Carbon Coco Teeth Whitening Review With My Dentist [CC]

Carbon Coco Teeth Whitening Review With My Dentist [CC]

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J: Dun dun dun dah!
C: Ooh, what’s that? J: Okay, this is carbon Coco Natural Teeth Whitening. It’s basically- I’m gonna spill this everywhere now- It’s carbon powder.
C: Hmm. J: I think this is effectively soot.
C: Yes, basically. That is what carbon powder is. J: This is soot.Yes, so we’re going to be trying to clean our teeth with soot and it will apparently whiten it. C: Yeah, patients ask me this actually. They say “What about what do you think of that soot thing?” And I’m like “Well, I don’t know.” I don’t think it would be harmful for your teeth It might be ever so slightly abrasive
J: Oh, okay. C: And that might be why it takes off some staining. But then, you know, some toothpastes have little abrasion particles in them J: *gasp* The dentist’s opinion! Hmm, there you go. C: So we will see I would probably say maybe don’t use it like everyday I mean, what does it say on the recommendation? “For best results, use daily, 7 – 14 days Then use the organic coconut oil in the morning and activated charcoal tooth polish at night” J: Oh! Which is what we have.
C: “Please note results can take up to 14 days to appear if used daily” J: Ah!
C: So we may not have an amazing effect for right after this one time J: Okay. I’m slightly nervous about this. This doesn’t look like something I should put in my mouth. But we’re going to see. Toothbrushes ready.
C: Oops J: So apparently you just dab your toothbrush in. Ahh! There’s soot on my toothbrush, this feels wrong. We actually have a wedding that were going to you later today-
C: Yeah, it had better come off! J: Um *laughing* So we’re trying to have nice white teeth but also, oh my god what if this goes wrong? Okay. Okay, are we ready?
C: Yep
J: I’m scared! C: Cheers!
J: Cheers! *tooth brushing musical interlude* J: You have to brush for 3 minutes. Argh! Your mouth looks so weird! Oh my god. Does my mouth look like that? C: Yeah. I don’t know what mine looks like but I’m guessing it looks like yours. J: *squeals* This feels so wrong! *musical brushing break* C: Right, so they do feel a bit whiter, and they definitely feel cleaner, but I was just saying to Jessie- Apparently I can’t be on screen time without her. It’s not the Claudia Fozard channel Jessica Kellgren-Fozard channel. I’m just like-
J: What? What happened? C: I don’t know. I was just telling people that I was saying they do feel clean, like, really clean And they do feel like- Well. They do feel- How can something feel whiter? They looked a little bit whiter in the mirror, but it might all just be because before I put the charcoal on I had just had a coffee so they were already looking a bit darker anyway Cuz I hadn’t brushed my teeth this morning because I was like “Well, I’m gonna do the charcoal thing and then brush it” So they were probably already a little bit darker than they would have been. And secondly, it gets everywhere like in between your teeth, on your tongue that you have to, like, brush for- I think we were brushing probably like 4 to 5 minutes to get everything away, weren’t we? And I’m even now I feel like I need to go floss because I haven’t had time to do that. J: I’m just gonna- I’m gonna be spitting charcoal for days, I feel C: Yeah, so I feel like if they say you should do it for 7 to 14 days It’s because really what they’re going to do is just encourage people to brush their teeth really thoroughly Twice a day for like 14 days Which then of course, if you don’t brush your teeth normally very well, they’re gonna look whiter! J: Yeah, I’m a pretty thorough brusher. I over brush in fact. I brush my teeth for about ten minutes Then Claudia tells me off. I think we’re slightly biased because I’m a dentist and you are like really quite controlling with your teeth and your beauty regimes
*Jessica laughing* So I think we brush our teeth really well anyway.
J: I have very good oral hygiene C: I think it would be probably a really quite a good thing, this Coco charcoal, for teenagers, because from my experience, a lot of teenagers don’t brush their teeth very well because they’re just really lazy But a lot of teenagers are also driven by looking good. So, I think this would be a good present for them because you could be like “Okay. This is gonna make your teeth whiter. Just use it like every other day” And then you’d know at least every other day, they’re gonna be doing a good job on their teeth J: And to be honest, there’s an element of fun in it.
C: Oh yeah, it was quite fun. J: If you have black teeth and your mouth is black C: Hmm, yeah. It’s a good one for Halloween actually you looked really scary
J: Thanks C: You looked like a scary doll
J: Maybe I’ll wear it to the YouTube party, the Halloween party C: Yeah
J: I’ll just have black teeth *laughing* C: Yeah. And everyone else would be like looking really gorgeous. J: Mmmm
C: An excuse to wear a bunny outfit. And you’d be like “Huhh” J: Because Halloween is supposed to be about looking ugly, guys. It’s not about looking sexy We’ve seen Mean Girls. We know the truth. C: Oh, yeah, she has that kind of black thing doesn’t she?
J: Hmm Normally you whiten your teeth with trays
C: Special dental trays. Not like, you know, a roasting tin Like… So you basically have a mold it’s like a sports guard It’s custom-made to fit your mouth, and then you put like a tiny little bit of like home bleach in it. It’s like 5.6 percent hydrogen peroxide
J: You can get it from your dentist C: Yeah, you should only get it from your dentist, really. some people do do it, But I wouldn’t recommend it because it’s not controlled. You don’t really know where they’ve got the beach J: I think this is quite good for a very immediate thing
C: Hmm J: I would say though, don’t do it once you’ve done your makeup because now I have to fix it. I got it in my nose, I got it inbetween my lips-
C: Why did you get it in your nose? J: Erm, I don’t know. Apparently I’m a very messy brusher. What can I say? C: I wouldn’t, like, not recommend it. I said like I could see purposes for it J: Oh yeah, no. Mm. Mm. C: But were not overly convinced of its whitening properties
J: No Plus points, though: It’s cruelty free. They don’t do animal testing because why would you need to test? C: More environmentally friendly,
J: Yeah C: than brush- like, putting bleach in your mouth, which sounds wrong J: And also, you do have those toothpastes that are supposed to be whitening but they actually have microbeads in
C: Yeah, they’re being banned though J: You put them down the drain, and they destroy the environment. And this is good this just like dissolves away, so… C: Yeah. I actually did have soot come out of my nostrils once like cuz I kept- Cos I always got nosebleeds when I was younger, and my mum took me to the GP And he was like “Oh-” And he was, like, nearly retired. He was, like, gonna retire the next day J: He was old school. And he was like “Oh, we don’t have the little silver nitrate swabs that we usually cauterize the blood vessels with, but I’ve got these” And he literally got like this old chemistry set with an anode an electrode thing. It was like *imitates buzzing* And then he heated them up electrically and just literally just shoved one up my nose. It was like the worst pain I’ve ever felt and I was just holding my mum’s hand like… She was like “It’s alright. We’ll come back later.” And he was like “No no no. Good old-fashioned style” And then I had, like, a black bit coming out – of soot. Burnt hair and burnt skin follicles coming down my nose for about 2 weeks And everyone at school was like “You’ve just got a little like- You got like-” YES I KNOW! I know I’ve got a little bit there
J: Blackness *laughing* That’s a horror movie right there. Aww C: I still- It’s better now, but I had scar tissue inside my nose for about five- like three or five years
J: Damaged And the bummer is, you still get nosebleeds really often
C: I know So yeah, I’d recommend the charcoal in the mouth, but not up the nose is the take-away from this
*Jessica laughing* J: Alright we need to go get ready for this wedding now.
C: Oh yeah J: Ooh, yeah! Wedding! *kiss* Second wedding of the weekend. C: Oh.
*kiss* Bye-bye! See you Friday! *kiss*

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  1. I have commented on a few of you videos now saying how much they make me smile but never really said why , I found you channel whilst looking for videos on Pots which I was recently diagnosed with and fell in love with it.You inspired me so much and make me smile especially when I had a difficult day a school , so thank you so much for making these videos x

  2. Hahaha! I was gonna say "how in the world are you gonna be able to tell, Jessica?!" ๐Ÿ˜‚ your teeth are so stunningly white already!

  3. Good to hear your opinions. I do use activated charcoal and I practice oil pulling. I'm always being complimented on my teefs. I'm paranoid about my teeth!!

  4. Great review. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘๐ŸผThanks .
    Now I am saved from having to try it ! You two are so funny ๐Ÿคฃ
    Can you post some shots of your wedding dresses ๐Ÿ‘— ??

  5. Claudia's makeup looks different. Fantastic actually! Something is different and I like it. Eyebrows maybe? Whatever it is keep it up!!

  6. Maybe your teeth seem whiter afterwards because they were just covered in soot and you've forgotten the exact colour they were before you started. I guess to be really sure, you would need one of those teeth colour comparison chart things.

  7. I'm bad with my dental hygiene tbh. I've gotten better recently though. I have a cleaning in a few weeks and ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ฌ lol.

    Lol the gp was ready to retire. He was like fuck it I'm just going to electrocute this girl's nostrils.

  8. I always wanted to try this out! Poor Claudia – that must have been horrible! I still laughed a lot just now, sorry ๐Ÿ˜€ Well, thank's for telling us your opinion on this. Are you going to do an update in a few weeks or is this the only time you tried it? <3

  9. Oof, dental hygiene is really hard for me. I used to not brush my teeth for weeks on end as a teen… I managed to get back into a daily habit over the last few years, but I fell off that bandwagon months ago and have yet to manage to get back on -_- I don't think charcoal would help me though, lol!

  10. I once had a dentist who put me in an adult straightjacket when I was a squirmy three-year-old :/. Not the best "old-fashioned" technique. Not totally relevant to teeth whitening but Claudia's bizarre dentist story sparked my own.

  11. Loved this video! New subscriber here ๐Ÿ˜„โœจ Just filmed my own review of charcoal teeth whitening Id love it if you check it out and tell me what you think! ๐Ÿ’–

  12. Question for Claudia: I hate brushing my teeth. It hurts and feels weird and is just too much sensation for every day. I know I should brush, but I just can't bring myself to. How can I make brushing and flossing less painful, besides just doing it

  13. Please pause at 4:18 ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚I'm sorry but I laughed for like 20 mins even though it's incredibly painful to laugh today. Great video and I love y'all both โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‚

  14. Is the charcoal stuff able to be used with braces or will it stain? ย Im trying to find a good cruelty free toothpaste

  15. Claudia donโ€™t be mean not all teenagers are lazy. Well actually I never call myself a teenager so I donโ€™t know why I care really i donโ€™t care I just think it was funny

  16. It looks like ohaguro (tooth blackening) that maiko wear when they prepare to become geiko (fully-fledged geisha) in Kyoto. Yes, I am a fan of Japanese culture.

  17. Hello Jessica and Claudia! I really don't care about tooth whitening, but I am interested in this for my sons. My 18 year old will only brush with mouthwash. My younger son hates mint. So I got him the children's bubble gum flavor. But I think the charcoal would be better. I happen to be a CO administrator on a Facebook page called the deceiving of dental patients. It is about essentially Dental horror stories. But it was started by my friend to talk about mixed metals and galvanism in the mouth. She suggested the charcoal to me a couple of weeks ago and I said hey, I can just go outside and grab some briquettes. She said, no that wasn't what I meant. LOL cheers!

  18. I definitely suggest getting that silver nitrate thing in your nose to stop the nose bleeds. I had them a TON as a kid and ever since I had that done (had a nosebleed that just wouldn't stop, it was going on like three or four days and combo'd up with a killer sinus infection) I haven't had a single nosebleed in all the time since.

  19. I've done it… definitely feels good…But that taste tho. Thanks dentist. —- Kasey from the states.
    Is it weird that I trust a dentist from Britain? (Joke in the states) yes,of course I do.

  20. HAHAHA HAHAHA! When you looked at each other with the charcoal all over your mouths I burst out laughing! Thx ladies! ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

  21. I use the charcol as a in between for whitening strips that are harsher,but it does slightly whiten,I'm a coffee drinker and smoker and my teeth are pretty nice

  22. i am a lazy teenager and am now just realising i have been tricked into looking after my teeth properly by my own vanity.

  23. Nosebleed Remedy: I am allergic to the outside and have bouts with nosebleeds. My allergist said to get Afrin (over the counter medication in the US). When you get a nosebleed squirt and hold your nose for a 30 seconds and it will stop.

    Afrin constricts the blood vessels in your nose.

  24. I tried carbon coco a few months ago. Applied it with a tooth brush, it left a lot of sooth stuck everywhere and my gosh my gums were so sensitive afterwards. Afterward I tried it using my fingers. Still hate it.

  25. I tried charcoal toothpaste once a few months ago. The black all over my teeth kinda freaked me out til I rinsed it off. Was still iffy about it as it sat in the closet, then threw it away a couple of weeks ago when I decided I didn't want to wake up to that look every morning. lol


    Fun story! The ancient Japanese aristocrats would have liked this! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜„

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