Breath Power Intention plus Our Universal Citizenship – Jasmuheen

Breath Power Intention plus Our Universal Citizenship – Jasmuheen

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(Under)stand as we all are now, the
magnificence of the human design, the fact that we can breathe and with every
incredible breath we can draw so much more than oxygen, we can actuallyslow the breathing down and drink with each breath from the very baseline
of creation so that our biosystems are filled with and nourished by prana. This
pranic pulsation as you know is everywhere, in everything and it is flooding through our bodies, it’s pulsating through that 99.9% space of an atom, of
all our atoms, it is pulsating around us, we can feel it as pure pure love. We can
hear it as the voice of the most Supreme wisdom and when this love and this
wisdom flow together we can feel it as power – the power to co-create in a way
that is beneficial for the multiverses. As universal citizens, as a united planet
where we bring out the best in each other, where we exist in mutually
beneficial relationship then we are releasing from Earth this very particular
keynote, a very beautiful vibration that is not just influencing the universe but
adding to the orchestra of the universal song which is now beginning to interact
differently with the multiverses. So what we are doing on Earth, this waking up to our pure nature, this allowance, I’m living the lifestyle where
our pure nature, our Ātman, dominates the biosystem is having an incredible
effect on Earth right now. As we do this we find all of our hungers just naturally disappear, we have no physical hunger anymore, we have no emotional hunger anymore,
we have no mental hunger anymore and we have no spiritual hunger anymore. To make this commitment to be a nourishing presence in all realms is such a powerful commitment to make. This game of self-knowledge, self-mastery, of essence dominating the whole biosystem,
is an incredible game of freedom. Say with feeling – I commit to be a nourishing presence through all realms! Make this truth for me now! YES, YES, YES! As we know, WE ARE ALL INTERCONNECTED IN THE WEB OF LIFE … EACH PERSON IS ALWAYS ADDING SOMETHING TO THE WHOLE. Our thoughts & feelings have great vibratory power on how & where we move in evolution – we can play in & feed the game of unity or the game of fear & separation. Choice time is always with us, moment by moment … Jasmuheen

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