2 thoughts on “Breathing – Health Risks At Work – Film 1 of 6”

  1. I have Been slowly dying from a disected artery in my neck from an injury since i was 17 . i am now 27 and doctors still wont refer me to a specialist to see my neck
    When my problems at 17 all started from my neck

    Doctors are criminals
    My family are criminals !

    They both get away with there crimes and still are

    I havent had an erection since i was 17 !!!

    For the last 10
    Years :
    – neck pain /burning pulsating
    – erectile dysfunction
    – stabbing pains inder left arm pit
    – left arm always goes completely numb evry day for a few seconds
    – wake up every morning drenched in sweat
    – feels like a knife is stabbing my armpit
    – struggling to read and write
    – migraines
    -muscle cramps all the time

    Im going through hell and no one believes me

    The scottish NHS got away with there crimes of neglect
    And so did my family

    Now i slowly suffer and im getting worse and worse

    If there is a god you all will suffer for eternity for your crimes ! what cruelty you have done to a human being !

    I am lost for words

    I will get my neck scanned in a diffrent country and prove the crimes of neglect from the NHS and my family !

    And im going sue the nhs and my family for stealing my childhood

    Im not a hypocondriac you dumb basdards it took the NHS 7 years to diagnose me with h pylori for fuck sake !!
    7 years to get diagnosed for a fucking bacterial infection !!

    NHS dont have a fucking clue u fucking evil basdards

    You can only hide your crimes for so long !

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