Challenge: Swimming underwater in one breath!! / 潜水に挑戦してみた!! #KeisukeHonda #本田圭佑 #KskChallenge

Challenge: Swimming underwater in one breath!! / 潜水に挑戦してみた!! #KeisukeHonda #本田圭佑 #KskChallenge

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If I’m gonna, do something. The best part about being a challenger is that it’s possible for anybody to be a challenger. It’s interesting to keep me challenging new things. They will punish me I have to do some penalties we will see
what should I do See you! Ahhh!! Come on!! Come on! Come on! There is no distance. Is it 12 meters? Are you serious? 12 Did you really measure it? 12 meters?? I might I said before that about 15 meters before? I thought the distance was 15 meters. About 15 meters. What? is that serious? Exactly just 12 meters. 12 meters is longer than I thought what? is that exactly just 12 meters? Exactly 12 meters. May not have 12 meters. 12 That’s crazy… 12 That was real. No wrong My legs are much shorter than I expected I don’t know how to do it the best warming up. Ahh!! Come on!! Come on!! Come on!! Wait for a second. Do you know? Did you see that? My hip appears. but I understand now
what should I do because if I kick the water too much always my spats go down So, I should not keep 100% I just 80… I can do more now because I care my pants yeah so I’m serious I wanna try another one I got a new pant I thought that I could go around one time but I can’t do one round more. Regret Okay, I will do Wow!! That’s awesome. what meters? but like 150 is like crazy right?

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  1. 本物見るとマキヒカとかじゅんいちってめちゃくちゃハイクオリティよね

  2. 最初サムネだけ見たらマキヒカで後で見ようと思ってスルーしたら、ちょっと待てよ圭佑本田じゃないかと思って見た!

  3. いやいやいつYouTube始めたんだ

  4. オープニングの音楽がウォーキングデッドのやつに似ててちょっと怖くなった。(小さい頃に父がみてたからちょっとしたトラウマ)

  5. 次回 ケイスケホンダがじゅんいちダビッドソンのモノマネをするマキヒカのモノマネをしてみた

    (๑╹ω╹๑ )

  6. 動画見る前にコメント欄みて、12mしか泳げなくて納得できないと言ってるのかと思ったら、プールの長さでもっさワロタw

  7. 無所属中の真面目なトレーニング風景見れんのかと思ったら思った以上にネタ動画で草、これはこれで好き

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