Breathing India | Travel Video

Breathing India | Travel Video

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India is often recognized as the most contrary country towards western society There is no country on earth where the gap is wider between rich and poor What we learned while our stay was is that this country is basically the epitome of duality We learned that freedom always comes on cost and that following your faith can make you bear an incredible amount of deprivation Ladies and Gentleman Welcome to India But if you are persistent enough India will reward you and you will be able to see its intense beauty

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  2. For me travel videos have one purpose only which is inspiring other people to travel the world. There is nothing like it. I'm doing the same thing by sharing the videos of my travels :). Keep it up and enjoy this beautiful planet.

  3. You have started your video and represent India as a country of garbage , dirty roads etc..then come to beautiful India..many foreigners like you come to India to show dirty things, taking photographs of slam etc…this is not good….you should know that only India proves Unity in Diversity…lots of religion ..lots of culture we can handle very easily , no other countries have the guts like this…

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  6. This video is fantastic , I am in love with the transition between your voice and the music , it is truly inspiring. Thumbs UP!! and also you got a new subscriber

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  9. Wow! Superb! Very nice cinematography! You inspired me a lot. Hope i can improve my skills more. ♥️😊👍🏻 great video you earned my sub 🙏🏻😊

  10. Awesome video..You have tried to include the essence of the people n place..Wil try to include in my videos as well..Thanks for encouraging a Beginer..

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  14. I know india has poverty and some dirty places
    but it doesn't mean u add this
    u came to india just enjoy
    make video on good things good places
    ordinary ppl
    in starting I saw pig in drain cow eating polythene
    weird faces poor ppl
    dude u cant fix it so stop capturing
    go visit vrindavan mathura
    near by agra
    meet many foreigners r living in tough situation
    I don't think they make video


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  17. Sir ur content, videography and editing are really awesome.. But u shouldnt have start with a negative perspect about India.

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  19. Beautiful work of capturing and editing friend. I'm also a video editor and cameraman, I found your channel through freesound! I have seen many people asking what equipment you use, but I know that this magnificent work is the result of a lot of inspiration and talent. Congratulations! I really enjoyed your work! 😃👏👏👏👏👏

  20. I'm from India and it made me so happy to watch this video. You have captured the essence of India pretty well 🙂

  21. One more Sad Video showcasing only on India's busy streets, chaos and dirt. Have you guys ever been to 'Real India'??? I have been documenting 'Western Ghats of India' from last 5 years showcasing its stunning natural beauty, flora, fauna, culture and much more. But you guys seem to be interested only in showcasing Dirt, Pollution, Chaos and all other negative aspects of India. if you are a real Traveler, I challenge you to visit India again and explore its stunning Natural variety which offers you everything from Icy Himalayas to Hot Desserts, Rain Forests to deciduous forests, 3000kms of Coastline to Rich Architectural Masterpieces spreading all over nation. India is not just about Cows and Street Dogs. Have courtesy to travel these above mentioned locations. Thanks ! Jai Hind.

  22. Hello, Great Video, Can You Please Share Colour Grading Tools Which You Use In Post Production For Your Videos ? Please Revert ! Thank You ! 🙂


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  24. i didn't find where did u use waving flag sound effect from u commented there u used in this video bt in which part of the video??

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  26. I’ve been to India many times. This sums it up correct. Go people see the beautiful county. Don’t be scared. Look to something out you comfort zone and see the world. Best video!!

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  28. India is incredible, Indians can be proud !
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