Breathing Space

Breathing Space

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[blows out] Doctor: We have the results of the scan
– it’s not the news we’d hoped for. There is a growth there that looks very much like cancer. [Becomes muffled] Take some time to absorb this. [Key noise] Wife [muffled]: You alright, Darling? Are you okay to get dinner on? Are you okay? [Heart beating quickly] [Click of kettle] [loud exhale] Louise: Hello
Will: Hello Louise: Have you been to the centre before? Will: No Louise: So my name’s Louise, I’m one of the support specialists here Group leader: Will, how about you? How’re you doing? Will: Um… [Sniffing] [Blows on tea] [Uplifting piano music plays] [Inhales] [Exhales] [Inhales] [Exhales]

3 thoughts on “Breathing Space”

  1. Maggies is a great supportive community of which I have been a part of on a number of occasions. Well done to all involved.

  2. I had Ovarian Cancer and went to Maggie's in Cheltenham and they really helped me not worry as much about living with cancer and how to cope with it, also post treatment, they were a god send when most other interventions had gone. I know my beautiful niece, aged 9, found them so useful and helped her to process having a a family member with cancer.

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