Complete Dental Chair – With fordward mounted tubes (954-S2308)

Complete Dental Chair – With fordward mounted tubes (954-S2308)

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The dental chair 954-S2308 with forward mounted tubes system of Quirumed makes the difference for the complete set of dental instruments included. Among them are a micromotor and a contra-angle, 2 syringes, 2 turbines, a handpiece, an ultrasonic cleaner 2 suction systems and a curing light. Not forgetting the compressor and vacuum motor, which are also included and of top quality. Incorporated in the equipment we find the negatoscope, the ceramic spittoon which can be rotated up to 90º and a lamp dimmer with column. The head is adjustable in both height and angle. Just like the folding armrests, which allow the patient to leave the chair comfortably. Thanks to the foot control you can adjust the position of the chair electronically, but not only the pedal offers you this possibility, it can also be done from the touchpad. But if you want the chair back to its initial position, you only have to press the start button to ZERO. And at last we also offer you an adjustable stool. Make the most of your space and work comfortably and relaxed with the full dental chair of Quirumed. Quality and comfort for you and your patient.

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