17 thoughts on “CBD Oil for Anxiety – UNEXPECTED Effects and Benefits”

  1. I was an organ transplant nurse and saw many people with mildew and mold in their lungs from moisture due to smoking. I’m really worried this is going to be devastating. Your putting fluids in your lungs. There have been no extensive research or trials on vaping. If you do tinctures it is without any side effects. Please think about it. I’m all for CBD oil but I’m horrified about vaping.

  2. Wow just watching this. I have had huge problems with headaches. I’ve been on an antidepressant for pain for 6 months. I’m currently reducing it and get bad headaches and muscle tension. The withdrawals are pretty bad, cold turkey no way…From what I have learned, the serotonin helps regulate blood vessels that cause migraines and reduces muscle tension. I’ve just ordered cbd oil and hope i have the same experience as this

  3. Tried cbd oil and now i feel like i should step away from the bridge…ahhh chill need to go get some more cbd just before the shop shuts otherwise i might just jump off this bridge……..fuck its 5pm shops now shut…….fuck it

  4. If you're feeling extremely lethargic, you are taking too much. You can always lower the dose and combat the lethargic feeling with caffeine or certain foods. It's all about find a balance.

  5. Exercise and staying away from stimulants help alot for me, in reducing intrusive thoughts and calming down physical symptoms

  6. so i had a thc pen and it’s illegal here in texas🤦🏽‍♀️ so i went to jail the other night for it smh and now i’m stuck with using cbd ( i have tried gummies but not the oil yet ) and anyways the only reason i used thc in the first place is cuz it helps sooo much with these headaches from hell that i get and it calms my nerves and i also like the high of course but anyways since i’m being drug tested all the time i can’t smoke thc and imma have to get a cbd pen and anyways does it help with headaches cuz it’s constant now that i don’t have my pen. also, does cbd get you any type of high at all?

  7. You got age restricted for showing an alternative to pharmaceuticals. I seen 10 videos about vaping cbd oil and none were talking about being on pharmaceuticals. Google sucks

  8. I didn’t really believe in CBD… Until I finally worked my way up to 1000 mg. That’s when I started noticing it’s benefits.

  9. You don’t have to smoke the cbd oil if you just drop it on your tongue you won’t still be hurting your lungs in anyway

  10. Looks like day and night with you. I thought you where about to cry in the first minute and toward the end you where like you whete on ex. Just saying.

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