Breath vs. Breathe – Pronunciation and Grammar

Breath vs. Breathe – Pronunciation and Grammar

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  1. thank you alot..
    … I'm a student.. and all my teachers are wondering about a grammar.. please help me.. make a video on your channel for this grammar…..
    the grammar is .:,..,
    sunglasses are a good invention
    or sunglasses are good invention
    (with a or no )
    which one is right ??
    and the grammer maybe existent in book called ( Grammer express )
    in the (Cambridge university)
    please help me ..and thank you alot
    my greetings

  2. This is real helpful thanks rachel. I don't know if you have done one video with the words week and weak to me that I'm not a native and that I live in a country where spanish is spoke sounds the same thing. hope you have this in mind. Thank you

  3. it might sounds weird or inappropriate but Could u make a video that show the pronunciation between breast and breath .

  4. nice, thanks Rachel.
    I need the difference in pronunciation between " Later " and " letter ".
    Thank you again.

  5. the both word are very important to me I aways confuse about them . but now isn't problems I really thanks you for everything.

  6. Rachel, do you have a video that explains how the word 'You' is both singular and plural? Because I'm kind of confused. For example:
    Let's say a group of my friends went somewhere and I don't know where they are, I call one of them to ask where they are, how do I do that? Do I say: "Where are you?" How will the person know that I'm talking about the whole group and not just him? Do I have to say: "Where are you guys" do I have to put "Guys" in it? Please help 🤔

  7. Rachel I have heard someone asking about time and he said "What does it make ? " so , Is it right to ask about time in this way ?

  8. hello Rachel, I'm from India and I'm learning English and you are very helpful. specifically when it's a case of speaking in a native accent. my accent is not that good , so will you make a video how to make my accent better.

  9. Hey Raquel, thanks a. lot for help us always with your free classes on Youtub, Could you make a video teaching how to proonounce the word "identity"! Thanks a lot. Cheers!

  10. good morning, as an English student I have had a hard time finding out how or when to use the ending words up, in, off, out etc. As an example of it, the word end vs end up, or fix vs fix out,fit vs fit in…these kind of words, why and when to add those words at the end, is there any rule that we have to apply?

  11. Hi Rachel, I would like to know if there is a difference in the pronunciation between "close" meaning ej. Close the door, and close in ej. I live close from here.

  12. Rachel, do you have any video that explains the difference of pronunciation between beach/ bitch and sheep/cheap/ship?

  13. What bothers me is that some native speakers cannot tell the difference between "you're" and "your"!!! Some of them went to college but they say something like " your smart" or " I like you're dress" lol funny.

  14. I remember when I was living in NZ, a lot of people would say "brought" instead of "bought" when they mean they had bought something. They would even show the difference on TV. I found that very interesting.

  15. Rachel, Thank you so much for this class.
    English is my second language, and I was messing up the writing of these two words. At least I can use them properly when I speak.
    So, the past tense of breathe is: breathed? And participle? Breathed also?
    Thank you!!!
    : )

  16. I guess Rachel watched many gameplays videos about The Legend Of Zelda breath of the wild and heard many people saying "breathe of the wild" instead of "breath of the wild" that's why she made this video LOL

  17. Hi Rachel, thank you for your videos, I was wondering in the phrase "strange shape" do you drop the jj sound in strange or do you blend the jj and sh sounds?

  18. i saw the way you let us about impruve our listening english skills by we can write sentence or the words on webside like youtube but it isn"t youtube..we can hear the sentence or the words from many videos .but so now we forget about that..can you help us the adress of webside then we can access it ..and impruve our listening english skills

  19. Hi Rachel . I really enjoy your videos a lot .
    l would like your help on how to pronounce the words economical and economy .
    thanks again

  20. Hello, teacher how you doing? Wow, do some time I don't see your videos, you are very beautiful with hair like that so. I love form that explains, I learn so much. Thank you very much, muaahh bye 😉

  21. Hello Rachel! I am so grateful that i have watched your video. I know I will have more learnings to make with you!

  22. Hi Rachel! How do you pronounce the past of 'breathe' and 'sunbathe'! To me, it sounds as if they changed the final voiced <th> for its voiceless counterpart so that in the end it sounds as a voiceless <th> plus a /t/. Is there a video for this? Thank you!

  23. You are awesome , i would please ask you about something in grammar as well , look at this sentence : Zlatan Ibrahimovic is to leave Manchester United imminently . Could you please explain or how you call it when you say someone is to plus verb is it a rule , i look forward to hearing from you , thank you

  24. Rachel, I just have one thing to say to you, but there is someone who says it even better.
    And no, I'm not trying to mess with you here, I honestly don't like it when people mess up the basics in basic American English.

  25. I have a doubt with the verb ¨Breathe¨. When you pronounce this verb it sounds alike to the unvoiced TH sound at the end. if you checked your pronunciation in this video you may realize it does sound like the unvoiced TH sound which takes me to the next question: is this one of those subtle sounds which you talked about in the video about how native speakers pronounces consonants at the end? such as: flowers, dive, I remember those two from your video

    I'm listening to a song of Jordin Sparks named ¨No air¨, I know that maybe you don't have spare time to spend listening to music but I'd like to get that question answered, since your video didn´t have all the subtle consonants that sound a little different at the end, you would help me a lot. thank you in advance.

  26. I also hear that the word ¨breathe¨ ends with some air coming out of the tongue, don't you have a video pronouncing these two words in a conversation?

  27. It makes me sooo angry when people mix up breathe and breath in sentences… I don't understand why and how people mix the two up…

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