Camila Morrone Is Rather Injury Prone

Camila Morrone Is Rather Injury Prone

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94 thoughts on “Camila Morrone Is Rather Injury Prone”

  1. I can imagine there's an insurance company who paid out for shooting delays who will now be looking to get their money back.

  2. Y’all trippin bout her “shouting”? Man, I ain’t, she’s beautiful. Instant woman crush when I seen her in the movie Death Wish.

  3. robert plant is really gives no fucking care about what happened here. once a cool cat, always a cool cat.

  4. The women of Argentina are easily the most beautiful in the Americas, over Brazilians, Canadians or Americans.

  5. There is no way I could speak if I were sitting next to Robert Plant … I would be on ground bowing to him as if he were a God.

  6. She is hot. In a very, very basic way. She would be fun to hang out with, but that's it. No star quality. Some people just get lucky in life.

  7. esta mina mina esta mejor que ver campeon a boca en la platea baja comiendo un choripan con vino escuchando a los redondos y fumando un buen caño

  8. Robert plant is here wtf are they doing acting as if he’s visible no one gives a flying fuck about your accident

  9. Camila Morrone's mother is a former model who has been in a relationship with Al Pacino since 2009. Camilla refers to Pacino as her "stepfather" although he and her mother have not yet married. and her boyfriend is Leonardo Di Caprio.

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