Cemu VS Zelda: Breath of the Wild | Why Do We Emulate?

Cemu VS Zelda: Breath of the Wild | Why Do We Emulate?

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Today is the day! The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is
finally released out into the wild! Rejoice Internet! Also.. beware of spoilers! There is an insane amount of hype for the
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! And rightfully so! First off, it’s Zelda. Which is my *absolutely favourite* gaming
franchise of all time! And it’s a game that is being praised by the
gaming community and media outlets everywhere with perfect scores. And just read the reviews! This iteration of Zelda deserves the attention
that it’s getting! Being a part of the emulation community and
with so many people asking if Breath of the Wild would be able to run on Cemu, I took
straight to testing it before it’s official release date with physical copy in my hand
and in my console. My last video on emulating Zelda BotW in Cemu
turned out to be incredibly controversial one for what I considered to be another testing
video! But it’s ZELDA!! So I really should have known better!! Some people hated the music I used haha fair enough.. fair enough!! But more importantly, people seemed to have
very mixed feelings and were split in the comments between what seemed like two key
points. One was on my use of the word “playable” and
how long I thought it would take for Cemu to reach this state with Zelda. I use the word in a very technically objective,
non-general sense. I did my best to clarify this in the comments
(which of course was too late at that point), but I now realize, to the majority, it’s an
incredibly subjective word. And probably not the best to use without proper
explanation. So I will touch on this in a future video
as it’s a much larger topic and is not the purpose of this specific video. BUT! If you haven’t seen the previous video yet,
regardless of your own subjective definition of the word, know that the ** TLDR ** of that
video is essentially testing footage that shows that the game isn’t yet playable in
any sense of the word. *frowny face* BUT! It reaches the main menu’s and for a game
that has just been released, I know that this has left many *incredibly
hopeful* for what’s to come! And a “little birdie” has told me that they
have a surprise for us shortly. So all eyes are on Team Cemu now! It’s only a matter of time! And the second point being that testing emulation
software on a game that has *just been released* is hurting the game sales, the developers
and Nintendo as a whole. I disagree with this sentiment and I’ll point
to titles like Pokemon Sun/Moon which had an early public leak and still went on to
become the *highest selling Nintendo games in history*. I don’t follow Pokemon much anymore but this
is a huge accomplishment! If anything, the leaks created even more hype
for these games propelling them to “must have” status urging the majority to run out and
buy a copy or two! I’ve been emulating for a very long time and
in all instances, I’ve already been a patron and supporter going out to buy the games,
the consoles and the merchanise. As I know is true for many of us in the community! To me, this leads to an important question,
why do we as a community like to emulate these games anyway? Regardless of how long you think it will take
Team Cemu to get Breath of the Wild 100% accurately emulated and in this sense 100% playable:
days, weeks or months (I fall into the months category).. We emulate first and foremost because we love
these games! We’re big fans of these games and of their
franchises! And yes, the majority of us go out and buy
their products! We emulate for higher resolution/higher
graphical fidelity like 4K resolution and beyond which isn’t supported on the consoles
natively! These improved graphics also include new
ways to experience the games with the use of additional shaders and sometimes entirely
new or updated textures. These are features which aren’t available
on consoles due to memory and hardware restraints. Overall, it’s an experience that only a
PC is capable of offering us over the what is offered on the console. We love these games so much, we want to experience
them in their highest possible potential. We buy them on the consoles and we emulate
them on our PCs! It’s amazing! I am playing Zelda and Mario titles in full
4K! Donkey Kong! MarioKart! It’s absolutely incredible! What fan wouldn’t want to experience this? It’s simple an experience that the consoles, natively, to date, just cannot offer us. And again, as far as Zelda Breath of the Wild
goes, it’s the Wii U’s Swan Song. The last game on the console with HUGE hype! I strongly believe that Team Cemu is going
to be feeling to pressure to get this game working and running for us all to play. So sit tight my friends! We shall wait and see! 🙂 Another issue is that some of you didn’t like
that I suggested playing Breath of the Wild on a Nintendo console at all. My position is, and *always
has been*, with a few minor exceptions, that you should be willing to support the creators,
the game designers and developers with your hard earned cash before you emulate and current
generation title on your PC. You should pay to play current gen games. Plain and simple. I know some people don’t do this. Nintendo as a corproation has some very questionable
business practices. And I understand many of your positions on
this. Many of Nintendo’s practices – I just can’t
agree with. That in and of itself is a whole can of worms
we dont’ want to get into right now. But Nintendo creators? The designers and developers of these games
deserve the highest of praise for creating these master pieces and I’m proud to support
such high calbire creators. Now whether it’s a big game maker like Nintendo
or a small indie developer. Creators deserve this support. Smaller devs and designers even more so IMO! That said, owners of these games, people who
have gone out and properly bought the titles, they also have the right to emulate in a way
that is most convenient and enjoyable to them. Many will disagree with me. I know it’s a heavily debated topic and people
are very passionate – with positions existing across the spectrum within the greater conversation
of emulation. But that’s just my general POV on that. Whatever your position in this conversation, I think we can ALL agree that we’re all totally excited
that The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is finally here! 🙂 *Zelda chant* If you want to follow the development of the
Cemu emulator and it’s progress on making The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild playable,
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58 thoughts on “Cemu VS Zelda: Breath of the Wild | Why Do We Emulate?”

  1. i pray for play this game in cemu, i poor and no can buy this game/console, but i pay for all others and i have my gamecube wii 64 :/

  2. The only reason i can get behind emulating BOTW is to change the voice over to japanese and keep the english text.
    The english voice overs are so bad, in fact, i have to change my system language to japanese, just to not get annoyed at every cutscene.

    Also cranking it up to 1080p 60fps would be fun. Anyway, support nintendo and buy the damn thing.

  3. I think saying "Pokemon had a leak and it sold well" doesn't really debunk the notion that there are potentially people out there that would rather emulate the game for no cost as opposed to maybe buying the game on the Wii U/Switch. The key point for lost sales is that emulation lessens the incentive to buy. Yes, there are people that wouldn't buy the game anyways. That does not mean that everyone that emulates the game wouldn't buy the game otherwise. Great sales or not, lost sales are a definite possibility when the emulation gets in a playable state.

  4. subscribed in hopes you will keep me up to date on when this is booting in cemu. playing the game on Wii U right now, and the graphics are better than anything I have seen in 4K on my gaming rig sporting 2 980ti's in sli. When this is up and running on cemu in 4K, it will put everything currently available for PC on Steam or elsewhere to complete shame.

  5. Probably CEMU devs will accelerate Breath of the Wild compatibility, imagine how much people will donate in Patreon to play Zelda almost in the launch, it's a good strategy to increase the community support.

  6. Why I emulate? Because Nintendo games can't be enjoyed otherwise. Xenoblade Chronicles is one of the best games I have ever played. Yet it is nigh unplayable on the original banana hardware on a modern even decent sized TV. That and all other Wii titles are so low res, it hurts my eyes. The massive amount of screen flickering inflict pain. All I need and demand is a decent resolution. But Nintendo does not permit that, don't support that, don't want Me to enjoy their video games. So I go another way.

    Nintendo games are shunned and raped prisoners of gimped and utter piss hardware! Zelda BotW is yet another game that will be saved through emulation.

  7. I emulate but nintendo isn't losing any money from me because if emulaters didn't exist, I simply wouldn't play any of these games at all until like 5 years later when I can get it used for like 50 bucks for the whole console….sooo yeah…lol

  8. imo 30 fps is a fucking joke and i'm not going to play any game like that. I emulate games for that of so sweet 60 fps 1080p

  9. I would buy a legit copy of Zelda BoTW on Wii U to support the developers that made the game, but I would not buy the console.

  10. the thing is,pokemon moon/sun had great success because it came out on a well established and popular hardware(3ds)…in the other hand zelda breath of the wild came out on a unsuccessful and dead hardware(wiiu),and a new platform launched in same time as the game (switch),this is where the game is more prone to be hurt by emulation and lack of sales(wiiu) and prevent the grow of the new platform(switch)…
    now lets focus on cemu i think we like cemu and emulating because the wiiu is a bad console,slow,unreliable,ugly ,cumbersome.
    but it came with amazing games from nintendo.and we want to play those gems in the true glory they deserve,without this console disgrace,but it is a 2 sided edge again because emulators increase piracy and not everyone purchase their games like i do to emulate them later.

  11. Happily bought the game to support them and I can JUST BARELY handle the garbage framerate due to the incredible fun of it. So I'm incredibly excited for this.

  12. Is it really bad to buy BOTW for Wii U at the store, back up the game onto the PC, and play it on Cemu at 1080p at 60 fps compared to the 900p and 20-30 fps Switch Docked and 720p and 30 fps Switch Portable?
    We are not bad people. We just want a quality gaming experience for such a wonderful game.

  13. i won't buy 300$ for only zelda but i will get the game on wii u or switch once its emulated and play it on pc and will find someone worth to gift the game to

  14. meanwhile i enjoy this game on the switch i will test it on cemu once working of course but still fully support nintendo

  15. hey man, i try run CEMU but only recognize my intel graphics, and a have a r7 m265 GPU
    you know something about it?

  16. Alright alright you got me, I'll subscribe. But I think for now we should all be singing the praises of Nintendo for bringing us this amazing game.

  17. The cemu team was able to get a working version of BOTW that will come out on cemu 1.7.3 which will release on March 10th for 5$+ Patrons and a week later for everyone else. Though from what i saw the game had 30fps and frequent stutters, it is a playable standpoint for some and will improve in the future.

  18. Why you emulate? Cuz no one fucking pays $400+ for just one fucking game, even Zelda. Let's be fucking real. If you don't have the WiiU, u fucked m8. The Switch has a lot of flaws, and it will only have 2 maybe 3 triple A games by the end of the year. DON'T BUY THE SWITCH FOR ZELDA LET THEM MAKE MORE GAMES AND UPGRADES ( like 3rd party programs support and more features and games) AND FIX THAT SCREEN SCRATCHING FROM THE CONSOLE HOLDER THINGY, IT DOESNT EVEN COME WITH A SCREEN PROTECTION. The game has massive fps drops sometimes during cutscenes or fights. Like really…. just for the love of god don't do it.. I dont care if its your favorite game of all time, don't support such miserable sellers.

  19. [https://mega.nz/#!pdMDTSDQ!U1UbuEKnl7GGv3FAlezo53bOR_NjuIz6RpwSa-buXvA] BW[ALZP01] Loadiine-RecopilacionGuiU.7z 8.40 Go and in C:Users"your name"Desktopcemu_1.7.2mlc01 [https://mega.nz/#!oEdUXQaR!hoAZzGyaw-nuDsmgkFPXGFOZMqQrMimumLQ7Og9vbkg]

  20. i bought a digital copy for wii u….great game BUT horrible fps and low res….plz cemu plz make this gam playable. Rly is a shame how much nintendo hardware holds this title back

  21. CPU: Intel i7 5820K Overclocked @4.4GHz w/XMP
    RAM: 32GB Kingston HyperX Fury


  22. well my reasoning is, I wouldnt buy an entire console just to play one game. Same reason I didn't buy a ps4 just to play uncharted 4. I'm not going to fork over 400- 500$ just to play one game since I can't afford it and would not be useful for me longterm. Emulation allows me to enjoy games.

    I wish all games were online or streaming lol fuck console specific games

  23. While I can agree for certain points. But it will hurt sales in some ways. While some claim they actually support by buying the games (true or not only you know yourself, talk is cheap as anyone can say so but truth to be told) but you cannot deny this also leads to major piracy. And while I do know there are actually people who actually "buy", but I can assure you most don't but just pirate them.It is a cruel fact despite how one try to make a video like this to justify

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