man's dick are you gay? I don't know, are you attracted to that man sexually? Then maybe you're gay. Maybe you aren't. Depends on how you define gay. I'm bi and I'm sexually attracted to people of my gender and people of other genders. But oh no I've never had sex, how do I know then? Cause it doesn't matter who you fuck in my opinion. I'm just sexually attracted to people and I identify as bisexual.

    Now, I don't know how it is to be gay or straight cause ya know I'm bi. How can something you do make you gay? It's very weird. Like Daniel Howell said: "What does being gay mean? You never thought about a boob once?"

  30. I think if someone watches a porn video they should be able to tell what they're into… right? lol. Instead of going straight for — do it with the same sex lol.

  31. The thing is, I know that almost all my friends would abandon me if I was gay, and I intend to get rid of those friends soon

  32. I'm watching this and you start taking about giving a cantaloupe and my apartment manger showed up unexpected and I had this passing very loud on my phone. Dam.. that sucked

  33. I was in a group called pbl (project base learning). We had no homework. We did projects that we dis in class and not at home. I learned so much better. They taught me how to socialize. How to shake a hand correctly. They helped with my aniexty. Till i went to highschool and did their pbl and they kicked me out cause i failed math. I then did online school at home and now i graduated highschool 🙂

  34. this conversation just perfectly explains how and why being forced to finish high school almost killed me. by senior year all i was doing during class was sleeping or having panic attacks.

  35. When I started ninth grade last year, my mom pulled me out of school and I'm homeschooled now. And honestly it was so liberating. I honestly didn't know how bad my mental health had gotten until I finally left. I actually have enough time to do what I enjoy now. I'm so much more productive with my writing projects and artwork. It's honestly so great. And the education part of homeschooling isn't really as bad as some will make it out to be. Like, I still learn plenty just from hearing about things that interest me on Twitter or Tumblr and then googling it to learn more. It's great, really. And plus, near my mom's work, there's this one church that let's the co-op use their buildings, and at co-op, we can choose our classes. And my best friend since we were both really little has been going there her whole life, and we were distant for a while, but after joining the co-op, we hung out non-stop and are now practically inseparable again. It's awesome, I'm really loving it. I'm honestly so much happier now than when I was still in a normal school.

  36. Too many people ave the misconception that your actions dictate your sexuality – when that is not at all the truth. Sexuality and sexual activity tend to correlate highly, but the actual definition of sexuality is your preference_. What you _want to experience getting your rocks off could be different than what you are experiencing and that's okay, it doesn't change what you want.

  37. "Is it gay when…" "is it gay if…." my answer to that is, why cant it just be. Why does an action have to be straight or gay? Sometimes it's okay for a thing to just exist without further examination.

  38. The reason straight people don't want to have gay sex isn't because they are afraid of being gay, that's just dumb. It's because the sex wouldn't be pleasurable for them at all. In fact, it would be unpleasurable sex, the worst kind of sex.

  39. it never ceases to amaze me how Arin has great comedic timing on purpose and accidentally.
    ( 1:20 )
    Arin: I think I'm fine now
    Arin: immediately walks off edge and submerges in lava

  40. I didn't know how to talk to people until I was literally 17 & learned at work… ugh. I was faking a personality for years & eventually got so tired of it, so I just went "I'm just going to go with what I feel like when it comes to communication" & wow, girls actually liked me more than my fake personality where I'd think of jokes & stuff.

  41. I don't think being gay is intrensically tied to what kind of intercourse you enjoy participating in. I think it's inherently tied to your feelings of love. I've had multiple experiences with other men and wouldn't be against it now, but I am as straight as they come when it comes to love and choosing a life partner.

  42. There was a study that determined that lots of homework did the opposite of help. My Algebra teacher would give us entire packets of the same thing over and over and I could never finish them. My dad had to write notes on the packets for the teacher. The reason he was able to do that is because of my ADHD, which makes it hard for me to focus long enough to complete work. Anyways, a lot of my classmates ended up in the same Geometry class as me, and most of us were confused at several parts that involved Algebra because all we were given was fucking homework that I never finished. The same year, I had an english teacher that literally only taught figurative language. Everyone that was in her class is a god at figurative language but was only at the 7th grade level for everything else by 8th grade even though we were an honors class. And yes I did take algebra in 7th grade.

  43. I couldn’t relate more to Dan’s high school anecdote. That was too real to me. About the homework and being forced to figure out what I want to be after I leave. I’m in my final year of high school and all I want to do is travel the world, get away from home and experience how things work outside if Australia..

  44. game grumps is bad. thanks to the last episode i wanna smoke that dank nasty pots and now thanks to this one i wanna fuck men and delectable fruits 🤦‍♂️how can this channel continue??

  45. You need to learn lots of different shit in school ,even things you may not care for, so you can discover your strengths and pick what to specialize in. It's not that complicated to grasp. Learning how to balance a checkbook and deal with emotions is taught at home and through life experiences, and some people have better home, are more fortunate than others. That's how it is

  46. As a gay man who has been the homosexual experience for several of his friends, once is an experiment, several times is at least bisexual.

  47. Took him the entire fucking episode to talk to the Goron elder, AFTER he went to where the quest the Goron elder gives you, and y'know. He couldn't complete it because he did have the quest, yet. Fuck this.

  48. "what is homework" homework my dear friend is for those who have bad grades OR for teachers to decide they wanna be devilish and decides to give it to students to stop them from actually doing more important shit. Also, in my opinion, school is useless after 12. They should teach all the important stuff first
    Edit: I heavily disagree with that. I was as straight as a ruler. My friend dared me to watch a gay porn and then I had a bisexual roleplay experience then I turned bi then I turned pans

  49. School is contradictory like the rest of society. When we ask why we're learning about a particular subject, the correct answer is: knowledge has a value in an of itself. However, when we're grown up, the work market tells us knowledge is useless unless we make money off of it. It is impossible to know beforehand what knowledge will be useful. In ten years that knowledge might be obsolete, or you might realize you're interested in, or good at, something else entirely.

  50. One of my math teachers in highschool had a poster on a wall and it was like, for this job this is what math you will use, and I always thought the was cool.

  51. How to talk to people is a class, it's called essential communications, but sadly it is only taught to disabled people, not everyone. Over here I see this one insane girl making cat noises and hissing at people, and I'm pretty sure she's not in essential communications. I'm over here, wasting my time, feeling dumb, because we constantly talk about hidden rules. Most my school life I've heard the words "hidden rules". Every year. Now finally after this trimester, I'm free. Finally free.

  52. Sucking a guy off and deciding you don't like it is the least gay thing possible since you've confirmed with tangible proof that you're not attracted to the same sex. Everyone else is just assuming that they wouldn't like it.

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