Change Your Imagination | Leon Fontaine 2020

Change Your Imagination | Leon Fontaine 2020

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well welcome all the others joining us
how that the campus is a spring church so good to have you with us as we jump
into the Word of God father help me to speak today let the presence of Jesus
touch every mind and every heart in Jesus name Amen as a young 19 year old
man I went to work at Selkirk Hospital and was involved in just working in the
back working with all the different departments and central service and
supply and got involved in a pilot project there were no paramedics back
then in Manitoba and so the pilot project was being done out of Selkirk
General Hospital and they asked me if I would enroll and I did and I began this
journey as a young man to see what the streets the back alleys were like
parties rapes murders child abuse all the stuff that goes with anybody who
works on the front lines of any city today
and it really yanked a lot of a slack off of me it really began to uninsulated
kids we tend to get insulated we live in a great church with a great family with
great parents and then we have a crisis of faith and we go check out all the sin
that’s caused all the problem in the first generation see the first
generation Christians are the ones who come out of the world who understand the
horrors of sin and what it does and then you have kids second generation kids
Christian kids they just think we got to go try it all out mom and dad were
didn’t know what they’re talking about and and so for me to have a look at the
hell that went on every night in homes all across the city was an eye-opener to
me specifically horrible things that I had seen challenged my faith and I began
to read the Word of God as never before and I did something that I didn’t
understand that I want to teach on today because I think it’s a crucial aspect of
the Christian life that’s being ignored what I would do is after you know having
children died in my arms you know people begging you as you’re
racing for the hospital please don’t let me die and then they die watching people
in pain cancer wards etc I begin to realize how beautiful the Word of God
was and so each morning at that point I had B I moved in with a good friend Dan
Johnson who today is one of the pastor’s here at the church if you want to know
anything about me in my past you can talk to him there are and I would spend
each morning I would get up early probably about 5:30 and I would get into
the Word of God and I would especially as I read mark chapter 16 where it says
these signs shall follow those who believe in my name they will lay hands
on the sick it talked about any deadly thing that would try to take you out
couldn’t hurt you you’d speak with new tongues if you ate any deadly thing it
wouldn’t hurt you and that God confirms his word with signs following so I would
lay on that mahogany and I would read the word and then I
just didn’t know how to get past the horrors and the smells and the things
that I had seen and so I would just begin to play and let God’s Word take me
on a dream and I would begin a dream about anything that Jesus was doing I
saw myself doing when Jesus walked along the shore I could just see me walking
beside him my bare feet in the sand if he was walking up to a funeral I could
just see me walking with him and certain verses intrigued me like Jesus saying
and John the things that I do shall you do also and so I would see myself
touching hurting people in the presence of God healing them I would see myself
talking with people and tears running down their face as they made a decision
for Christ I would see myself laying hands on dead bodies and and people
and coming back to life I was having a hay day every morning at 5:30 in the
midst of all the heartache that I was seeing I was allowing God’s Word to
impact me and what I didn’t know is that I was being obedient to Romans 12 where
it says that we are not to be conformed to this world
you shouldn’t form your life your thinking your dreams your visions after
the way the world does it but we should be transformed there is a new way of
living there’s a new kingdom to live within didn’t even understand at the
time I was just doing this because I was hurting you know a lot of people quit
jobs where they have to deal with hurting crying dying people every day
it’s not for everyone and so I had that struggle and as I begin to read God’s
Word and it was no longer Jesus did this and appall did that it was leon was
doing this leon could do that and it just ignited my imagination every
morning and I found that it gave me such strength that gave me such ability to
get in the word and just see me in the word something happened shortly after I
tell the story and in the book the spirit contemporary life where I really
share all the concepts that God began to deal with me as a young man and I begin
to believe for the first time and I’m ever touching that first baby
they asked me as to just watch it in the pediatric ward it was getting ready to
go in for surgery was a newborn baby and and he was just crying and crying and
crying and crying cuz there was something wrong with the stomach’s to
food wouldn’t go through and I remember just getting kind of annoyed by the
crying and just reaching over and just touching it on the stomach and just
speaking life to it and maybe just stopped crying well that’s kind of cool
maybe he just went to sleep and so I’m waiting for the nurse to come
back from coffee break and I’m looking I’m kind of standing the door looking
down the hall and the nurse was walking down all of a sudden about mmm fifty
feet down the hall she starts to run I’m looking at her go what and she’s
running she runs into the room she’s gasps because what’s wrong what’s wrong
what’s wrong we miss wrong who that baby hasn’t stopped crying since it was born
she goes why’s it not crying I said it’s just sleeping over here and she walked
over there with her eyes amazed because here’s the baby just sleeping
comfortably and didn’t tell her anything because I was as shocked as she was that
I just pray a simple prayer and the presence of God and as I followed up the
situation when they went in and examined this child it didn’t need an operation
anymore and she went home with mom and it began a journey in my life of Amen
thank you Lord it began a journey in my life of renewing my mind but then an
area that I had never been taught on was to renew my imagination imagination is a
word that the religious church hates they’ll cross their arms in a way of
their hands at you you’re just being new-age you’re just being mind over
matter this is Christian Science this is not the gospel and all that’s the attack
I get when I use the word imagination so I think they must think that God just
goes oh I created something and it got an imagination what’s an imagination I
didn’t even have a purpose for imagination I don’t know why my creation
has an imagination are you kidding me God knows exactly why he created your
mind your memory and your imagination and so they’re in lied the story of my
life began I began to first pray for the sick and I began to see miracle after
miracle as God began to heal people and testimony after testimony and in the
book the spirit contemporary life if you haven’t read it I encourage you to get
it because it’s a modern day look at miracles in hospitals miracles and
ambulances miracles in front of doctors miracles in front of our on the Oh our
teams and and then as I began to grow God brought me here to Springs Church
and Springs Church was a mess when we were here it was called Springs of
living water centre was pretty much bankrupt they couldn’t even afford to
pay me as much as a church of a hundred was paying me as there used youth pastor
you know the staff used to race to the bank to see whose check would
first because it wouldn’t they wouldn’t all cash and I remember coming in here
and now there’s a different thing that I have to apply my faith to at first it
was miracles of healing and now begin to realize wow this is this this place is
in bad straights we gotta figure out a way to get the giving up and I remember
you know seeing people and from the first service people are going to give
their lives to Christ getting saved and the church begin to grow and I was in my
office people would line up to see me for counseling and I finally talked to
the board and said I want my own bathroom and they said what do you mean
I want you to build a bathroom off my office so what for I said because when I
go to the bathroom people are walking into the bathroom because they get a
chance to get me for counseling and they would talk to me through the door they
would stand beside me at the urinal and I said I just I need my own bathroom so
they agreed and we built seven you know over in st. Mary’s and I got my home
bathroom and so I could get my work done without you know just the church was
growing people were hungry God was doing things and I would go into the sanctuary
and tell them not to bother me and I would go out to the piano and a lot of
people don’t know that I play piano trumpet guitar bass and you spent years
of really leading worship and praise for my dad and I would just sit at the piano
and I would just worship God and I just thank him that from the north the South
the east and the West that people will begin to gather I begin to pray that
they would line up at the doors on 479 st. Mary’s row of it we wouldn’t be able
to park the cars that people begin to come and down one aisle I would see
people giving their lives to Christ down the other aisle waving crutches and
saying I’m healed I’m healed my imagination would just go wild as I
would just spend time in prayer in the sanctuary at that little place over in
479 Saint Mary’s and what I didn’t realize was at the time was I was just
doing this because I was enjoying spending time with God so much I was
seeing him doing incredible things and it wasn’t gonna little while later they
lined up at the door as we moved the kids a good mile away you drop your kids
off at the school and then come to church and then when you’re done Church
go back and pick up your kids and we were parking on five parking lots and
down the streets and people were lining up we’d get them saved and say now leave
go to your car take your car don’t hang around we need your seat we need your
parking spot we got two more services God was doing incredible things
and the thing that that changed my life the most was this area of do not be
conformed to this world because you have been designed to do amazing things
you’re designed as a creature of faith but the measure of faith that God has
given every born-again believer in Romans chapter 12 and verse 3 is the
measure that you have nobody has a greater access to God than anybody else
nobody has greater grace nobody has greater faith and so I Bible says don’t
be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind
well the imaginations are part of your mind
and if you’re not gonna renew it it is gonna destroy your life over and over in
the Bible it talks about vain imaginations it talks about Noah when he
makes his first sacrifice after the flood and God was talking about how that
the imagination of their heart is evil always we talk about the Tower of Babel
and Nimrod and have it got her to separate the languages because anything
they could imagine they would be able to do this imagination is all through the
Word of God but Christians today they want to just back off I mean most most
places I go where I speak and I work with denominational heads general
overseers they’ll tell me these denominations are dying these churches
are going down we’re selling campuses we’re trying to fill up our seminaries
our Bible schools because they’re just not a spirit and I share with them
spirit contemporary we need the Holy Spirit is never before but we need to
function in a contemporary in a relevant way and so they’re hungry to know how
does God’s Word work and so I began to recognize as a young man that my
imagination was something God gave me but I would look through the Bible for
the word imagination and I couldn’t find it that often I found more negative
words about the word imagination and then I recognized there were other words
that were used instead of imagination do you know what the main wasn’t one is in
the Greek it’s the word hope what is hope hope is future tense
well you don’t hope for what you’ve got if you’ve got a car don’t tell me you’re
hoping for one you got one you say I have a wife you’re not hoping for a wife
you have one and so hope is for what you do not have and so you hope is future
tense well the imagination gives you the ability to create in your own heart and
mind your future your memory is your ability to remember your past all five
senses are your ability to enjoy your presence a lot of people don’t even do
that and so I begin to recognize that to dream to envision the future was
something that the Word of God would do to me and it’s something that we must
understand as Christians that to read the word that this word will tell you
who you are what you can do where you can go what is the very purpose of our
lives what has God done at the cross and as you begin to get involved in the word
the word paints new pictures now where does it paint new pictures not in your
memory because your memory remembers old pictures you begin to hope you begin to
look to the future people who have active imaginations but have never
disciplined themself in the word are just crazy dreamers but the language of
the heart is dreams and visions the Bible says you’re young men will dream
dreams your old mental have visions and it’s talking about when the Holy Spirit
is poured out so the Spirit of God in your life as you discipline yourself to
learn the Word of God the Word of God begins to paint pictures and the Bible
teaches us we do not look at the things that are seen but we look at the things
that are not seen that word see is the word for senses the five senses it is
saying that we should not be looking at what we have because the five senses are
in the now they’ll tell you what you’re smelling now hearing now
now touching now feeling now it’s it’s the all five senses are in the now
memories in the past imagination is in the future but do you think the church
will even talk about the word imagination no will use obscure terms
like seeing with the eyes of faith or I’m not moved by what I see but what I
believe but if you really want to get down to it hope is to begin to allow the
Spirit of God and the Word of God to paint beautiful pictures sitting at that
piano or walking around that that little auditorium that seated all 300 people
before we renovated it I began to just see it packed out and packed out as I
began to walk I’m a pastor and so that’s what God has called me to so what we had
going on was great it was growing things were happening I just began to believe
that we’d see it packed out over and over again and then we begin to say wow
now we’ve got to packed out we got the kids gone now what are we gonna do we’re
using parking lots we’re parking down streets we’re getting complaints and I
thought well I’m believing one day the police will have to do the traffic at
Springs Church I’m just believing that we’re gonna have a campus we’re gonna
fill that thing up and I just begin to pray and I begin to see it on the inside
I could see that police car lights going on I’m police directed in the streams of
people coming down our freeways and for anyone that has been here you’ll know a
great period of the life of Springs church without our lights
we’d have police on the highways and we go all the way back across number one
people will be coming in on services trying to get in and I began to see the
very things that I was dreaming about years before begin to happen and I begun
to recognize this is a very crucial key and I begin to on purpose go okay I’ve
been doing something how do I explain this
well what I’m doing is taking God’s Word reading it speaking it but a lot of
people speak it but they don’t do the last step which is to see what you speak
okay now spoken words override every emotion that you have if you can’t
control your emotions let’s say you’re filled with fear right now about a
situation in your life and you you’re trying to get rid of the fear the only
way you will find is successfully get rid of a present
is to speak the opposite to take God’s Word and to speak it and you will find
that spoken words override emotions and so that is why the Bible says life and
death are in the power of the tongue I would find certain verses I had never
understood before like this one mark 10:15 says verily I say unto you
whoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child won’t enter it now
the kingdom of God is not heaven the kingdom of God is not salvation he
didn’t say he didn’t say verily I said to you whoever shall not receive the
gift of salvation he’s not talking about the gift of salvation here he’s talking
about entering the kingdom of God what is the kingdom of God the kingdom of God
is one of the kingdoms on this planet there’s only two we might have hundreds
of countries but we only have two kingdoms the kingdom of darkness the
kingdom of light the kingdom of God is called the kingdom of God it’s also
referred to as the Kingdom of Heaven there’s a little bit of difference but
in its meaning that we function under a different set of rules on a world where
the kingdom of darkness is here and second Corinthians 4:4 says Satan’s the
god of this world but in this world we have the right and the inheritance and
the privilege and what Jesus has done is given us ability pre heaven before we
get to heaven to walk in the principles that heaven has that’s why his will be
done on earth as it is in heaven and so to enter the kingdom of heaven you have
B as a little chapel what does a little child got you don’t have imagination we
know that kindergarten these kids are so imaginative you you got to stop him from
daydreaming then about three or four grade three or fourths tests have proven
it we find the imagination because I just totally distill down and every year
of your life you become more focused on the memories of your skills you become
more focused on what you can do then what maybe you can do and as you get
older you will find that this ability to imagine that you could do new things
bigger things different things better things begins to fade away as you
attempt stuff and you get embarrassed you get hurt the Bible says hope
furred makes the heart sick meaning you try for new things put the word
imagination in there you begin to be dream and imagine a new life and then
fails and the job goes down bankruptcy and failed marriages and loss of loved
ones begins to hit away at you and tell this hope this imagination gets deferred
and it makes your heart sick well your heart is what you believe with you can’t
doubt in your heart you’ve got to believe in your heart and so faith
becomes something we stop living by and then we start criticizing the young
because yeah I remember when I used to think that way you know don’t go
shutting down young Christians don’t go shutting down teenagers because I’m
gonna go I’m gonna be doing this because the imagination is the word hope so now
abide these three first corinthians chapter 13 and verse 13 faith hope and
love and the greatest is love faith is crucial love is crucial and this hope
it’s close it is very similar to this word imagination dream again believe
again see things ahead of you again and when you pray you should be sitting back
in a chair in your devotion time and you should be dreaming about what you could
see I dream that I could lay hands on the sick and that wherever I would go
that they would recover and then when I got responsible for money I began to
dream that they people begin to pack out then every once I got to pay bills that
everything we do is millions of dollars well I was raised in a home where my dad
shot moose to feed us because we couldn’t always afford beef I mean if we
wanted the dishwasher because that’s boys do dishes we had to pray for it we
learn to believe and I begin to recognize that believing works on
finances too and that faith is the substance of things hoped ants ability
to see something that is not present in your life and to focus like laser beams
on Shh you know I watched these movies of jets
flying through the sky and and and there’s their dog fighting they’re
trying on and I’ll send lock-on this guy’s finished now laser missile got BAM
gone the Church of Jesus Christ has never learned to lock on
hope and imagination and this is my dream I know the bank says this I know I
don’t have that money I know this is going on but I’m locked on and believing
God and then you begin to live like a child would you begin to live from
something called faith a measure of faith that has been delivered to every
Christian upon being born again the god-kind of faith a measure of the faith
Jesus used has been given to you what are you doing with this or are you gonna
live your life just the way it’s always been so if you’re gonna live by faith
then you are looking at something that is not seen or sensed you are dreaming
about something that has not happened and the word faith and it is something
that a lot of people have backed away because they’ve all tried it and they
all know somebody it didn’t work for and this is the line I hear all the time I
had faith and it didn’t work so I’m struggling with this no such thing you
had maybe hope maybe you had something like a mental assent but the word faith
is not about worldly hope the word faith is about a supernatural faith that it’s
a done deal and when faith rises in the heart of a believer this is the victory
that overcomes the world and it doesn’t say maybe it says even our faith when it
talks about the great men and women of old it talks about by faith they subdued
kingdoms by faith they took out cities by faith they raised up great countries
by faith they shut the mouths of lions by faith they raised up their dead by
faith they died refusing to stay go I’m going home
this faith that has been offered and given to you and I is something that I
am not giving up I have discovered that it works and so all these experts who
have sat me down from television to whatever conferences I’m at and tell me
that doesn’t work I’m going well I got a list of about 100 miracles just in
physical stuff I’ve got a list of miracles and financial stuff God’s doing
stuff from organization to organization one about thirteen languages around the
world that we weren’t doing before don’t tell me faith doesn’t work faith
the substance of things hoped for or imagined and the evidence
of things not seen or sensed with your five senses yet what are you doing with
the word the reason the word will transform your life is because as you
read the word it should engage your imagination this imagination is
literally the place where the word is conceived it comes down into your heart
and the word is see felt imagine and you lock onto that with laser-like focus and
you begin to read his word but the reason I love the word so much is
because the word tells me who I am what’s been paid for me that I have an
inheritance that I can be like Jesus that grace is a gift that righteousness
is a gift so all the areas the enemy attacks me in are easily defeated when I
realize it’s not about my good behavior it’s about Jesus good behavior now thank
God because he gave me his grace I can live with his power in the godly manner
it’s not an excuse to sin my challenge to use today change your imagination use
your imagination come on grandpa it’s not you know your bones might be a
little stiff but your imagination shouldn’t be stiff Caleb was 80 years
old but just said give me the mountain why cuz I’ve been watchin that mountain
for 40 years you couldn’t see it you were in the desert I was seeing it in
here that’s my Mountain Moses promised me my mountain I’ve been
imagining my mountain for 40 years now give me my mountain he went in and took
his mountain this imagination what are you doing with it change it because if
you don’t change it it’s gonna kill you your imagination yeah because it works
either way fearful people are imagining a bad
report fearful people can see their own funeral fearful people even have their
pallbearers picked fearful people can see their house being possessed fearful
people can see their business going bankrupt fearful people watch the news
and it adds to their fears and so all these vain imaginations all these
negative imaginations fill their lives fill their hearts we have such active
imaginations and the negative that 90% of all the drugs for depression
and for stress are all in Canada and erricka why is that because we listen to
the news and it’s oh it’s the coronavirus and and oh it’s pig flu last
year and swine flu the year before and a one three one nine one seven one or
whatever a new thing they’re gonna name it you know and so we as Christians who
just lay down to this thing and just go oh you know her life is so hard a
thousand will fall at my side and ten thousand at my right hand but it’s not
coming near me that’s my confession you know if you’re going to embrace
Christianity which is already a pretty crazy religion because Jesus has a
father without a mother and he died on a cross we don’t know where he went but we
believe he died for our sins and he went to hell in our place prove any of that
you believe it you Mezo believe the rest I mean if you can believe the salvation
bit is the rest is easier so let’s just get all in and go the word says the word
says the word says and let’s renew our minds believe God for the future and go
do great exploits amen praise your Lord a father I pray today that every one of
us will be touched by this incredible ability but you’ve given us as
born-again believers you have delivered to us this measure of faith it moves
mountains it solves problems it heals bodies
it creates countries father it takes over countries it’s subdues imply ins
mouths and problems and so father we live by faith we declare your word by
faith and we’re not giving in and conforming to this pathetic status quo
of the world father touch everyone in this room let
from the oldest grandpa and grandma let them ignite this imagination and dream
again and begin to believe you for things they haven’t seen father whether
it’s unsaved grandkids or finances father that’s not be moved by what we
see let us be moved by what we believe father let the dreamers rise up let the
imagination be stirred by the very presence of God and Holy Spirit
your job is to stir up our imaginations and show us things we do not know and to
take us into places we’ve never seen before thank you for your word thank you
for your spirit God thank you for creating within every one of us an
imagination we choose to use ours and we renew it with your word in the mighty
name of Jesus everybody in agreement said a man and a man thank you or give
Jesus a hand come on amen

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  1. Amen pastor Leon, thanks for the word, all the way from south Africa, you just blessed me and to God be the glory !!

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