Can chewing gum really help you get rid of bad breath?

Can chewing gum really help you get rid of bad breath?

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Can Chewing Gum Really Help You Get Rid of
Bad Breath? We have all suffered the embarrassment of bad breath at one point or another, and lets face it, most of us still wake up
every morning to an unpleasant-smelling mouth So is there a way to turn this around? In order to eliminate a crisis, its best to tackle it at its roots. We always think of inadequate oral hygiene
to be the cause of bad breath, but the problem runs
a little deeper. Our mouth is home to hundreds of millions
of bacteria. They feast on food leftovers and tissue in
our mouths, producing foul smelling chemicals such as
hydrogen sulfide, which smells like rotten eggs, and methyl mercaptan, which smells like rotten cabbage. Proper brushing and flossing exercises only provide temporary fixes, as the bacteria in the mouth is likely to continue their devilish work, and in the process, they keep producing bad smelling chemicals. One way to slow down your mouth bacteria is to give it less food. Bacteria are suckers for sugar and carbs, and whether it is a piece of chocolate that you choose to have or a quick sandwich, you are certainly feeding many more organisms
besides yourself! That’s why many people resort to chewing
gum especially after eating on-the-go to clean their mouths from food particles and to freshen their breath. And its hard to argue with having a cleaner
mouth, especially that some recent studies are now making an even bigger claim about chewing
gum: that if chewed for brief amount of time, it may also be getting rid of the bacteria, which is the root cause of bad breath. But how true is this? Many of the studies that make such a claim are funded by corps that manufacture chewing
gum. Yet, there might be some truth to what they
claim. One of the major factors that help the bacteria culture to flourish inside your
mouth is lack of saliva. Saliva contains enzymes that attack bacteria and keeps their numbers at bay. A dry mouth, on the other hand, provides the perfect environment for the bacterial culture to grow and flourish. So, given that the chewing gum is sugar-free, it may be doing your mouth a favor by inducing more production of saliva. Interestingly enough, there might be another reason why you would want to take up the habit of chewing
gum. A recent social experiment compared many sets of two identical twins sitting next to each other. One of them would be chewing gum and the other
not. People from the general public were asked
questions that explored what they felt about the twins
personalities. The results suggest that people who chew gum make much more favorable first impressions
than people who don’t. The experiment should not be taken very seriously
though, as the non-chewing twin was just staring blankly
with no smile. Other tips for controlling bad breath are: Rinsing with salt water: salt water destroys the bacteria in your mouth and the residue will keep it from multiplying. Try it before you go to sleep, and you might wake up with a miracle in your mouth! Crisp foods such as apples and carrots, can help in scraping bacteria off of your
teeth. Do that more often. And finally, keep up your good habits of regular brushing
and flossing.

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