Bye Bye, Bad Dog Breath —

Bye Bye, Bad Dog Breath —

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Yuck! Dog breath let’s rewind Dogs are adorable but they lick everything! that’s why we invented Orapup the solution that helps cure dog breath in less than a minute. Dog bad breath is one of the
major concerns of dog owners All we can really recommend is to brush their teeth People don’t do it becuause their dogs dont like it. even when they let you brush their teeth, it wont solve the problem studies show that ninety percent of bad
breath in humans comes from the tongue I’m Doctor Bob ten years ago i invented Orabrush, a tongue cleaner that helps cure bad breathe. After people
started using the Orabrush for themselves they requested that we
create an Orabrush for their dog. “Orabrush, you need to make one for dogs now.” That’d be good, wouldn’t it? How do you get a to let you clean its tongue? You don’t. You let the dog do it. having a system where the dog will clean his own tongue is vert beneficial to both the owner and to the dog. Its not a chore, its more like a treat.
Ultra soft pointed bristles clean deep into the uneven
crevices on your dog’s tongue loosening stinky bacteria these bristles are designed after the
surgeon scrub, brush the same special bristles surgeons use to clean bacteria
from their hands before the cut you open four in-line scrapers collect and remove
the bacteria and residue generated from brushing, helping cure cad breath. We tried
loads of different handles until we had the perfect handle. It enables the dog to
lick the Orapup in the vertical position where the dog will extend the
full length of their tongue. When we clean our own tongues, we pull the bad breath
causing gunk out of our mouth and then spit out the residence Dogs don’t spit, so Dr Bob spent seven months researching a flavor and consistency that dogs love, and is
completely edible and healthy the flavoring also includes an anti
plaque product as well as an enzyme preparation for
better oral health The ingredients are all FDA approved
and food grade, even for humans. “You know, that kind of taste like gravy.” “I can see why you like it.” We have finished the design, have working prototype and even have a commitment from a national pet food store to carry Orapup made arrangements with a local manufacture and now all we need is your help to make the first run of product. Click here, or go to and when you pre-order an Orapup, well throw in a couple of free Orabrush human tongue cleaners. so hurry, because the first five hundred
preorders get an early bird special. Before you know it, everyone in their dog will have one.

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  1. Even if this helps with bad breath, this does nothing for dogs oral health. Gum disease and the build up of tartar is what is detrimental to the entire oral cavity. If you're honestly interested in maintaining your pets oral health, you still need to brush the plaque off of the teeth and get regular check ups at your veterinarians office. They will be able to tell you if your pet is in need of a dental cleaning.

  2. me and my dad made up this thing called "naked baby services" and when my dad saw this he said "naked baby services west coast division!"

  3. Imagine me reacting this video.
    Me: Yuck, dog breath!
    Mom: What are you doing?
    Me: Reacting a bad dog breath commercial
    Mom: O..kay?
    Me: Yep
    Mom: I regret the day not bringing you to the therapist
    *Me with my mouth open in shock*

  4. Hello, I received my Orapup package today, but there is a problem with my order. I paid for 3 kits, but there was only one kit in the package that was delivered. Your website doesn't provide a contact phone number, and the email I sent to you was returned as undeliverable. Could you please contact me with information about the balance of my order? My efforts to contact you have not been successful. Thanks!

  5. Please send an email to support AT orapup DOT com – if you ordered them at different times, it is possible that they will ship at different times.

  6. Thanks! I received an email today that the rest of my order has shipped so I should get it in a few days. By the way, my dog is enjoying the orapup that was delivered already! The other dogs are so jealous! Can't wait to receive the rest.

  7. My dog doesn't seem to care what my breath smells like so I just return the gesture and don't buy into this stuff. Dogs have stinky breath. Make sure they eat lots of crunchy foods and stay hydrated. Dogs like apples too. The joy of a dog is they fart when they want and don't care about stinky breath. Take a lesson. Life is short. 🙂 Peace.

  8. me too. I think this might be a good thing to try. we have two dogs with very stinky breath (lol) It would be nice to be able to play with them (gettin' in our faces et al) without us having to gag from the smell of doggy breath!

  9. ARE YOU FUCKIN SICK? showin that nasty freak of nature lickin the damn diaper even makes ME want ta start shooting dogs…. that's that nastiest god damn thing I think id seen in a fucking commercial.. who the hell is responsible for this? I wanna barf in his lap… im gonna have this sick ass scene playing in my god damn head all night.. I should sue. im never buying this product simply for the old navy stigma.. the commercials are so fuckin stupid I cant bring myself to shop with them.

  10. Uh dude… That was a hunk of wet dog food inside the diaper to have the dog lick it, it was trying to give you the idea that they will lick just about anything! Surprising you didn't realize that, Since if u look closely its kinda obvious…

  11. Chocolate is very toxic to dogs, and can in some cases… cause death. But your point was right though, it wasn't actual doodoo lol

  12. Dang here I thought this was a tutorial on how to make your breath smell like dog breath. I was expecting licking your own genitals, drinking water from a bowl full of rain water, etc. Guess I'll have to continue my search elsewhere.

    Oh yeah great vid btw lol

  13. i wish they sell this product in Walmart or something cause my parents don't order anything online .__. Ugh! My dog need this so BAD!

  14. lol. My dogs needed it, too. They all LOVE the stuff you put on the brush, but they're not too fond of the brush itself. I'm guessing it's the texture. It's a hit and miss with them, but with my other dog (the one who we hoped it would work on the most) loves to lick stuff that feels weird, so she loves this. It REALLLLLYYYY helps. Like, A lot.

    I talked my grandmother into helping me get it. Try working something out with someone. Maybe pay them back when their account is charged? 🙂

  15. Please stop letting your dog lick your mouth, so gross! It's great that you love them so much, but that doesn't mean their saliva will magically become hygienic because of it!

  16. I bought this on amazon yesterday because the day before yesterday it was my puppys birthday and we got nothing for her on that day bc we were busy. It will be comming tomorrow. Hope she is happy with it 🙂

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