Can This Chef Make Jell-O Fancy? • Tasty

Can This Chef Make Jell-O Fancy? • Tasty

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  1. People Buzzfeed doesnt deserve: the Ghoul Boys, The Worth it Boys, Rie Mcclenny, and Hannah Williams — they are the best of Buzzfeed

  2. Alvin Rie and Alexis are the only real chefs I can watch on YouTube it's funny cause they Rie and Alvin have that proud mom and prodigy son relationship then you have Alexis who is the next door neighbor who loved to cool with Rie 😁👌 wholesome relationships 10/10 "would rate again" – Wholesome guy

  3. Hi, I'm from the Netherlands. we have a cookie called stroopwafel. it is a thin waffle with a layer of caramel in the middle. Could you try to make it fancy?

  4. 9:33 Was I the only one who heard, "Hope you make it home" and have a little panic attack as I thought I was about to die?

  5. Is it just me, or was the sour cream brand name blurred,
    Im probably going insane.🤔🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨 3:23 is where it happened.

  6. Omg this is NOT Rei you guys! It’s a clone! She’s not using Alcohol! They did something to her i’m calling the police!!!

  7. I discovered while making gummies that 1 package of jello has as much gelatine as 1 packet of Knox gelatine. Just in case you want to make this without the jello.

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