Celebrities Who Were Injured by WWE Wrestlers

Celebrities Who Were Injured by WWE Wrestlers

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– [Zach] If you’ve been
watching WWE for a while, you know they love to have
celebrities on their shows, but sometimes, just appearing isn’t enough and the celebs have to get in the ring. While everyone tries to
be as careful as possible, it’s still wrestling and
injuries still occur. We’re gonna look at several times celebrities got injured by WWE wrestlers. Here’s a guy we seem to talk
about a lot on Tap Out Corner, the Green Arrow, Stephen Amell. At SummerSlam, he and Neville teamed up against
King Barrett and Stardust. While Amell held his own, he suffered his fair share of abuse,
but it was his final move that dealt the most damage. Nevile threw both Stardust
and Barrett to the outside, and was about to perform another attack. At the last second, Stephen
Amell said he had something in mind and climbed to
the top of the turnbuckle. Just like a superhero, Amell jumped off and dove into his opponents. As soon as he got up, Amell
had a nasty looking bruise on the right side of his back. While it wasn’t devastating,
you can tell Amell was feeling the effects, as he collapsed right after he threw King
Barrett into the ring. Luckily, the Green Arrow came out okay and sent out a tweet afterwards with a message that simply read, worth it. To help promote the release
of “Jackass Number Two”, two of the film’s stars, Steve-O and Chris Pontius, appeared on Raw. They were enjoying the
show from the front row, but got an invention
to come into the ring, which was probably their first mistake. Their interview got cut short
when Armando Estrada came out. He questioned the craziness
of both Jackass stars, to which Steve-O and Pontius responded that
they would do anything. With that, Armando Estrada brought out Umaga to fight both of them. The stars of Jackass
attempted a double team move on the Samoan Bulldozer,
which backfired horribly. The battle became a
two-minute long massacre, with Umaga beating and tossing both men all around the ring, and this was before it became real. The beat down was supposed to end after Umaga’s top rope splash. However, Steve-O didn’t realize he needed to be completely motionless after the move and instead continued
to roll around in pain. Umaga then started beating
Steve-O down for real and delivered an elbow that
sent the man into a blackout. The Jackass star said he didn’t even remember leaving the ring after that blow. It was so bad, that WWE cut to a replay before the Umaga ended his attack. While Steve-O got the worst of it, Chris Pontius also mentioned
that the Samoan Drop injured him so badly, that
he woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t breathe. In 2019, Steve-O and Pontius
reacted to their appearance and had a good laugh, so it doesn’t seem like there are any hard feelings. Coincidentally, almost
exactly two years later, another Jackass star showed up on Raw. This time, it was Johnny Knoxville who had the pleasure of
getting inside a WWE ring. The reason for Knoxville’s
appearance was due to some comments he had made that the Great Khali took offense to. Later in the show, it was
actually Santino Marella that invited the Jackass
star into the ring. Chris Pontius was also
with Johnny Knoxville, but he wisely let his friend go in first. While in the ring, Knoxville
angered another WWE wrestler, the Women’s champion, Beth Phoenix. The Glamazon lifted the
celebrity up off his feet and body slammed him onto the canvas. Hornswoggle, for whatever reason, also showed up just to hit a
tadpole splash on Knoxville. After recovering, Johnny
was about to leave the ring, but just then Great
Khali’s entrance music hit. The over seven-foot tall
Indian lifted Knoxville up and planted him with the Khali Bomb. Unfortunately, when he landed, Knoxville’s head snapped
back and hit the mat. Afterwards, the actor
revealed he was knocked out for a few seconds due to the blow. Johnny Knoxville was motionless
for the rest of the segment and eventually, a few
referees checked up on him. I guess that’s one way to make sure someone doesn’t get up after a finisher. Back in 2009, Raw was hosted
by actors Jeremy Piven and Ken Jeong, who was being
referred to as Doctor Ken. While they were in the
ring, The Miz came out and demanded he face John Cena that night. The guest hosts agreed and set up a lumberjack match,
but with the stipulation that if The Miz lost,
he’d be banned from, oh, what was the name of
the Pay-Per-View again? – We will ban you from the Summer Fest. – He’ll be banned from the
SummerSlam is what you’re saying. – SummerSlam.
– SummerSlammed out. – [Zach] Anyways, right
before the match started, the two hosts appeared on the stage. Piven revealed that he
was a Randy Orton fan and had handpicked all of the
lumberjacks, which were heels. Even with this disadvantage,
Super Cena found the strength to overcome the obstacles
and won the battle. Piven and Jeong weren’t
gonna give up so soon and tried to perform a
few moves of their own. Jeremy Piven went for a crossbody that didn’t work, but was safe. Unfortunately, the same
can’t be said for Ken Jeong. The Korean-American actor tried
to whack Cena with his cane, but like an electric attack
on a ground type Pokemon, it had no effect. Cena’s next move was to
lift Ken Jeong over his head and throw him onto a group of wrestlers. The problem was that they
didn’t catch Jeong correctly and the actor hit his head on the ground with an audible thud. – [Announcer] No, don’t, look out, no! (low thudding)
(audience cheering) Oh. – [Commentator] Oh. – [Zach] He was taken
St. Joseph’s Hospital after Raw went off the air
and was in critical condition. Thankfully, Ken Jeong recovered and has a good sense of humor about it. He even brought up the incident
during his Netflix stand-up. I know not every wrestling
fan enjoyed Jeong’s appearance on Raw, but I think there’s
one thing we can all agree on. – Wrestling is (beep) real. (audience laughs) – [Zach] While celebrities
have taken their fair share of abuse from wrestlers, we’ve
also seen the roles reversed. Check out the video on
the right that goes over the times superhero actors
attacked WWE wrestlers. I’m Zach for Tap Out
Corner and take it easy.

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  1. If you're interested in hearing what Steve-O and Chris Pontius said about their confrontation with Umaga, here is the link to their reaction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gg8LuvSh_dk&t=2s

  2. That was stardust make up. Bruise takes atkeast 10 min to start to show. He was talking about the scratch. The bruise is face paint

  3. In a interview Steve-O said he was so drugged up didn't know that he was supposed to stay down so umaga kept pushing steve o down with stiff shots to try to keep them down to keep kayfabe steve said it was the worst pain I've ever felt afterwards

  4. This is definitely for all the assclowns who say wrestling is fake. You can see with all these celebrities most known for acting showing real injuries from attacks by wrestlers, though scripted but involves bodily harm.

  5. Yeah na that's not a bruise, it is face paint. I know all the doctors in here like to think a bruise can for in 1 second. But one of the biggest give aways is the fact that it doesn't look like a bruise. It's shiney and silver. It's face paint hahahaha.
    The circle above to the right a little bit may be a bruise but that's it. And it ain't even that bad

  6. While HHH is Farrrrrrr from being one of the best wrestlers ever, he definitely is one of the best sellers to ever do it ! His sell on Arnold's slap was sooo good lol. And when he eats RKO's. Those are awesome too !

  7. So the comments are telling me that the spot on Stephen Amell's back was facepaint. Do you mean to tell me I have been living a lie for 4 years?! Is anything actually true!?!

    For real, thanks for pointing it out. I feel like an idiot. I honestly always thought it was a bruise. As you can tell, I failed med school.

  8. Ha ha!!! The jackass boys??? Party Boy and Steve-O??? Jonny Knoxville?!?! You can't hurt them boys… they are immortal!!! but I must admit that the elbow from that bitch on Steve-O was pretty cheap… 🖕😎🖕

  9. 2:44 One of the worst body slam ever. Even If Knoxville didn't helped, I thought Beth Phenix was stronger than that. And I don't see the point to get in the ring if you don't know how to sell the moves and most important how to fall, especially when you know the Gret Khali is gonna lift you and slam you on your back…

  10. As a medical rep I’ll share that wasn’t a bruise. It takes an hour or longer for one to form and even more for them to turn purple. Common sense folks.

  11. Umaga shouldn't have beaten him down more I know no hard feelings but regardless of no hard feelings its still very unethical of umaga

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